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Review: NCISLA “The Sound of Silence” (S10E12)

Happy 2019 to all our wikiDeeks readers!

In this week’s episode the team investigates a possible terror threat after the chief of logistics for a naval weapons station collapses on the job while Kensi and Deeks research different honeymoon locations. This episode was written by Joe Sachs, who has written prior episodes such as “From Havana with Love” where Daniela Ruah got to show off her dancing skills, as well as last season’s finale “Ninguna Salida.” It was directed by Terence Nightingall, whose prior directing credits include “Warrior of Peace” and “Expiration Date” – both favorites of mine.

After a steady diet of Hallmark Christmas movies for the past several weeks (don’t judge me), I realized how much I had missed our favorite crew when the opening credits rolled. I thought this episode was a great way to start off the new year, although the case was maybe a little predictable. I had the culprit pegged from his first time on screen (although I have also gotten really good at figuring out which couple will end up together in a Christmas movie, so it may just have been my well-honed detective skills at work). Despite that, I enjoyed the episode because of the quality Densi and team interactions. My criteria for overall episode assessment are really quite simple – little or no quality Densi interactions means the case better be airtight, not predictable from the first 5 minutes, and there must be some sort of a plausible reason why Densi isn’t there (like when Daniela was on maternity leave). If I get enough quality Densi (and/or team) scenes, I’m a lot more forgiving about the plausibility and predictability of the case. And that’s where I was at with this week’s episode.

Case of the Week

Commander Valerie Torres (played by guest cast Roxana Brusso) is conducting a meeting at Seal Beach, develops tinnitus, vertigo and then loss of consciousness. Because of the news items earlier this year about Canadian and American diplomats who had to be sent home from Cuba because of unexplained central nervous system symptoms, I immediately wondered if there was a similarity to the case of the week, and so did our team.

I’m normally really critical of how medical issues are portrayed on screen, whether TV or movies, and I started out skeptical of the premise that one individual in a room could be more affected than others by a microwave device. Can they be that precisely targeted? I also couldn’t help but wonder how the people using the microwave could escape unscathed and how quickly the team recovered when the device was neutralized. However, upon reflection, the reality is that there has actually been very little public discussion of the situation of the diplomats in Cuba – either because of a lack of consensus on the medical side or because of the sensitive nature of the concern. The symptoms they referenced and the tests they ran were appropriate for the general description of the problem. Although I doubt that a laceration requiring 12 sutures could result from that sort of fall – I gave them a pass on that. Absent any published medical evidence to the contrary, I actually ended up concluding that the writers did a plausible job of translating recent news events into a plotline. That might sound like muted praise but is really a serious compliment given my usual views on the dramatization of health story lines, so good job Joe Sachs!!

Besides the way the nature of the attack on the commander and team was written, the way the scenes were shot in order to portray the symptoms was also elegant and convincing. I’ve had tinnitus in the past and they recreated the sound of it so accurately it almost made me wince. The camera work that portrayed the vertigo was also better than any I’ve seen in the past. I was impressed.

Given the many things I liked about the episode, I won’t complain too much about how obvious the weak link was from the outset, the ease with which a high-security clearance individual was blackmailed, or how seemingly effortlessly and rapidly a cruise missile was obtained. I’m not even going to go on about how the bad guys driving the truck were killed by an explosion much smaller than the one the team survived in Mexico (though I may have shouted “see – THAT’S what happens with that kind of explosion” at the TV while watching). However, I would like to go on record to say that while I have always enjoyed Nell and Eric as characters, the way the Neric relationship storyline is unfolding is seriously starting to annoy me. They’re fighting because she forgot the sandwiches??? NO. Just NO. I honestly could not care less.

