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Review: NCISLA “The Silo” (S9E07)

All hail the Prince of Darkness! Frank Military has done it again, bringing us an NCIS: Los Angeles episode full of enough intensity to make the typical case of the week ep feel like an entirely different series. With fantastic direction from James Whitmore, Jr., “The Silo” was easily the best Season 9 episode so far. Oh, and did I mention the amazing Densi scenes? If you’re not a Densi fan, you’ll probably want to skip this whole review. The angst was strong in this episode, yet for me it only resulted in a celebration of this amazing couple and their epic romance. I’m just proud that I could tear myself away from rewatching the final scene long enough to get this darn thing written!

Saving the World from Nuclear Holocaust

We know that many Frank Military episodes come with darkness and angst. What set “The Silo” apart was how it created high suspense right out of the gate and never let up. This is what a well executed “ticking clock” story looks like. Or more precisely, feels like. For I felt the intensity immediately and found myself literally on the edge of my seat. I had mentally prepared for seeing my OTP suffer at Military’s hands, but I hadn’t expected to be so sucked into the plot. This is where Whitmore really added to the episode. His heavy use of purposefully jumpy hand-held camera shots left me feeling like I was right there in the room with the team, almost as if events were happening too quickly for traditional cameras to even capture the action. He even made us feel like a fly on the wall during the Densi phone conversation, shooting part of the it from around a corner, as if we were eavesdropping on Deeks. The camera work as well as the non-stop story developments – with little pausing for joking banter – conveyed a great sense of immediacy and urgency. I don’t think I’ve felt this involved in the plot of an episode since “Descent.”

Military is like some of my favorite fan fiction authors who aren’t afraid to go to dark places. I love their work because that darkness results in so much drama and emotion, but I also fear them, for I’m never sure exactly how far they might take Deeks and by extension, me. Military is the same writer, after all, who tortured Deeks with amateur Russian dentistry, so we know he truly is capable of anything that can get past the CBS censors. His episodes often feel more like programming we’d see on cable TV, where the material doesn’t have to be watered down. Here the stakes were made terrifyingly high, and I fully believed that Kensi’s life and the fate of the world really hung in the balance. It’s an amazing feat considering that we knew Daniela Ruah had already returned to film the very next episode.

Afraid of Losing His World

Right from the start, Deeks and Kensi were thrown into turmoil as Kensi was whisked away to Colorado. At least this time she got a few minutes to communicate with Deeks (yes, Hetty I still hold a grudge). Of course their prior petty argument was forgotten as they focused on the dangers of Kensi’s new assignment. For the rest of the episode, we got Intense Deeks who was out to protect not just any woman in danger, but the one who represents his whole world. When he leaned into the professor’s space to assure him just how intimidating Sam could be, it definitely felt like more of a genuine threat than a mock effort to intimidate their suspect.

And then there was Mosley, who shockingly was at least somewhat understanding of Deeks’ frantic worry and unrealistic demands. Rather than use his near panic as justification for kicking him off the team (for the moment anyway), she at least gave him a place to focus his energy. Of course, she didn’t show much empathy, maintaining that strong veneer of executive assistant directorship. I honestly can’t tell if this is a decision on the part of the actress or the showrunners, or if it’s just all that Nia Long can offer. I sure hope it will change.

Throughout the episode it was painful to see Deeks in such distress. His insistence that Kensi “doesn’t need to do this” to the EAD was difficult to watch because as Callen pointed out, there was no way Kensi would have left the scene even if Deeks had contacted her. He just desperately wanted her away and was willing to take on Mosley to make it happen.

Throughout the episode, Eric Christian Olsen showed us through Deeks’ words, expressions and actions all that he was experiencing, and how devastating it would be for him to lose Kensi. The immediacy of the direction that made me feel like a witness to a documentary and the desperation ECO conveyed were a powerful combination. I teared up during the phone call because I was so viscerally feeling his pain.

