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Review: NCISLA “A Line in the Sand” (S9E23) and “Ninguna Salida” (S9E24)

As Sunday night’s two-part season finale crept closer and closer, I found myself dreading it. While I continued to hope for a happy ending (AKA wedding) for Densi, the whole thing felt very much tied up with Eric Christian Olsen’s real-life potential plans. I feared what the Prince of Darkness writer/director Frank Military might bring to the first hour, and dreaded a possible good-bye for Deeks from showrunner and second hour writer R. Scott Gemmill and Joe Sachs, and director John P. Kousakis. In short, I was kind of an emotional mess before I even brought myself to begin watching.

Well, I got some of what I expected (thank you Mr. Military) and some of what I didn’t, with a violent cliffhanger instead of fluffy nuptials. Although the ending was definitely not what I hoped for, I can’t complain about a two-hour finale that absolutely flew by, filled with emotion, drama, action and suspense. I desperately need to know what happens next and I can’t believe we have to wait until September to find out. To that I can only say… Well played, NCIS: Los Angeles. Well played.

Oh, and I guess I got a little carried away since this is my last time to write such a review, so apologies for the epic length. My excuse is that there were two hours to cover! (Also apologies for any errors as I lacked enough time for a second viewing.)

I’m hit

Let’s start with the start. You always know we’re in for a special episode when the pre-credits opening scene features the team. That opening shootout might be the best the show’s ever done. It’s always exciting when they’re outnumbered, and splitting them up increases the suspense. The point of view shots taken from each character’s perspective, as if we were standing right behind them needing to duck out of the way of the bullets, added to the sense of immediacy. I’m beginning to think that Frank Military isn’t just my favorite NCIS:LA writer, he could also be my favorite director. Plus am I the only sucker for shots of Deeks switching from his automatic weapon to his sidearm?

On the other hand, intestines, really? Did we need the shot of the poor dead man with his insides hanging out of his body? Only Military could come up with that special touch. I thought maybe it was done to add to Deeks’ continuing workplace traumas, but it was never addressed, so it felt gratuitous.

Surprisingly, Sam being hit added relatively little to the drama. Since it was the first scene (and because it’s LL Cool J), we knew he wasn’t dying. Sam still participated in the case, even if his inability to chase a suspect meant they lost a lead. He was just grumpier more serious than usual. I’d have appreciated hearing a little more about his motivation to leave the hospital to go to Mexico, especially about how he reconciled taking on such a dangerous mission while being the only parent his kids have left. I’m assuming it was something along the lines of what FBI Agent Rand said to him in the face of a kid with a bomb in “The Seventh Child”: “If I can’t save this child, then why am I doing this job?”

While we’re discussing the action, I’d say that it was interesting how little action there was in hour #1, but I never missed it because the drama was so compelling. The only other chase scene had a touch too much of the hand-held camera work, which I found it distracting; it might have even made me a touch queasy.

Hour #2 brought us excitement in the desert, capably handled except for a few questionable edits that made it seem like Sam and Callen got caught on their ATV a little too easily. I enjoyed the character of Arlo, played by Max Martini. He brought a level of charisma and gravitas that would fit in well on the team, should they – heaven forbid! – need to find a replacement for Deeks. Just a suggestion.

We learned one interesting fact that I didn’t remember knowing, which is that apparently Deeks can ride a horse. I ask, why have we not seen this happen? I’m sure that ECO could pull it off well what with all his time in the Tetons. What a lost opportunity! (If you need some of Deeks on a horse, I highly recommend Lindy/Sweet Lu’s amazing AU Western Yesterday’s Fire.)

One big happy family

I don’t remember an episode of this show where I found myself swearing at the TV so frequently (Mosley I’m looking at you), or felt my jaw literally drop open in surprise multiple times. Military in particular in the first hour really poured on the drama. So much of what he addressed had been building for such a long time that it felt realistic and in character, except for Mosley, who truly behaved like a crazy woman.

I get wanting to make Mosley the character everyone loves to hate, but that technique is much more effective if the person you’re hating seems real, like early Granger. Sadly Nia Long has never convinced me she was this character, and she’s always seemed to struggle to keep up with the rest of the cast. Her character’s behavior in the finale was outrageous- as in, provoking outrage. But perhaps more importantly, it was often shortsighted and counterproductive. That gave it all a bit of a manufactured feel, unlike the Densi drama which felt very organic.

Still, Mosley did provoke plenty of outrage. Sadly she’s one of those people who tries to lead through fear and intimidation rather than loyalty and support. In my experience it’s way more effective to inspire people to want to help and protect you rather than to intimidate them into doing so. Or in Mosley’s case, rather than threatening them if they don’t break the law for you, inspire them to want to. With a team of frequently rogue agents, it didn’t have to be this hard. Hetty could sure teach her more than a thing or two.

Right from the start, Mosley was out of control. When poor Deeks was ordered to follow her without knowing why, only to find her in that warehouse beating up their suspect, I found myself encouraging him to quit. It’s hard enough when the bad guys are shooting at him, he doesn’t also need this from his boss. (By the way, he should have cheekily taken the opportunity to criticize her tradecraft since she never noticed the tail.)

If that wasn’t horrific enough, then she threatened to fire Beale and asked him and Jones to tap the phone without a warrant. It was at this point that I was completely done with her. As in, no way will I ever be able to forgive this behavior, and no way do I want to see her continue to lead this group. I do not see how she can be rehabilitated in my eyes, let alone her teams’. She really was willing to sacrifice every single person in order to get to her son. I’m desperately hoping she’ll find herself fired at the end of the premiere. Surely Hetty can make that happen, right?

And we haven’t even talked about the fantastic scenes between her and Deeks. Oh I love me some Direct Deeks, a Deeks we don’t get nearly enough of. Military always writes a strong and capable Deeks, but this Deeks reminded me of the one who took on Hetty when Kensi had been kidnapped.

Deeks: Fellas, this is the Come to Jesus moment where you need to tell us what’s goin’ on.
Callen: This is on a need to know basis.
Deeks: My partner and I have become party to assaulting a prisoner, I think I would classify that as need to know.
Kensi: Deeks.
Deeks: What?
Kensi: If you guys need us to trust you then we will do that.
Deeks: What about them trusting us?
Sam: G, tell ‘em…
Mosley: Agent Callen, you and I had a private conversation and I expected you to keep it that way. Hetty told me that I could trust you, all of you. But apparently that isn’t the case.
Kensi: As far as I can see he’s just trying to explain why you did what you did, he’s trying to help us understand you.
Deeks: Yeah, maybe if you woulda asked for help instead of just throwing us under a bus-
Sam: Deeks!
Deeks: What’s she gonna do, is she gonna fire us? She beat a restrained prisoner and then made us a part of it.
Hidoko: Excuse me?
Deeks: What, you didn’t know that? Look behind you. Look at his face! She did that to expedite an interrogation. You know what, I didn’t even need you to trust us, but it sure as hell woulda been nice if you’d stop threatening us.
Mosley: Detective Deeks this is between me and Agent Callen.
Sam: Apparently it’s between all of us now.
Mosley: I asked him to keep this in confidence and he didn’t do that. This is about his character.
Deeks: Oh my god you’ve got to be kidding me! See, that’s the difference right there, isn’t it? He’s trying to help you and what do you do, you question his integrity. You’ve questioned all of our integrity since you got here and what has it gotten you? It hasn’t made us a better team, it sure as hell hasn’t made us more loyal, so what is it, is it the power?
Mosley: I am sorry, Detective Deeks, but I don’t have time-
Deeks: You need that power, you just desperately need that power-
Mosley: You are fired Detective Deeks. Go back to LAPD. You’re done at NCIS.
Deeks: You sure about that?
Mosley: Oh I’m positive.
Deeks: You wanna fire the person that can testify against you for what you did to Miguel Reyes-
Mosley: You better get outta my face.

What a riveting discussion/argument. Deeks is fantastic, never backing down from Mosley, even threatening her. My jaw dropped when she fired him. She completely fails to understand how to lead, and what makes this team so special. How does she think the remaining team members will react to this kind of aggression?

And that’s just what I think Deeks is responding to. First he expresses frustration with Callen for keeping secrets. Notably Kensi, who’s always more likely to follow orders, is willing to go along without knowing why. But Deeks has never been afraid to question authority and he’s losing patience with Callen before Mosley even walks in the door.

Then we have an echo of his and Sam’s chess conversation in “Descent.” Here it’s Mosley questioning Callen’s character, only Callen doesn’t need to defend himself because Deeks jumps right in to do it. If I were Callen I’d be delighted and grateful to have such a loyal team member willing to defend me like that. (I’d pay money to see a scene where Sam defends Deeks’ integrity this way.) I sure loved hearing Deeks’ words about Mosley’s management skills, words that could have been said at any point in this long season. Deeks identifies what makes Mosley tick, and how it’s counterproductive to engendering loyalty in her subordinates. Then, (like other such people I’ve worked with), because she doesn’t like hearing the truth, she makes a grand show of that power by firing Deeks.

I think what’s also at play to a smaller extent is Deeks’ history of torturing a suspect for information. Military never makes specific reference to “Spoils of War” here, but we can’t help but think about the cleric when Deeks walks into that warehouse and sees what Mosley’s been doing. It puts his concerns over her behavior in a different light, for he did the exact same thing to find the person he cared about most in this world. And yet, he reacts strongly to Mosley’s actions. With the cleric, he quickly realized his behavior was wrong; he stopped and immediately took measures to show kindness towards that horrible man. Here, Mosley shows no remorse, not a hint that she’s troubled by having to do this. I think in that moment, Deeks makes a judgment about the quality of her character – her integrity – and it’s not a positive one.

Deeks’ history at the LAPD may also affect his reaction. He worked with a terrible partner who poured hot coffee on a suspect, and he reported it. It’s not in his nature to let this kind of behavior go.

What I really see happening here with Deeks is that he’s standing up for himself and his teammates against a bully, against someone who uses the power she has over them to hurt and threaten them. He reacts so viscerally because it’s not altogether different from his father’s behavior towards him and his mom. Only now he doesn’t have to let it happen. He can stop it, or try anyway. He is so hardwired to stop this kind of behavior that he literally couldn’t have stayed quiet here. Just as Mosley’s making poorly thought out snap decisions, so here is Deeks. It might be the right thing to do, but it’s not necessarily the smartest move.

He tries to make up for it later when he apologizes, but Mosley is so livid at being called out in front of the others that she can only exercise her power further by having him physically removed from the building.

Could this scene have been any more intense? It reminded me a little of the scene in “Familia” when they all turn in their resignations. Only this was so much rawer, the emotions were so much higher. Military writes the most intense episodes and I think this hour is right up there with “Descent,” “The Seventh Child,” and “The Silo” among his best.

Enjoy the view

It certainly brought much needed satisfaction throughout the episodes to watch Hetty continue to get under Mosley’s skin. One of my favorite moments was when she got Mosley to finally lose patience over her office chair, telling Hetty, “Please don’t sit in my chair anymore.” What was great about Hetty here was that she wasn’t simply messing with Mosley’s head, she was actually trying to steer this crazy woman in the right direction.

Their conversation about sons was outstanding as well: “Then you understand this, Shay. Agent Callen is as close to a son as I’ve ever had.” Hetty’s use of Mosley’s first name showed exactly how serious she was. It certainly seemed to get Mosley’s attention.

The intensity might have dropped a notch in the second hour, but I enjoyed having a moment to laugh out loud with this conversation:

Mosley: When were you gonna tell me that Deeks is in Mexico with the others?
Hetty: He is? He’s such a rascal.

Hetty deliberately projecting an air of calmness because she knows Mosley won’t react well was highly entertaining, and I very much appreciated her being there to do this and to provide actual help to the team. Please Linda Hunt, come back next year!

We have joy

OK, let’s get to the part we were all simultaneously looking forward to and dreading, the big Densi conversations. Their two big talks really played as one extended discussion, interrupted only by Mosley and her hatefulness. We started in the bullpen…

Deeks: I don’t know. Maybe getting fired isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You know? I mean, we keep talking about trying to find a time to get out.
Kensi: Yeah, I know. But I like working with you. It’s part of who we are.
Deeks: Yes, it is a part of who we are.
Kensi: A part that I happen to love.
Deeks: Kensi, you heard Callen, he’s not wrong. This kid is flying around in Lear jets with nannies. This is a custody case.
Kensi: He was kidnapped by his dad, a violent felon who ordered the murder of a federal agent. Let’s not forget that.
Deeks: Sam almost died today. And anything can happen down there.
Kensi: OK, so what are you saying, that we shouldn’t go?
Deeks: I’m just saying, we’re about to be married, I think we can have this conversation, don’t you? I mean the truth is, this kid could stay down there. He could go to private schools and college and have an amazing life. Or, my soon-to-be-wife could be killed while trying to get him on a helicopter, and for what? For a woman who I’m pretty sure doesn’t even like us, why, I have absolutely no idea because everybody loves us because we’re kind and we’re generous-
Kensi: Because we’re happy. Because we’re living our lives, because we have joy, because we have a future. That woman has nothing but anger and pain. Can you imag-
Deeks: If you’ve come to apologize I accept.
Mosley: That’s the last thing I would do, Deeks.
Deeks: Fair enough, OK, I’ll do it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry because you are in an extraordinary situation that I cannot begin to imagine, and I wouldn’t- ‘Sup fellas?

There’s a lot to unpack even in this short conversation. Deeks wants to use his firing as a reason to launch them both to safety and into his happily ever after plans, but Kensi decisively shoots that idea down. His quick pivot to this idea makes me think that, while he wasn’t directly plotting for Mosley to fire him, he felt free to be so assertive because he had nothing to lose, being OK with his future even without a job.