Densi Moments

Honeymoon decisions! I am so glad we have moved beyond cake, caterers and Tiffanies!! The honeymoon discussions felt much more authentic (and less annoying) than the prior wedding planning. Did your ears perk up to the honeymoon being in TWO MONTHS during Spring Break week?!? I’m probably too jaded, since ECO has said a wedding is happening this season, but I’m still not getting my hopes up too much until it actually happens. But I do really, really, really hope it is happening as soon as this suggests.

It was fun to listen to their process of elimination of various locales. And I was glad this was threaded through the entire episode, instead of just being a brief opening discussion that evaporated as the case unfolded. Their ultimate “pick from a hat” to narrow down the continent and then the decision to engage in a humanitarian cause for their honeymoon seemed entirely consistent with the kind of people they are. The professional caregiver side of my head might be tempted to tell them that they are allowed to take a relaxing vacation and don’t always have to be looking out for others. However, the impulse to be grateful and give back flows very naturally from their childhood stories as well as the challenges they have survived and overcome together since the start of the series. They seemed so content and settled with the decision in a way that was really sweet.

ECO ad lib. Can you scoot back a little bit? I can’t see past the bangs in your fancy new haircut. I often mention lines where I suspect an ECO ad lib, but the bangs line in the car is one I’m willing to bet on as an ad lib. His grin is so devilish and her expression in return was mildly exasperated, suggesting something other than a scripted situation. I tried finding the order the episodes were filmed in without success. Her bangs are not new at this point, so I wondered if this was filmed out of order or if the bangs are some kind of running joke between those two. Either way, too funny!

Car scenes. They have had so many good scenes in the car over the years and I really enjoyed this week’s stakeout as well. There was nothing really earth-shattering about it but I just liked seeing them sitting there together eating fries so comfortably. I guess it made me happy because it’s what I was envisioning as I was one of the fans griping about them not being together in seasons past when we were still in the “will they or won’t they” phase. I often complained about how we didn’t need graphic scenes of them together each episode and that there were other ways to handle their relationship that didn’t make it the focus while allowing fans the satisfaction of seeing them together. I think the fries scene was a good example of that. While not in any way sexual, there was a comfortable closeness, an unspoken intimacy, about them sharing some cold disgusting hospital cafeteria fries that hints at the depth of their relationship and togetherness. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not opposed to their more overtly loving moments, but there was something about the fries in the car that got me in the feels.

Memorable Moments:

  • Callen “bullying” Deeks. I had to chuckle when Callen sends Deeks and Kensi to the hospital instead of to the beach. Deeks’ comment about keeping him from surfing being “bullying adjacent” made me smile. Such a far cry from the early years when Callen had some actions that were truly bullying adjacent. While depriving Deeks of beach and surf was just a tad mean, it gave us the great car scenes I’ve already mentioned, so no complaints here.
  • Roberta Deeks. Bertie is such a weird and hilarious addition, although I know not everyone feels that way. She does a great job in tormenting and embarrassing her son as only as mother can. “Don’t come back pregnant”?! LOL. Um… they’ve been together for a while Bertie. Pretty sure they’ve got the birth control angle figured out. I was still chuckling over her unnecessary mothering when the “belt & suspenders”/”rubbers and a raincoat” comment dropped. Providing reproductive/sexual health care is part of my day job, but I have to confess that is a euphemism I’ve never heard before. Took me a sec and I had to rewind to get what she said because I was still chuckling from the prior comment. Anyway, I love that the writers have found a way to torment Deeks and draw on ECO’s comedic skills in a way that doesn’t involve the other team members making him the butt of jokes like in the early seasons. Definitely a better way to get a laugh by having his Mom embarrass him in a very well-meaning but totally cringy way.
  • The bar. I know many of us don’t love it, but I’m not going to gripe about it if it gives us great team scenes like the end of this episode. I still worry about the security of them being there together at the end of the day, and about Callen’s living situation being compromised again. And it doesn’t sound anywhere close to successful at this point. It’s not even named. But seeing them there, all together at the end of the day with happy, relaxed smiles is much more satisfying than just hearing them make plans to go out together after work while leaving their desks. They’ve all been to hell and back multiple times over – individually and together – and it’s so nice to see them happy and together outside of the workplace.
  • Callen’s unused vacation. I had to chuckle at Callen’s not so subtle “mathlete” dig at Sam in response to the probing questions about his unused vacation. I was more intrigued though by Callen’s later hint that he might spend some of that time in Russia, which Sam thought sounded more like work than vacation. Was that some kind of foreshadowing? Will we see Callen try to find his father again in a future episode? I wouldn’t mind a happy resolution to that storyline.