Deeks: Kens, Kens.
Kensi: Hi Baby.
Deeks: You need to get out of there, alright? If- If- If the launch doors open there’s-
Kensi: Hey could you just listen to me for a second?
Deeks: I need you to get in a car and I need you to drive away as fast as you possibly can because-
Kensi: Deeks, stop! Stop, Babe, stop for once in your life, stop talking… I know what’s going on.
Deeks: OK so then then then just leave.
Kensi: I can’t.
Deeks: What do you mean you can’t?
Kensi: I can stop this from happening, I can stop people from getting hurt, I’ve got to do it, OK?
Deeks: OK, yeah, you can stop this from happening, but so can other people, alright? So just let somebody-
Kensi: I love you so much.
Deeks: Hold on. I love you too, that’s not the point. Stop for a second. You don’t have to do this, let somebody-
Kensi: And I’ll love you to the end of time and back.
Deeks: Kensi! Kensi! Kensi! [Throws chair.]

Deeks’ intensity was completely understandable. How many times has he nearly lost Kensi, or thought he had lost her in the case of Military’s “Spoils of War“? His experience as her caretaker last season was repeatedly mentioned throughout the latter part of Season 8, with him minimizing it each time Kensi brought it up. He almost has to have some form of PTSD from all that he’s gone through in worrying about her. To me it’s a wonder they can work in the field together at all without him becoming terribly (and counter-productively) over-protective. I think it’s a tribute to the faith he has in Kensi’s abilities that he can even bear to see her in danger on a typical case of the week.

So Where Does that Leave Us Exactly?

The two were safely reunited by episode’s end, but that reunion did not involve Kensi running into Deeks’ loving arms, at least at first. Instead it was more complicated, messier, and therefore more real. What a brilliantly written and acted scene this was. It easily earns a spot among my all-time Densi favorites. ECO and Daniela are both so good here, each of them conveying so many emotions just by their expressions. There really aren’t even that many words spoken…

Deeks: Well it’s official, I’m never gonna criticize your grilled cheese again.
Kensi: It was the… hardest thing I ever had to do.
Deeks: What’s that, making the grilled cheese or single-handedly saving the world from nuclear holocaust?
Kensi: Making that call to you… Ugh, how long are we gonna do this for?
Deeks: I mean, you’re the one that wanted to stay in so why don’t you tell me.
Kensi: I don’t know.
Deeks: That’s great.
Kensi: I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know.
Deeks: I can’t go through what Sam went through. I mean, honestly, I don’t even know how that guy gets up in the morning… What are we doing?… You’re everything for me. And, um, I hate feeling like this… because you’re my world.
Kensi: You are mine. [They kiss.] You’re my world.

Deeks is still upset when Kensi arrives, refusing to turn around to even look at her. Instead he tries to use humor to defuse the tension he’s feeling, a very Deeks-like move even if he is the source of said tension. We can see the confusion and disappointment flit across Kensi’s face but she adjusts, sharing something with Deeks that conveys just how important he is to her. The way the conversation pivots from Deeks’ frustration to such complete honesty and full communication is breathtaking, particular for these two. It clearly illustrates just how far they’ve come as a couple. Yes they can communicate extraordinarily well without words, but look at them also actually speaking to say what they really mean! This skill of theirs has developed so organically over (so many) years that it feels earned and real. It’s a tribute to how well they’ve been written.

Their discussion was difficult because the questions they’re trying to answer about their future are difficult. Kensi even more than Deeks has always defined herself by her job. I don’t think she’s ever pictured herself pursuing another career (unless you count bounty hunter). Even with her Season 8 injury arc that was initially advertised as forcing her to consider alternative paths, we never saw her be anything but 100% focused on returning to fieldwork. As much as she may want a family, she doesn’t quite seem ready to consider other options.