But here, Kensi isn’t engaging in the idea that they both would leave, she’s focused on the fact that he would be leaving her. She likes working with him, implying that she’ll still be working at NCIS and she’d like it if he stayed to continue their partnership. Deeks takes another tack, bringing up what happened to Sam and how he worries about her going to Mexico. It reminded me a bit of their armory conversation at the beginning of “Descent” where he doesn’t want anyone else watching her ass/back.

Kensi’s moment of empathy for Mosley was telling. Deeks only sees Mosley’s bullying (and illegal) behavior and reacts against it, but Kensi understands her pain. I suppose she once felt that way, when Jack abandoned her (or they broke up if you prefer the “Come Back” version of events). At that time, she probably saw other happy couples and felt her own “anger and pain.” She understands how lucky she is to have found what she has with Deeks, which makes their subsequent conversation a whole other level of heartbreaking. Knowing that Kensi is about to lose her joy and her future about three minutes later makes rewatching this conversation even worse the second time around.

Mosley then jumps down Kensi’s throat when she’s trying her best to relate to the woman. Again, not a smart choice from Mosley, given that Kensi is one of three able-bodied agents willing to help her out. Other than Mosley’s sheer obnoxiousness, the most striking part of this conversation is her telling Kensi that she hoped Kensi would never know what she’s going through. (“I pray to god you never do. Ever.”) She’s standing in practically the same spot as Kensi was when she heard Deeks utter nearly the exact same words in “Ascension.” Kensi couldn’t help but to think back to that moment.

I can’t give that to you

The Densi conversation continues in the Mission’s parking garage. (Sorry for quoting so much of this episode’s dialog but it was all so darn good!)

Deeks: Alright, listen, if this is really happening, like if we’re really doing this, then let’s do it. Let’s go down there, let’s save this kid, and then let’s be done. One last mission and we’re out.
Kensi: I’m not ready to do that.
Deeks: OK, that’s OK, then talk to me. What, how much time do you need? D’you need a year? That’s OK, then like t-two years?
Kensi: Probably longer.
Deeks: The longer that we stay in, the better chance this ends really poorly for us. I mean, you know that, right? But if we get out- Baby, look at me – if we walk away right now I swear to god we can have the most amazing life together. I promise you… Just me and you and all the things that we should be doing with our lives… Are we talking about five years?… What about when we’re having kids? What about when we have kids?
Kensi: I wouldn’t do this if we had kids.
Deeks: OK, great! That’s it then, I just knock you up, I can do that!
Kensi: What if we don’t have kids?
Deeks: What do you, what do you mean “What if we don’t have kids?” As in like, we can’t have them, or you don’t want them, what are you saying to me?
Kensi: Well I don’t know, but there’s a million reasons why it doesn’t happen for people sometimes, Deeks. And if we don’t have kids then I’m gonna want to stay in this job.
Deeks: OK, but I asked you Baby, we talked about this, we talked about this, and I said, can you please just think about it?
Kensi: I know that you asked me to think about it, and you know exactly what you want… I can’t give that to you.
Deeks: Then what are we doing-
Kensi: Without lying to you. Or compromising who I am. And I will not do that. To either one of us. Ever… Say something, please.
Deeks: I don’t think we should be getting married.
Kensi: [Takes a step back.] You’re choosing to do this now, to call off the wedding.
Deeks: I mean, these are big questions, don’tcha think? I mean don’t you? Whether or not we’re gonna have kids? Some sort of agreement of what our future looks like?
Kensi: What you’re saying to me, is if I don’t leave my job, you are leaving me.
Deeks: That’s not fair and that’s not what I said, that’s not fair-
Kensi: That is exactly what you said to me!
Deeks: Baby that’s not what I said, Baby that’s not what I said!
Kensi: Are you kidding?
Deeks: (To the fella) Hold on a second.
Kensi: I am gonna go get that kid, and I am gonna bring him back to his mom. ‘Cause that’s what I do Deeks! That’s what I do!

This is the continuation of their conversation in the bullpen, but it’s actually the continuation of a conversation that dates back to at least “High Value Target” if not “Neighborhood Watch.” Over a long period of time, Deeks has consistently brought up the idea of children, with the notable exception of “The Seventh Child” when Kensi was the one reading a parenting magazine and Deeks doubted his ability to be a good dad. Each time, one or the other of them, usually Kensi, has expressed some degree of ambivalence about becoming a parent. Think about “Resurrection” to name yet another example.

Along with the idea of children, they’ve had a running discussion about their career choices. Since “High Value Target” at the beginning of Season 8, Deeks has been the one pressing Kensi to think about leaving their dangerous jobs. Here’s how it went in that episode:

Deeks: In all seriousness though, how much longer are you gonna do this?
Kensi: Well in case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t just what I do, this is who I am. I grew up on Marine bases. Protecting people is all I know, and if I wasn’t doing this, I don’t know what I would be doing.
Deeks: I understand everything you’re saying. I’m just saying that you’d also be an amazing mom.
Kensi: Whoa.

In “The Silo” we heard Kensi express a brief moment of doubt about continuing to do what she does, but really, through the whole episode, we see her doing what she feels called to do, to protect people: “I can stop this from happening, I can stop people from getting hurt, I’ve got to do it, OK?” All along through many episodes, Kensi has consistently entertained Deeks’ ideas while deferring any actual decisions or concrete plans. I don’t think she was being purposely misleading, I think she simply didn’t allow herself to think about it more deeply, to be truly honest with herself about what she wants. In fact, I don’t think Kensi really knew that “…if we don’t have kids then I’m gonna want to stay in this job” until she uttered the words out loud. In this conversation, Kensi finally realizes what her priorities are and shares them with Deeks. Protecting people is what she does.

At the same time, Deeks has never been totally direct about what he wants. His desire to leave his job, I think his inability to continue to cope with the stress of it, has been building and building, and it seemed to reach a crescendo here. Being a police officer is how Deeks has defined himself. He’s always wanted to have Kensi’s back, to keep her safe. He’s always wanted to protect people; heck, he’s driven to do so.

Unfortunately I don’t think he’s able to do it anymore, to cope with that stress. What’s sad here is that Deeks has always been 100% supportive of Kensi in all things, but especially in her role as a kick-ass federal agent. In the end, I think he’ll continue to be just that, but it was painful to see him push her towards “compromising who she is,” even if it was in an effort to try to understand what she wants. It’s like he was so frantic to know that she’d be safe, and so panicked that he couldn’t watch her back- either on this particular mission or going forward- that he wasn’t thinking clearly.

Deeks does clearly see the dangers and understand the huge risks they take in this job. He knows that continuing is likely to end “really poorly.” Kensi seems to be a bit in denial about that. She’s the one who reassures him at the episode’s start that Sam will be fine, seemingly unwilling to entertain the alternative. We’ll see if getting blown up by an RPG changes her perspective at all.

Sadly, it would seem that Densi’s much-improved communication skills still have a ways to go. Yet dancing around this particular issue seems very natural, very human, avoiding the big questions when you have a sense that maybe you don’t share a common vision for your future. Unfortunately in the heat of this moment, misunderstandings occurred, making matters worse.

I think Deeks inadvertently pushed some of Kensi’s buttons, leading her to jump to the wrong conclusion. For example, when he says, “Just me and you and all the things that we should be doing with our lives,” there’s an implied judgment that what she is currently doing with her life isn’t valid. Since she defines herself by her current job, she takes that (rightfully so) extremely personally. In addition, Kensi’s biggest fear is being abandoned by people she loves, and Deeks’ seeming peace with being fired and leaving her alone on the job obviously didn’t sit well. Then when he says “I don’t think we should be getting married” when he means “I don’t think we should be getting married until we talk all of this through,” she assumes he’s not just abandoning her at work, but in life. How awful for her in that moment.

I don’t think a scene of this show has ever made me cry quite so hard. It was incredibly painful to see them struggling, and failing, to find common ground. But we know they’ll work it out in the end. Deeks would never ever abandon Kensi, and she would never walk away from him. True love will conquer all. I insist! But seeing them at odds, with equally valid but pointedly different priorities that seem to be taking them on diverging paths, is unsettling and very sad after all they’ve fought through to be together.

This scene was beautifully written. It might be the saddest conversation they’ve ever had, maybe even sadder than the end of “Ascension.” It worked so well because the conflict at its heart had been established years ago. Unlike the ridiculous wedding planning discussions, which haven’t been at all in character, their discussions about their future always have felt real (even if they sometimes switched sides). To me, this conversation rang utterly true to both of them. It was a naturally occurring obstacle, not something that felt manufactured (like “Three Hearts”).

And how amazing were ECO and Daniela Ruah? If it weren’t so painful to watch, I think I’d have seen it a million times by now. The hurt that Dani projects as she misinterprets Deeks’ intentions felt so real. And ECO showed us one of the most vulnerable versions of Deeks, maybe the most vulnerable, we’ve ever seen. When his face drops after he tries to joke about knocking her up and she doesn’t take the bait, it’s heartbreaking. The rawness of Deeks’ emotions throughout the scene is simply stunning.

I’m still your partner

It wasn’t a surprise to see Deeks arrive at the airport if only because we’d seen the promo pics, but I still cheered when he got out of that car. You know Hetty called him (or vice versa) to arrange that. That whole scene was again, amazing. Military captured the awkwardness between them all, and all their misgivings about the mission. The short scene of Kensi fighting back tears in the car, the background music, which normally distracts but here added so much, and even the rain, all combined to make us understand how out of kilter they were collectively. Plus all those glances on the plane between Deeks and Kensi were wonderful, conveying many emotions without a single word.

Callen: We good?
Deeks: Awesome.
Sam: Yeah, one big happy family. [To the pilot] Let’s go!
Kensi: Deeks-
Deeks: I’m still your partner. At least one last time.

Partners is how they started. It’s always been a special word between them, used before they were bold enough to put any larger label on their relationship. It carries a lot of meaning between them, including here.

Military always seems to give every character a chance to shine. Everyone is capable, and even adult. This is what Kensi does, she saves people. Deeks sticks up for the bullied and would die to protect Kensi. Sam protects his partner and wants to keep another parent or child from feeling pain. Callen protects his team and has snarky fun doing it. Hetty is the master of her domain and manipulates better than anyone. If only Mosley could have been salvaged into a coherent character, but that unfortunately has been beyond the ability of any of the show’s writers.

Light ’em up

I knew they shouldn’t have let Kensi drive! We’re left with quite the cliffhanger. We’ve got four lives in danger, one agent who may be dead, one Executive Assistant Director who could be (fingers crossed) fired, and one relationship that’s not in the best place (I refuse to say it’s in trouble). It would appear that the showrunners were quite confident of their Season 10 pick-up, for how could they have possibly ended the series this way?

It’s going to be a long summer waiting for the resolution to all of this. What makes it more painful than it would otherwise be is the uncertainty over ECO’s continuing role on the show. Normally we’d assume all four of them would be just fine. They’ll wake up and fend off the bad guys, or maybe Hidoko will show up out of nowhere to do it (or Arlo?). But we don’t know for sure that Deeks will survive, or survive without permanent injury. It would be a fine way to write him out to that bar of his. Alternately, perhaps seeing Deeks seriously injured could impact how Kensi sees their future, and her priorities.

What I’d like to see is an exciting rescue, a banged up Deeks, and a Kensi who at least starts to understand what Deeks’ last few years worrying about her has been like. Then I’d like them sit down and work out a plan. A plan that involves Deeks being as honest with Kensi about his needs as she was with him. And a plan that includes a quick beach wedding in Los Mochis. It is on the coast, after all, and I have to believe they chose it as the location for a reason!

I also hope that in the meantime, all our wonderful fan fiction writers get inspired to give us lots of satisfying versions of this, stories that will keep us entertained until September.

This was the NCIS:LA that we only had a few glimpses of this season. I hope it’s the NCIS:LA that we get a huge dose of in Season 10.

So Long… For Now?

It’s with a fair amount of sadness that I sign off on my final review. In fact, it’s hard to imagine not wanting to review the Season 10 premiere, so you never know- wikiDeeks might come to life for one week only in the fall.

It’s been so fun working on this site with such fantastic teammates, and I’ve loved hearing from everyone who ever commented on my work. wikiDeeks is winding down, but we’re not quite finished. Come back later this week for final (sniff sniff) installments of Deeks’ Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal, and the Drabble of the Week. I also wanted to thank Tess for her fantastic weekly episode previews, which I never got to mention since they came before the review. Next week we’ll announce the winners of our final Pets of the Homeless drawing, and after that, join us for one final discussion as wikiDeeks contributors all come together for a close-out roundtable podcast.

In the meantime, what did you think of “A Line in the Sand” and “Ninguna Salida”? I can’t wait to hear everything, so let those comments fly!

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  1. I forgot to mention something too: how beautiful and mesmerizing ECO’s eyes were in almost all the scenes of these two episodes, but especially the one near the helicopter in which he told Kensi there was room and she should go. Those blue eyes, darkened with worry and so much love for Kensi, instantly reminded me of one of my favorite Densi scenes ever at the end of Spoils of war. Deeks’ eyes were the same color when he was hugging Kensi saying “We’re going home”.
    And if you want to know, I haven’t watched the helicopter scene 100 times already only to capture every nuance of ECO’s eyes (there are worse occupations though!).


    • Sassyzazzi // May 25, 2018 at 10:49 AM // Reply

      So someone actually put that gif on Tumblr and if you have an IPad you can save that image and watch it repeatedly, not that I know anyone who has done that.

