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Review: NCISLA “The Grey Man” (S6E8)

If you are a Densi fan like me, you are probably waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for any vital signs that their lackluster relationship is still intact so far this season. Right? The pickings have been slim with only an occasional morsel to get us through a season that for the most part has been unremarkable. How long it will take before we find out what’s really going on between Kensi and Deeks? The previews for “The Grey Man” were promising and I waited excitedly with renewed interest. This week Andrew Bartels penned his first solo script and we have another new director, James Hanlon behind the camera. Can these two men bring us any closer to our Holy Grail? No pressure there, huh!

I’m Coming Over…I’m bring Monty.
The opening scene reminds us why we love Sam Hanna so much. Here’s a man with a steel-plated veneer but a mushy interior as he indulgently responds to his daughter’s multiple phone calls, causing the rest of the team to look on in amusement. [Sam: Daddy can do anything. Daddy is a super hero.] Poor Sam, it isn’t easy being a parent in this tough world, and his co-workers are not cutting him any slack either.

When Eric announces ‘Granger Danger’, the team is off and running trying to find the killer of The Grey Man (Goodsell), an ex-Marine and former CIA agent who has been found dead. The man is on the DOD watch list and his secrets could put a lot of lives at risk. Granger tells the team Goodsell was on the streets and homeless after a breakdown or PTSD event. But who killed the illusive Grey Man and why??

When I Wore That Thing It Gave Me a Rash
But things may not be as they seem. Goodsell was not really homeless after all, as cameras pick him up walking around in a business suit around town. Sam figures he is working an Op and in order to find out more they need to go undercover to talk to those who may have known the man. Deeks decides it’s time to pull ‘Artie’ out of deep freeze and go back on the streets working his homeless persona as Kensi talks with some of the suits on the plaza. Together maybe they can find out more about Goodsell.

Sam and Callen are sure that the Grey Man was either faking his breakdown or Granger was lying to them and go off in search of the truth. It seems strange to see Granger working the streets, but this is a personal mission he needs to undertake covertly. Of course Sam and Callen have other ideas when they help him apprehend a CIA operative who may lead them to Goodsell. Granger has been keeping tabs on a Paul Barnes who led the White Ghost mission in Afghanistan. Granger knew Goodsell was MIA and Barnes claims he has nothing to do with his death and instead was sent to find him and bring him in. Barnes is concerned the Grey Man may have died because of his involvement with a Mexican cartel. After identifying pictures sent to Barnes from Goodsell, the team sets out to investigate a prostitute who may be mixed up in the possible extradition of a former drug lord (Peña) to the US. He’s sure Goodsell’s death was linked to the extradition.

You Can Fool Everyone Else Deeks, but You Can’t Fool Me
As they search for clues to Goodsell’s death, Deeks and Kensi have one of their most open conversations with each other from across a crowed plaza. Kensi seems to hate the girl who wandered the streets after her father died, despite Deeks wishing he could have gotten to know her. I have to wonder why Deeks felt compelled to lie to Kensi about knowing she spent time as a vagrant. Was he embarrassed for her? Or is he still having trouble communicating? Or did this open up unwanted memories of his own life as a teenager as well?

This is One Cat You Don’t Put in the Bag.

Hetty is back leading the team and has another plan on how to get the information they seek. (Once again the illusive White Ghost mission sweeps in and out without any more illuminating information!) Sam and Callen go undercover with better jackets, to Deeks’ chagrin, and find out more from the working girl they identified in the pictures Goodsell sent to Barnes’s phone. She was charged to find out everything she could about the Peña cartel and report back to her new clients. She also identifies another woman in Goodsell’s pictures who was with Kevin Turner, the federal prosecutor leading the case on Peña’s extradition. As Eric says, if the cartel gets Turner, they can kiss the extradition goodbye. But after rescuing Turner, he tells the team Peña is already on his way to the states. Someone is trying to stop Peña from revealing cartel secrets and the only way to do that is to kill him.

It got a little bit confusing at the end trying to figure out where all the puzzle pieces fit together… but it turns out Goodsell wasn’t working a mission, he was trying to keep Turner (his son) safe from the cartel after Goodsell witnessed members of the group abducting his girlfriend and her daughter. Turner had been ordered to kill Peña in exchange for their lives. In NCIS fashion, the team stops Turner from going through with the assassination while Kensi and Deeks rescue his girlfriend from the cartel. I always enjoy watching Deeks jumping out of burning buildings that have just been bombed. It’s turning out to be one of his specialties. Peña and Turner’s girlfriend are saved and all that’s left is to show is Callen pondering why Goodsell couldn’t reveal himself to his son. A mystery he can identify with but will never understand.