Deeks on the other hand has actually engaged in an alternate line of work. He can probably more easily imagine a life outside of law enforcement, or at least one outside of such a continuing line of fire. But he’s got to feel torn in what he wants for Kensi. He’s always been incredibly supportive of her as an agent, as recently as this season’s “Assets” (“I’m not saying that you have to quit this job that you love because that would be selfish, I wouldn’t say that”). Even when they were just partners, he always showed complete and utter faith in her abilities as “Wonder Woman.” He seems torn between wanting to continue supporting her desire to continue in her dangerous job and desperately wanting to make sure she’s not taken away from him like Michelle was from Sam. Thank goodness the showrunners have continued to show the ramifications of Michelle’s death, and not just on Sam. Here we see how affected Deeks has been and how much that massive loss has helped him realize what’s at stake every day out in the field.

This episode even came close to answering my #1 biggest question for ECO, which is what either of these two would do if they had to choose between their partner and a mission, like Kensi kind of did in “Ascension.” Kensi’s decision in this week’s episode wasn’t quite that same type of choice, but Deeks’ reaction pretty much told us what he would do. It’s hard for me to envision him choosing a mission over Kensi even if she told him to and there were many lives at stake. I think Kensi’s decision is a bit harder to gauge.

Deeks and Kensi’s discussions about future plans, from musing about becoming personal trainers in the South Pacific to more serious discussions about parenthood, have slowly and realistically evolved to this point. The issues they’re grappling with are so relevant to where they are in their lives. What I don’t see is a way to resolve this particular dilemma for the duo without pulling one or both of them out of the field. As fantastically handled as this continuing arc has been, it’s not clear that it can be resolved in a way that’s satisfying to us fans while staying true to Densi’s continuing growth. I do look forward to seeing them try.

To the End of Time and Back

I’ve always appreciated how much Deeks has meant for Kensi in terms of her character’s growth and her happiness. What hit me as I watched the spectacularly romantic ending of the final scene was an appreciation for Kensi Marie Blye, who’s been able to make Deeks happier than he ever could have imagined for himself. I found myself thankful that the two had been able to finally find each other. These two people were both alone for so very long. They had to fight so hard and for so long to develop their relationship. They have had to battle so many other hurdles (IA investigations, helicopter crashes) to stay together (and alive). Now they are each other’s everything, and it’s beautiful to see and to get a moment to celebrate it. They can now figure things out by talking about them, and the emotional honesty they both shared added to the feeling of celebration because it in itself was such an indicator of how far they’ve come. It all also resulted in a big puddle of tears.

I think ECO said it better than I could with his Instagram post: “Breaking news! @danielaruah kills it tonight! Love this amazingly strong female character. Love that Deeks is the more emotional part of the relationship. Thank u @ncisla for such a compelling love story to play, and such a interesting episode to explore the human condition; What it is to love and be loved. What it is to fear the loss of that love, a love that gives identity and significance to a man that’s searched his whole life for something to invest himself in.”

Is the Prince of Darkness a Closet Romantic?

As much as we talk about Frank Military’s dark stories, we should take a moment and give him credit for all the Densi goodness he’s provided over the years. Think about it. He supplied their first real moment of trust in “Deliverance,” the first time I saw them as a potential couple. He gave us what I consider a Top 3 Most Romantic Scene when Deeks tells Kensi “I’m gonna be with you every step of the way. Even if you don’t see me, I’ll be there,” in “The Job.” He gave us a Top 3 Sexiest Scene with that iconic hilltop kiss in “Descent.” Then there was the “your smile, your laugh… everything” that got Deeks through torture in “Ascension.” And don’t forget about that amazing hug at the end of “Spoils of War,” that sweet stolen kiss in the boatshed in “An Unlocked Mind,” and the first proposal in “The Seventh Child.”

The man knows Densi. What makes many of these moments so powerful is that they’re preceded by some of our favorite characters’ toughest times. Because we’ve watched them suffer, these emotional scenes where they finally get a moment of happiness, or at least clarity or relief, are all the sweeter.