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  2. Something is peculiar over at TV Line they always post a recap of the last episodes of every show and allows fans to make comments. They have done so for every show BUT NCIS La.

    Kensi is the one who initiated that they get together, move in, talk about babies and get married. So the second Mosley fired Deeks she should have left with him its not like they won’t find work in the same field. I think the show runner was looking foe a big ratings boost which they didn’t get. The dialog was just way out of character and inappropriate. They are together 24/7 365 and have been so for over 2 years, not just 24 cases a year. They can only eat, sleep and have sex for a few hours a day and rest of the time they would TALK and I’m sure all these things would have been discussed. So I call the whole mess the writers gave densi total BS!

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    • absolutely correct.
      more manufactured Densi Drama again…
      pure crap

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      • Do not stop posting! Everyone has an opinion and a story to tell, I’m 70 and have a boatload but I don’t like to share.

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        • Ron, thank you,

          Ron, I completely agree,
          They certainly would have talked about this.
          But you made a statement that we need to look at a little closer.

          …”They can only eat, sleep and have sex for a few hours a day and rest of the time they would TALK.”

          I’m not so sure
          We need to be realistic.
          Kensi loves to eat, so, that could take up a lot of time.
          And,…in my world…they would have a LOT of sex…
          I mean, just look at these two. They are in love and adorable…
          They look so good together, they are almost morally obligated to practice making little mutant ninja assassins as often as possible.
          So, they might have less free time to talk than you may think.

          Maybe they can talk while walking Monte???


          • Lol I would hope they would have a lot of sex, but still have time to talk things over Although I can remember when I was that young


  3. This sucks. And not just for the characters. Ever since I saw the “Can we pretend for a minute that we are just a boy and a girl that are hanging out ” scene in “The Frozen Lake” little over a year and a half ago I wanted to see these characters together. I felt like I could relate with a similar situation where it just seems like everything else is going to get in the way of it working out. I like the udea and wanna believe that even when it seems impossible it is possible or at least theres a chance (even if things get bad for awhile). I dont want to watch something where its depressing and things don’t work out in the end. I really hope theyre not breaking them up. I know ow its just a tv show but it just seems too similar to my situation. And kinda like with densi I had some feeling it was meant to be when i saw him hangin around the gym even though he got on my nerves so bad at the time lol. Idk i thought they made their relationship pretty realistic and i just cant stand to see them break up-REALKY hope not!

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  4. …forgot to mention i couldnt stand Deeks at first either lol


    • Anna,
      Actually, Deeks is one of my favorite characters if not my favorite. and have defended him in the past.
      I have had frequent huge issues with Sam, Callen and Hetty over his treatment. And Kensi as well at times. But he is flawed as well.
      I do enjoy playing the devils advocate so to speak to initiate a discussion when people think he is perfect, justify everything he does, and put him on a pedestal.
      This being a Deeks based site, it happens a lot.
      If no one ever brings up the other side things get boring with only so many ways to say ditto, me too…
      I enjoy a good discussion and a good debate needs 2 sides.
      It stimulates a good conversation and (usually) makes for fun reading. It makes people thing and evaluate their opinions. It is a good thing in my opinion.
      Objectivity is often the first casualty of being a fan.
      …Fan is short for Fanatic for a reason, right?…

      Here is one of the definitions from the Merriam-Webster dictionary…

      “a person exhibiting excessive enthusiasm and intense uncritical devotion toward some controversial matter”

      …seem familiar at all???
      Justification of poor decisions and bad behavior goes with the territory. We tend to put up with a lot of crap from our star players or pseudo heroes.
      For some reason if he can hit home runs or dunk a basketball for our favorite team, it makes it all okay.
      It is amazing how worked up people can get over some make-believe characters.
      Somebody needs to play the bad guy or at least the other side once in a while, so I do.
      Thank you,

      …haven’t you ever rooted for the other team just to get a rise out of one of your friends???
      or tell them that the Chevy is better than the Ford truck they bought?
      Ed again.


  5. This episode made me question my devotion to Densi. It also made me realize I’m not the biggest Kensi fan. I should have jumped ship after she punched him, like some did, but I kept rooting for them. I think she has been leading him on with talks about giving birth out of a hospital (previous season) and bantering over girl baby names (the same episode that Deeks said he would never ask her to quit her job) this season. If she knew full well she wasn’t on the same page as him she should have out right told him. Also the wedding choreographer talk: I think was a wedding stall tactic. Who is this Kensi the writers are writing? I’ve heard some people saying that maybe she knows she can’t have kids. Well if true,what a hypocrite. I thought she made the “no more secrets” policy and that would be a big secret. If that’s the case I hope Deeks calls her out. She never gets called out on her crap. Every character gets called out on this show, except for her.
    I also want to clarify that I am not in the kids complete your life camp. I do not want kids, but have never led anyone on about it. I certainly wouldn’t propose to someone I knew wanted kids.
    If the character of Deeks still wants her I’ll guess I’ll go with it, but they are not my favorite couple anymore. Moved onto another couple/partners: Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods. Hopefully the writers over there won’t screw them up too.

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    • Diane
      As I type this the writers at BB are already looking for ways to screw them over. Frank never helps his kids out. Even after they know that is no rule about partners getting married old Frank will find a way to stick it to them. Remember the show runners are the ones who messed up densi when they didn’t have too. At least I save the money I would have spent on the season 9 & 10 dvd’s So Thanks r scott reset


      • They always find away to screw fans. Thus declining ratings across the board.


        • yep,
          I think the show put in a lot of effort to get us to invest in their reset and new characters.
          The created story arcs for them, gave them backstories when we are still waiting for Deeks to get his episode.
          They both got huge, unprecedented amounts of screen time that was out of line and unearned.
          All to the detriment of the regular cast and established characters.
          The fans did not buy into their failed plan and the ratings numbers show that.
          There was a big year to year drop.
          …so what happened?
          They lost far more existing fans than they gained new ones.
          Epic fail.
          If they do not fix it, season 10 will probably be the last.

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    • It is almost like the writers are doing it intentionally.
      They want the fans to question the couple and maybe be less invested in the couple in case the situation changes with the actors.
      I would expect for there to be less of a fan riot about splitting up the couple now than there would have been a couple of years ago or even last year.
      You are right , before, Kensi seemed interested in kids and Deeks said he would never ask her to quit… a lot seems to have changed recently. He has asked her a lot lately.
      I agree that I hate all the secrets…and it hasn’t stopped since the promise in the least.
      I was one of the people putting out possibilities about having kids.
      But, I don’t believe that she knows for sure.
      She was pretty honest with Deeks at that moment, and I feel that she would have just told him then if she knew she couldn’t have them.
      Maybe she has thought she was before and it didn’t work out.
      Maybe she has some irregular symptoms or was warned during her recovery about her spinal injury risking her health.
      She may not want for him to know and to choose if she decides to risk her life to give him a kid if she could possibly die during childbirth.
      She would be the kind of person to put her life at risk to give him what he wants. So she could be conflicted.

      Or, more likely she is concerned about all the trauma her body has taken and may wonder if she can actually conceive and carry a child to term.
      Will Deeks still love her and stay with her if she can’t give him children? Does he want her, or just the fairytale happy ending?

      He has just shown that he doesn’t want her unconditionally.
      He appears to have just put some conditions on their future, don’t you think?
      she seemed crushed just like him.

      It just became very real …
      For him, Deeks realizes that she may not share his dreams. He seems to have worked past his belief that being a cop is what he is. and seems to have gotten over his fear of being a bad father…only to find out that she is not ready herself. and may not want that.
      For her, Kensi realizes that Deeks unconditional love and commitment to her may actually have conditions attached. and despite what he said, he may actually leave her…her biggest fear.
      When she said that she wasn’t sure about kids, it took him less than 30 seconds to call off the wedding.

      it is heartbreaking for both of them.

      They both have some things to work out and both have blame here…
      But maybe love doesn’t conquer all after all.

      They have both been written so out of character lately it is just ridiculous.

      Is it just more ridiculous Densi drama, because that is what the writers always fall back on when they get lazy.

      Is it a stall tactic to delay the wedding, because this entire NCIS franchise is incapable of intelligently writing a happy, interesting, mature adult relationship?

      Is it just covering their bases in case someone leaves the show.

      Is it to plant the seeds of discontent in the event they need or want to break up the couple.

      I really have no idea.
      My gut feeling is it is for dramatic effect, and it passed me off.
      It has been long enough.
      But hey, that’s just me

      I miss the banter
      I miss the fun,
      I am tired of the wedding drama.

      If we can ever get the wedding out of the way, we can get some conversations over other things, and the banter can return.

      If they break up, let’s get it over with and continue the reset.
      Move on, build the new team, get new partners and let the fans decide if they want to continue watching or not.

      For me, it is why I watch. If there is no Densi, I am done.

      Personally, I am at least as big of a fan of Daniela Ruah as I am Eric Olsen.
      The rest, I couldn’t care less. If any of them left, it would bother me for about 12 seconds. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good actors.
      I am just not invested in them nearly as much.

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      • Unconditional love? Don’t believe in it. Between a parent and child,yes, between a couple, no. There is always at least one condition.
        And is wanting a family after getting married a condition? Most people have that goal and it’s not some out of left field expectation. And not a secret with Deeks. It’s not like he’s saying hey by the way after we get married get I have a girlfriend on the side.
        I think if they found out she couldn’t have kids he would still support her and want to adopt. Not so sure she would. Cuz she is not sold on the kid thing, at least this episode. Next year she might become Mother Goose and want loads of kids, if the writers flip flop again.

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        • I agree with you,

          for me , that one condition is honesty.
          and I feel this would have been talked about a long time ago
          the flip flop is becoming irritating, to say the least.
          that said, just recently ( 7th child) Deeks didn’t want kids, or wasn’t sure.
          so it would be tough to call that a hard line until maybe just recently.
          it certainly wasn’t set in stone when the first fell in love and got together.
          Kensi’s love seemed pretty strong in the way she supported him during the IA thing.
          she found out he killed someone and had lied to her about it when she asked him directly on several occasions. She forgave him and fought anyone in her way. That might not be unconditional, but it seems pretty strong commitment to someone. At leas I think so.
          there will likely be a flip flop coming soon, or Kensi will find out she is pregnant or something.

          flip flop here we go…
          Mother Goose…
          you made me laugh, until I realized that it could actually happen with this show runner.

          we do keep blaming the writers, and rightfully so
          … But Gemmill is approving all this crap.
          Ultimately, this is all his fault.

          for better or worse, he is steering the ship.


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  6. And as to the TPTB wanting people to be discontent to further their agenda, I wouldn’t be surprised. Hey if they want less viewers.


    • well, if less viewers was the plan all along..
      then I have to re-evaluate my statements.

      well done team, well done.

      …they should really take every idea they have come up with in the last year and flush all the notes down the toilet.
      that would be a good start.

      then ask the cameraman, grips, stuntmen and women, or makeup people what they would do.

      because as Hetty once said..
      Monkeys could do better…


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  7. What I hope happens next year is that Mosley is gone in the premiere ep. She almost had to due to what she did. The reset didn’t work out. I would like to see Aj come in to ad.

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    • totally agree
      I have loved Chegwidden since his Jag days,
      and he is still as great as ever.
      he and DeChamps (as a fill in when needed ) would be good additions in exchange for what they have now.
      you could get rid of Mosley, Harley, Anna…and Talia as well.

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    • I agree, Mosley should go just from the start of Season 10. Now I think it’s quite clear that her character (or at least how her character was supposed to be like, if the authors really had an idea) didn’t work at all, we couldn’t even empathize with her in this season finale about her child. She can’t compare to what Granger had been for the team, ever. Too big shoes to fill. Miguel will be missed as long as NCIS:LA is on.


      • totally agree,
        although I do not expect than anyone can ever fill Miguel’s shoes.
        Mosley is not even a barely acceptable substitute.

        the character would hardly even be tolerable if she was around as often as Anna.
        in her current position and the amount of air time she gets…
        she is just an irritating distraction that disrupts the flow and chemistry of the show.
        there is really no place for the character on the show if it plans to be successful.

        they can do so much better.

        even with a repaired and together Densi, I will have a lot of trouble watching with her still around on the show.

        whether by choice or arrest, she has to go.
        I think and hope that Hetty will give her a chance to leave and avoid charges…and she will do so.

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      • His presence is greatly missed. I have been watching reruns on ION. It showed me how much of an impact he made. As much as I have questioned Hetty’s actions, her presence is needed. I loved her playing Mosely. I grew with your comment.


  8. While you all are on summer hiatus, try this show out ! Really great plot ! Pilot episode . 7 seasons ! follow them @theshieldfx The more these rational people discover this show the better.