We finally discover why Kensi didn’t want to tell Deeks about her past. Not surprisingly, it is a past she wants to put way behind her. It’s kind of heartbreaking that she didn’t want Deeks to know about this dark side but it’s understandable. She wants him to be proud of her. Ah, Kens, don’t you know love means never having to say you’re sorry for past mistakes? (Sorry, just had to throw that in there.) But it’s important to Kensi that Deeks knows this darker part of her exists. This time it’s Kensi who has doubts about living a normal life as she admits their careers don’t offer much of a future together. He doesn’t like her response but begrudgingly understands. Still, it was a small step forward in the relationship and it was so very cute that Deeks wants to see his future with little baby ‘Deeks running around with fantastic hair’!   And so we are left at an impasse and still waiting for more. Sigh. I keep telling myself there’s always next week!!

Memorable Moments
• In the opening scene with Sam and his daughter it looks like Deeks was enjoying Sam’s predicament just a little too much. Was there a behind-the-scenes joke going on we weren’t privy to? Huh??
• Hetty was adorable relaying Sam a message from his daughter. I love the way she pronounces froooo-yo! Somehow I can’t see Granger eating fro-yo. Ha!
• Another good ‘boom’ with Densi this time. You sure Joey Wilson didn’t write this script?
Banana Hanna! Love Callen’s nickname for Sam’s daughter.
• Callen makes a connection to the Grey Man and possibly his own father’s legacy. Is it the same reason Callen’s father never revealed his secrets? Was he a Grey Man too?

Deeks Moments
Homeless Deeks never fails to amuse me and there were many moments in this episode where I just couldn’t stop smiling:

Deeks: Dinner and a show, well done ol’ timer. You got the world figured out here, don’t you? Another french fry, don’t mind if I do.

Deeks: Don’t be jealous of those coats, Artie. Just because they are new and probably don’t smell like a dead buffalo. You got character, alright. You’re pretty. I like you.
Kensi: You’re talking to your clothing. I stand corrected. You do belong down here.

Deeks: Ah, Kensalina I’m ready.
Kensi: Ready for what?
Deeks: My homeless act, how am I doing?
Kensi: A… B…..
Deeks: Ok, I’ll take that…
Kensi: …..minus.
Deeks: Oh, come on!
Kensi: Come on? Artie’s doing all the work. You’re just riding on his coat tails!
Deeks: Oh, you should be ashamed for that play on words.

Densi Moments

Deeks: Oh that skirt is working…You should probably borrow that from her. You’d look real nice. Buy her a new set of snow tires.
Kensi: Stop talking.
Deeks: Alright.

Deeks: Just to narrow it down for me, the best part of you is your ankles? Because you got pretty sexy ankles. I mean your feet are alright…your toes are a little weird…
Kensi: That’s exactly why I never talk to you. (Gotta love Deeks’ smile there!)

Deeks: What’s the plan here?
Kensi: Why do I always have to come up with the plan? What’s your plan?
Deeks: My plan is to live long and prosper you know what I mean, and make little baby Deeks, little ninja assassins with fantastic hair.
Kensi: Not likely in this job.

I think Bartels did a good job bringing us back to the kind of episodes we have enjoyed in the past. The team was more focused and didn’t come across like cartoon characters. They felt real. And they weren’t saving the world, just gathering better intel to try and put this one cartel out of business. It was a believable mission. Would I have liked more Densi… always. It’s never enough. But at least they are sharing more with each other and that’s got to count for something. But we still have unanswered questions regarding the White Ghost and what happen to Granger the last half of the storyline? He just fell off along the face of the earth when Hetty took over. I find their direction of the team a bit strange these days with all the coming and goings. But maybe we will find out more next week as the mole makes his move again, endangering Granger’s life and leaving Eric as a suspect? Say it ain’t so Beale! Join me then for my review of “Traitor” only on wikiDeeks! In the meantime check out Deek’s Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal to find out more about this last mission. See you then!

Title: “The Grey Man”
Writers: Andrew Bartels
Director: James Hanlon
Original Air Date: November 17, 2014


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40 Comments on Review: NCISLA “The Grey Man” (S6E8)

  1. My biggest complaint about this ep is that I was looking and hoping for the closing scene to be focused on Densi and maybe some sort of (subtle) follow up to Kensi’s confession before the explosion. I mean, I get the connection between Callen and the whole not knowing your father thing but I felt like that seemed forced as the closing when most of the emotional moments of the episode revolved around Kensi and the part of her life she was “hiding”.

