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Review: NCISLA “Spoils of War” (S5E19)


Finally! The Densi storyline continues as Deeks and the team head over to Afghanistan in search of Kensi. Reminiscent of the two part episode, Lange, H., these are the epic stories that the fans relish the most because we get to see how the personal and intimate lives of these characters get to play out on screen.   Every week we watch as these men and women risk their lives to make the world a safer place to live. But when they risk it all for each other, that’s when we remember why we fell in love with this show and all these remarkable characters.

All winter we waited for Kensi to return to Deeks and their special love story but now the waters are muddied by another man in Kensi’s past which could play an unwanted part in the emotional and destructive future of Densi. It’s never easy, is it? But I was delighted to see Frank Military not only behind the camera but also the author who penned this pivotal season five episode. Military loves these two characters and it shows in his writing and also in the sensitive way he uses the camera to convey their story….it was an explosive combination.

Mr. Deeks is emotionally involved.

If you didn’t think Hetty was prepping Nell for taking over as Ops Manager one day, then all you have to do is watch the intensity in the girl’s eyes. I’m a believer now. As Nell lets out that strained sigh…I knew the situation was grave. Even as Hetty stops the men on the way out of the Mission, her emotions are much higher and intense than ever before. As she speaks to Sam in a very soft voice her concern for Deeks makes me shiver. There is no room for involvement. There is only one mission here which is to bring Kensi home again. But good luck in getting Deeks to leave his heart behind…that's not going to happen.

Once in country, the answers aren’t forthcoming and despite finding Granger safe the team is wound tighter than a drum. Why does the CIA, including Sabatino want the White Ghost dead? There are too many moles lurking around and the team has to go dark for fear of the mission being compromised. It was hard to hear Sam ordering Deeks to do his job but Sam had his marching orders too. Hetty knows Sam is the only one who has a chance in hell in keeping Deeks in line with his emotions.

Kensi’s video file and last words to the team were short but powerful as she expects she may never return from this mission. How she must have wrestled with herself in wanting to know what happen to Jack but also in wanting to be able to return to the team and the man she cares so much for now. She must have had a good reason to give up all that for the truth…. But will it be worth it in the end?

For the record…I have morals.

It’s apparent Deeks is in over his head. As he interrogates the cleric, he is trying bravely to keep it all together and uphold the principals he valued as a lawyer and a cop. Despite telling his Afghani companion he would never compromise these principals, I don’t think he is totally convinced he wouldn’t risk it all to get Kensi back.

Ah! So there was a method behind Hetty’s madness! Hetty confesses she knew about Jack all along and that they were friends! But how could she send Kensi to kill Jack and be sure she wouldn’t take the shot?   Why all the subterfuge? Wouldn’t it have been easier to come up with the plan together and without Granger’s knowledge? At least Hetty is clear on who is to blame here. Now her whole team is in danger. It seems the Master of the Universe is only human.

Callen and Sam discover Kensi’s last known location and find disturbing pictures of her and Jack executed in the cave. Callen doesn’t believe they’re real. He knows Kensi and Jack are worth more alive than dead. When the Ops team locates a band of CIA agents miles away, Callen is sure they got to be looking for Kensi and Jack as well.

Brother, I know what torture is and this ain’t it!

Back in the village, Deeks is still trying to force the cleric to talk. Thank god, there is still a hint of the ol’ Deeks under all the anxiety. He’s angry yet still can’t help being a smart ass as he answers Hetty’s call. (Go for the American infidel!) All that comes to a screeching halt when Hetty sends the picture of his fallen partner to his cell phone. While the rest of the team is working to hold it all together, Deeks loses it. The tears in his eyes say it all. As he screams over the cleric spouting Taliban rhetoric, he is ready to give up on all the principals he holds dear just to find the one person who means the world to him. I am shaking as he demands justice for Kensi and begins to act on his rage.

Give the man a bandage.

Well, well….Agent Sabatino shows up just in time, alone and hurt. As the team listens to his story, they are still suspicious of the man and are not sure whether he is friend or foe. From the very beginning Kensi didn’t trust the CIA agent and I have always echoed her feelings. Does the Sabatino controversy end here? I have a feeling he’ll be back.