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the Comment section.

25 Comments on Review: NCISLA “The Sound of Silence” (S10E12)

  1. Thanks for a really good take on this episode, Brenda. You hit on all my questions about microwaves, especially the team’s quick recovery. That said, I enjoyed this episode. It was comfortable, except for Nell and Eric’s bickering. I still wonder why they put those two together. It’s a couple too far.

    The honeymoon discussions were sweet and funny, but it was the bar scene that gave me the warm and fuzzies. I was so against that bar in the beginning, but like you it has grown on me. The lighting on those late night get togethers gives those scenes a cozy feeling and adds to the camaraderie they are sharing. I like that’s its not terribly successful. It allows them to have their private conversations without any noisy interruptions. Bertie provides those. In this episode it really felt like they enjoyed each other’s company, like they are family. Almost dying together in Mexico had to have brought them closer, but this is the first time I felt it.

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    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 10, 2019 at 9:15 AM // Reply


      I was thinking about you when I was writing about the bar and wondering if you’d warmed up to it. Good point about a less successful bar being more conducive to the team talking at this point. I also agree – I loved the warm glow on those shots. I can’t recall another situation where they felt so close, while also being relaxed and happy.

      The contrast between how I feel about the bar and how I feel about Neric really makes me respect how difficult a job it is to write for a long-running series like this. It is necessary to keep injecting fresh ideas so the show doesn’t become tired, but not all ideas are equally successful. No matter how much Neric I get, I am not warming up to it – kind of like Mosley. The bar has grown on me quite quickly, while it took a lot longer for me to forgive Hetty for that whole White Ghost fiasco. Always some risk with those plot twists. I always have a bit of trepidation before I hit “send” on a review, wondering if I’m in left field or others felt the same way. I can’t imagine what it would be like to send out a script for an episode. Tough gig they’ve got!

      That is also one of the reasons I’ve always loved wikiDeeks – we critique and analyze here, but there is always an underlying tone of respect for the cast/crew, and of course for other commenters. Hopefully some of the positive comments from sites like this does filter back to the writers.

      Glad you liked the review!

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  2. Thank you for your great review!

    It was an ok episode overall. It seems to always hit the same points. It’s either Callen or Sam’s turn to get the ribbing. We get time with Neric — weirdness there but fine. I liked the sequence with Deeks and Kensi on stakeout and then the shootout. Yeah, I had some issues with the microwave in its seemingly laser-like precision when it suited the story, somehow directly targeting the woman in the hospital bed from the parking lot but no one else, and then affecting all four of them in different positions out in the open, etc.

    The biggest issue I have is with the writers and R. Scott. Why, when the bad guys are domestic, it’s always right wing? It feels like personal politics. This isn’t new in TV/Movie land but why take shots when you don’t have to and potentially alienate half your audience? There are plenty of bad guys out there otherwise.

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    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 10, 2019 at 9:38 AM // Reply


      Glad you liked the review!! Sounds like it wasn’t just me that was skeptical about the microwaves.

