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Living the Dream: Drabble 10/30/22

wikiDeeks Drabble of the Week for “Dead Stick”.

A/N: Since no one specified where Kensi and Deeks were in this past week’s episode, I came up with my own explanation. I hope you enjoy.

“This is nice,” Deeks commented, flashing Kensi a smile before turning his attention back to the road. She slouched in the passenger seat, head cradled on her fist, eyes loosely closed.

“Driving two hours to chaperone Rosa’s field trip is what you consider nice?” she asked incredulously, peeling one eye open.

Deeks lifted their linked hands, nodding ahead where sun shone overhead, bright and warming.

“This. Driving with you with nothing to worry about besides keeping track of a few hundred teenagers.”

“Right, because that doesn’t sound terrifying at all. When Rosa asked us to come to the Latin American Museum of Art with her, I didn’t realize it would include the entirety of her high school’s junior and senior classes.”

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun,” Deeks encouraged her. “Kids are fantastic at this age. They try to act all cool and aloof, but the second you get them talking about something they like, they turn into total softies.”

Personally, he was looking forward to the opportunity. They got so little time with Rosa during the week, and rarely got to experience her life outside of home. Deeks wanted to meet her friends for more than a few minutes during pick up and drop off. More importantly, he wanted to support Rosa.

“Yeah, but that’s because you’re good with kids. I’m not,” Kensi said, shifting a little so she faced him now. It was a flippant remark, but Deeks frowned, sensing the undercurrent of distress.

“Sure you are, you’re fantastic with Rosa.”

“That’s only with her. If we hadn’t met under the circumstances we did, I don’t think we would have bonded nearly as well.”

Deeks shook their intertwined hands until she looked at him and gave her a mock severe look. It was kind of difficult when she was so sleepy and adorable.

“Hey, stop it.” He gave her hand another shake for emphasis. “You, Kensi Marie Blye-Deeks, are an amazing mother. And you are going to do great with these kids.”

“I hope so,” she said uncertainly, sitting up as she brushed hair from her eyes with the back of her free hand. Deeks could see she was still uncertain, more than he’d seen since Rosa’s first week with them.

“This is what we’ve wanted for so long: to have a family. To nurture a kid and help them grow and become an amazing human being, and we’re finally getting that chance,” he reminded her softly. He lifted her palm to his mouth, kissed it. “Let’s enjoy it.”

“OK.” Turning to face him, she ran her knuckles across his cheek, eyes softening. “I am grateful we get to experience this with Rosa. Thanks for reminding me.”

“Anytime. Now let’s go simultaneously show our daughter how much we love her and embarrass her to death.”

A/N: Once again, thanks to Lyssa for proofreading for me!

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4 Comments on Living the Dream: Drabble 10/30/22

  1. So sweet. Thank you so much for giving Deeks what he’s always wanted. I never get tired of seeing it.


    • Thanks, Karen! I always have to throw in some happiness for Deeks amongst the the whump and angst. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.


  2. Better explanation than what was given in the episode, which was NONE!


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