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Review: NCISLA “Talion” (S7E24)


I say this every year but I can’t believe how fast this season just flew by. Twenty-four episodes over in a flash! Since everyone was talking about falling shoes last week, we get to see if any of their premonitions or predictions will come to fruition in this final episode written and directed by showrunners R. Scott Gemmill and John P. Kousakis, respectively. This duo brings out the best in the cast and crew and I always look forward to their efforts even though I thought this episode might bring about some unwanted changes to the team and the show in general… but it didn’t. Good final episode of the season but nothing as intense as some of the cliffhangers in the past. More on that later.

Khaled returns. You knew it was just a matter of time before the villain comes back to seek revenge on Sam Hanna in retaliation for everything that happened with his sister. And it’s no coincidence that the suspected terrorist has targeted the military academy that is attended by Sam’s son, Aiden. This is personal.

All hostage situations are explosive and dangerous and the NCIS team only has one thing going for them and that’s the element of surprise. Aiden is able to get a distress text off to this father and the agents go in under the radar to head off Khaled’s gang. Sam Hanna is being papa bear extreme, not even wanting his wife to know about the attack.  I have to wonder if this is a chink in the Hanna’s marriage. Does he not trust his wife or just afraid of what she would do and wants to keep her safe as well? Even Callen knows this mission is going to be hard enough without having to worry about his partner’s parental instincts taking over.

In a well-directed series of events, the team attempts to invade the academy. We haven’t seen an episode this nerve wracking since “Spoils of War”. With Aidan on the run and students and teachers in peril, the team has to use everything at their disposal to infiltrate the building and release the hostages. The Four Musketeers do what they do best and kick some ass as they methodically go through the building looking for Khaled and Aiden (Deeks:  That’s my girl.) In the end, Khaled is no match for the NCIS team which was kind of disappointing since we have been in need of a substantial villain to stir things up on the show for a long time. But this really was a personal vendetta between two men and in the end there could be only one victor.

As I mentioned I was expecting a more life challenging event for one or more of the team members but it looks like we get to go into the hiatus on a relatively quiet and contented note. Since they didn’t know when this episode began to film that there was even going to be an eighth season, a cliffhanger was out of the question. They didn’t want to leave anything hanging in case there was no resolution in future episodes. So what we get is a good story but a not so exciting finale or cliffhanger. But in the end I’m content with what we got. The alternative would have been the show’s end. Now we have another year to explore Densi’s relationship, find out more about Callen’s dad and if Neric will get serious. There’s a lot to look forward to! Not to mention “Deeks, M”! Onward  to Season 8…

Memorable Moments

  • I love the way the team comes together when a family member is threatened. No questions asked… it’s one for all and all for one.
  • I know this attack has serious repercussion but do these guys even know who they are up against!?  Even Hetty is in the armory getting ready. (Hetty: Oh, I’m everywhere these days, Mr. Callen.)
  • Drinking in Ops? You know this is serious!
  • Hetty comes up with the line of the night as she tries to hold off SecNav. (Hetty: If it all goes bad, I’ll fake a stroke.)
  • Deeks adds his own lightness to a dark situation when he wonders if he should have attended a military academy. Even in such extremes the team still has time to dump on Deeks. (Deeks: Wow, you boys obviously didn’t get the memo from Hetty on bullying.)
  • Brave and stupid is spreading… Cadet Hanna is definitely his father’s son as he tries to take Khaled on his own.
  • It comes down to two as Sam and Khaled go at it one-on-one. (Hetty: What’s that I’m hearing? Granger: I think that’s personal.) I really enjoyed that they let the two men fight this out mano a mano. Khaled really doesn’t know Sam Hanna very well, does he? Never underestimate what a man will do when his family is threatened. (Aiden: The Hanna boys kicking ass and takin’ names.)
  • So that’s what all that bromance is about? Sarcasm? It may be the lowest form of wit according to Oscar Wilde but only Callen and Sam have it down to a science and nobody does it better.
  • While we’re at it, nobody does cute better than Densi either. A final nod to what has been a glorious season for the two lovers, Kensi can’t help but trick Deeks into leaning close for a kiss. Great way to put a cap on a very romantic season for Densi. (Deeks: Oh wow, I appreciate your stealthy operational skills, Agent Blye.) Although I think I could have done without the whole bat in the cave discussion.
  • Can’t you just see Granger pouring that expensive whiskey on top of his Fruit Loops? I’ll take a pass too, Nell.

The gang here at wikiDeeks is going to take a summer hiatus but will be back for Season 8 and a lot more action and adventure with the NCIS:LA team. We have one more Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’ Journal for you to enjoy along with our final Edit of the Week. I want to thank our team of devoted and talented writers and graphic designers and editors who came through week after week to cover our favorite show for the readers of wikiDeeks. It was a labor of love and I couldn’t have asked to work with a better group of people!  You guys are the best! Have a great summer all!