      That’s an interesting comment about the politics of the show and I’m curious how others would view the portrayal of the villains on the show. I’m Canadian, so I don’t have a personal connection to either of the dominant American political parties. We do get a lot of American television including political coverage and other content – so much so that one of the important sticking points in the NAFTA negotiations was successfully retaining the “cultural exemption” that allows us to promote Canadian artists/producers/shows, etc. preferentially in order to avoid our industry from disappearing and having only American shows/networks air here. Because of the high volume of American content on TV, etc. we are not unaware of the domestic situation in the US regarding politics, and other issues. The political landscape in Canada is also quite different because we have a larger number of dominant national parties so it’s more of a spectrum instead of the either/or of R/D in the US. We’re also more “left” overall here so Barack Obama’s policy approach, for example, probably would have fallen within the “Conservative” end of the spectrum here in Canada and not within the two parties who are more left-leaning.

      So… with all of that preamble about the differences in where I am coming from and how that might influence my perspective – one of the things I’ve always appreciated about NCIS:LA is that they don’t just have a stereotypical or caricatured “bad guy” with some generically implied non-white ancestry and an indistinguishable accent. Across the series they have portrayed terrorists originating from around the globe in a manner that, to me, has appeared consistent with current and historical hotspots. I have not perceived a bias towards one type of villain, and that has added depth and dimension to the nature of what the team does. Would be interested to know the views of other readers here – both American and international.

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    • THANK YOU peakae, you hit the nail on my biggest problem with this episode, and other domestic ones. It would be more tolerable if they varied it more than they do, but as it stands, when it’s a domestic case, it tends to be lopsided. We already had an episode this season where RW people were to blame. I don’t get the tendency to purposefully alienate people.

      There WERE things I liked (the bar, the honeymoon reveal), but overall I didn’t care for this one. I deleted it from my DVR pronto, but I’m very glad others liked it 🙂


    • THANK YOU peakae! Your last paragraph mirrors my thoughts on the tendency to overuse RW folks as the criminals when the team is fighting a domestic threat. It wouldn’t be so irritating if it wasn’t lopsided and there was more variety. We already had a RW terror group this season. Get creative writers! It really does alienate a large portion of the US viewership.

      I did like SOME parts of the episode, including the bar scene and honeymoon reveal as well as Kensi imploring Deeks not to get shot, but overall I’ll do a hard pass at rewatching and it’s already deleted from my dvr. That being said, I’m glad there were those of you who enjoyed it. Next week’s episode looks exciting!


  3. Brenda thanks for a great review . You covered this episode very well. I found it a very entertaining episode to start off the new year. It was a good solid team episode with action, banter, humor, and solid acting by our team.

    Sam and Callen were just the perfect bromance in this. Deeks and Kensi were awesome in every scene . They were in fine form, their exchanges about the honeymoon were very in character for them and much better than the wedding planning we have had before.

    I said this before but I was skeptical about the bar but it is working out perfectly, a really good addition to the show, a good gathering place for the team to close out an episode.

    Pamela Reed is playing a great character. She is a good addition to the show and even though her part was minimal in this she was seamlessly integrated into the scene, it felt right and she clearly has chemistry with Eric Christian Olsen. For me it is really nice to see the show hire an actress with such credentials and turn her into a recurring character who adds value to the scene .

    I am with you, I did not enjoy the Nell and Eric bickering. I caught part of a season 1 episode the other day, and Beale was an interesting ,competent, smart character who I would describe as quirky , which is not how they portray him now. So part of why the Nell and Eric scenes do not work as a couple for me is it seems like she is the adult and he acts like a child, not a grown man , who is a little different because he is smart.

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    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 10, 2019 at 2:23 PM // Reply


      I think you put your finger on what has been bugging me about Neric – they have changed his personality and dumbed him down. It’s like they’re not sure what to do with him. For a while it was testing out the field agent thing – not successful. Now we’re focused on Neric and that is also not successful. I think a hallmark of healthy relationships is that people can be the best version of themselves, and I don’t see that happening with Neric the way it did with Densi.

      Glad you liked the review and thanks for your comment!