By this time, both Deeks and Sam are struggling with the impeccable morals that make up their DNA. Sam refuses to kill the child sniper sent by the Taliban but Deeks is quickly losing his internal battle all together. At this point, you got to fear for the man’s sanity. He tries to emulate the type of man he has so desperately hated all his life but he just can’t do it. His apology over and over to the cleric shows us his own torture made him a man whose convictions are now even stronger than ever before. Not even for Kensi could he inflict such horror. Although he states that if the torture would have secured the information, he would have gladly killed the cleric…. I still don’t believe him. He is too good of a man to resort to those tactics. You could see it in his eyes as he rests his head against the man. He knows what torture does to people….he understands the rage.

As the team catches up with the Taliban, Callen draws the group in by offering an exchange of money for Kensi and Jack. But the agents are outmanned and outnumbered. Sam decides he’s going down with his boots on, god love him! The fight scene was riveting as we watched the slow motion shot depict what it would be like to live through something so horrible. When the air cleared it was heart wrenching to see Sam kiss the picture of his family. And like a true western, the cavalry comes to the rescue….more like a one man cavalry… Deeks! In the end it was brains that saved the day and not brawn. Deeks proves there is always another way out other than resorting to violence.

It’s ok. I got you.

This story was never going to have the Densi reunion we had envisioned. It was too raw and filled with darkness. This story has left more scars on Densi’s collective heart and these scars will either be kept hidden or have to be dealt with at a later date, because Kensi knows how Deeks felt when he faced his own death at the beginning of season five. She’s just a former shell of the woman who started this mission and it was heartwarming to see her collapse into Deeks arms at the end. We have never seen Kensi so vulnerable not even the time she searched for her father’s killers. The woman we know and love as Badass Blye may return in the future, but like Deeks, this horrible experience will change her. What we don’t know now is if it will be for the better or for worst. You could tell Deeks wanted to try and make all the hurt go away, but he knows it doesn’t work that way. Kensi will have to find her own way back. Although I am concerned that she was able to bond with Jack during this time, I don’t think this is the last we will see of her former fiancé. Knowing Kensi she won’t be able to let him go without knowing he’s at least safe….and we all know where that could lead.   I do worry there will be a lot of guilt going around with Hetty and Deeks both blaming themselves over Kensi’s plight and how it will all paly out over the course of the season?

No memorable moments, and no classic quotes to follow because this episode was one big ball of moments to cherish and hold deep within our hearts. Military and the all the actors did an amazing job of conveying just the right amount of angst, misery and suspense. Eric Christian Olsen also gave another brilliant performance. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s always the storylines where the team has to take care of their own that leave the heaviest imprints on our soul. From Deeks’struggle to remain a compassionate human being, to Callen’s impeccable instincts and to Sam’s unflappable courage. The beauty of this episode is that they all had to be true to themselves for this mission to succeed.  Even Granger came through in the end with a touching acknowledgement from Callen. It made for an incredible story that we will always get to treasure and one that will not be forgotten anytime soon. (Deep sigh.)

Come on folks. It’s your turn now. I know you have a lot to say about this one! Get it all out…you’ll feel better! Don’t forget to come back and read how Deeks’ is coping in The Surf Log and what Kensi is feeling in her Journal. Next week the team returns to the Mission, but will things ever be the same? Find out in our next review of Windfall.  See you then!


Title: “Spoils of War”
Writer/Director: Frank Military
Original Air Date: April 1, 2014


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25 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Spoils of War” (S5E19)

  1. i cant leave a responsible logical answer yet .as i have not processed all that i have seen. what i can say is the acting is beyond first class and to c deeks crying broke my heart. danni at the end was not badass byle she was a vunerable woman who saw the man she loves and she just wanted to feel safe in his arms. totally brilliant acting and writing.