Episode: “Talion”
Writer: R. Scott Gemmill
Director: John P. Kousakis
Original Air Date: May 2, 2016

About Diane (436 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

14 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Talion” (S7E24)

  1. “Deeks: Wow, you boys obviously didn’t get the memo from Hetty on bowling.” I think that should be “bullying”.

    I love it when they go tactical. I wish they would do it more. My favorite line of the night was the one about Scotch on Fruit Loops. And I wasn’t ready for lipstick between Neric — and I was hoping for a line between Hetty and Granger something along the lines of “Not again” or “Another pair? What’s in the water?” 🙂

    And I really loved the sneak kiss by Kensi and then the gross out wiping of nose. Nice balance. 🙂

    Didn’t like — nothing about the mole; didn’t feel like a season finale — missing some kind of “umph” factor but ok with no cliffhanger.


    • Agree on your “didn’t likes”. In addition to those, I didn’t like that Sam didn’t tell Michelle, that Sam still had to say mean things to Deeks despite Deeks volunteering to go to help rescue Aidan, and that Tahir can still cause trouble for Sam. Hate that the season is over. Can’t wait for September.

      Love the stealthy kiss by Kensi. Like the cadet calling Deeks sir.



  2. It didn’t seem like a season finale however if they had been cancelled and we ended on a cliff hanger I would have been really upset. I agree, love them going tactical. Thanks so much for writing these. It is one of the things I look forward. Enjoy your summer and thanks so much for the website. Take everyone.


  3. Rhonda Lara // May 3, 2016 at 4:45 PM // Reply

    Thank you for All WikiDeeks does!! Edits, Comments, Posts, Journals, etc….
    The fans appreciate it even though we don’t always comment- We are reading everything. 💗


  4. Lindy D. // May 3, 2016 at 6:47 PM // Reply

    Sometimes on finales we tend to get critical, and I count myself among those who do. But I find I can’t be this time. It wasn’t a blockbuster episode, but I’m okay with that because it was a good solid story that got everyone giving their all for another member of the team. It was a family affair and left me with a wealth of warm feelings that will stay with me through the summer. If this had been the end of the series and there would be no season eight, then I would have been happy because they would have ended it as a team. One for all and all for one. Teamwork makes the dream work. Thank you NCISLA. It’s been a fun year and I am so very happy you will be back again next year.

    And speaking of a good team…wikiDeeks…you are unique and a great team of contributors. Thanks to everyone for sharing your gifts.


  5. This Season has gone so fast! Not really a great episode. At least we had more Densi this finale than the last one in Season 6 where there was basically none! We have been blessed with Densi this Season watching their romance progress and all the lovely scenes. Season 7 has been so much better for them and also with the show focusing on all the characters and not just Sam & Callen (which they still do to some extent and it still annoys me when Sam dumps on Deeks. He was there to help him!) Disappointed that we didn’t get Deeks proposing to Kensi this season but at least it gives us fans something to look forward to. Season 8 should be great for them I hope and our promised Deek’s M episode and hopefully see more of his mother. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the site you all do an amazing job. I look forward to reading all the columns every week and everyone’s comments. You are all wonderful fans who contribute so much as well. Looking forward to seeing what happens with our favourite gorgeous detective and Densi in season 8!


  6. Thank you for your review. 100% agreed. The NCIS LA team of producers and writers can do good episodes but they have a problem with finales, The last really great finale was the ‘Sans voir’ IMO. That one left us all speculating what will happen, why did he (Callen) do it and what repercussions might come.
    The finales after that one incl. this one were okay episodes but nothing outstanding.
    I don’t think the late announcement of the renewal was the reason, because if that was the case we might never ever get an great cliffhanger finale ever again.
    And there were too many Sam centered episodes this season. He is the least interesting (but still important) character of the team so I don’t know why all the Sam centered episodes.
    Hopefully next season will be different and since DR pregnancy we might have the chance to get the three lovely guys working together again.


  7. Reader1976 // May 4, 2016 at 7:06 AM // Reply

    Thank you for a great review, Di! I was happy with this episode. Loved Sam throughout. I agreed with Sam not telling Michelle.. Sam is totally in-tune with his family. Loved that he is strong in his conviction that Aidan does not run and that he will do the right thing as Sam does. His statements throughtout about being a Seal, trained in the same academy as his father before him…all solid beliefs in Aidan and his training as a cadet… as he would also know how Michelle would react. Michelle would want to be on the ground in the school and he can’t risk having to worry about Aidan’s safety and also Michelle’s. I thought Sam was awesome…he was “going in” to take care of business, freeing Aidan and all the students at the academy. And the way his entire team rallied around him..”All for one and one for all” …this theme throughout..awesome. I liked that the writers had G question Sam on not calling Michelle and questioning Aidan’s apparent fleeing of the scene for possible help. It made Sam so strong in his faith in his family. And having Aidan call his Mom is perfect. Absolutely, as a Mom, I would want Aidan to call me and not Sam. And G’s line after Sam thanked him…”that’s what we do, brutha” perfect ending to a wonderful season.

