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They’re BAAAACK!!!

Cast and Crew Return

Welcome to my new (sort of) NCIS:LA Blog…In the Bullpen with Phillydi! I’m resurrecting this blog from another site where I was a contributor and I hope to share some silly (and serious) musings about the forthcoming 8th season and of course our Detective Deeks in particular. I thought I would kick off my first offering by commenting on our new look here at wikiDeeks. Didn’t our resident graphic guru, DeeksFreak do a great job? We can’t wait to start filling it up with all the new and familiar features that you know and love here at the site. Speaking of which… we have a new fanfic series coming up soon called “Kensi and Deeks: What We Did on our Summer Holiday.” Some of our best fanfic writers are coming up with great, fun stories about our soon to be engaged couple (?) and what they were up to this summer. Stay tuned.

Well, you can tell we’re smack dab in the middle of summer, can’t you? The temperatures are rising, the kids are splashing around in the pool and I can’t get that stupid ice cream truck jingle out of my head! The other reason I know it’s mid-summer is because the NCIS:LA crew is back at work again at the Paramount studio lot! Rick Tunell has been posting shooting schedules and JP Kousakis has started sending out his ‘will not disappoint’ tweets. That means the start of Season 8 can’t be too far behind!

It’s been fun following the cast around on their various summer holidays trips too. Eric Christian Olsen and his family enjoyed the beauty of Europe and the Grand Tetons (nice!); Daniella Ruah was off and about with her pregnant belly visiting family and friends in Portugal and attending various fan conventions with Eric; Renée Felice Smith has been tooting around Nevada with her mom, sister and cute boyfriend and there have been various pictures of Barrett Foa hanging out with his very handsome dad in New York City. Well, all I can say is it’s back to work, you guys! Hopefully we will soon be getting tweets and Instagram pictures from the set and maybe some clues as to what will be happening to our fav characters as we begin the upcoming season.

It’s going to be a late start this year as we don’t officially kick off Season 8 until October 2nd. I’m not too sure I’m liking the new Sunday at 8 pm timeslot… only because of the different sporting events that may push the time back or cancel that night’s show altogether. I guess we will see how much disruption takes place… or not. I already know it’s going to be a bear just trying to set my DVR to the correct time! What hardships we struggle with as devoted fans!

That’s it for now…. Next time I want to talk about the departure this year of two very important showrunners and how I think it will affect the show going forward. So I’ll be back very soon with another edition of In the Bullpen with Phillydi! See ya all then!

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

11 Comments on They’re BAAAACK!!!

  1. I am a bit worried about recording season 8 episodes, but my husband suggested I record the following program in case NCISLA gets bumped back time wise. Hope that will work, or we can just pray none of the football games go into overtime. Oh well…at least we got a Season 8.


    • Depending on your cable provider, you can choose to automatically extend a show’s recording for a set amount of time (I have FiOS and can extend recording time at certain increments up to 2 hours after scheduled air time). Obviously the same idea as just recording the show after LA, but that way if for some reason the usual show after LA isn’t airing one night but LA is, you’ll still get the extra time recorded. That’s probably what I am going to do (I think I’ll set it for 60 minutes).


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // July 14, 2016 at 2:48 PM // Reply

      Thinking the same thing. That’s what I had to do with The Good Wife. It’s a bit annoying because you never really know when it will be on. I eventually quit watching TGW live and just watched the recording the next day. But definitely glad there is a season 8!


  2. Hey, I’ve been watching the morphing going on around here – every time I looked it was a little different. Cool. I’m kinda looking forward to Sunday – I really like Madam Secretary and it seems like a good combination. I hope the football won’t disrupt too much! I was not that fond of the Monday night – seemed like they never got any credit for being pitted against Castle and whatever the other channel tried to put up against them (which they always seemed to hold out against). Hope this new night is good and” It’s A Season 8k” – can’t complain. Looking forward to the new stuff here!


  3. Wonderful look to the site!! Looking forward to Season 8 and what happens with Densi. Curious and a little concerned about the storyline to cover the pregnancy.


  4. Very happy to read your blog, Di! Love the new look. Deeksfreak, you have outdone yourself! The look is fresh and summery. Green is one of my fav colors and Deeks looks really cute! Can’t wait for the new season to start. And thanks for the reminders to set the DVR to record later than the timeslot. I think I will set mine to 60 mins over.


    • I had a thought the other day about how they may deal with the pregnancy. Last time, of course, they went extreme in the storyline with “Afghanistan” and went to a lot of extra work and expense to create that. I’m thinking they may go low key this time, being in their 8th season. Kensi has bragged that she’s never been shot of the four of them. What if they open on an op gone wrong, she’s shot, and in a coma or otherwise incapacitated in the hospital for a few eps. She’s still there, but out of commission. Deeks gets to have some great angst scenes.


  5. Rhonda Lara // July 11, 2016 at 9:00 AM // Reply

    I am excited for the 8:00 time slot as staying up until 11 was next to impossible for this teacher. I also enjoy Madame Secretary, so a great match.
    Your new backdrop is beautiful!
    Thank you for all you do! 💗


  6. Thanks for all the great comments. Glad you are enjoying the new look!!


  7. The new look is fabulous. It is. And the title They’re baaack is so reassuring! After all these months of holiday (for the cast and crew) and more than two months of hiatus, the certainty that they are back to work makes me giddy beyond words!
    I have great expectations from Season 8, especially for Deeks and Kensi and I do hope Daniela’s pregnancy will give us a memorable storyline for Densi.


  8. I have a new theory of how they’re going to deal with Dani’s pregnancy. We’ve seen instagram photos of a downed helicopter. So Kenzi is seriously injured. She is in a coma — we’ve heard from both ECO and Dani during Comic Con that there is a proposal (not saying engagement) and it made a crew member cry three times that day. What is more sad than a proposal to the love of your life who is in a coma? And Dani bragged she was “great in that scene” which I believe is a self-sarcastic comment about being in the scene but not conscious. At least that is how I think they will start her being not involved at the beginning of the season. After she wakes up, if she’s temporarily disabled like I’ve heard rumors about … who knows.


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