    Overall, I liked the episode, but I was rather disappointed in that I don’t think it lived up to the promos. I was expecting more focus on Kensi and therefore Densi.


    • Yep. I was expecting more too but I should know better.


      • Di…Thanks for another wonderful & thoughtful review!

        I laughed when you wrote how Deeks jumping out of exploding & burning buildings..has become one of his specialties! 🙂

        When Deeks signed up to be a cop .,.Im sure he never thought that one day…he would end up expert at jumping out of windows of exploding buildings!!!

        Maybe the fact Deeks character has had so much “practice” at doing that..says way more about the writing & priorties of the people who run that show..than it does about our man Deeks? 🙂

        Im glad to see that you enjoyed the episode & the Densi moments..a little more than I did.

        I like seeing the fact we got way more Densi in this episode… I stated in other posts….something felt a little off …with their normally smooth banter …when compared from seasons past..

        Seeing Kensi reveal more about herself to Deeks….was a very nice scene…and it would have been really cool at the end of their escape from the burning building..if they could have given us more revealing Densi moment with some drama and/or humor to it.

        That closing scene with Callen & Hetty…was powerful & full of pathos…and it remined me…..of .the heartfelt scenes they used to show more often between Hetty & G’s characters

        Chiris is a terrific actor..and his face & eyes… showed how torn up he still is..about his father and his past.
        The show needs to do more dramatic scenes like that…and stop with the exploding & burnings buildings all ready!!!

        ( Ok ok…end of rant..where was it?? Oh yeah…lol)

        I just wish..they had cut another scene….like the one where Granger is sitting at the resteraunt and acts all Johnny Most Macho with include a last scene with Deeks & Kensi talking.

        The scenes with heartfelt emotions..whether they be dramatic or humorous… & genuine character development with Deeks & Kensi…are what I really miss the most on the show this season

        I just wonder…when will Shane Brennan & the other producers…get a clue…that all the gunfire & explosions in the world..won’t help the ratings.. ..if the people watching the show..start losing interest…because they would rather watch their fave characters interactting with one another..than see Deeks & Kensi…no matter how cute they look doing it..jump out of their 10,000 th burning building??

        Overall……I thought this episode was one of the better ones this season…but thats only because..we got more Densi.

        I gotta admit…seeing Kensi take the time to tell Deeks she only wants him to see the best of her….knowing they only had mere minutes to spare to rescue the people held hostage inside the building…was kinda ..”odd” but I blame the director..for that.

        It almost felt like ….the director wanted to get in another revealing Densi moment..but was squeezed for the only place he felt he could get in that bit of dialogue

        I guess as a deprived Densi fan..we gotta take our Densi moments …when we can get then.

        I understand & share your frustations…when you said you expected more Densi..but that you don’t want to get your hopes up in any given episode.

        Since ECO has thanked this site for the fans love of him & all things Deeks…I wonder…if he knows or has heard rumblings… about Densi fans frustations & disappointment with the direction of Densi & thier thing this season?

        Im just bringing that up..because of Angela’s idea for Densi fans to contact people working on the show and informing them of Densi’s fans unhappiness with the fact ..somebody running the show..has decided to delay their love story ..and hit the “pause” and “stop” button on it..

        I remember seeing that interview with DR from about a month or so ago….saying she thought the writers were doing a good job of keeping Densi fans guessing in S6…

        but now I ECO & DR..have any frustated & disappointed Densi fans are with the writers & producers decision to downplay Densi?

        Hopefully…if they did find out…they would be surprised to discover….that what they assumed was the writers brilliant move to play “Hide the Densi”… with Densi fans in S6….turned out to be…not such a good job or smart thing to do afterall!

        The sad thing for Densi fans is… even if..they were to discover how unhappy Densi fans are today… would be too late…..even if ..(and thats a really big IF….just going by what little we have seen of Densi so far ).,..they wanted to include more Densi…to change things. …in any of the already completed and edited episodes.

        Im just worried..that even if..they decided to all of a sudden…change course on Densi later on this season….and brought it back up to the level of importance.with better scripts and dialogue etc….that the characters used to have on the show…it might .be a case of “too little & too late” for a growing amount of disillusioned Densi fans…

        Like they say…you can’t put back the toothpaste..once you squeeze it out of the tube…..