  2. Your best review ever, Di. You’re right, this episode did touch me deeply and confirmed the reason I love these characters. It also showed how much they care for each other and it was the emotion from every member of the team that made this episode stand out or should I say, outstanding. Each one put everything on the line to bring Kensi home, their emotions out in the open, but not preventing them from doing their jobs. Deeks almost lost his soul, stepping to the edge of darkness and then across that line only to discover it was too dark, too empty there and stepped back into the light, with ECO giving us one of the finest performances of the season and maybe the series. Deeks discovered he was connected to a man he despised because he had suffered torture and that made all the difference. As willing as he was to do whatever it took, he found out that he was still a man with morals and that saved him.

    I find that I can’t be even slightly critical of this episode because it grabbed me by the heart and never let go. There is nothing but praise there for ECO and Dani for giving everything of themselves to these characters, letting us see their vulnerability, but also the darkness that sometimes hides within. They are the best as was this story.

    Thanks to Frank Military who may just have topped my list of favorite writers on the show, toppling Dave Kalstein from the mountain where I had placed him. He wrote amazing dialog and directed amazing actors, giving us the episode of the year. Bravo to all.


  3. Carrie Routhier (@Snowglory) // April 2, 2014 at 3:45 PM // Reply

    Great review! I literally could not watch when Deeks was waterboarding the Cleric. It was just so wrong…and yet I was bawling two seconds later when he was muttering his apologies. I wonder if part of that rage came from his past with his Dad.

    I’m having trouble with Callen right now. I don’t understand him. He was super panicked about losing Kensi, but would he do the same for Deeks?

    Haha I don’t think I’ve really forgiven any of them since the beginning of this season.

    When Hetty revealed that she knew about this missiony first comment to my husband was “bad move Hetty”. It is getting a tad old that she knows everything about everything…and how could she do that to Kensi? Knowing who Jack was and what he meant to her. How could she do that to Deeks?

    I was mad at her last night. Lol.

    Densi reunion! I loved it, it played out exactly as it should have. If they had kissed or gotten schmoopy it would have ruined the who episode.

    It was an amazing episode!! Eric Christian Olsen killed those scenes. I felt panicked when they were waking through those halls at the behinning.


  4. Dr. Brenda // April 2, 2014 at 7:53 PM // Reply

    Great review as always. Totally agree that Frank Military knocked this out of the park. Love how he handled Densi. It was a gripping episode from the first second and I loved it!!

    The second time I watched it, though, I started to feel a bit annoyed at a couple of things.

    I am officially mad at Hetty for the first time. I know she has been criticized in the past for certain actions/decisions but I was always willing to cut her slack. Not this time. I do not understand her instructions to Sam to separate Deeks from the group if need be. He is LAPD, not NCIS. If she wanted him separated from the group she could have kept him in LA very easily – Granger told him in the past that him in Afghanistan was a joke so it would not have been a surprise to him if his LAPD creds grounded him in the US. The instructions she gave Sam almost sounded to me like she was telling Sam to sacrifice Deeks to save Kensi, if necessary. It also seemed cruel initially to leave Deeks alone with the cleric and no other Americans. In the end he saved the day, but I really questioned that. I think Deeks has proven himself over and over alongside them, despite his growing feelings for Kensi. Time for Hetty to show him some respect!! Not even going to start on Hetty knowing Jack was alive and withholding that from Kensi.

    Which brings me to my second irritation. Deeks totally saved the day!!! Callen, Sam, Granger, Sabatino are all pinned down and running out of ammo with no clear plan to get out of that situation. They would have been dead if not for Deeks and Kensi would not have been rescued. But no “thanks Deeks for saving all our asses!”?? Granger told Callen it was a good mission but I really think Deeks deserved some credit for saving Kensi and the rest of the team.

    I’ve read different takes on Jack/Kensi in other reviews. I think he made his situation clear in the cave and I think it’s done. She didn’t say anything when he said he would be in touch if he could. I think the long looks in his direction were here recognizing that this was likely the last time she would see him.