  9. as i sit here enjoying a cup of coffee and a bagel.
    I find myself watching a NCIS LA rerun on ION
    interestingly enough, it happens to be the 7th child.
    go figure.

    it is startling just how much both Kensi and Deeks have changed their thoughts about having kids since this episode.
    it is ep. 7-19, so it is relevant.
    it is well over a year that they have been officially together. (6-11).
    and, it is the episode where Deeks sort of proposes and Kensi kinda accepts.
    This is where they both know they are fully committed to each other and will get married.
    Yet, it obvious that Kensi wants kids and Deeks is not so sure???
    Deeks is willing to get married,and actually asks..
    but he may not be so sure about kids and wont agree to having them…at least anytime soon.
    wow, how things have changed.

    now he wants to call things off until he has a solid answer…interesting
    these 2 need to talk…


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    • Hi Ed
      In the two years since that episode don’t you think it might have come up again ? In season 7 densi had quite a few good scenes written for them why couldn’t they just continue that progress?
      R. Scott Reset is why and the network should check him out. I just can’t watch anymore I think season 9 is my stopping point and I’ll let fan fiction continue the story


      • I agree completely.
        I realize that R Scott has been a part of this shows leadership, but although it was a collaborative effort, Shane Brennan made the final decision.
        it appears that without having Shane there to bounce ides off of, that Gemmill is clueless.
        …maybe clueless is a bad word, so let be rephrase.
        he has made some very pour decisions in relation to story arc and casting.
        things have not been working and he seems unwilling or unable to correct it.
        he either doesn’t understand it or is unwilling to make the changes required for the continued success of the show.
        if he doesn’t change his vision, or get some help, he will drive the show into the ground.
        making mistakes is just human.
        he is a smart guy, so he must know there is a problem.
        So, the issue is if he is willing to check his ego at the door next year, trash his reset idea, and do something different than he has been doing for the well-being of the show

        None of the entire franchise has ever been canceled due to ratings.
        NCIS is going strong even with the changes to the cast. I don’t love it as much, but the numbers are good.
        NCIS NOLA has survived cast changes and actually seems to have improving numbers lately.
        better than LA does…
        Even JAG ended when the lead David James Elliott announced mid season10 that he would not return for an 11th season.

        So, will R Scott Gemmill be the first person to drive one of these wildly popular juggernauts into the ground.
        I hope not.
        Ego or not, mistakes or not, vision or not…the boy needs to get some help….and quick.


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        • yes,
          I do realize that NCIS LA has been shuffled around constantly while NOLA has the benefit of remaining on Tuesdays cued up behind and anchored by NCIS.
          but for the sake of argument I will stick by my grumbling about the direction of the show.

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      • I really want to continue next season. I do.
        But, I just don’t know where things are going.
        I will tune in for the season premier and see where it goes.
        I will make my decision at the end of that episode.

        and as you said, these days, I enjoy fanfiction far more than the actual show.
        true story…
        Ed again


  10. I find it frustrating,
    I understand that it is an important discussion that needs to happen.
    but there is a time and a place for everything.
    for better or worse, they are in an intense stressful situation, they have very little time, and are in a parking garage within earshot of a couple of other people.
    probably not the best time or place to have a discussion about your future together.
    as emotional as things are in that moment. taking a little more time, beyond 30 seconds, to decide to call off the wedding might have been a better decision.

    I hope they get a do over on the discussion and work it out.
    I really want them to stay together.
    it is good for them,
    good for the show,
    good for the fans,
    and good for me…..

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  11. Well normally I would begin the off season by playing the first episode of season 9 tonight and then read a weeks of fan fiction and repeat until the next season starts but I’ll just do fan fiction since this season sucked. I’m going to miss this show but something new is bound to grab my attention. So tonight everyone should go to you tube and search for Kensi & Deeks fight song by jlisa25 it will cheer you up

    Thanks Wiki Deeks for being so Great!

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  12. I had another thought about the premier. Instead of one hour make it two hours and the first hour is the team coming home and saving Deeks life. Kensi still freaks out. While the team and the moms are at the hospital waiting for Deeks to wake up, mosley has them arrested and led away. The second hour Deeks wakes up is told by the moms what happened. This pisses him off and when Mosley is transporting the team to jail gloating and teasing them, LAPD rolls up with Sec Nav with AJ and arrests Mosley for her crimes and sec nav fires Mosley. Deeks cuffs her and her son is taken away. The show ends with Deeks becoming an agent after the agents get suspended for a month with out pay due to their actions. Deeks will still be injured and Kensi takes a leave of absence to work on their relationship this putting them over her job

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    • Hetty is seen talking on the phone to Pail Angelo calling in that favor he owes her.
      Mosley just disappears never to be seen again

      a text from an untraceable burn phone…
      “its done,… are we even?”

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  13. A full circle.
    Was she right all along…
    As I look at Kensi’s reaction, and her sudden change from shock and being hurt to anger (at being hurt), I feel that to a point we have come full circle and Kensi’s biggest fear has come true.
    In a way, there is some consistency. This is what she has always been afraid of.
    From their first time together, she did not want to have to choose…
    If you add in the deleted scene for some context, from their first night, she was always afraid of having to choose. That their relationship and her job could not coexist. That they would come into conflict and she was afraid she would have to pick one over the other.
    …in that moment, and after, Deeks promised and begged that she would never have to choose. That they could have both.
    Then the very next day, at the first dangerous situation, he changed his behavior as her partner.
    She had listened to Deeks and then a huge problem came up almost immediately.
    The punch sucked, one of the worst moments in the history of the show, but Kensi lashed out of fear, hurt and disappointment.
    In that moment, she knew that she could not have her job and their relationship…
    She had opened herself up and allowed herself the possibility of love…
    Then reality came crashing down. In the moment she was upset with him for the broken promise and at herself for allowing herself to believe it when she thought she knew better.
    the pleading and the promises continued…and she gave in.

    They made a commitment to continue to try to make it work…and they did. They have made such wonderful progress over the years, working through so many obstacles and finding a great balance…
    They truly are in love.
    But, here in the garage, the fear is realized all over again.
    She can have…one or the other… but not both.
    And it hit her like a ton of bricks.

    She has been afraid of this very situation for 4 ½ years.
    Having to choose.

    I am not saying that Deeks wasn’t hurt, because he was. As much or more than her.

    I just wanted to try to understand the anger in her reaction.
    personally, I can understand her side as well as his.


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    • Yeah I didnt think of it that way. Thst would be like see I was right tje whole time. And probably feel like you were being lied to the whole time even of ot wasnt intentional. Kind of seems like a case of a self fullfilling prophecy.


  14. Warning,
    This won’t be fun.
    Hard questions, unsympathetic thinking and critical analysis of our favorite couple
    There are some unpleasant observations and comments included below.
    If you are a rainbows and butterflies kind of person who can’t stand hearing anything tougher than “aw shucks”, you might want to pass.
    It is just me being me…(a jerk), so it just one person’s opinion.
    Leave your rose-colored glasses at home, or just keep on going…
    Enjoy it if you can.
    I look forward to any comments.


    • The lost art of communication,
      I wanted to take a look at just what was said in the conversation without inserting any emotions
      Hard, right?
      Not sure I will make it…

      Kensi said she didn’t know…I assume to either part of the question.
      She did not say no, just that she was unwilling to put a timeline on it.
      She said she would leave her job if she had kids, so that makes the decision harder.
      I get it.
      She asks Deeks a question about what if it doesn’t happen…and he panics and loses it.
      His dream is collapsing and he basically stops thinking rationally.
      The mature adult discussion goes out the window.
      Here is where he can ask her just what she means, and also show concern.
      Ask her if she has health issues.
      Is she afraid that she can’t conceive? Or that she can’t carry to term?
      Is she afraid that carrying to term or during delivery that she could be at risk due to her spinal injury?
      She is vague, obviously, but he never even asks what she is worried about…if anything?
      It would be nice to know, one would think.
      And it continues the conversation.

      We are all hoping that there is a misunderstanding…but how? Where?
      We heard Deeks saying repeatedly that’s not what he said or meant??? So what was it actually.

      Kensi says she isn’t sure about kids.
      Deeks says that he doesn’t think they should get married.
      …pretty hard to misinterpret that, really.

      So Kensi asks, or states. You’re doing this now breaking off the wedding.

      If Deeks didn’t mean it, he has a chance to clarify right then. But he doesn’t

      So, what does he do…he continues on about kids and the job… big questions,… their future plans.
      It seems he does mean it
      He doesn’t correct her, and in fact continues on, adding to his statement as to why they shouldn’t get married.

      If he meant “ until we work this out”… he might have wanted to mention it then.

      If he thought they should talk it over, he could have said that they needed to have a serious talk…
      But that’s not what he said.
      Kensi is struggling, but she is staying calm, communicating honestly, nodding when she has trouble speaking…but she is working through it.
      Deeks has completely lost control of his emotions. He can’t regulate himself in an intelligent manner.
      He has resorted to the same rationalizing, pleading and begging he tried in the Silo, then immediately switches to calling it quits.
      With very little in between.
      Very sad.
      Did he think she would cave in and give him what he wants?
      It seems that he has tried the same argument previously.
      Have they had a toned-down version of parts of this his discussion before…and Deeks keeps bringing it up hoping she will change her mind? Maybe.

      He wants a firm commitment to quit at an agreed upon time and she can’t give him one

      Once she got angry, THEN he tried to backtrack, but it was too late.
      How else could you take what he said?

      He continued to say that’s not what he said, and to come back and finish the conversation.

      So, if Kensi got it wrong, the plane was a good place to clear it up.
      She initiated the conversation, but got shout down.
      Here, she is sitting 3 feet away and willing to talk. For 5 hours…
      He has had time to calm down. To think about what he said

      And he acts callous and like he has already made up his mind.
      He seems like he is done. He is gone.

      Here, if Deeks really meant that he was not leaving her, he could just say that he was here, with her, and they would talk this out later.

      But , once again, he just reconfirms that he is leaving.
      Partners, one last time.

      And ends the conversation.

      If that is not what he actually meant to say…he is an idiot.
      Communicating like a 14 year old again.
      It sounded like an ultimatum to me.

      With his career in law enforcement, he has had to testify a lot.
      He has interrogated many a suspect.
      As a lawyer he has been in court plenty.
      He fully understands that what you say and what you mean can actually be different, that clarity is important.
      What you say and how you say it matters.
      How can you get this so wrong.
      Or did he?
      Did he actually say exactly what he meant?

      He had several chances to clear up what he was saying and did not do so.

      After all the lying, then getting a demand…drawing a line like this…from someone you love…I would be gone.
      The end.

      Yep, it is a TV show, so it will probably work out in the end…
      I certainly hope so.



    • We never got to hear just what Kensi planned to say to Deeks,
      because Deeks jumped in cutting her off and taking over the conversation.
      I do wonder what it actually was.
      Would it have made a difference?
      Could it have been a promise to have a serious talk later???
      We will probably never know, unless it comes up in a later discussion.
      I am interested though

      Same with Kensi wanting to talk on the plane.



    • What’s up with Kensi and the kids
      I think Kensi is being honest…she just doesn’t know.
      It is tough to read, because it was a 2 part question.
      Do you want them?
      Can you have them?
      Probably not sure to both.
      More uncertain about being able to actually have them, I think.
      I think that if she was actually sure that she could not have them she would have said so.
      I feel the same about her wanting them.
      If she knew for sure, she would have said so. Either way…
      She has always been big on honesty.
      She has been evasive to some of Deeks questions at times, but not lied about anything important..
      She expressed early on that she hated lying to her friends and way back in season 1 even said that she had far more trouble with the deception than the danger of being undercover.
      She actually seemed hurt when a suspect said her dad had raised a professional liar.
      As much as it would have hurt, she would have been honest with Deeks.



    • I am a little more concerned about Deeks.
      He seems to manipulate the truth to suit his needs at times.
      As an undercover cop, he really seems to enjoy the deception.
      He has said that getting to play someone else is the best part of his job.
      I do not enjoy some of the things the writers have done with his character.
      Some of it is about non-important things that don’t matter…
      But some of it does, and he is just too good at it.
      After lying to Kensi about shooting someone during the Debt.
      He does it again several times during the IA thing.
      He lies straight to Kensi and Hetty, and then to Kensi’s lies face several more times.
      Personally, I would have trouble with that.
      He has proven that he will lie to her for the job, as well as his personal issues.
      Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.
      As much as Kensi seems to hate lying, I am surprised she has accepted it from Deeks.



    • Do they really belong together???
      I’m not so sure anymore.
      The lying is just one of the things that hurts the appeal of them as a couple for me.

      Kensi not being sure that she wants kids hurts.
      I always expected for them to have a family and she would put Deeks ahead of her job at some point if needed.

      Them being both so out of character this season has tarnished them somewhat in my eyes.

      Deeks actually asking her to leave is a big deal for me.
      I understand his fear, panic and dreams, I do.
      But no woman should have to change who she is for a man…any man… Ever.
      It is wrong on so many levels.
      So much for loving her for who she is…
      Pleading and begging for someone to change who they are to suit what you want is not healthy for either one of them.
      The Silo was a glimpse at the same type of behavior.

      A breakup should be a real possibility, and may be for the best.
      There will always be resentment from one or the other.
      This will be a horrible thing to get past.



      • I think you are being to hard and over analyzing this. The show wont break them up. They had ONE argument at a bad time. Once they calm down and the mission is over they will talk


        • Provided they both survive that rocket, though!
          Just kidding, I know at least Kensi will survive (I don’t think Dani will leave), but to be honest I would like to feel confident Deeks makes it through, too, without much damage (this, I think, is still more uncertain, since we have no confirmation Eric will be in Season 10, either part-time or full-time).
          But I agree with you, if they both survive and things go back to normal, Deeks and Kensi definitely need to talk and I’m sure they will.
          My biggest disappointment (even bigger than the idea the showrunners might drag a possible Densi wedding out until the end of next season) would be if the authors decided to make them get married in the season opener in a very rushed way, with a seriously wounded Deeks, only because Kensi panickes and she understands she can’t live without him no matter what, she wants to be his wife and they instantly get married (I started to be worried about this scenario the moment we got to know more about Hidoko’s backstory and how she married her husband…).
          If Deeks and Kensi don’t change their mind about getting married in the near future, please authors, I beg you, give us Densi fans the romantic wedding we all deserve after having invested almost ten years in these characters. Life is already so full of drama that I can’t even think about seeing Kensi getting married with a dying Deeks. Don’t you think the dose of angst was enough in this season finale? No? Ok, never mind.