And this brings me to my last point. Given that this review has largely been about gushing about celebrating Densi, the episode made me think about how important these two characters are to the entire show. Sure, they get second billing to the bromantic leads. But with apologies to the Callen fans out there, Deeks and Kensi really represent the heart of the show, at least for me. Other than Densi, we rarely see much deep emotion from any two of the show’s characters together. Callen has had plenty of emotional scenes but he’s usually been alone at the time. Sam has shown emotion since Michelle’s death, but Callen has maintained a certain emotional distance even as he supports his partner. Neric have had a few emotional scenes but never any with quite the drama as Densi have achieved fairly regularly. ECO has had the opportunity to bring strong emotions to scenes with other characters, notably Sam in “Ascension” and Hetty in “Internal Affairs.” But it’s only with Daniela where we truly see those emotions reflected back with the same power. Densi’s multi-dimensional relationship fills what would otherwise be a sizable emotional deficiency for the whole show.

Memorable Moments

  • The scenery at the “Colorado” missile base was gorgeous!
  • Was anyone else having flashbacks to “Deliverance” when the bad guys brought out the lasers?
  • I was not a big fan of Mosley’s decision to keep information from her team. It seemed harmful to expediting their investigation and added unnecessary drama to a plot that didn’t need more. But kudos to Sam for shaming Harley into not ratting them out to their boss.
  • Super creepy bad guy Professor Holmes, well played by Jason Downs, could have felt cartoonish. But when he calmly told the team, “You could be surrounded and you wouldn’t even know it,” it just felt ominous.
  • Harley’s not a ton bigger than Nell but she handles herself with so much more confidence when taking on the bad guys. I find her much more convincing as a field agent. And I love how much all three boys enjoyed her taking down the professor. You sure can’t accuse any of them of being intimidated by strong women, and that’s maybe one of my favorite things about the whole show.
  • Kensi sure can pick ‘em! Has she ever dated anyone who wasn’t mentally ill or a criminal? (I know, Jack wasn’t mentally ill when she met him. And yes, I’m including Deeks in this list.)
  • The only moment where the direction seemed a bit off was with Kensi’s final takedown. Watching her struggle to slowly crawl down the tunnel, while realistic, seemed a little stiff and sure felt like it gave the bad guys time to react. It made me wonder if maybe the FBI shouldn’t have just have rolled a bunch of grenades down the hole and/or used a robot to deliver them. But then we wouldn’t have had all the amazing drama!
  • Now Mosley is on board with killing all the bad guys? It sure didn’t take long for her to learn the ways of the West Coast.
  • Wait, what? The mission has a roof?!

Episodes like these are the reason I keep watching, the reason I patiently sit back and try to enjoy eps that focus on other characters or those with a lighter feel. I know that we need the banter- we can’t always have darkness. But eps like “The Silo” are the ones that make me feel, that make me cry, that make me love these characters. As I said at the beginning, all hail Mr. Military- and please write more frequently!

Come back later in the week for what are sure to be intriguing installments of Deeks’ Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal, and the Drabble of the Week. And tune in next week for the show’s 200th episode, “This Is What We Do.” In the meantime, did you enjoy the drama, or did you miss the banter? Were you as affected by the angst as I was? I can’t wait to hear what everyone thought, so tell us in the Comments below!

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25 Comments on Review: NCISLA “The Silo” (S9E07)

  1. Thank you for your great review Karen! I loved this episode. Frank Military’s writing doesn’t leave me cold or feeling bored, it is usually either one my favorite episodes or one of my least favorites and I loved this episode. I loved the balance between angst, action, romance and hope in this episode. I agree with you Karen about Frank Military and Densi-scenes, he has written some of my favorite Densi-scenes that are romantic, emotional and beautiful and that Densi-scene at the end was amazing. Great acting by Daniela and Eric, Frank Military’s writing once again really gave them a chance to show their talent.

    I have mentioned previously that I am not a big fan of unfinished storylines (especially the amount of them this season) and I wish they had identified and caught everyone related to the case, that was maybe the one thing in this episode I missed. Now that about 30 % of this season has already gone I would like to see more variety and more personality in Mosley’s character. I think they tried to show a bit more supportive Mosley in this episode, but for me personally the character still feels a bit too repetitive.

    l love episodes like this where there is just one case/storyline and I think that is part of the reason why I liked this episode so much, but on the other hand I can’t wait to find out more about Hetty storyline after it started to move forward in previous the episode and especially because of the way the last Hetty scene ended.

