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What can we expect for Densi in “Better Angels”?

Welcome back to our exclusive wikiDeeks video series with Eric Christian Olsen! This week Eric offers some hints about what we might see in tonight’s Frank Military-penned episode, “Better Angels.” Military has written many compelling Densi scenes over the years, and here’s hoping for more tonight.

Sounds intense, but we’d expect nothing less from Military. As Eric says, be sure to come back to wikiDeeks after the episode to tell us what you thought, or join in the discussion on Tuesday once the review posts.

And as always, if you also have a question for Eric leave it below in the Comments and we will pass it along to him. #askECO

P.S. Stay tuned for part two of Eric’s response later today.

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7 Comments on What can we expect for Densi in “Better Angels”?

  1. If you could re-live the making of one episode, what episode would it be??


  2. What has the show/being on the show taught you about yourself and/or life? Be it storylines that made you think or just your own personal journey over the last 100 amazing years that NCIS LA has been going 😂😂 Love from Ireland ❤️


  3. Maybe Kensi and Deeks will re-evaluate their decisions regarding the wedding and opt for a small impromptu wedding or they elope. I’d love to see the small wedding at the beach or them going to the courthouse over this wedding they’ve been planning that is OOC gor them. Life’s too short, especially in their line of work so don’t wait for perfect. Do it now!!


  4. maria luisa illarnizzi // January 14, 2019 at 3:43 AM // Reply

    The episode was very emotional with lots of heartbreaking scenes. The shooting scene where Deeks was in danger because he has no bullet lelf was very scary. My favorite scene is the last one. Kensi and Deeks’ love is what matters. They should getting married sooner. Great acting performance for both Dany and ECO.


  5. Love thee show. The emotions were high. Cried .love it


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