  2. PhyllyDi, Great review! As usual!

    My favorite scene was of course a Densi scene. I loved that Kensi admitted why she didn’t share the darkest period in her life…she wanted Deeks to only see the best side of her…*sigh*.. And his lightening of the moment with his comment about her ankles…what a lovely man, our Deeks is.
    Also enjoyed the scene where Deeks shielded Kensi in the explosion…
    Overall, I enjoyed the episode with the team banter and all the Deeks. I find Deeks hilariously funny.
    And last but not least, I did enjoyed wise Hetty’s talk with Callen at the end.

    Love reliving each episode when I read your reviews😄


  3. thanks Diane for another great review, with which I mostly agree – good action, smart script, well played, but seems that I see the part concerning Densi differently. Yes, I would like to see more of them too, but this episode showed me two best scenes between them: 1) when Kensi told Deeks that he cannot fool her,(but she cannot fool him either) and 2) when she told him, actually insisting to told him in very “improper” situation that she only wanted him to see the best of her (my heart skipped the beat). And he is very much aware of that since this is the very reason he lied to her about “not knowing” she was homeless for a year. Those two were their most honest scenes from “The Frozen lake” episode for me. They are definitely coming closer with each episode.
    This episode made me so happy while watching it that I watched it already twice and plan to see it again soon. I stopped thinking what if or when if and just enjoyed the ride…


  4. Great review as always (almost seems redundant to say every single time, but don’t want to take your hard work for granted!)

    I agree – I thought that ECO was enjoying that intro Sam/Superdaddy personally and not just in character. Seemed like we missed part of that joke! I personally enjoy when you can see flashes of the actors in the scene. He is so cute when he has that truly delighted look on his face.

    I was wondering what was up with Hetty – didn’t appear until 14 minutes into the ep. I think it made sense with the rest of the storyline eventually, but I am a bit concerned about Hetty being replaced with Granger. He brings something to the show, but Hetty is still unique (and I have clearly forgiven her more than I realized when I don’t want her replaced by anyone!)

    I thought the Densi scenes were deep and moving in their content as well as in moving the story forward. The Callen/Hetty ending was also appropriate given the storyline. However, I felt like the earlier Densi scenes could have also used a resolve. When I watched the ep the first time I felt like it was setting up for a final scene in the mission where they explored some of their thoughts/feelings further. Didn’t realize that was all we were going to get. Was something edited out or is this part of the long, slow process they are taking us on? Trying to be grateful for morsels. I’m most disappointed with the Densi pace when I watch Bones later in the week and see the partners married, with a child and still taking on cases while maintaining their interesting relationship banter. Would like that for Densi.

    I agree this felt like a good, team episode in the style to which we are accustomed. I only had one “are you kidding me?” when the guy with the meat cleaver walked out of the building completely burned. And then I remembered Karen’s advice and just went with it. See how great and helpful this supportive community is? 🙂

    Back to the books. Truly my biggest complaint of the fall season – my schoolwork is seriously impinging on my NCIS:LA/Densi analysis & episode re-watching time!!


  5. Such a great re-cap Di. Overall I liked this episode, willingly suspending my disbelief a couple of times, but I do that a lot. As I tell my husband…it’s a TV show, not reality, because I’m pretty sure a cop wouldn’t walk unarmed into that room with two bad guys carrying AKs. Why wouldn’t they just shoot him? I know Deeks is supposed to be able to talk himself out of any situation, but this just seemed ridiculously reckless.

    I thought the Densi scenes were all about Kensi…however I can’t complain because…and it might just be me, but didn’t Deeks look absolutely adorable in his homeless get up and hat…throwing old french fries over his shoulder? Those scenes were my favorites of course. Never tire of ECO’s facial expressions when he is looking at Kensi….so tender and caring. They are not just partners, I don’t care what the writers have in mind. Give me more tender moments…standing a little closer…and I can live with that.


    • I agree with you, Lindy! The looks that Deeks gives Kensi are so telling and I just want to see little moments between them!

      And the scene with Homeless Deeks and that old man who sat next to him with the fries was fantastic. I loved it.


    • I love those sweet smiles too!!


    • I agree, Lindy! I was driving to work this a.m. and thinking that I forgot to list my favorite part of Deeks. I love the glances between them but the best part is when Deeks is looking at her when Kensi is unaware. It’s a look that is so tender and caring! I can feel the love! 💛


  6. One more thing… did “Artie” look different in this episode than in prior appearances? Seemed more yellow in the past and more green this time. But did not have time to check prior episodes.