          • We have no word from any of the cast


            • Yes, you’re right, and considering the kind of finale we had (all the team together had never been in imminent danger like this before), I think it may be intentional to create more interest in the viewers. Well done, show (except for my own sanity!).


              • I think it was done because they knew Mosley wasn’t popular and no one cared about her story so they went with this and Densi so people would


                • it is a good point that a Mosley based cliffhanger wouldn’t matter.
                  if no one likes the character, then who cares
                  it is irrelevant.

                  other than for people like me who are hoping her chopper gets shot down…


  15. Ed “found his medication” and is more positive…

    We talk a lot about Kensi being in denial.
    But about what?
    During their discussion she told Deeks they were happy and that they had a future. So she is not playing a martyr.
    Do we actually believe that she doesn’t think she could die?
    Do we think she doesn’t feel that people around her can get hurt
    Do we think that she doesn’t understand how it feels to think you might lose someone close or actually lose them..
    She has suffered loss and knows real danger.
    She lost her dad
    The love of her life (at the time), her fiancé Jack who had seen and done too much and couldn’t cope.
    She lost her partner Dom
    She lost Mike Renko
    Callen was shot 5 times
    Michelle died
    She dealt with Deeks being shot
    She was there after Deeks was tortured
    She has been stuck in a room with Lasers
    She has been caught and tortured in Afghanistan
    She nearly died and was almost paralyzed in a Helo crash in Syria
    She has been kidnapped and almost had her leg cut off
    She was grabbed, bound, placed on plastic and almost had her throat cut by terrorists (during Fame)

    This is just a partial list of what she has been through.
    I know I have missed a lot, but it makes you think.
    She has seen herself and those close to her have their lives threatened numerous time during her career.
    This is just the ones that there was time to reflect on.
    Yes, the feelings can be more intense now that they are in a relationship.
    But they are older and have been exposed to more as well, so maybe you can potentially deal with it better as well.
    Is it just that they are closer now. Or, is Deeks always the more emotional one.

    To just assume that Kensi doesn’t know what Deeks is going through because she hasn’t felt it is probably unfair.
    Watching the man she loved fall apart due to PTSD…
    Finding Dom’s car full of blood and just not knowing.
    Deeks torture recovery when she had to leave him there.
    She has long drawn out angst as well.
    As this stuff builds up, you either become numb to it or it becomes too much.
    They have both seen so much, they just are handling it differently than the other.
    Kensi is a little more numb and accepting, and Deeks is becoming overwhelmed and letting fear work its way in.
    they need to find some middle ground, and they will.

    I do not think that she feels immune to the risk. Either for herself or for those she cares about.
    Just that it is all she knows and it is how she defines herself.
    I hope Hetty gets to re-visit her talk with her about knowing when to get out.
    With a much more calm, thought out discussion, without an audience and time running out, I am sure that they can understand how the other feels and work it out.

    She knows haw it feels to lose or fear losing someone close.
    Deeks knows what it means to define yourself by your job, because he used to think he was always a cop. It was who he was.

    So, they understand each other and what drives them, that just need to work out a compromise.
    Honest talk, no hair brained ideas, no silly jokes to avoid an answer. Just deal with it
    I am sure it will all work out.
    The show needs them as much as we do.



  16. I am trying to figure it out…
    I think my sour demeanor has been due to the amount of drama heaped on Densi in the finale.
    I am fine with drama, fine with violence, fine with angst.
    But it should be relevant, proportional, balanced, and integral to the show. It should make sense and serve a purpose.
    “The Monster” was certainly not a favorite of mine.
    does anyone else think some of the grossness was unneeded to tell the story.
    That is what criminal minds is for, right?
    Then we got the guy with guts hanging out in the finale…with no real purpose, it wasn’t needed to get the point across. The drama was already there.
    I thought it was excessive.
    I felt that there was already enough darkness, an ominous feel to the show. The team was all at risk, their jobs were on the like, a boss out of control. Kensi and Deeks relationship was in trouble as it was ovbious they werent on the same page.
    We knew there was a big issue between them.
    So much was already up in the air.
    There was a lot of trouble brewing…
    I feel that Deeks could have just said, I’m here, but after this we are going to talk…and that would left an ominous feel to things.
    It would have been enough.
    I thing the writers having Deeks call off the wedding was just some
    unnecessary gratuitous angst and drama.
    It wasn’t needed, and it served no real purpose.
    The conditions wouldn’t have changed, other than making Kensi seem less human and Deeks pushing her to change her mind.
    they would still be exactly where they are right now….

    and I don’t mean Portugal and Napa…

    I think it was a step to far.
    I had flashbacks to Michelle.
    She could have been seriously hurt and still had Sam be traumatized.
    The story would have worked out just fine.
    The last scene could have been Sam at the bedside of his badly injured and unconscious wife.
    The effect would have been similar, but there would still be a wonderful recurring character around.
    Instead of the current drama with Sam, we could have his discussions with Michelle and his desire for her to get out for good. or her recovery.
    Different drama, but good drama none the less.
    They lost a great character for no real reason.

    I grow tired of this happening. The gratuitous angst.
    Dom could have been tortured and not been able to take it and left.
    He could have been still left alive.

    Certainly, with Renko, being shot in the neck , in critical condition, and in surgery was enough to drive the story forward.
    The heart attack and death was unneeded. Such a waste
    They lost a fantastic recurring character because of it.
    I liked him at least as much as Nate. more actually.
    he had a great chemistry with the cast.
    He would be great to see around once in a while.

    Thapa bugs me, but I get it.

    Some of the things that Granger’s daughter said to him were really uncalled for. I could have done without it.

    There are lots more situations, but I will stop here.

    I miss Renko and Michelle.

    So, heaping additional unneeded crap onto Densi just struck me the wrong way.



  17. I hope that Deeks is able to have a discussion with Kensi and reminds her of the things she has always said she wanted.
    it was not all that long ago…
    season 8 actually, when Kensi told the team about her bucket list…
    here was hers.

    I want to get married.
    I want to have kids.
    I want to own a horse.
    I want to live in Bali.
    I want to read all the greatest books on the earth on a deserted island and ride my horse on the beach all day.

    she just sees her value to the world is in protecting others.
    she needs to see a way to value herself as something else other than an agent at some point, and realize she has done her part and paid a heavy price for it already. it is okay for it to be someone else’s turn.

    A reminder that some of this is easily achievable and well within her grasp, along with the man she loves, might be a good thing.

    I can’t imagine she wants to run a bar, but there are so many things else to do.

    here is to hope.


  18. cellphone turned off, batteries removed, no cameras in the area, trackers not working.
    …where is Harley if she isn’t dead???
    maybe when they run off to another country or go undercover they may want to spray each other with some of that Overwatch spray beforehand.
    the stuff would work good on the kids and dog as well…
    stop all that wandering off stuff.
    Just sayin’


  19. I found this on Matt Carters site.
    this is great news for the long term success of the show.
    just some parts of the article…
    find the article here.

    According to a new report from Deadline, CBS Studios International has struck a deal with U-Next, a streaming provider in Japan, in order to offer up much of their library of content — this includes such popular shows like NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, Elementary, and many others. Why does this matter for the average American viewer? The answer is fairly simple: It’s another platform in which CBS can make money on these shows. It’s also further justification as to why a series like Elementary, even with poor live ratings, can stay on the air. It seems as though there is always still an audience out there for it globally and that just means that CBS can make a little bit of money elsewhere.

    The digital platform has struck a multi-series, multi-year deal with CBS Studios International, which includes 1,300 episodes of shows including the NCIS franchises, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, The Good Wife and, for the first time in Japan, teen period drama Reign.

    The shows will launch on the service, which was established in Japan in 2007, later this month.

    In a statement confirming this news, U-Next CEO Tenshin Tsutsumi had the following to say about getting this deal done:

    “As one of the largest domestic digital entertainment companies in Japan, U-Next has an impressive reach and ability to make a mark on the Japanese entertainment industry. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of the Japanese market, something that we feel CBS programming provides,” said U-Next CEO Tenshin Tsutsumi. “Our goal is to continue to expand our relationship with CBS in the future, bringing cutting edge programming to our customers.”

    “CBS’s broad, mass appeal programming is perfectly suited to a market like Japan, where there is a huge appetite for consuming content across many different devices and platforms,” added Barry Chamberlain, President of Sales, CBS Studios International. “This is our first deal with U-Next and we look forward to building on the relationship in the future.”

    If you’re a fan of any of these shows mentioned, streaming deals like these help to further ensure that they may not be going anywhere in the immediate future. Shows that sell internationally are often either A) ones that have been around for a while and have some familiarity because of that or B) ones featuring preexisting characters who are popular in either a real-life or fictionalized way. Sherlock Holmes in particular is a universal figure that is loved no matter where you are in the world.

    fantastic news
    it makes the show far more profitable by providing additional revenue streams.


  20. maybe their syndication deal will only include seasons 1-8…

    I have pre-ordered every DVD to date for the show, as well as from Jag and the first 10 seasons of NCIS
    …don’t think I will this time.
    I would like the complete set, but I don’t think I will ever watch it.

    unless they have ECO and Dani give commentary on multiple episodes
    or include a bloopers or behind the scenes disk as well.

    at the very least, I hope they include a bloopers reel when the show is over at some point


    • this might actually be the way to get the bloopers and behind the scenes disks we have been asking for.
      they might feel that they need to include it to sweeten the pot to get people to actually buy this less than wonderful season.

      I have no interest in paying money to see Mosley and Harley in 1/2 of the scenes and not fitting in.
      but hey, that’s just me.


      • I also have seasons 1-8, also every season of Jag and all seasons up to when Coty left the mother ship and there is nothing they could offer me including a recurring spot on the show as a 70 year old homeless man to buy this POS season. Before this season I too would have loved a blooper reel but not anymore I can say the F word for every scene I watch on ION and pretend it was whichever cast member that was speaking.


  21. Let me just start off by saying I’m team Deeks all the way! In the garage Kensi said one thing that really stuck with me “… she knows what he wants.” What!!! Did she know this before or after she asked him to marry her? Because if it was BEFORE she was ok with him living a life never having what he wants! Who does that! So what she was really saying she’s not going to compromise herself (even though she included him) but more than willing to let him be compromised.

    In the episode Solo he told her he couldn’t do what Sam does, he couldn’t live that life. Over and over he talked to her about leaving this job or moving to Bali, the bar (as pointed out) was one in a long line of things Deeks was looking into. Almost a cry for help to her. As one review basically said no woman should be told to leave a job well no man should be expected to stay in a job!

    So even though he brought it up at that moment she could have stopped him and promised they would figure this out later… they always do. He was just fired (which is a very harsh thing to have happen) and I’m assuming she went to him to comfort him so when she stayed silent (almost cold) it’s as if she wasn’t taking his side

    It’s one thing to live with someone and not have the same life goals (you can’t always help who you fall in love with) but theoretically marriage is forever (it least it should be when you enter into it) So I think Deeks wasn’t saying he was leaving her but that they needed slow the roll on their marriage until they did figure this out.


    • you know, that’s a good point.
      I caught that comment as well.
      it stuck with me as too, but I took it a little different.
      it occurred to me that they may have had a conversation or two previously. it fact it seemed that they have had several.
      She didn’t come off as against it, just that she didn’t know just when, or yes, maybe if…
      I took it as she knew what he wanted…not meaning kids, but the when of it.
      it sounded to me that she knew he wanted a firm date when she would walk away, and she was not ready to give him an exact time. it appeared to me that he may have tried to pin her down and push her into committing to a date previously, possibly.
      maybe I got it wrong, but she didn’t seem set against the idea, just against a firm timeline.
      I think that is what she was unable to give him…a date.hope, and actually right about just slowing things down was what he meant.
      ..but he had time to figure out what he wanted to say, and could have done so on the plane.
      Kensi’s look of hope when he said he was still her partner makes me think she hopes for a resolution and wanted to talk.
      if he doesn’t actually plan to leave her as she fears, it would have been nice to have taken the opportunity to tell her that.

      yep, your right, she stayed silent when she could have said something.
      but, I don’t think he wanted to hear it. he seemed past the we will figure it out phase and wants a firm date as to when.

      I agree, that she shouldn’t have to leave for him, and he shouldn’t have to stay for her.
      you shouldn’t have to change for anyone.
      the difference I see, is that she WANTS him to stay…
      and he is BEGGING AND PLEADING for her to leave.
      from what we get to see, it doesn’t seem quite the same.
      if he wants to leave, he should.
      if they can stay together, that would be fine.
      if he cant stand to see her in danger, then it might have to end.
      …but the begging her to give up her job has to stop.
      take her, love her…or leave her…
      but stop pushing so hard for her to changer who she is.

      it wasn’t so long ago that her felt a cop was what he was as well, so he has to understand.
      he has just reached his limit sooner than the rest of the team.
      he has changed his mind ans wants her to do so as well.

      just my thoughts.

      it was sad to see them so far apart at the end of the season after such a disappointing year for the couple.

      I’m sure it will work out, but I still didn’t like it.



  22. I think the actions that Mosley took were no small thing. She took the suspect to an undisclosed location that she was very familiar and proceeded to torture him (and by the set up it looks like this wasn’t a first). She told them to lie about his injuries. G also said to keep him out of sight for a couple days while his injuries healed.

    No one and I mean no one spoke up but Deeks. So when I hear him beg and plead to the woman who is “his world” to leave this job I don’t think it was too much. I see it as being just the opposite because that would make him just like the others.