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  4. Debra Gillespie // January 10, 2019 at 11:52 AM // Reply

    Wonderful review Brenda…thanks. I often read the wikideeks review before I re-watch a new episode – it gives me an idea of what to look for or catch something I missed the first time. This episode was for me the most enjoyable one I’ve seen for a while. My favorite action scenes have always been the “running and shooting” ones, not really the “chase on a scooter” kind (although they can be amusing). I bet Sam was glad to be at the sending end of a rocket launcher for a change.
    I’m so glad for Mama Deeks – you start to wonder how much dialogue between Reed and ECO is in the script and how much is improvised. Definitely agree how much chemistry is there between them. And the bar has grown on me slowly but surely, but I also wonder how secure it is for the team members also. Callen earlier said he was putting in extra security measures in his new apartment, hopefully he has plenty of them in place. And this team seems to take sandwiches waaaay too seriously – Neric with tuna salad and Densi last year with grilled cheese sandwiches in “The Silo” episode.
    Just speculation (and a question) on my part, after hearing Deeks and Kensi were going to spend their honeymoon in Peru. Wasn’t there an episode or two in season 9 (“Venganza” I believe – I haven’t gotten the season 9 DVD’s yet) about the team going against a Peruvian counterfeiting group? Simply speculating and wondering if this could come into play…Gemmill said the wedding would be about “sunshine and gunpowder” but perhaps the honeymoon could also fall into that category, for what it’s worth.
    From the promos I’m looking forward to next week’s Frank Military episode…his last one wasn’t his greatest IMO (The Patton Project) but this one looks like it will deliver .And just another thanks for this website for the intelligent and respectful comments that show up here.

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    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 10, 2019 at 2:27 PM // Reply

      Thanks Debra – glad to hear the wikiDeeks site adds to your enjoyment of the episodes.

      I totally agree that ECO and Donna Reed seem to be ad libbing and working well together. It seems to me he actually said that in one of the interviews or videos I saw recently. She’s a pro at it too.

      Interesting theory about the honeymoon. I had forgotten about that connection to Peru. Can’t wait to see how that unfolds.

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  5. Thanks for the great review! My feelings for the episode fall pretty much in line with what everyone has mentioned already.

    For me, I never really had an issue with the bar and was on board with it from the get-go. I think it affords the show several ways to give us more team time. I’ve watched several older episodes recently, and it really hit me how much I miss the opening bullpen scenes we used to get. I know I’m not alone in that. The bar could serve as a replacement for that, but be the closing scene instead just like it was here.

    I absolutely loved the way Callen and Sam interacted with Roberta. Seeing their reactions to the banter between Deeks and his mom was hilarious. I agree with Lindy, the bar scene really did make them all seem like family. It was my favorite part. And I think they have found the name for the bar – it is The Bar With No Name. When Kensi made her toast, Deeks seemed to give it serious consideration – I definitely wouldn’t put it past him to make that the official name.

    I’m enjoying this season so much more than the last.

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  6. Great review Brenda! I really appreciated your description of how you assess whether an episode works. I think I do something similar, only I’d never thought about it that way before. I enjoyed this episode a lot. It made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, and the microwaves were interesting. I seem to recall a description of one of the victims in Cuba saying they could hear a terrible noise when they were lying in bed, but when they got up and moved a couple of feet away, it disappeared. So the story here worked for me. I loved the team banter at the end and also in the beginning where they discussed vacation destinations. Having the four leads together like this does so much to make the episode feel cohesive, even if they spend every moment in between apart.

    I enjoyed the stakeout scene in particular because it was the setting for one of our #askECO videos, right down to the cold fries –

    I also enjoyed the honeymoon banter. Eric’s description of Iceland reminded me of an early series we did called Destination Deeks. Gayle described all the vacation destinations that had come up on the show – Vegas, the Amazon, Norway… then we each picked a new destination we thought they’d like. I chose the Galapagos, so I got a kick out of seeing Deeks mention it.