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  2. This has been by far the hardest episode for me to write my feelings about, because I loved it, but I was also left feeling a lot of conflicting emotions. I guess only Military can do that, he’s a genius!

    Densi’s call and the final scene broke my heart completely, and until now, I never fully realized that I could feel so many emotions and care this much for fictional characters and a TV show, but I completely felt Deeks’ pain and uncertainty. Along that line, I appreciated that the team, including Mosley for a change, were understanding and supportive of him and his stress/fear about Kensi’s situation. I also enjoyed a lot the boys working together on the field and how that provided a small relief from the Densi heartbreak.

    The final scene and Deeks’ comment about Sam and Michelle left me with the weird feeling/foreshadowing that this might really be the show’s final season. And even though I understand it in terms of where the characters are right now and everything that have happened in the last 2 seasons, it would still make me extremely sad if this really is the end of the road. I hope I just read too much into the scene and that I’m overthinking this.

    And as usual great review! Loved your comment about Kensi’s past dates (and including Deeks in the list) and about Mosley learning the West Coast way of just killing all the bad guys.

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    • Thanks Jess, I think that’s a great hypothesis that they’re preparing for the end of the series by setting Densi up for parenthood. I guess I’m in denial that that will ever happen, LOL. Of course, they managed to take 5+ years for them to become together together, so maybe they’ll take their time with this next step too.


  3. Really great review. And I agree it’s the best episode so far this season. It was a STORY rather than bits and pieces of banter and action smushed together.

    Densi … has it been over a year since we’ve had really good Densi moments like that? So so good. A-freaking-mazing. These characters have had so much angst; their arc together is what makes watching television worth it. I read another review that mentioned Deeks has had the greater share of watching his loved one in dire straits and offered the opinion that Kensi hasn’t quite had that same level of “will Deeks really survive” experiences since they’ve been together. Mr. Military: write that episode for me, please, and call it “Deeks, M” while you’re at it. The joy amongst Densi fans will be legion.

    My two quibbles:
    1) One-Note Mosely. And I think you’re right in touching upon the possible causes — acting choice of the actress or the showrunner or that’s all Long can give. Whichever it is, make her go away.
    2) I’m not getting political here but the show always chooses “right wing” extremists when the threat is domestic. Variety is the spice of life, writers.

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    • Thanks peakae. Yes please to your “Deeks, M” episode! And I’d add that while Deeks has had to watch Kensi have more near-death experiences, Kensi has had to worry over Deeks being sent off to prison for the rest of his life, which also can’t have been easy.


  4. Not the best of Franks episode, I couldn’t get past 15 minutes of it. All they do is talk about muslims and some captain that has dates Kensi for 3 months is a only option to take down those 2 nutjobs ? They would have special trained units for that and would never ever call up Kensi. Saying leutainant and then captain after 10 years stretch, he would be more than a major then.

    My vision for the show is they better end it soon this year or next year because I see no good future they already ruined a good show with some biblical nonsense and wasn’t that like a 20 episode nuke themed episode.


    • Actually I think it would be better if you just stopped watching the show. It’s obvious that you are not enjoying it any longer which I’m sorry to hear since I consider this one of Military’s best efforts to date. You really missed the whole point of this story which was about Densi. The story was just a means to an end. This episode was so emotional for me I actually shed a few tears at the end because I feel for this couple who is truly between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know if there can be a happy ending now but it will make for some more interesting scenes while they try to figure it out. Great review as always Karen. I know you were in your element!

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      • Funny if I get downvoted here for saying my oppinion, yeah I loved the densi stays afloat but not enough for me. The story where it leads to. looks like even recurring guest stars are doing their ” best efforts ” for the 1st ”’ so scripted show ” in television , blehh.


