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NCISLA Showrunners Say Adios!

Goodbye Shane and Dave! I will miss you!

I’m going to miss Shane Brennan.  Not so much for his skills as an executive producer on NCIS: Los Angeles, but more as an incredibly talented screenwriter. I’m sure that in the past eight years he has directed the success of the show from his producer’s chair in more ways than we will ever know. Yes, there have been times when this frustrated fan has been known to express her frustrations in various reviews and blogs regarding the direction the show was going. Still, my unrest didn’t last long because a new episode appeared that always restored my faith in the show and reminded me why I keep coming back for more. But the main reason I am sad to see Mr. Brennan leave has to do more with his creative vision as a writer than his work as the showrunner. Although maybe this is one and the same thing?

Brennan wrote about 17 episodes for NCIS:LA, many of them centered around G Callen and his search to find himself in the uncertain world we live in. Most of his episodes were written in Season 1, which helped lay down a strong foundation for Callen and the rest of the beloved characters he created. Many of Brennan’s scripts left us sitting on the edge of our seats with season finales that could only be successfully resolved at the beginning of the following season like “Sans Voir” and “Familia”.  Other than Frank Military perhaps, no one can write a cliffhanger like Shane Brennan.

But the one thing I will always be grateful for is the creation and introduction of our dear Detective Marty Deeks to the world. Bringing in the slightly irreverent, cocky but sensitive cop was a stroke of genius on Brennan’s part and added a comic yet charming touch to the heavy handed subject matter that the show had to deal with every week. For those who know me, it comes as no surprise that my favorite episode penned by Brennan is “Human Traffic”.  Although Deeks was introduced as a regular at the end of Season 1, this outstanding episode gave Deeks a chance to shine and announce to the world he was a part of this team and he was here to stay. It will always remain my essential Deeks episode. I only wish he had written more Deeks-centric scripts.

So it came as shock to fans of the show when Brennan announced at the end of Season 7 that he was stepping down as showrunner in order to pursue other projects. We found out this week that one of those ventures is the commitment of $1 million a year of his own money to find and support up and coming Australian screenwriters. He is currently searching for local writing talent and scripts that he can develop and foster Down Under, which is a noble investment indeed. I wish him luck in his future endeavors and want to thank him for creating this wonderful show which has given me not only hours of entertainment and enjoyment but of course the character this website  humbly honors… Marty Deeks!

I also want to mention the departure of Dave Kalstein, who said farewell at the end of this past season as well. Both Shane and Dave have done much to mold the direction of this show in their story telling and in particular shaping the Deeks and Densi storyline. Dave had his groupies and his naysayers to be sure. I fell into the former category because no matter what Dave wrote, he always made you think about what you were watching long after the show ended. I loved when he wrote for Deeks. He was Deeks’ best friend and always had his back and that surely came across in his writing. I will miss that creative bond but I wish Dave well as he goes on to bigger and better projects and hope that we hear from him again real soon. Thanks, Dave!

We have some fun fanfics coming up in the next few weeks as we find out what Densi did on their summer vacation. Also, the wikiDeeks gang will be back soon with a new Roundtable discussion for the new season and stay tuned for a new In the Bullpen very soon! See ya then!


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7 Comments on NCISLA Showrunners Say Adios!

  1. I was wishing for maybe another Brennan script, too. Did he write any last season? I had a feeling he was on the way out of the NCISLA world.


  2. I will miss them both too. Human Traffic is still one of my favorite episodes as well. In that one episode, we were treated to a range of emotions that Eric Christian Olsen would bring to the show…he expressed vulnerability, cockiness, anger and rage, as well as his strong sense of right and wrong. That is how Brennan introduced us to a dynamic character that changed the show and ancored it in our hearts.

    I certainly agree with Diane that Dave Kalstein will be missed. Nothing he wrote was common boilerplate. He explored his character’s psyche, and made us look deeper in the process. It wasn’t always easy to understand his point, but it sure as hell was never boring.

    Thanks for this farewell, Di. Those two deserved it.


  3. Donna Fletcher // August 7, 2016 at 6:51 PM // Reply

    Shane Brennan will be missed but I think R Scott Gemmill will be just as good. He did co write Internal Affairs, the best episode of Season 7. I am hopeful for a good Deeks and Densi season. I do have a feeling that Season 8 may be the last (I hope not). I will forever grateful to him for bringing Eric to the show because he is the only reason I watch.


  4. I probably would have stopped watching the show after season one if Deeks wasn’t introduced. He just made the show soooo much better.


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