    And here’s one more link for you. I had never heard about the promiscuity of bonobos until Mama Deeks mentioned it. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what a bonobo was. If you’re like me and want to hear just a little about them, here’s a nice link:

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    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 12, 2019 at 10:13 AM // Reply

      Glad you like the review. But your reply proves once again why you will always be the Jedi master of reviews and I your humble student!

      Somehow I missed that askECO video when it was posted, but it is hilarious! So glad you flagged it here so I saw it. He clearly delights in being the pesky brother-in-law – especially related to the fact that there is a wikiDeeks and not a wikiKensi!! That was laugh out loud funny. Obviously not the first time he has teased her about that.
      I had forgotten about the Destination Deeks series so thanks for mentioning.
      I did not know what a bonobo was, either, and I wasn’t quite sure of what she was saying there, to tell you the truth. I know we all speak English, but there are sometimes subtle differences in American accents/pronunciation that throw me off. So thank you for clarifying about the bonobos! Now I have to go back and see what she said about them!

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  7. This season has been a lot better than season 9 (at least for me), but still disappointing. I so miss the tender moments, the longing looks, and the sexy, amusing banter between Densi, which seems to have been replaced by constant bickering about nonsense really. I mean, do any of us really care about seating charts, and never to be seen relatives? I was happy that at least they were amusing trying to plan their honeymoon. I guess Peru it is, but I was hoping for a little romance from our intrepid lovers on their honeymoon, instead of watching them dig ditches, although that is a noble humanitarian gesture for sure.

    I agree with the poster who commented that they seem to be dumbing down Eric Beale. He seems to get sillier with every episode. Maybe wearing long pants is sapping his brain strength. I am not a big fan of the Neric pairing.

    I don’t mind the No Name Bar. It’s a good a place for some team camaraderie, as they don’t seem to film as much in the bullpen anymore. I wonder if we will see Callen’s living quarters above the bar. I like Pamela Reed’s ‘Mama Deeks’ character, and her chemistry with ECO is terrific. But ECO seems to have amazing chemistry with any and all scene partners. Seriously, are your eyes on anyone else when he is on screen?

    The microwave storyline was pretty interesting, although I didn’t understand how only one person in a group of people heard it while the others did not. I confess, I don’t know anything about microwave warfare. I did like that the 4 leads were working in the field together in this episode. I like stories when they all put their heads together to figure things out.

    I know that this post has been random and all over the place. As you can surmise, I am definitely not a writer, lol. But as someone who is new to this site, and a major ECO fan, I have to say how much I enjoy everyone’s opinions an insight. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.

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  8. Thank you Brenda for your great review and happy 2019 everyone !
    What I loved in this episode was the team chemistry and banter, maybe the case storyline could had been a bit more exciting, but overall I really enjoyed this episode.
    Even though I have mixed feelings about how Roberta’s character is written, Pamela Reed is an amazing actress and she and ECO are hilarious when they are acting together. (I would love to see Kensi’s mother too in future episodes).
    I, too, have really enjoyed this season a lot more than season 9 and I hope that the rest of the season will be as good, or maybe even better, than this first half of the season.

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  9. Thanks for your great review!
    This week I liked all the Densi moments and especially the honeymoon planning and the bar scene at the end. I agree with all of you who said the bar has been growing on us more and more. At the beginning I considered something very OOC for Deeks, but if it means he’s still part of the team and we get to see the four of them together relaxing and decompressing at the end of the episodes on a regualr basis, the bar idea seems much better than I thought.
    I think mama Deeks is hilarious and I like her a lot, even if sometimes I would like to see some more serious scenes with her son and Kensi too.
    I’m enjoying this season much more than the last one, it seems more coherent and less rushed, although many times I like single scenes rather than whole episodes and this has become a trend for me lately.
    Still looking forward to a memorable Densi wedding even if I’m so scared it may be a big disappointment. I have learned to lower my expectations, but this time I can’t help being excited after so many years of shipping Deeks and Kensi together. Please writers, do your best!

