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The Top 3 Episodes for a New Densi Fan

Just like we did with last week’s Top 3 Episodes for a New Deeks Fan, this week we’re assembling a package of three episodes we’d show a new viewer, a trilogy to make them fall in love with Densi.

The Premise

These may not be the best overall episodes or the most important, but combined together, they give our new viewer a good overview of what Densi is all about, and help our newbie understand why we’re all so obsessed with this couple.

The Top 3

This was a tough one for me. I wanted to represent the different stages of Deeks and Kensi’s partnership/relationship, but it felt like all the strongest Densi episodes occurred before they went all in. This list changed multiple times as I tried to determine the combination that felt right. In the end, not necessarily in reverse order of importance but rather in actual (chronological) order our new fan should watch, my Top 3 is…

#3. “Borderline

This is not the first episode where Kensi and Deeks meet. It’s not the first where they work together as partners (it’s the third). But for me it’s the first episode where we really see the beginnings of the spectacular banter and chemistry they’d eventually be known for. Written by R. Scott Gemmill, it also shows some of the early tension that characterized their relationship. I think it’s important for our new viewer to understand where they started, and that they weren’t always secretly (or not so secretly) in love. We see Kensi’s genuine annoyance at Deeks’ continuing need to take potty breaks as they fly around the desert on their motorbikes. We see Deeks’ genuine frustration at being removed from his comfort zone as a “city mouse”.

But we also see Deeks’ expressing utmost confidence in his partner’s abilities. He’d “bet his life” on her reading of the tracks heading away from the crime scene. They each share some personal details as they begin the slow process of getting to know one another. Deeks seems to come away from this episode with a greater understanding of Kensi’s abilities. But all the sharing doesn’t keep him from letting the wisecracks fly, particularly when they come under fire together in the final sequence. It’s one of my all-time favorite episodes, and I can’t imagine a new viewer would watch this and not want to see where these initial sparks between them lead.

#2. “Neighborhood Watch

I also can’t imagine making a list like this without including “Neighborhood Watch,” written by Christina M. Kim. It stands out for how it has Densi taking center stage in the storyline, using nearly every scene to up the sexual tension between them. From the flirting as they discuss their respective sleeping habits, to Hetty’s lecture about “unfamiliar feelings and emotions”, to the bickering about pretend vacuuming and teasing about baking packaged cookies, to more genuine sharing of feelings about making “little mutant ninja assassins,” to discussions of bro-sacks, bra holsters, furry handcuffs, and college “Kensi private time”, this episode couldn’t be more packed with Densiness.

Oh, and then there’s the cover kiss, the first kiss they share! The expression on Deeks’ face reveals so much about his true feelings. My absolute favorite scene is when they each reveal that they both remember what the other was wearing when they met, where again the expressions on their faces do all the talking. This episode earned the #3 Deeks Ramble, the #2 Funniest Scene, and both the #1 Densi Undercover and the #1 Most Romantic Scene. Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah are both so fantastic together throughout that if our new viewer isn’t completely in love with them by the end, then they must not have a romantic bone in their body.

#1. “The Seventh Child

I should stress that I don’t see “The Seventh Child” as the #1 best Densi episode, it’s merely that I’d like my new Densi fan to watch my three episodes in chronological order. In the end, I decided that it was more important for my new fan to see an episode where Deeks and Kensi are together as a couple than it was to show them more amazing Densi will-they-won’t-they chemistry. I chose this episode over “Command & Control” because the latter didn’t have a lot of Densi fabulousness beyond the one breakfast scene, and I chose it over “Internal Affairs” because I see that as more of a Deeks episode, plus the duo aren’t really together for most of it.

“The Seventh Child,” written by Frank Military, shows us a Densi who are together as a couple and very much in love. They have grown so much from their “Borderline” teasing and their “Neighborhood Watch” inability to talk about their feelings. Here we see two adults communicating about their relationship and their future. It’s beautifully written as they discuss whether or not they really do see any mutant ninja assassins in their future. Military manages to seamlessly work this running discussion into their investigation. Plus, he gives us an incredibly romantic and hopeful final Densi scene to balance out all the previous angst. When Deeks sort of proposes to Kensi, it was a delightful surprise to viewers- and to Kensi. I think our new fan will enjoy seeing the progress Densi makes from the start of their relationship, and I know they’ll enjoy the surprise proposal too.