    What I loved most about the episode was the final scene – like everyone else!!
    I was so impressed with the huge growth for Deeks, who has had trouble expressing emotions in the past. Prior to that scene he had already made clear that his partner was the person he cared about most on the planet. In the final scene when Kensi was staring at Jack, Deeks noticed, but didn’t care. He had to tell her how glad he was that she was alive and that was a bit of a risk given that she was staring at another man. His raw honesty broke through the fog and was all she needed to hear to turn her focus directly on him as she dove into his arms. In the past it was “You never say what you mean!” Now it was blurted out as she was starting at Jack and it brought her back to the present. Loved that.

    I also took note that Kensi kept a very brave face with Jack, Sam & Callen, despite the obvious pain in her eyes. The only one who got to see the true heartache was Deeks. Also huge growth on her part. The woman who asked him to be patient with her the last time they saw each other was transformed into someone who has clearly decided who is going to see inside her heart and who won’t. I also loved Callen’s comment to Sam “How come you never hug me like that?” and Sam’s smile. Another confirmation that the two partnerships are very different. It’s a love story.

    I am concerned about their future – but plan to just bask in this for now!
    (ps. sorry this is so long. I loved the episode!!!)


    • Dr. Brenda, you expressed my feelings so well here! Perhaps the rest of the team’s thanks to Deeks to saving THEM ALL was left on the cutting room floor. Dani said somewhere that they had to cut out about 10 minutes or so. Can’t say enough about Military’s incredible script and direction – so many subtle references to “brains vs, brawn” in a sense – Callen coming up with a money for hostages scheme, and of course, Deeks’ detective work which led to the rescue. I agree with you about Jack. He left Kensi, converted to Islam and changed his whole life, married, had a child, suffered an unspeakable tragedy, and was incredibly blunt about it all to Kensi, after he had not seen her for nine years! I think in one of the next few episodes we’re supposed to see some flashbacks about more that went on during Kensi and Jack’s captivity and, most importantly, what happened during the night Densi spent together. If Kensi is still conflicted about Jack, I don’t understand why, and Deeks will never give up the fight to make her totally his; that’s for sure! In interviews, I don’t know why Dani is talking about just a “great friendship” between her and Deeks as an end result. That would be totally unrealistic and incredibly unsatisfying for all the viewers who see what ECO sees about their relationship, and Shane Brennan has mentioned several times that Densi’s relationship is always going to be realistic. Feeling “set up” is not a good feeling. I, too, am really upset with Hetty. All her manipulations put her beloved “children” in mortal danger and the emotional and psychological consequences for Kensi and Deeks are huge. Way to go Hetty! Thanks, again, for your super analysis, Dr. Brenda :)!


  5. What a great review Di. Your reference to Deeks’ father, and your final description of the team being individually at their best in order to collectively accomplish their mission brought tears to my eyes- I definitely haven’t recovered from last night! I’m not sure if this was my all-time favorite episode, but I think it may be the best episode I have seen. The direction was fantastic, and the script even better.

    I particularly appreciated the nuanced approach Frank Military took to Deeks’ torture storyline. Nothing was black and white. I totally understood his urge to do anything he could to find Kensi, and the cleric was clearly a bad man. I found myself wondering what I would do in that situation. There is rarely true suspense in an NCIS:LA episode- we’re never really worried that one of the team will be killed. But this episode had me literally on the edge of my seat. I repeatedly found myself holding my breath. I was terrified that Deeks was going to lose a part of his soul and I wasn’t sure if I could bear to watch it. The actor who played his translator, Nicholas Guilak, was also great. As in most episodes, Deeks was the one bringing the heart to the story (although DR was also fantastic in her video and in the final scenes). Deeks’ humanity is what makes his character stand out. He’s really been the “emotional center” of this entire season, which is why it has been my favorite to date.

    I know ECO can handle dark material but he was really stunning. In Ascent he walked a razor’s edge between keeping it together and a complete breakdown, and here I saw him walk another edge, between his good-hearted self and becoming like the bad guys. It reminded me of what he told Kensi in Blye K Part 2 about how we don’t just smoke whoever stands in our way, and what he told Eva in Sacrifice about not blurring the line between good and bad. The way he wears his heart on his sleeve, you could watch without any sound at all and know exactly what he’s feeling. Then you throw in that voice with the way it breaks and cracks, and he’s riveting.