      • I guess I should stop watching the show as well, since I also could not get past the flimsy excuse to bring Kensi in to save the world based on a couple of dates with this guy a decade ago. And once I started rolling my eyes at that, I lost interest. Sure, ECO did a fantastic acting job, but the whole script seemed like blatant manipulation rather than story telling.


        • As I see it, it was a way for them to show the human connection as the foundation of everything. In this case, their only hope to rationally and peacefully end the situation without a nuclear war, was by appealing to the human side of those who wanted to commit the crime in the first place. And for that they brought the only two people they could find, the sister and the ex-girlfriend. And at least in my mind, it made complete sense. As a second personal thought I liked and found believable that in the end none of that worked, and as it often happens in real life, love was not able to save the day, and violence and death, sadly, ended up being the only ways to avoid a disaster.


          • But that’s just the problem – there was no human connection with Kensi. Some viewers could get past that, I couldn’t.

            As to your second thought, agreed. Sadly that is the way it often happens in real life, even when a genuine human connection exists.


            • I had the same thought before watching the ep, and believe they probably could have come up with a more plausible reason for Kensi to be there, and actually amp up the human connection and the tension even more in the process (as someone else one another site noted, she grew up on military bases, couldn’t someone she grew up with have done this?). But I have to admit, I didn’t care once I got into the episode, and that was after about 30 seconds in.


            • I definitely see the problem with the Kensi boyfriend scenario. I think had the guy been someone Kensi worked with more recently on a task force for a year or two, it might have actually felt more plausible. But of course then they could have brought in any number of the guy’s co-workers instead of Kensi. It was certainly a stretch. I have definitely had experiences like yours hoopsdiva, where once a few things seemed off it took me out of the experience and made me dislike the episode. It’s even happened with eps that other people love (“Come Back” is my #1 example). On the other hand, I find that if I get hooked early enough in episode, I am much more forgiving about plot holes etc. than I might otherwise be, and that was certainly the case with “The Silo.”

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          • The real tragedy in the episode relating to this (and I enjoyed the episode) was that love really did save the day in this case, but no one knew it, so both people had to die. Miller, thanks to his connection to his sister (who was being prompted/guided by Kensi), changed his mind and in the end refused to enter the launch codes. Whether Ross would have been able to threaten him sufficiently to change his mind back we’ll never know because they both died in the grenade-toss. I actually think it would have been interesting (and slightly less anti-climactic, which would be my only real complaint about the ep) had Kensi had to shoot Ross and ended up saving Miller. I know why all three people had to die (so no one could ID the ones in charge/paying for it), but really, how often do the ones manipulated into doing the dirty work know who the masterminds are?


      • Thanks Di, although somehow I feel that “in my element” is code for “really long”, but I just had a lot of feelings that I needed to get out! 😉


  5. Karen thanks for a fantastic review of the episode. I loved your review, and I loved this episode. I think you covered every aspect of this that I loved. I certainly agree with you Frank Military has given us some great Densi goodness over the years. He has also written Deeks with some incredible depth of character which has allowed ECO to showcase his acting ability. Both Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen deserves some acting award for their performances in this episode. My eyes misted when Kensi called Deeks on the phone but the final scene between Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen brought many tears to my eyes and reminded me how much chemistry this Densi ship has, and how TPTB have allowed them to develop as characters.

    It is interesting to me how they are developing their relationship. Kensi is the one who brought up children in “The Seventh Child”, I think Deeks correctly pointed out that given their professions it was hard for him to think about children. So since then it seems they have shown Deeks has been ready to change jobs but he is waiting for Kensi to catch up. It also seems like this was the first time she acknowledged maybe she is seriously thinking about getting ready to do something else.I think they are preparing for the end of the show, not that I think it is any time soon, I certainly hope it is not anytime soon. I think they are writing the Densi couple so when the series ends, whenever that is, they will ride off into the sunset and live more normal lives and it will be very plausible based upon how the couple has changed.

    I guess I want to also point out, when Densi is featured as a “couple” with just a touch of depth and romance, does not need to be much, social media goes wild, and we get fans who have not been active in awhile active again. I truly hope TPTB pay attention, the show needs more viewers, and they need to give the fans just a bit more Densi.