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    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 12, 2019 at 10:15 AM // Reply

      I’m glad I’m not alone in my trepidation of how the wedding could fall short of expectations. That’s the risk they take in delaying it so long – can they and will they deliver something that is not disappointing. I hope so!

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  10. Cladani, I so agree with you. After so many years of waiting for a Densi wedding, I am afraid to get my hopes up. I have been hoping for a super romantic wedding and honeymoon, but I fear a letdown is coming. We already know that they will be digging irrigation ditches on their honeymoon. We are halfway through season 10, and we have had only one show of affection, and that was in the season opener. It’s a love drought, lol. At least, it looks like we will witness an embrace in the next episode, which looks to be a bit of a tearjerker.

    I wonder if the writers have been keeping things chaste out of respect for ECO and DR’s real life family status.


    • This might be the real reason behind the lack of romantic Densi scenes (real life that interferes), but, unfortunately in my opinion it’s becoming quite unrealistic for the characters the two actors have been playing for so long, which is a pity because Eric and Daniela have always had great chemistry and, when given the right opportunity, they have always been amazing at playing a couple in love (being the great actors they are). A perfect moment for a(n almost) half-of-the-season Densi kiss might have been the Christmas episode, I missed it so much before or after the great toast at the bar. We got Neric, instead…
      The only way I could possibly “forgive” the writers for such a “love drought” 🙂 would be if they had in store for us Densi fans an awesome, romantic, unforgettable Densi wedding.

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      • Cladani, I may be in the minority, but I have been hoping that they decide to forgo the big wedding with the relatives, the sniper school classmates, and the Tiffany’s, and just elope. Just the two of them in a sweet little romantic place. I would love to see a little scene where they tell each other how they truly feel about each other. After dancing around this for so many years, I think the writers owe us Densi lovers at least that much. We have invested a lot of emotions into these two characters. We need a smooch every now and then. Now, I am not saying that they should be “going at it like bonobos” like Mama Deeks said, but would a one minute tender moment be asking too much?

        I love being able to exchange ideas here. None of my friends watch NCIS-LA, so I never have anyone to discuss it with me. Thank goodness I found Wikideeks. I love the reviews, the discussions, the fan fics, the interviews, everything.


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // January 12, 2019 at 10:23 AM // Reply

      I have often wondered the same thing about the personal relationship between ECO and DR as a possible reason for the lack of on-screen affection between Deeks and Kensi. I agree with Cladani’s reply to your comment that the lack of physical affection is not realistic. But, I am very sympathetic towards the actors and how difficult it would be to be kissing your brother/sister-in-law for all the world to see – and for their respective spouses as well. They both have such sweet families and I would hate for anything to affect that in the name of advancing a storyline. I get it that this is their job, but the professional caregiver in my head will always be more concerned about an actual person than a fictional character so my thought is that whatever is better for the humans involved in producing the show will ultimately be better for the longevity of the series. Besides, the steamy scenes are much better written by the fanfic writers on here anyway!

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      • Brenda, you are probably right. I am sure it’s an uncomfortable situation for them, even though in so many of the interviews I have seen them give, they profess that they were each other’s love interest on the show before they became related through marriage, and that they both are totally invested in these characters, and want them to be together. I also think though, that these two characters have been yearning for each other for so long, and their love story was so beautifully written (and convincingly acted by ECO and DR), that it is just unrealistic not to show some real affection between the two of them. Now, I am not asking for steamy sex scenes like they do on Chicago PD for example (not that I would mind, lol), but I do think a little touch, a tender embrace, etc., isn’t too much to ask.

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      • As I’ve been saying for so long…please…some passion between Kensi and Deeks. We get it when they argue, but we need to see some deep passion between these two every once in a while…at least a passionate kiss. Come on!

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