    Ah, Hetty. I agree with Dr. Brenda’s disappointment, although I’ve been mad at her pretty much all season. Rather than go on at (greater) length here, I’ll save my Hetty observations for the article I’m writing about her.

    Finally, the ending. I was actually on my feet threatening to do something (not sure what) if they didn’t hug. Again I saw parallels with Ascension, with the conversation beginning on safe factual ground (the nukes were recovered, Sabatino is OK) and complete with interruption from Sam and Callen. But at least this time they had the good grace to walk away. And this time we got the hug! It’s the most physical contact we’ve ever seen between them and I loved it. I’d like to think the fact that Kensi sought comfort from Deeks is an encouraging sign, but who knows. Since Jack’s still alive, I’m now really starting to dread the upcoming Kalstein-penned Three Hearts. Bring on the Recovery flashback! (Does anyone know which episode that’s going to be in?)

    Thanks Di, I do feel better!


  6. Great review to an amazing episode. It absolutely lived up to our expectations. No wonder why all cast and crew were all excited about it.

    I know many of you will not agree, but I am extremely angry at Hetty. She has pulled some wrong decisions, but this one top it all. I don’t understand why she sent Kensi over there without any warning. Not mention her lies about a mole.

    And to top that, she’s made Deeks believe he is responsible for Kensi’s reassigment. Enough with the mind games Hetty. I like you, but you have to evaluate your choices.

    ECO was phenomenal in this episode. I was looking forwards for this outburst since the first time I saw him lose it in Human Traffic. He portrays all these emotions, anger, guilt, sorrow, love….in a magical way. His eyes do all the talking.

    As expected the reunion was not ideal but it didn’t matter. It broke my heart hearing Kensi admitting for the first time that she is no ok.
    I’ve watched the final scene again and again. Even though Kensi seemed focused on Jack, I realized that she allowed herself to break after he was out of sight. Like she waited for him to leave in order to break. I loved that scene. Both hugs were so genuine, loving and beautiful.

    We have a long way to go now. I hope they show us some flashbacks about what happened over there. Kensi needs stability and support and Deeks will be there to help her. I am sure of it!


    • I think it’s going to be see Hetty try to explain to Kensi & the whole team…why she kept the info that she knew where Jack was all this time.from Kensi.
      I understand you feeling anger towards Hetty..I think the writers are are confused…and can’t decide which way to portray Hetty’s character.
      Is she… the larger than life.cartoon figure…. who’s all knowing and all seeing…that they seem to want us to believe has been active participant.,, all things coming out of Washington DC…..since the Ulysses Grant administration!. Hetty.. this super secretive person..who likes to manipulate her agents & through hee recent bewhaviour towrds Kensi…shown them & us the home viewer…that can’t be really be trusted or.believed… far as she can thrown Sam!!

      Im pretty sure..Hetty will end up apologizing to Kensi ..and then tell Kensi….she had her reasons for not telling Kensi where Jack was..and Kensi will either have to lump it…..if she doesn`t like it.

      For once..Id like to see somebody from the team..stand up to Hetty..and tell drop dead..and that they no longer trust her, team leader.


  7. Way too many things going on to make a coherent comment on the episode or the review, but did anyone else think that Deeks’ explosion of rage at the way the Taliban treat women might be related to the rage he felt as a child about how his father treated his mother? And then he finds himself torturing the cleric and acting out his rage, as his father certainly did. One of the best moments of the ep, IMO, was the conversation after that, when the translator observes that torture accomplishes nothing except to give one’s inner rage somewhere to go, and that he (Deeks) has a lot of rage.


    • Jan- When I was watching, I didn’t think about Deeks’ explosion in terms of how it related to his childhood, primarily because I was barely keeping it together, terrified that he was going to be irrevocably changed by what was happening. But now that you mention it, yeah, I can definitely see that. There was so much subtext to his scenes, between his childhood spent watching his mother abused, to his fear of becoming like his father, to all the rage we’ve seen him channel as Max, to his own experiences being tortured earlier this year. And I totally agree about the translator’s wise words. I thought the writer did a great job of showing why torture is wrong without lecturing.