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    • Great point about how they seem to be moving Kensi and Deeks toward the post-series happily ever after. I just hope they can manage to keep it up, realistically (without having to manufacture some ridiculous and unnecessary “drama” like breaking them up for a while) over a few more seasons.


  6. Breaking news! (quoting ECO’s IG caption of his beautiful “The silo” post).
    This episode was absolutely superb.
    I think we have already found the one for DR and ECO Season 9 DVD commentary, unless there’s a “more festive one” by the end of the season, if you know what I mean!

    I had recently written in one of my comments that this season seemed “off” for a combination of factors that all together made the show less recognizable.
    This episode had everything, though, of the most epic NCIS:LA seasons. It kept you glued from start to finish, on the edge of your seat until the very end. It was well-written, well-acted and very well-directed. Mostly based on human feelings, fears, emotions, doubts.

    I found Kensi’s call to Deeks one of the most emotional Densi moment up until today. They were both awesome, their expressions, voice, body language (kudos to Daniela who was making breakfast while recording the call!).
    Kensi’s “I love you to the end of time and back” was amazing. I like to think it’s their kind of “secret code”, something they say to each other in special moments. I don’t know why but I immediately thought (just from the first re-watch of the scene when it was still just a sneak peek) of the “lovers’ secret song” in the extraordinary film “Moulin Rouge” beautifully sung by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, and these lines especially:
    “Storm clouds may gather and stars may collide, but I love you, until the end of time. Come what may, come what may, I will love you, until my dying day”.

    The last scene, then, was pure perfection, so emotional and heartfelt. I expected this episode would lead Deeks and Kensi to reflect on their lives and job, what they are doing but more importantly, if they can go on like this. And their beautiful kiss at the end was the perfect mix of relief, love, desperation. I read so much into it. They were together and that was what really mattered, but they couldn’t ignore what the cost of their job might be in their future.
    The reference to what Sam went through with Michelle’s loss was heartwrenching and once again a reminder of something that could have been avoidable (I’m sorry, as much as I am thankful to Military for this wonderful episode, I still can’t forgive him for the choice of killing Michelle).
    I’m curious (and a little bit afraid) to see how all this will be addressed in future episodes, especially if, as we all hope, NCIS:LA will be renewed for its 10th season: how will Densi story progress? How can it reasonably and plausibly go on? I think we all love to see Deeks and Kensi in the field together, but they are now at a stage of their lives in which their priorities may have to be reconsidered.

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  7. Amazing review! I agree with you on so many points. First, yes Frank Military has provided us with so many great Densi episodes. Deliverance and The Job are to this day two of my favorites. I also love the honesty of Kensi telling Deeks “It was really bad” in Spoilers of War and his honesty with “your smile, your laugh, everything.” You are so right in observing how these two have slowly become better and better at communication. I too wonder how they are going to keep having this conversation about when to leave. I think you are right on with the fact that Kensi doesn’t know anything else. She’s basically been with NCIS since right out of college and as much as she may want a family she also knows she will need something else to be fulfilled.

    Loved the comments about the exes and the lasers LOL.

    Such a great read! Thank you!

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  8. Amazing review for an amazing episode, Karen! I agree with pretty much everything you wrote, and am in awe of all the connections you made for us. A great Densi ep almost makes the slow beginning of the season worthwhile to me. Thanks too for all the Frank Military info/reminders, as I’m one who doesn’t tend to pay attention to such things. I too had flashbacks to Deliverance with the lasers and in fact turned to DH and said, “Oh, so that’s how Kensi gets in!” And yeah, apparently the mission has a NICE roof – who knew? I didn’t pick up the hipocrisy of Mosley’s statement initially, so thanks for pointing that out. One more thought on the AED: even when she’s more likable (she encouraged Deeks to try to get Kensi home because she knew she didn’t have the pull), she still comes across as one-note to me. I’m not sure how Callen understood what she was trying not to say (that people had taken over a missile launch site) the second time when she delivered the line exactly as she had the first time, both in tone and facial expression.

