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Karen P’s Pick: The Galápagos Islands

by Anonkp |

The Galápagos Islands, located on the equator 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, would make a wonderful vacation spot for “outdoorsy” Kensi and surfer boy Deeks.

A cruise is the best way to visit, giving Kensi the chance to play “King of the World” at the ship’s bow. Hopefully though, the two would choose a much smaller vessel than the Titanic- a 16-passenger catamaran would make the frequent island landings more enjoyable, and the time on-board more romantic.

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photo from

The Galápagos are famous for their incredible wildlife: giant tortoises, iguanas, and birds galore. Many are found nowhere else in the world. The differences from one island to the next inspired Charles Darwin to write his famous On the Origin of Species, detailing his theory of evolution. Wikipedia Kensi would likely enjoy learning some of the associated trivia. Deeks, on the other hand, would be unlikely to stop the innuendos from flying. Can you just see Kensi’s eyes rolling when he over-pronounces “blue-footed boobies” as they watch the little birds perform their famous mating dance? All silliness aside, Deeks would be in his element here. Most of these creatures have no natural land predators, so they don’t fear people. This allows for incredibly close encounters, similar to his former run-in with a Mexican “wild boar.”

The islands also offer plenty of water activities. They could surf, provided they can beat out the sea lions that have been seen body surfing there. The highlight of the trip might be the snorkeling, where frisky sea lions or even penguins swim at them, only to veer away at the last second, splashing them with their flippers. Deeks’ all-too-accessible inner child would have a blast, and it might encourage Kensi’s sense of playfulness too. Of course, she could one-up him instead by scuba diving with hammerhead sharks. All of these intimate encounters with wild creatures make the Galápagos a special place, and create memories they’d share forever.

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