  8. Granger’s previous comment to Deeks when he said: “Nothing personal, but having you in Afghanistan would be like National Lampoon’s Vacation” (paraphrased) was insulting, mean, hurtful, degrading, unprofessional, and otherwise completely uncalled for.

    Deeks missed a golden opportunity to rub Granger’s face in it when he saved his sorry *backside*. Even though the opportunity may still present itself, I would like to have seen Deeks say to Granger as they were boarding the helicopter, “Time to get into the Family Truckster and head to Wally World” while singing “Holiday Road.”

    Whatever happens, I hope the writers will take the opportunity to make Granger’s insulting words come back and bite him hard. But enough of that.

    Kensi learned an important lesson. As intense as her relationship with John once was, I think she has come to grips with the fact that he deserted her without a word, allowed her to think he was dead, and began a new life for himself. And he made it abundantly clear that he had no room in his life for her or any desire to rekindle anything they once shared. This incident has hopefully given her the closure she has been lacking.

    Deeks has proven himself to be the proverbial Knight in Shining Armour. John may have deserted her; but Deeks is the one who saved her, and will stick by her, no matter what. And even though the spoilers have indicated that there will be some rough patches in their relationship, the love they have for each other ought to carry them through. It’s like Kensi said before she left, “We’ll figure this out; all we have to do is talk about it.”

    I also think the likelihood of there being a mole in the unit is quite possible. Granger’s comment about being “dark” leads me to reckon that he’s right. Booker is still on my suspect list; and Sabatino’s activity is also questionable at least. The Afghanistan situation is far from over.


    • Donnamarie // July 14, 2015 at 10:31 PM // Reply

      Watched this episode again and Eric Christian Olsen was wonderful as usual. (His acting is just brilliant) You shed a tear with him when he saw the photo of Kensi. Deeks saved his love and came to rescue of the rest of team (Sam & Callen) but no “thanks mate for saving our butts!.” This couple (Deeks & Kensi) just makes this show. I cant wait for Season 7 and hope that this couple is front and centre where they deserve to be.


  9. Awesome ep. ECO was phenomenal. He can portray more emotion with just his eyes than many actors using every tool in their arsenal. And Dani blew me away. I can’t say enough about this ep because I’m still processing it. I agree with the other reviewers re Hetty and Granger by the way. Deeks was the one who saved the day and NO ONE acknowledged him. So unfair!


  10. Just want to apololgise for all my spelling mistakes….guess Im more upset at Hetty..than I thought!! lol 🙂


  11. Hetty put the job first !we see this many times !her position not allow for personal feelings ,if hetty leave who you think can take the lead ?only granger from what we see so far !ncis is not a market store they had to do with terrorists and with inocent people lives so i understand this!team knows that this job can cost their lifes anytime ! i love deeks he is the reason i see ncis la and i hate see him to pain ,he is a hilarius guy ! sorry for my english!


  12. Di, really enjoyed your in-depth, perceptive review of this truly great episode. Frank Military did a fabulous job with the story, character development, and everything! Loved, loved that Deeks proved Hetty so, so wrong and saved EVERYONE in the end :)!


  13. For me the episode was spot on they did a fabulous job with the script, the location and especially the acting.

    Firstly Nell,
    I love how she is coming full circle she has had a bit of everything this year. Starters being out in the field I think has been great. Secondly the fight scene, Renee was fabulous with that. The guy alone creeped me out never once looking away from her Nell character. Then the undercover that was great! Looking forward to seeing what they have planned for her. She was amazing in this episode you could tell she just wanted to break down after she briefed the guys you could see the pain of knowing her friend maybe being held by the Taliban or worse yet dead. As she asked to have the picture taken down. Hetty says no.