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    • Thanks Psyched. I hadn’t analyzed it enough but you are so write in your assessment of Mosley’s conversation with Callen. It’s like she couldn’t even find a second way to read the line to imply that it had a different meaning. Not impressive.


  9. What to say about this episode that hasn’t already been said, and said so well. Karen, your love for these characters shines through in your excellent review. For those above who complained, I’m afraid I cannot agree. This was a fast moving, tension filled episode full of emotion and that ended with one of the best scenes ever between Deeks and Kensi. Frank Military is one of the finest writers in the business, so to second guess his choices is something I cannot do. The guy is a pro. To be honest he needs no defense, because of what he’s written in the past and because he has given us one of those essential episodes that I will keep to watch again and again. This episode showcased everything I like about this show, and everything I have wanted to see between Deeks and Kensi. ECO shines, his emotions right out there for all to see and Dani was so believable and tough and then so vulnerable when she spoke with Deeks at the end. That scene brought tears to my eyes. For me it’s all about the characters, and Military and Whitmore showcased them at their best in this episode. More, please.

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  10. Great review as always!

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  11. Thank you Karen for this review very well put together you have an immense talent for writing. Once again, Military did an excellent job, it even surpassed itself, it is endowed with a great imagination and it is us who benefited from it; the scene between Kensi and Deeks on the phone was heartbreaking, poignant and it was my first screaming session and ECO divinely interpreted his great anguish and express the violence that has inhabited him for so long. My second session of tears came to the final scene. I felt sorry for Deeks and his eyes filled with tears and his roaring voice was so painful. Eco and DR are so connected, brilliant and talented actors and what a beautiful statement of love from both. It is from me, the most beautiful couple on television. Now what direction are they heading? Now it’s time for Hetty to come back, she is the mainstay of this show and no longer there, I unfortunately see the ratings going down every week, less than 8 million this week and down 1 for the 18 -49, I have the impression that we are living the last season of NCIS LA and it’s very sad. Writers do what they can but without Hetty it must be more difficult to make a good scenario and that is what we see since the beginning of the season.. I`m so ready for Milatary other scenarios, he`s good, very good.
    Am I the only one to have noticed that Deeks has a new watch again?
    And could someone tell me what TPTB means that I read from time to time. Thank you.


  12. One thing that is consistent with this show is a mandatory suspension of belief that rarely exists in the original NCIS and is far less prevalent in the New Orleans franchise. This show is so far away from things that NCIS does that it should be renamed either Homeland Security or NCIS: SD for Suspension of Disbelief.

    The episode opens with three Air Force officers commandeering two different missile silos. This scenario would make for an entertaining movie, but of course it is laughable when NCIS is involved, and Kensi’s angle is even more laughable.

    Kensi, who knew one of the Air Force officers 10 years ago and dated him for 3 months, is called in to talk to the dude. We learn that a military within the military is planning to launch nukes at Muslim cities! It turns out they are dedicated Islamophobes! Sam the trained seal finally reveals he is a Muslim.

    There were two really funny lines here. First, Callen asks “Air Force? Why are we looking into this?” Then when Kensi is talking to her ex-BF, she says she also works for the government and is trying to help, bringing to mind the line said by President Reagan- the 9 most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

    We see the jackbooted thug angle here when the former professor of the officers declines to talk to the NCIS agents and they say he can’t refuse. Surprisingly they neither mentioned national security nor the patriot act. He tries to leave and is assaulted by the new leader’s sidekick. Another funny point was when Deeks interviewed the professor and talked about fascism. Deeks implied it was bad, but their method of interrogating him was right out of the fascist handbook. No lawyer for you! This episode probably sets a record for the use of the term “National Security”, more evidence why it should be renamed.

    A tunnel is found to access the bunker, and of course Kensi is tasked to go through an 18 inch pipe since she is highly trained and the only one that can fit in the tube.

    Meanwhile the mastermind is located in LA! Surprisingly LAPD SWAT is used.


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