    We can all guess about conversations that may or may not have occurred but I’m going with ones we have heard. In episode Solo she asked him “how much longer are we going to do this?” He questioned her because she was the one to choose to stay in. If on that roof top she had told him… baby this is who I am and I’m going to want to stay in this job then he might have had a clearer picture of their future. But she didn’t and he let her know right then and there that he could not do what Sam has done.

    He asked her to leave the job after the mission, or after a year, or after 2 years, heck he even gave her 5 years… I don’t see that as asking for an exact date just clue to what their future might be. Because I think he is afraid to leave her and something bad happens. So in a way what she does affects him in so many ways (rightly or wrongly).

    This Kensi wasn’t the Kensi that we are used to seeing she was cold and I thought out of control with him (he just got fired). And if the roles were reversed could you EVER see Deeks just stand there and let Mosley go after Kensi!!! No and there lays the problem. He has so often had her back and this Kensi didn’t so I think Deeks didn’t want to talk on the plane or in Mexico because he was upset and maybe, just maybe feeling down and unsure about himself.


    • what you said made me think. and that is a good thing.
      I agree about the coldness, it seemed odd.
      in fact the whole team seemed cold and distant.
      the couple has not seemed as close or backed each other up the way they used to.
      in the past Deeks was always getting involved if Kensi was in trouble administratively.
      he would try to take part of the blame and pressure off. he also always wanted to have her back as her partner. always
      this season, he was gone a lot, left her so he could chase down a laptop and she was nearly killed while he was not watching her back
      she has done the same. they have drifted away from how close they were before.

      you said this…
      ” if the roles were reversed could you EVER see Deeks just stand there and let Mosley go after Kensi!!! ”

      the answer is YES, and he has…

      because, he actually did this season.
      I do not rtecall the exact episode, or care to go back and watch for it, but…
      at one point this season…

      Deeks just stood in the bullpen and watched while Mosley chewed Kensi’s ass for an extended time in view of everyone.
      Deeks even told Callen that Mosley was tearing a strip out of Kensi…or something to that effect.
      didnt he even tell Callen to hurry back because of it.?
      implying it had gone on for a while, was still going on, and may for a while… and Deeks was not going to get in the middle of it….but wanted Callen to ???
      the point is, he just stood there and watched. he let it happen,
      he did not get involved or defend her either.

      I am not sure he would have done that before.
      the big difference is that Mosley can actually fire Kensi.
      unlike Deeks, Kensi doesn’t have LAPD to return to full time.
      her job really was at risk.

      just my $ .02


      • Sassyzazzi // June 9, 2018 at 10:58 AM // Reply

        Ed, not sure I agree that when Deeks did not come to Kensi’s defense when she was being yelled at ( one of the Vietnam episodes) it was the same as Kensi not defending Deeks with Mosley. Kensi was in Mosley’s office, Deeks would have had to basically enter a private conversation with Kensi and her boss. As a female, I would not want my significant other to do that, it would be like he was protecting me. I think Deeks acted appropriately, he called Callen the team leader. .Mosley was yelling at Deeks in front of everyone, and part of why she was yelling at him was because he defended Callen. The entire team , especially Kensi needed to stand behind him because Mosley was putting all of her team in danger of committing criminal acts.


        • I don’t disagree.
          they are not exactly the same.
          although, I thought the door was open as we could hear the dialogue if I recall. well, the screaming..
          in the past, I feel he might have made a call or an attempt to interrupt the conversation.
          I mean Nell and Eric seem to be able to interrupt almost every important conversation that Kensi and Deeks ever have with a text or a phone call…don’t they?
          maybe not jumping in the middle, but trying to distract or interrupt things covertly, so to speak..

          And, although i completely agree that the team needed to have Deeks back…

          Callen doesn’t just get to collect the extra pay as the team lead agent.
          Callen’s job comes with some great perks. he gets the extra pay, he usually gets his pic of assignments or at least the better tasks throughout the day. right?
          the down side, is that occasionally he has to take responsibility as the team leader and actually act like one.
          he needed to defend Deeks, he needed to defend the team. he needed to tell Mosley that it was not acceptable.
          he was too close.
          he made a promise that he shouldn’t have
          he withheld information
          he could have gotten everyone killed.
          he did not defend his team
          he did not take responsibility and jump in between Mosley and Deeks.
          Callen backed down.
          once Mosley attacked Deeks, Callen just quit fighting with her. he gave up.
          he just let Mosley run over everyone.
          put their careers and very lives at risk
          make them all complicit in inexcusable crimes.
          try to cover up for Mosley.
          then he wants Kensi and deeks to follow blindly without all the information, WTF

          Callen did not do his job.period.
          it was spineless.
          if he wants to be a lead agent, then he needs to act like one.
          it is a big responsibility. not just the extra pay and getting to boss the others around.
          being in that spot is tough. caught in between the working personnel and management.
          you get it from both sides, I get it.
          but he failed miserably.

          I lost a huge amount of respect for Callen in this episode.
          it is not about knowing right from wrong.
          or even about doing the right thing.
          it is about doing the right thing even when it is inconvenient or difficult.
          Callen needed to make a stand.
          A team should follow its leader.
          A leader should lead from the front, and by example.
          Not from the back.
          Deeks supported Callen, and then when Mosley turned her wrath to deeks , Callen just went silent. where did his backbone go?
          someone comes to your deffence and then you back away. inexcusable.
          if he fights, they fight, he quits, they quit.
          they all quit for him to go after Hetty before.
          and they followed his lead now as well…to just do nothing.
          Callen is a guy that doesn’t seem to have a problem questioning leadership or doing what he wants.
          so his behavior was selfish.
          Just pathetic.

          I haven’t bashed on Callen or Sam for how they treat Deeks for a while…
          and it feels good…

          I tend to think it was all to have the fans think the entire team is divided.
          create a lot of tension over what is to come.
          it is a good thing it is just a show, because in the real world, much of this would not be fixable.



          • Sassyzazzi // June 9, 2018 at 12:38 PM // Reply

            Totally agree with everything you said. In the end no one backed Deeks who was doing the right thing, Callen, the team lead, Sam who saw Deeks tortured to not give up his wife, and Kensi his fiancée. I think in the end, the problem they had with the epsiode is they were trying to make it about a child and so everyone should do bad things to rescue the child. However, since no one likes Mosley and she was even more hated in this epsiode, it was hard to have sympathy for a child you do not know. From my perspective since Mosley is unethical, I do not believe anyhthing she said. I certainly do not believe she lived with this man and had a child with him and had no idea what he did. She must not be very smart, if she is not smart it is hard to imagine how she got a high level job with the agency, so she is probably smart and unethical. So from my perspective , it seems like the child would be better taken from both of his parents. So for me Deeks was right, they should not have gone on the mission and risked their lives.


            • I agree about Mosley and her lack of ethics.
              My big issue is her dragging everyone into it for her benefit.
              If the team knows the truth and has the information they need, they can make their own decision if they want to participate.
              As a team, and individually, they have all crossed the line of legality at some point.
              They have committed crimes in other countries, killed people who were not a direct threat to themselves or others, and so on. Mexico, Romania, Russia…the list is long.

              is Deeks upset about the behavior, or about not being included in the decision?
              I do believe he is bothered by the behavior in others, but is blind to it when he does it himself.

              I get Deeks being indignant and upset with how Mosley acted and with her treatment of a suspect.
              But lets take a look back for a minute…

              Technically, Deeks is a cop killer. Right?

              Sam and Callen let him repeatedly beat a dirty cop, who was already arrested and in cuffs. In Human Traffic just because he made remarks about Deeks dead partner (who he actually was sleeping with, by the way) and they all said they didn’t see anything.

              He tortured a Cleric in Afghanistan. He did stop, but still, he did it. He waterboarded him while he was tied to a chair, actually.

              So we assume this recent event triggered something, right,…maybe…

              But we can’t forget, that he did the identical thing not long ago, when a detained and restrained federal agent got beaten. Wasn’t it Deeks who beat the crap out of a handcuffed Sabatino in the boat shed when he thought he had info about Kensi???

              And yes, I have left out several more as well.

              What makes this any different.

              He has every right to be upset about not being included in the decision to do so.
              And rightfully so.

              But to pretend he is above it or that he won’t be a part of unethical behavior in the treatment of a suspect is just a tad hypocritical I think.

              Deeks is more than willing to do exactly the same thing when it benefits him. Right???

              They have all do the same thing
              Sam and Callen grabbed a prison guard in Russia to get Arkady back.
              The guy had done nothing wrong and they had no jurisdiction.
              Sam actually tortured Kaled in Africa, right? Had him standing on a chair with a rope around his neck, if I recall.
              Sam beat the crap out someone in his kid’s school hallway when there was no need to do so except for revenge. The guy was already captured.
              Sam murdered a helicopter pilot who was on the roof of a building. The guy was just sitting there and not a threat…and with no warning Sam just shot him.

              After the German gave up in the Mission and handed over his gun, Hetty actually shot him in the knee, right?

              How long is the list???
              It goes on forever.

              If Deeks is upset because he didn’t get a vote…I understand it completely.
              But to pretend he is above that kind of behavior is a joke.
              Deeks, don’t pretend you are better than that, because you’re not.

              The big difference, is the team usually participates willingly.
              Then again, Mosley took the suspect away and did not drag the team into it initially, right?

              It was Callen having the team follow her that caused the problem.
              Callen knew there was going to be a problem, didn’t tell Kensi or Deeks, and got them involved.
              The team became complicit because of Callen and his secrets and personal agenda, just as much as because of Mosley herself.
              So he shares a huge part of the blame., right?



              • We only get between 1 to 3 minutes of Densi personal life in each episode if that. So its hard to come to conclusions on how they would behave, however I’ve only seen Kensi being super positive toward Deeks. This reset season had each character out of sorts but based on everything I’ve heard Kensi say in the past she would have backed Deeks 100% and that garage scene would never happened. I guess the show runner went off cannon a bit.

                The team would probably back Callen , but he said he would do it alone, Sam should have put together a group of Seals and the whole rescue would have a snap and we would not have a cliffhanger or lower ratings for next years premier.

                While the fan fiction write Densi much better than the writers on the show do I think sometimes we take some of what they write and think it was in the show (probably should be anyway) I know a lot of people who quit watching the show cause the show runner could not stay on cannon so I think its important to have someone watching the history of each character and tell the writers when they go off track. Season 9 was completely off the rails. I fear there is no fix.


                • yep,
                  the whole season was a huge flop.
                  many times, the characters or even the entire show was barely recognizable.
                  for the established characters,canon and their normal behavior was completely forgotten .
                  while we got to watch two new characters take over, get preferential treatment, get episodes focused on them, get their backstory told, and got way too much screen time…
                  all to the detriment of the other veteran cast, the continuity, and yes, the very success of the show.
                  at times the show seemed like another spinoff all together.
                  yes, it did get renewed… but the ratings drop was staggering…just horrible.
                  it can’t survive much more of that.
                  the newbies need to go, they need to get back to the basics and leave the partner pairings alone for a while, and if they need a fill in, it needs to be someone that can actually act. fits in realistically to the roll they are playing, and has some form of chemistry with the core cast members.
                  Marsha Thomason ( agent DeChamps) for example..
                  what Gemmill tried this year just sucked.

                  CBS should make him present an outline for the next season..something like a business plan.
                  he should be required to show how he plans to fix things.
                  …and if they don’t like the plan, he should be let go.
                  these guys usually get quite a bit of freedom, but he obviously needs a shorter leash.
                  otherwise, he will go down as the first person in history to drive a show from this franchise into the ground.

                  he needs to get one of those talks that goes kinda like this…

                  …you still have a job, but don’t think for a second that we are happy with your performance.
                  if we don’t see some improvement, your next review wont be nearly as comfortable. Do we understand each other? good, Any questions? Then I suggest you get back top work…



  23. first, Mosley is an out of control B**ch that belongs in jail
    and Callen was an idiot to support her like he did.. he should protect his team and instead he put them at risk. forget about them wanting to help, sometimes you have to protect the people you are in charge of from themselves if they are loyal to a fault.
    Callen’s behavior was inexcusable.
    was it out of a misplaced connection to reuniting a mother with her child.
    if so, it didn’t work, most of the fans don’t connect with Mosley or feel for her.
    in fact, if the Helo she is on gets shot down, I will stand and clap loudly…
    asking the team to commit a crime , to make them complicit, and not tell them why is unforgivable.
    each member of the team has went rogue at some point. But the difference is they never tried to take the team with them or worse yet, ordered them to do so.
    Mosley is just horrible and needs to be gone.
    I did expect for the team to have his back and fight back with Mosley.
    the whole team was just off on character.
    that said, Deeks seemed rather calm after when he was looking at the monitor.
    even saying that maybe it was time to get out.
    he didn’t seem to be in a lot of turmoil just them.
    I think he was right, and for me personally, I would have left right then.

    everyone keeps bringing it up, but Deeks didn’t seemed overly bothered by getting fired, if you want to call it that…sent back to LAPD maybe, but not fired.
    Deeks was upset that he couldn’t get Kensi to go with him.
    he is a very smart guy, and he used what he saw as the perfect opportunity as as way to get Kensi to quit. to make the leap and set an actual time. when she wouldn’t leave immediately, he started grasping at anything he could get, frantically negotiating for a date he could hold her to.
    it was very sad to watch.
    Kensi seems to be willing to follow the senior agents almost blindly at times. deep down she is a by the book rule follower most of the time. but she is incredibly loyal to the job and would go no matter what.