  7. Thank you Di for your ultra prompt review as always!

    I have to admit that I am also waiting with extreme agitation for any signs that Densi currently has more than just a friendship bordering on a “Will and Grace” situation where the flirtatiousness is just part of an innocent moment with no deeper meaning. (OK, infrequently Densi says something that gives me some hope and a few scenes between Deeks and Kensi were great but oh, so short!). However, the way Deeks looks at Kensi is always just so tender and beautiful that I don’t lose total faith!!

    My impatient nature though, is slowly but surely resulting in a meltdown regarding the Densi issue. As I have mentioned before the palpable sexual tension between Densi is missing in action and the writers need to think long and hard about it, because surely I am not the only one who’s getting seriously perturbed about it!

    Once one is clearly emotionally involved as demonstrated throughout the latter part of Season 3, then 4 and 5 (by the way, I truly miss those scenes sóóóó much), you cannot take these emotions back, completely hide them or regress without losing some vital part of the friendship or partnership – my experience and opinion.

    I am not saying that people can’t control their emotions but unfortunately it just becomes harder to hide one’s emotions; the caring and protectiveness (and we all know that our Deeks is loving and caring and loyal!) and it should be written into the story line. At least we saw him jumping out of a burning building shielding her with his body – priceless.

    We are 8 episodes into the new season and although I still love NCIS LA and always will as a diehard fan, I have found the episodes somewhat lacklustre and disjointed.

    The bromance between Callen and Sam has been more obvious in my opinion and I love that, but the perfect balance between logical story progression, tension, drama, darkness and Densi humour /sexual tension is, in my opinion, fairly unremarkable and non comparable to past seasons.

    Could it be that there are too many writers? Or are they just teasing us viewers before the future episodes explode in a mind blowing manner with continuous story lines stretching over 2 and even 3 week’s?

    Kara, I agree with every comment of yours – I feel exactly the same….


    • Great observation Maxine. Something does seem off. I just hope they get thInge back on track.


    • Maxine, I’m totally with you. I think I had the same thoughts last week in response to someone’s comment that it almost seems like the writers are completely ignoring everything that happened between Deeks and Kensi from the kiss in Ascension thru Three Hearts (and the end of S5 in general). Like how can you just keep ignoring their kiss, the “it’s a love story” line from Impact, the date and aftermath from Recovery and Frozen Lake and then everything that happened from when they went to rescue Kensi and she got back home? Soooo much stuff they seem to have swept under the rug. It’s getting very frustrating. I do like their closeness this season but we’re a third of the way through now, it’s time for there to be more.


    • Maxine…I found myself in total agreement with your statement regarding the fact that the Densi humour /sexual tension we have seen this season…is unremarkable and not even comparable …to the great Densi moments in past seasons.

      I also share your concern that the once…. palpable sexual tension between Densi ..that was always there so effortlessly btween Deeks & Kensi…has also gone missing..and now often feels…forced to me.

      What I find most frustating and alarming about this season tthat the little of Densi that we have gotten so far…feels “off ” as Di said!

      I think it’s because the writing for Densi has been weak & mostly mediocre in S6…and definately not up to the quality of the scripts & dialogue that the writers gave ECO & DR. in past seasons.



  8. Thanks for another great review Di! After watching the episode again, I noticed that Hetty said she and Granger came to an understanding, then we didn’t see him for the rest of the episode, so who knows? Is it me or does granger look very thin lately?

    I too enjoyed the Densi moments and my heart was aching when Kensi revealed her past to Deeks. I think that Deeks lied about knowing her past because he wanted to hear it from her and he probably knew she didn’t want to see that side of her as she later explained. I was also waiting for a Densi ending and actually surprised that it was Callen we saw. They are preparing us for more Callen. I’m trying to keep my hopes up, since I do feel like something is slowly brewing for Deeks and Kensi, but it really is too slow for me.

    So the following article quotes Shane Brennan on what to expect this season. I posted this link in the review for “Leipei”, but here it is again:
    Brennan reveals this about Densi: “We don’t want to leave the audience thinking that now we’ve turned it off and we might turn it on again later. We’re trying to integrate the ups and downs of their relationship throughout the season.” Expect downs early on.