    I can’t believe how quickly this season went by. WikiDeeks is my favorite go-to site for all things Deeks and NCISLA. WikiDeeks Rocks! The team here is awesome. Love you all and much appreciation!


  8. I still can’t believe I am writing a comment on the last episode of Season 7, so fast these months seemed to fly by.
    I will miss all the characters this summer, especially after an episode which gave us a lot of ingredients masterfully mixed together:
    – the team and what they are ready to do one for the other
    – family, which is always something worth-fighting (dying?) for
    – competence and badassery in tactical gear (a bonus whatever the plot)
    – balance between personal and professional lives: Deeks didn’t freak out and didn’t try to stop Kensi when she swapped clothes with the cadet and was taken hostage, but at the end he was glad and relieved to share some (gross and awkward) moments with the love of his life.

    The rollercoaster cliffhanger didn’t come, but the episode was solid and in my opinion way better than Season 5 and Season 6 finale together.

    I am grateful here at Wikideeks you have given us a place where to share our opinions and thoughts throughout the season. See you after the summer hiatus for more NCIS LA fun!


  9. Brenda (@bpnp) // May 4, 2016 at 8:34 AM // Reply

    Great review Diane!!
    This was one of my favorite episodes this year! I loved how most of the scenes were dark and quiet to really emphasize their use of the element of surprise and heighten the drama and suspense. I suspect the script was thinner than many episodes and yet the storytelling was masterful. I always enjoy those kind of episodes/scenes because the main cast is so adept at non-verbal storytelling. And yet, as you point out, so many moments that were light-hearted and broke the tension. I thought they hit a great balance with suspense/banter.

    I’m glad we got some resolution to the Tahir Khaled storyline – although he’s not dead, just in custody so I suppose he could come back in the future. I am personally not a fan of cliffhangers as I find most of them over-the-top to the point of being contrived. I loved this as a season finale – intense and suspenseful, but a clear resolution of the storyline.

    As far as the mole goes – I watched NCIS & NCIS:NOLA yesterday and there was also a reference to a mole on both of those shows. Does everyone have a mole? Or is the mole affecting all of NCIS? It was subtle, but intriguing. Anyone else watch those shows and have any thoughts on the mole(s)?


    • Lindy D. // May 4, 2016 at 9:44 AM // Reply

      Brenda I did watch NCIA:NOLA and your idea that the mole might not be just a local problem is very intriguing. It certainly would make things more interesting and even get us a crossover or two next season. It also might account for OPS not being able to find whoever it is. Good thinking.


  10. I’m so happy to end this glorious season with your fabulous review! I have nothing to complain about this episode. I understand people to want something for the next season, but for me, it was already there through the last few episodes, so I was rather glad that I could focus on this episode itself.

    My thoughts about the detail:
    – Sam not calling Michelle. He couldn’t, not only because of her safety and his focus, but more importantly, for Kamran. She could have lost her parents and brother in only one night. And this must be the issue that Densi will discuss about having kids once they’re engaged next season.
    – There wasn’t an explosion, but so intense at the dim lit academy.
    – Hetty was for once the woman who use to be I loved so much.
    – Neric, yeah, right! lol
    – Deeks seems still not used to Kensi’s public display of affection. And about Kensi’s nose rubbing, it reminds me of Dani’s instagram photo from last August (I think it was 7×03).
    – In my head, there’s a cliffhanger enough to last whole summer. That phone call Hetty and Granger ignored. There had been a rumor about the mole in OSP throughout every agency, and the some parents of the studens in the academy are powerful pepole. They could demand to shut OSP down! The team might have to “scatter” and hunt the mole(s)…
    – Tahir Khaled is still alive, and that decision Sam made in front of Aiden was great. And he might give them the information about the mole.

    One thing bothered me is, “Could it be Janvier who had been behind the moles in OSP?” I can’t forget that they mentioned him in “Cancel Christmas”.


  11. sassyzazzi // May 4, 2016 at 12:10 PM // Reply

    Thanks for a great review and thanks wikiDeeks for a providing a great site where fans can express their opinions freely.

    I liked the finale a lot, it was an episode that showcased what NCIS LA does so well, a team episode, lots of action, good acting, quick paced, well balanced and over way too soon.I loved the way all the main characters were written in this. This finale was so much better than the end of season 5 , or season 6. Overall season 7 has been a really good season, I am anxious for season 8. I really hope they deliver our Deeks, M episode !!!!!


  12. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this site and these reviews.
    It was a solid episode but I didn’t think it was finale worthy. I felt like the end of the season was underwhelming, but the majority of the season was on point.


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