    Bringing up the Silo, we focus on the final scene.
    …and rightfully so, it was fantastic.
    but lets go back to the launch site.for a minute.

    the job these people do matters.
    so, Kensi did the right thing, correct?
    Deeks was out of control and throwing things.
    pleading and begging her to leave the site, not try to stop it, and just walk away from her job and commitment she made to protect the country.
    it was way out of line.
    she was going in to a hi risk situation where she needed support and to remain focused, and he acts like that.
    I understand his feelings for her, but maybe he needs to get out now.
    behavior like that, potting your personal needs over a potential nuclear disaster.
    he is not in the right frame of mind to have the job he had.
    his behavior was selfish, unprofessional, and out of line.
    It is not a popular thing to say here, but it was unacceptable.
    what if he had actually been able to talk her into abandoning her job and leaving???
    what then?

    if you think that someone else can take on the tough jobs instead, so you can avoid putting loved ones at risk..then you shouldn’t be a cop.

    hundreds or thousands could die, radiation poisoning for many others.
    huge parts of the country uninhabitable for generations because of nuclear fallout…
    but that’s all acceptable as long as Kensi is safe….
    we empathized with him as we always do, because we love the character.
    we embraces his fears, feelings and love for Kensi , so we felt for him in the roof later.
    …but in the process we justified and let horrible behavior go.
    we let him off the hook, and we shouldn’t have done it.

    yep, they should have talked right then.
    it should have been about him never doing that to her again… be supportive, or stay quiet.
    there was a job to do. help or go leave them alone.

    I get not wanting to talk on the plane, and I would completely understand it.
    if it wasn’t for just how many times??? in the garage did he beg her to listen, that’s not what he said, that’s not what he meant, lets finish the conversation…over and over.

    then he gets the chance to actually explain, and what does he do..

    shuts her down and acts like a pouting child.

    I am to the point that I do not like some of the behaviors the the writing has him doing currently.
    if he is ready and she is not, then so be it.
    everyone obviously has a breaking point, and his is lower than the rest of the team.
    understandable, he doesn’t actually have the training they do.
    he is a cop and not an agent after all.
    …and that is something he has refused to do for 8 years, because it is who he is…right???
    now that he has changed his mind she should too? Hmmm
    I’m not so sure.
    I do not like the behavior that we got from either Kensi or Deeks.
    it was horrible to watch

    yes, it was an intense episode.
    but, I hated huge parts of it.


  24. Kensi was in Mosley’s office not downstairs with the whole team around. As a woman I would be upset if Deeks ran up there to help Kensi in that case. I think Kensi could take her!!!

    If Kensi, G, or Sam were fired by Mosley they all would have another job by the end of the day at one of the other agencies (or NCIS DC etc.) In a heart beat they would be scooped up.

    But if Mosley fired Kensi- Deeks would be out that door with her without a doubt. But for some reason the writers had this Kensi just stand there and say nothing (well the reason was they had to create a situation for them to breakup) The Kensi who YELLED at Hetty in front of G and Sam just stood there.


    • I completely agree that Deeks shouldn’t go up there, and the 2 situations were not the same.
      I just thought that someone could have created an interruption. it always happens to our favorite couple… Nell ans Eric are pretty good at it actually.
      I am not too sure about the team getting another job quite so easily.
      they are still federal agencies after all.
      getting fire from one usually makes it difficult to get hired by another.
      Sam and Callen are also both outside the age limit to start a career at many of them.
      there is usually a cutoff around 35 years old or so.
      they could transfer out to get away from Mosley and be fine. But, actually quitting might lock them out of a future career.
      They are very different.
      By what we know and the canon we see, Hetty has pulled strings to get them the job they have.
      as far as I can remember, Kensi and Deeks are the only two actually qualified to be actual NCIS agents anyway due to their education.
      their job, like many others in that field, requires a college degree. and unless I am mistaken. neither Sam or Callen have attended college. Actually, Sam may qualify depending on what he did in his military academy. now that I think about it, he is probably good. but i’m not sure.

      I also agree that if Kensi got fired, Deeks would leave immediately.
      but in all fairness, that’s what he wants anyway.
      still, I get it. and I agree their silence hurt.
      I hated that they all just stood there.
      it was out of character, and it seemed that Callen had taken Mosley’s side over the team.
      it sucked.

      another point is the way Mosley treated Eric and Nell.
      it seems like a horrible idea to treat people with their skills that way.
      turn off or trace/ tap her phones, monitor or freeze her e-mail.
      seize all her bank accounts and assets
      put her on the no fly lists.
      get her picture and facial rec into Kaleidoscope, the FBI, CIA and Interpol and so on, onto the terrorist watch lists.
      they could literally both track her and make her the most wanted criminal on earth in a mater of minutes.
      unless she is deep into her exes business and friends, most of her contacts would be in govt and law enforcement and be shut off from her. that or actually hunting her…
      why would you threaten someone like that.
      just plain stupid.
      she will wind up hiding out, living on a farm and home schooling her kid somewhere in the mountains of Guatemala or something. a great life indeed. that or in jail.

      just some thoughts from a different perspective.
      thank you for the conversation



  25. Well we all see things that happen in this episode and this season the way we see them. Some see it the same way and others vastly different and that’s ok debate is good.

    This site is wikideeks so from the title I’m sure Deeks is of interest to a few of us. The character is not perfect and has made lots of mistakes but it is those faults in part that makes us root for this character.

    I don’t consider him a “cop killer” I think he did what he did to protect the girl and considering how bad that cop was I’m sure he could have got out of any charges.

    When it comes to protecting Kensi he has gone above and beyond and beyond (to say it nicely) in his defense of her. But he doesn’t have his own private torture room in a warehouse like Mosley and he isn’t beating suspects and telling others to lie about.

    They have all done thing in anger that would not be exceptable in real life but this is TV and I’m going to in the most part give them a pass but Mosley is different and I think that’s easy to see.

    I was proud of Deeks for speaking up! Real proud… thats the Deeks I like and the reason I watch the show! Oh when he started walking toward Mosley I thought no no no but he did and she fired him! I didn’t see that coming before the episode.

    In the garage I didn’t see Kensi acting the way she did but to me Deeks was Deeks and I’m glad these things were said by him. I wasn’t offended by anything he said but by the end of the conversation I was emotional. So even though I don’t like the way the writers had Kensi act I understand they wanted drama and the audience to be drawn in.

    I for one can’t hardly wait for the first episode and I think that’s saying alot because coming into this 2 hour episode(s) I wasn’t happy with this season except for a couple episodes.


  26. I really, really really wish we would get a Deeks episode soon, and that it would address what happened with the shooting to protect Tiffany. We need some context around what happened.
    outside of the safety of this site and this wonderful community, it is a much bigger issue.
    the discussions we get here ate to a point understandably tinted with a love of our detective.
    not all fans of the show feel the same, surprisingly enough…
    the issue that comes to mind is this.
    I did not just use the term cop killer for no reason.
    and I did say technically…
    so, why say it???
    if it was a good shoot, why hide it.
    Deeks made a point of saying he was doing the right thing.
    his partner was hurting suspects.
    he thought it was wrong and tried to stop him.
    the partner put a gun in his mouth.
    Deeks did the right thing again and turned him in.
    so, he turned in a cop because the end did not justify the means.
    so if it was self defense, or if someones life was in immediate danger, why wouldn’t he come forward.
    if it was a clean shooting, you own it, right?
    but he hid it and lied about it for years…why?
    because even though it was for a good reason, it wasn’t a justified shooting…probably…
    just because the guy is evil, you cant just kill him, right?
    he turned in someone else then did did something himself that he hid.
    so, although, the cop was a horrible person and Deeks did it to protect someone else.
    …he did kill a cop and cover it up.
    …thus, by definition…he is a cop killer.
    and why I used the term hypocrite.

    yes, I fully understand that neither term is very popular in the land of Deeks love.

    this is such a fantastic site with wonderful people, that we can actually have the discussion.
    it is a great thing, because it is not always that way everywhere.

    I would just love to have this cleared up where they were fighting over a gun or the guy was actually in the process of beating Tiffany or pointing a gun at her trying to eliminate a witness.
    something for us to see that wasn’t just murder.
    I do need that.
    I do not want that hanging over his head.
    to many fans, it does mean something. not just the why, but the how… the circumstances matter.
    I do pick the other side or ask a hard question for discussion, but many here know that I am a huge fan and only watch the show for Deeks, Kensi and the Densi relationship.

    I get that the characters are flawed. and it makes them interesting.
    but there can be a limit. you cant get so flawed that you make the person unlikable to a large percentage of the fan base.

    you wind up with a Mosley…she is flawed, right. just way too much so.

    they have pushed the dark side of Deeks to the point that the less faithful Deeks supporters and general fans have changed their opinion somewhat.
    you cant excuse bad behavior because we like the guy, he is funny, and has cute floppy hair.
    wrong is wrong, right?
    clearing up the shooting would help a lot.

    they need to lighten them up a little.
    like helping run a shelter or free legal aid clinic would be far better than a bar, IMHO.
    still helping others.

    thank you, and I enjoy the conversation.


  27. first off,
    everyone here knows I HATE Mosley
    she needs to be gone forever…

    But, I do like to put the blame where it belongs and not just on the characters I don’t like…

    Mosley took the suspect and left. she didn’t include the team in the interrogation
    Callen was the one that actually got the whole team involved and specifically Kensi and Deeks when he ordered the team to follow her and withheld information about why.

    Thats how Kensi and Deeks wound up in custody of the suspect and he wound up at the boat shed. otherwise ATF would have already had him by the time anyone saw Mosley again, right?
    That’s all on Callen
    the being involved, the cover-up, being complicit, all because of Callen.
    Kensi and Deeks did clean him up and ice him without being told.
    but once again, Callen extended the cover-up.
    he told the team to get him cleaned up.
    told the team not to document anything
    No photos of his injuries.
    not to give him access to a lawyer.
    hold him for a few days to allow for the injuries to heal…
    instead of turning him over to ATF as they should.
    once again,…
    this is all on Callen.
    instead of doing the right thing, Callen made them all a part of it.

    as the team leader, he failed miserably.
    when we are talking about unethical behavior.
    he cant get a free pass on this either.



    • Ed, I share many of the same thoughts about Deeks’s killing of Boyle. And I hate to burst your bubble, but your hope to find out if “the guy was actually in the process of beating Tiffany or pointing a gun at her trying to eliminate a witness…” can’t happen unless (gasp!) TPTB forget all about canon. Tiffany told Sam and Callen that when she left the motel, Boyle was alive and on the phone with Quinn so she made a run for it. She also told them that she always assumed Quinn killed Boyle, so clearly she was not in the room when Deeks actually shot Boyle with his own weapon.

      That does still leave the option, as you said, of them fighting over then gun. That makes sense, except again, why would Deeks not have come clean about that right away? If they were fighting over Boyle’s weapon, it must have meant that Deeks felt threatened by Boyle, which would make Deeks’ actions an accident commited while defending himself or pure self defense. And yet, that’s not what Deeks even said to Kensi when he confessed to her: “John Quinn didn’t kill Boyle. I did, and I did it to protect Tiffany.”

      I believe Deeks did kill Boyle to protect Tiffany. The problem is, Tiffany’s life was not in imminent danger, which I believe is one of the requirements for a claim of “defense of another.” She wasn’t even in the room at the time! You can’t kill someone because you believe they’re going to kill someone else in the near future, and that’s what Deeks did.

      Believe it or not, I am not making a judgment here against Deeks. Just stating the “facts” as we’ve been told them in canon.


      • sassyzazzi // June 20, 2018 at 7:17 PM // Reply

        Psyched, I always assumed Tiffany did not tell Sam and Callen the truth. Her speech felt well rehearsed like Deeks had told her what to say so she could claim she was not there and did not see what happened, so Deeks was still protecting her. I just assumed she was there when Deeks killed Boyle and she knows what happened. The story she told really does not make sense . Tiffany said, Boyle forced her to have sex, then left to find Quinn, and she stayed in the cheap hotel room waiting for Quinn and Boyle returned and started beating her. I really cannot imagine a seasoned hooker no matter how young, not figuring out, Boyle would come back to hurt her, and so she would get out of there as as soon as possible not wait for his return. It would be a great storyline if they actually told us what happened.


        • Psyched and sassyzazzi
          you both bring up these fantastic points.
          that’s why I am confused …as usual.
          is Tiffany lying to protect Deeks, Quite probably.
          but if Deeks was actually legitimately protecting her, then he would have a witness to corroborate his story. With Boyle’s history, it would be a good shoot.
          if Tiffany wasn’t there, then it was not in defense of her..
          if it was legit, why hide it, then let IA and Whiting run over you. if you have a reasonable chance of being acquitted or of not even being charged, why not own it.
          with everything Deeks says about doing the right thing… this is ominous.

          even though it may have been for good reason, and though Boyle was corrupt. even though Deeks was protecting Tiffany…
          I do not think his actions were legal or defensible.
          I feel that by legal definition…it was murder of a police officer.
          it does sound harsh, but doesn’t that make him a cop killer? a murderer?
          I do not like this at all, period.
          that’s why I would like some context around it.
          both of you are right, their stories just don’t track.
          there has to be more to it. right???
          somebody is still lying or leaving things out. probably both of them…
          glad I am not the only one this bothers..