    Okay Hetty you know what I adored your character up until this point. I always saw the method to your madness until now. What where you thinking? You what thought Kensi was going to be “oh I see Jack oh okay well that was great.” No she had a meltdown which nearly cost her her life. Hetty should have informed her in one of the many communictions she had with Kensi. Kensi would have been able to work out a plan and get answers from Jack on why he just up and left. As for him never ever do I want to see him again. No amount of apologies will fix this or no amount of “I’m in your debt.” Will fix it. She was very sloppy with the mission and with Kensi life. I won’t be suprised if we see backlash from it either. The one person that is always talking about trusting people blew it. Badly!

    I did like the fact that she wanted to protect Deeks from what she could hence telling Sam to watch over him. Plus Deeks emotions which we see came flooding to the surface after all. I really agree Deeks needs to know that this wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t the one to blame. Though I have a unsettling suspision that Deeks meltdown will come to light eventually. Things like that always do. The question is how will it be handled if it ever is. Eric Christian Olsen nailed it hugely. His performance was amazing. Your heart broke for him when he saw the picture of Kensi with her throat slashed. I was glad that he managed to bring himself back together in the end. As you said it was brains not brawn that won this battle.

    The emotional torment was clear on Kensi she looked like a little lost girl. Though I don’t think she realizes that Jack had even said he’d keep in touch if he could find a way (oh for the love of icecream I hope not leave him where he is at!) She just kinda muttered something. Kensi just kinda looked at him but wasn’t (if that makes sense) everything for her seemed surreal.

    Deeks looks over at her and she is jus standing there so alone, so lost, so traumatized it really was sad. The moment Densi fans had been waiting for and waiting for finally arrived. I’m actually really happy that they did it that way. It was pefect. She just held onto Deeks, just let him hold her. Let her cry assured her that he had her. It was just amazing scene. Daniela and Eric did such an awesome job.

    As it was said before where does this leave Densi? Honestly I really think they’ll agree to go back to best friends, to be partners, to have each others back. Kensi needs time to heal, needs to time to absorb the fact that Jack left her for a war torn country in which he found love and married. (Jerk!) Leaving Kensi to question so many things. Then Deeks who went into the darkness though only for a little while it could bring some concerns to him is he the man he is or the man he lived with for 11 years? I’m sure as a survior of abuse he has to question the rage aspect of it. I’m positive that Densi will come into the ‘love zone’ again and again. As long as we get season after season ‘their thing’ will always be there. They will find their way back to each other again and it’ll be such as amazing and emotionally charged as ever.


  14. I’m a little late to the party, but I was able to watch the episode as it aired (I make it a point–tax season or no–to be off on Tuesday nights if I can). I thought it was an excellent episode and ECO gave a nuanced and wonderful performance.

    Hetty has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to everyone. Will anyone be able to trust her ever again?

    And, Diane, truly, a terrific review. For whatever reason, I’m feeling very superlative tonight but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You nailed it.

    Next Tuesday is going to be interesting for me but I’m bound and determined to watch the show that night. Not only am I booked all day
    Monday and all day Wednesday, but Tuesday I have to work the election and that’s a 5am to 9pm day. I can’t wait for 1201am, April 16.
    I also can’t wait for your next review. Love the way this season is shaping up.


  15. Thanks everyone for your great comments and additions and taking up where my review left off! wikiDeeks has the best fans and we really appreciate all your support!! See you next week!


  16. This episode gave the great fear and adrenaline bump to watch the upcoming Windfall episode cause it’s gonna be emotional to be back in the center of everyone who did everything to get you back, I now patiently waiting how Deeks manages to maybe open her up again. Most likely she is been closer and grown but still I have doubts that she might close her feelings off again.


  17. Reader1976 // April 20, 2014 at 2:17 PM // Reply

    Late to the game here.. just finished a busy spell. I’ve been itching to catch up on all the reviews and comments after catching up on sleep.😊 This episode was one roller coaster of a ride. Truly memorable.

    Diane, what an outstanding review. And I enjoyed all the comments from everyone…well worth the read. 😊

    I really have nothing to add other than I agree…ECO’s performance throughout was truly amazing…brilliant. And you are correct, this entire episode is one big ball of moments… However, I do love the hug at the end when he comforted Kensi with “it’s ok, I got you”.

    I love this site. 😊😊😊


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