Also in the Running

  • Wanted (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Hand-to-Hand (Matt Pyken)
  • The Job (Frank Military, Christina M. Kim)
  • Blye K, Pt. 2 (Dave Kalstein)
  • The Debt (Dave Kalstein)
  • Disorder (Gil Grant, Dave Kalstein)
  • Anonymous (Christina M. Kim)
  • Bounty (Dave Kalstein)
  • Payback (Jordana Lewis Jaffe)
  • Command & Control (Kyle Harimoto)

Next Week

Next week we’ll change things up with a discussion of the Top 3 NCIS:LA seasons. In the meantime, what three episodes would you package together for a new Densi fan?

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12 Comments on The Top 3 Episodes for a New Densi Fan

  1. Neighborhood Watch — so much audience teasing.
    Impact – the final scene. For the most part we’ve known Deeks has had feelings but now we have Kensi fretting.
    The Frozen Lake – Did they or didn’t they – the day after. They work it out …. Hetty separates them. Argh!


  2. Wow, this IS a tough one. I agree with yours, Karen (and thanks for sharing why other eps didn’t make your #1 slot). Yet again, I find myself wishing for a Top 4, because I think I would add “Blye, K Pt 2″ for showing how solid they’ve become as partners, and how much they’ve come to trust each other. (Why is the magic number 3 when it comes to so many Top Lists, anyway? 5 is just as good a number, right? Both are primes, after all…how about a nice Top 5 list to make our lives easier?)

    Would it have been harder or easier to come up with a list of Top 3 SCENES for a new Densi fan, I wonder? Because then I think” Impact,” as peakae added, would definitely make the list, and some of yours that didn’t make the cut could be considered again.


    • Yes Psyched, “Blye, K Pt 2″ would be an excellent addition to the list. And you and peakae are getting ahead of me with your ‘Impact” discussion! Come back in a couple of weeks for The Top 3 Scenes that Sum Up Densi. Spoiler alert: the #1 entry should not come as any surprise. 🙂


  3. Following Psyched’s line of thinking…and in total agreement by the way…
    I vote for a top 7 or top 11..
    Only because it gets you wonderful folks to list your favorites and why.
    Often times it makes me go back and look. I find myself rediscovering things i missed. Maybe a wonderful scene hidden in an episode that I wasn’t overly fond of overall and had forgotten about.
    Or, if nothing else, it makes me look at something with the benefit of time and perspective.
    How I viewed it back then may not be how I see it now.
    I just love these.
    thank you


    • Thanks Ed! There have been many times in writing these up where I’ve desperately wanted to add at least one more item to the list. I’m trying to stay disciplined, although my final list of the year just might turn into a Top 4.


  4. sassyzazzi // April 16, 2017 at 2:41 PM // Reply

    Karen I really like your list, and boy is this a hard exercise. I definitely agree with 1 and 2. I go back and forth on #3. Borderline, as you said shows the beginnings of the banter and chemistry but definitely shows that when they started it was not love at first sight for either of them. However, I really like “Hand to Hand”, for me the on screen physical chemistry between Jason and Tracy is so strong between these two characters, it is hard to imagine that a romance will not eventually develop for them. Good list!


    • Thanks sassy. Yes, this was a tough one! “Hand-to-Hand” is certainly essential Densi viewing. I can definitely see why that would make anyone’s list.


  5. I really liked your list, Karen, but I would also like to add “Humbug”. I know it isn’t all focused on Densi, but their “talk” and kiss at the ice rink and their decision of going “All in” after the many years of dancing around their “thing” was amazing and a huge turning point in their relationship/partnership, and I remember I felt giddy after the episode, as if Deeks and Kensi were real and not just fictitious characters!


    • Hey Cladani, “Humbug” definitely captured a huge Densi moment. For me, I felt so confused by Kensi being the one to move things forward that it’s never been a personal favorite, but for others I totally get why that would be a must-see.


  6. Great list, great comments!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Rhonda Lara // April 22, 2017 at 5:18 AM // Reply

    Your list is excellent! The choices are So difficult! 💗 Great Job!

    Liked by 1 person

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