          I agree that I am not judging either. by all accounts Boyle had it coming.
          …but Deeks could have been lying about some of that as well…who knows.
          he has looked Kensi right in the eyes and lied to her face more than once.

          what we have been told doesn’t fit any definition or criteria that would rule against calling it murder.
          …and it bugs me.
          I look at the earlier season and miss them dearly

          thank you,


      • Dearest Psyched,
        I have decided to confer with the showrunners and the season 9 writing staff.
        after asking everyone involved, reviewing the entire season’s shows and then playing 3 rounds of “What do you think”…we decided to just ask.
        …what it this canon thing you speak of???
        don’t the agents already have guns?

        please help.
        otherwise we are at an impasse. nobody has a clue and we cant even reach an agreement on how to find out.
        the writers want to draw straws .
        while RSG wants to play rock paper scissors.( east coast rules)

        that is how bad it has gotten. this group cant even agree on how to google search what canon actually is.



        • sassyzazzi // June 22, 2018 at 10:15 AM // Reply

          Ed, I always assumed that the “Internal Affairs” episode was mean to be ambiguous to allow us a jumping off point for more Deeks centric stories that answered some open questions from the episode. So canon was meant to be ambiguous. Tiffany was a very interesting character, and certainly the fact that Deeks was paying her a good sum of money monthly for a long time raised some questions. I understand why this story got bypassed in Season 8, Daniella was pregnant and TPTB did a good job creating an arc her. However, they should have come back to Deeks in Season 9, but alas they were too busy giving screen time to two new people that most of the fans did not care about.


          • I completely agree completely.
            there is more there. Tiffany knows more than she is telling.
            i personally feel she was and is protecting Deeks and that she knows the real truth.
            I also find her an interesting character with a good story.
            I would like to see them come back to it at some point.

            maybe the episode right after the one where Mosley winds up in prison and the team tears down her office.
            just a thought


          • Sassy and Ed, my thoughts tend to align with Ed’s above. If it really was self-defense, Tiffany would have attested to that and there would be no further story, no reason for the entire Internal Affairs arc, etc. We can leave it as a “this is what TPTB had to do to make this storyline work and they really didn’t consider Deeks’ character” as I know I’ve done for some other decisions either of my favorite couple has made over the past several years (I’m lthining of Deeks’ decision to buy a bar as the first one that pops into my head, but I know there’s a better one swimming in my mind somewhere).

            But personally, I don’t think that’s the case. When he finally admits the truth to Kensi in “Cancel Christmas” Deeks said, ” John Quinn didn’t kill Boyle. I did, and I did it to protect Tiffany.” In his confession to Whiting in “Under Siege” Deeks said, “I killed my ex-partner. I killed Boyle. You were right, okay? You were right all along, he was a dirty cop. And I shot him with his own gun ’cause he was gonna try to kill that girl.” Moments later he also said, “And I’m a man of my word, okay? I’m not a bad guy. I just did a very bad thing for a very good reason.”

            I think these statements are probably a) the truth; and b) as close as we’re ever going to get to a resolution on this issue. And honestly, I’m okay with that. Deeks really said it all. He did kill Boyle. He did do it to protect Tiffany, because “he was GONNA TRY to kill” her. If it had been in defense of Tiffany in that moment, he would have at least told Kensi that, I think, and certainly Whiting. But he didn’t say that. He said he killed Boyle.

            Notice that he didn’t ever once say he murdered Boyle, though (he kept denying it when he was under arrest for Boyle’s murder, in fact). Deeks, a lawyer and a cop, would certainly know the difference between killing and murdering. My understanding, which is by no means backed up by any legal education, is that murder is a legal term and implies more than just causing the death of someone. All murder is killing, but not all killing is murder. In a very basic sense, killing is justifiably taking another’s life while murder is unjustified. Deeks has repeatedly admitted to killing Boyle. He has stated each time that he did it to protect Tiffany (because Boyle would have probably murdered her one day). He clearly (and again, let’s remember his background as a lawyer and a cop) feels justified in doing so, And his actions may very well have been deemed justifiable in a court of law. Of course we’ll never know because he did not confess at the time of Boyle’s death (and who can blame him!). My head canon, which I believe works with what we know as real canon, is that Deeks found himself in possession of Boyle’s gun in that motel room (how I don’t know) and in a heat-of-the-moment, split-second decision used it against Boyle. I don’t believe he planned to kill Boyle, and I do believe Tiffany’s life was in danger (just not imminently). Perhaps Boyle even taunted Deeks by saying he would make Tiffany pay for setting him up and Deeks responded instinctively and emotionally to protect her.

            Whatever did happen, Kensi obviously believes Deeks was justified in his actions. Let’s not forget she figured out what he’d done before he told her about it didn’t feel it was necessary to confront him about it. She continued to sleep in the same bed with him, presumably not afraid that he would kill her too. The only thing she seemed to have a problem with when he did finally tell her was that Deeks had kept it a secret from her. Whiting also appears to believe he was justified in killing Boyle. In “Golden Days” she said, “While I don’t agree with what you did, I do think you did it for the right reasons. I’m willing to close the investigation. If you help me.” Right there is kind of the difference between killing someone and murdering them, I think–he did it for the right reason. Even a fellow cop–one whose job it is to police her peers–thinks Deeks was justified in killing Bolyle.

            So that’s why I’m okay with Deeks being a “killer.” I’m reminded that he’s human and humans are messy. Some of us alluded to this in the recent Roundtable discussion (shameless plug–go listen to it if you haven’t already!). It’s part of what makes him so compelling to me as a character: the fact that he did this bad thing and now is sometimes the conscience of the team, repeatedly being the one to remind his teammates of what they’re about to do and how it could be stepping over a line. He did it with Kensi in “Blye, K.” when she wanted to kill Peter Clairmont for murdering her father; with Callen in “Warrior of Peace” when he wanted to trade Kirkin for his father; and with Mosley in “A Line in the Sand” when she was willing to do just about anything and everything to get her son back. (There’s probably a Sam example over the years too, but I can’t come up with one off the top of my head.)

            As ECO has said any number of times (unless that’s just me reading the same interviews over and over), Deeks is a flawed character (they all are, really) and that’s what makes him intriguing and interesting. Because yes, he’lll be the one to point out to the others when they’re about to do something they might regret, but he’ll still have that person’s back. He also knows he has done the same or similar things when the person he loves is in danger (or even just because he thinks she’s dead): waterboarding a man and beating the crap out of Sabatino, anyone?

            I don’t believe it’s out of character for Deeks to have done “a very bad thing for a very good reason.” I would argue the opposite, in fact: that it is part of his character. It’s part of makes him a messy, human, sometimes dark, conflicted, sometimes hypocritical, inconsistent, flawed, realistic character. I’m not sure how many of us can claim not to be all of those things at times in our lives (even if we haven’t killed someone). I know I can’t.

            Wow, I totally didn’t mean for this to be as long as it was, and certainly not as serious. At this point I probably should have just submitted this as a feature article!. I’ll try to go back to being my usual self in my next post. (See, inconsistent human here!)

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            • The problem with Deeks shooting Boyle is since there is no back story or flash back we don’t know why or how it went down, so everyone has a opinion good or bad. I just don’t understand why the writers made him a killer instead of having him planting evidence or some lesser crime which he covered up. It would have made him less flawed. I mean killing someone for whatever reason could be considered a giant flaw. I would hate to make a choice to love him or hate him based on the info we have. I do think Kensi forgave him too quickly but maybe she had more info.

              I know that there are only certain times that using deadly force is warranted and unless he was saving Tiffany from being in imminent danger of losing her life he can’t shoot. So I think it is important that R Scoot Reset needs to clear that up in a M. Deeks episode.


              • Well, the problem with “for whatever reason” doesn’t take into account the dozens (if not hundreds by now if you look at 9 seasons’ worth) of people they have all killed over the seasons. Yeah, they were “bad guys.” Most were hired help or henchmen or the bad guys themselves. Maybe some had families and needed the pay but were killed in the line of doing a job that was illegal. In reference to this TV show (not reality), they weren’t even minor characters’ they were bodies to get shot and killed to create drama. But our guys killed them because they were going to be killed by them or kill others. Deeks killed someone who was going to kill someone else. He knew about it. He stopped him. Could he have chosen differently? Sure, help Tiffany move to another state for one. Make it look like self defense if it wasn’t that in the first place — everyone knew Boyle was a bad cop so that wouldn’t have been out of character and he had already put a gun in Deeks’ mouth. Maybe something happened to provoke that moment so it had to happen then and not any other time. Until they show it to us, we don’t know. But don’t hang your hat on whether you like Deeks or not because he killed someone when killing is what they do in a whole heckuva lot of episodes.


                • Well they do fire their guns more than all the alphabet departments of the us combined but in the line of duty I guess. and more info is required but you can’t shoot somebody unless you or someone is in mortal danger.
                  I don’t even take my side arm out of the holster unless the situation requires it and I’m a civilian. If I shoot someone that is breaking into my house after I give them a warning I still have to go to jail that night and will probably get sued and need thousands of dollars to defend my self. You can’t just shoot someone cause they threaten to harm you or a love one. I will reserve judgment on Deeks when more info comes out.


        • Ed, thanks for making me laugh with “don’t the agents already have guns?” This is why TPTB of every show need to have a canon consultant (several, in fact, since nobody can remember everything about every character). I would submit to RSG et al that there are plenty of qualified people to be found in their fan(atic) base. I would further propose that they hire (or at least keep on retainer) one for each of their main characters (except Mosley because nothing she does can be considered in character since she’s been so inconsistent…plus really I bet they can’t find anyone who cares enough about Mosley to want to know everything there is to know about her). I might know a *couple* of folks who might be willing and would certainly be able to fill that role for the Deeks and Kensi characters. Call me, PTB, we’ll talk!


          • didn’t everyone on the podcast already send them their contact info?
            did you guys go in on hiring a sky writer
            or get a billboard near Paramount???
            just curious…

            great job on the podcast by the way

            and yes, this fandom could produce some fantastic canon consultants.
            you have my full support.
            maybe the show will actively seek someone for a position like that.
            you should look for something on the job websites.

            wanted. NCIS LA consultant.
            needs to like the show and actually pays attention.
            previous experience having taken time to watch previous season a plus…
            if you can spell Kensi’s name correctly and know the name of Deeks dog…please apply.

            I am glad we can still laugh after all the frustration of this season.

            I cant believe this season actually had me begging for more Hetty.
            I never thought that would happen, but Mosley managed to do it…

            then again, I would take almost anything over Mosley.
            I would prefer to watch,,,
            or Monty cleaning himself.



            • Yeah, I’m wondering how many owners of a “Die Anna, Die” t-shirt would be willing to cross out that character’s name and replace it with Mosley’s. Gotta wonder if TPTB took offense at all of the Anna Hate and decided to give us the what for (to quote some old people I’ve known). “We’ll teach those Densi-lovers to hate Callen and Arkady’s dear, sweet Anna. We’ll give them an even worse character AND have her and her sidekick take up most of Densi’s time this season. And any Densi screen time they do get will be taken up by incessant and annoying bickering about the wedding they won’t see anytime soon. Mwah ha ha ha ha!”

              Glad you enjoyed the podcast–it was a lot of fun to do and I’m so glad I was invited to join! But I think I just burned any bridge that might have led to TPTB calling me anytime soon (and we totally should have hired skywriters. Or at least a singing telegram in an avocado suit). Good thing I still have my day job?

              As for Hetty over Mosely, I would definitey vote for our operations manager to return full time if possible in S10, but I have to admit I often forgot the poor woman was MIA though much of this season–even after we knew she was captive in Vietnam, every time they showed a scene from there my first thought was, “Oh yeah, there’s the Hetty arc going on.” Guess I’m still a little ticked at her for all her past actions re: Deeks and Kensi. Oh well, at least the one time she fired Deeks it wasn’t for real.


  28. I’ve seen three posts via Tumblr via Instragrams that it appears episode three has Whiting and the actress who played Tiffany in it. Are we getting a Deeks, M. episode at last? And a clip from far away of ECO and Dani shooting a scene on a beach (casually dressed).


  29. David Smiesko // March 22, 2021 at 7:42 PM // Reply

    NCIS LA 9X23, 9X24 and 10X1
    Just finished watching these 3 episodes and had a few questions.

    First one is why was this scene deleted from the TV version? It is on the DVD version.
    It would have painted a better picture of Kensi’s state of mind about going to Mexico w/o Deeks.

    Getting on the plane

    Secondly, when they dropped off Derrick at the exfil site and Shay said thanks
    to Deeks, was she aware that if Deeks hadn’t gone on the mission she might not
    have gotten her son back? Trojan Horse idea!

    Thirdly, How far did Kensi (Daniela Ruah) actually drag Deeks (ECO) in the Desert?
    The behind the scenes discussions I’m betting are, wait for it, legendary!

    Just wondering out loud.


  30. Update from my previous comment:
    I found an anomaly from this YouTube clip of NCIS LA 9×23/9×24 – Getting on the Plain.
    When they are getting to the plane @ 0:14 into the clip it’s raining as they walk up to the open door.

    But when they show them on the plane and sitting down @ 0:18 that no one is wet!
    Must have had a blow dryer at the entrance like they have a car wash?
    Wash and wear clothes?

    Little things like this tend to make me crazy. Consistency is the key to any story line
    whether it’s movies, plays, books or TV shows.

    Just annoys me that they can’t keep the scenes straight.

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  31. Old news but still bothers me.
    After watching the final 2 episodes of season 9, it had me wondering why Kensi uttered this line.
    So Kensi said, “I know that you asked me to think about it, and you know exactly what you want… I can’t give that to you.”
    So after many years talking about it having kids, she now says that that she can’t give that to him?
    Might have wanted to give Deeks a heads up prior to Season 9?
    Doesn’t make sense that now she is unable to see their future together and start a family.


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