    I do think this is way too slow to mimic real-life. As I also stated in that post, we should voice our opinions on social media to the various writers, directors, and producers and tell them how we feel (in a nice way). If Castle and Bones can make it work, why can’t it work ion NCSILA? I don’t even watch those shows, but hear about it all the time. I say get on Twitter and let them know how much you enjoy these characters and the show, but we need to see some progress. Don’t know who to tell? Here you go:
    @jpkouz, @davekalstein, @harimoto, @GilGrant. @JoeyWilson57, @Bartelsand, @ebroad, @chrispost81. Those are the write staff that I could find. There are more, but
    I couldn’t find: Shane Brennan, Frank Military, Jordana Lewis Jaffe, or Joe Sachs, but if you do, let me know.


    • It’s just way too slow. I agree. I know they are not the main characters but they have their many fans too like Bones and Castle. I just don’t understand it.


    • Angela..I love your suggrestion for Densi & the show fans to use social media to let the people behind the show..know how frustated and disappointed we are about the lack of Densi this season & the so so quality of the shows in S6.

      As I previously mentioned..last week I wrote to Mr. Kousakis of the shows excecutive producers on twitter..and I plan to do so again!

      Im also going to tweet Dave Kalstein.. and some of the other writers.

      I don’t know how Dave feels about the fact that Densi is for all intents & purposes..M.I.A this season..but he can’t be very happy..or at least…I sure hope he feels not very good about it.

      After all..he and the other writers..spent 5 create & build Deeks & Kensi “thing” & relantionship..

      So. I would hope & expect…..that he’s not all that see all that hardwork & effort he and the others writers did. over the past 5 being given short thrift in S6..and the Densi love story… put aside & shuffled off to the sidelines!

      And for what purpose?
      So we can see Sam & Callen….do more bromance jokes.. shoot more bad guys full of holes??
      Or is it because…we more yawn inducing scenes of Granger looking glum..while chewing out…( fill in the blank) in Ops… and basically doing his best impression every week of… McGruff the Crime Dog?

      (The fact Granger’s 1 st name is Owen….bothers me..but….once again..I digress!! )…


  9. Hi, this is my first post here but I have been following your site for a while now. Congratulations! It’s always a pleasure to read your reviews and other articles. I hope you don’t mind if I join you for some reflections on this last episode whic left me with a bitter-sweet sensation.

    – This season Deeks and Kensi’s banter seems very strange to me. I quite can’t catch it completely and I am sure that’s because we don’t share the same pieces of information they do. That’s becoming frustrating, more than it used to be. I’m too interested in the show to be done with it, but I can’t help having this weird feeling of something downplayed. Sadly, this feeling doesn’t get any better from episode to episode. And I’m not referring to DR and ECO’s performances which are always brilliant, but to their characters. Great waste of wonderful potential (so far).

    – All the Densi crumbs we get to receive week after week: they start to seem forced and – may I say it? – boring. I say something I would never have thought to say: if things keep this way, much better if the authors had never ever decided in past seasons Deeks and Kensi could be more than partners and stop all this fans stress over nothing!

    – I would be tempted not to watch sneek peaks anymore (I know I’m not that strong…) because we are given the most of their scenes there and almost nothing substantial is left for the episode. Is it just a strategy? But for what purpose? I can’t understand.

    – I think that sometimes slightly different sentences told by the characters – I mean, written in a different way – would make a great difference to let us know that Densi is alive and well. In this episode I noticed it two or three times but the most meaningful to me was the little mutant ninja assassins reference. I didn’t completely like how that dialogue turned out or, at least, it could have worked much better. To me it seemed off and distant, just to give a memory to the audience of something of past seasons but in my opinion it didn’t give any spark, any electricity between the characters.
    I’ve watched the scene many times and there is not a single evidence that he means Kensi as the future mother of his Deeks babies. Should it be implicit because he used to call “their” children that way? I think it’s not enough. Authors,be clearer, be braver! Don’t be scared to give us tiny bits more.
    Just with ONE word the scene would have made a completely different sense (but I guess I am too into fanfictions!):

    “Little mutant ninja assassins with fantastic BROWN hair”

    “You don’t have brown hair, Deeks…”

    “But you do…”


    • Welcome to WikiDeeks! Good to hear your thoughts! I liked your rewrite… If only. I agree. It seems there is something off. There relationship does seem flat to me too. Something has got to happen soon!


      • Thanks for your welcome.
        I do hope too that something will happen soon. In the meantime we can only speculate and have fun with fanfictions!


    • Cladani – just this week I told myself that I’m going to try to avoid the sneak peeks (I doubt my willpower is that strong though). Because, like you, I feel like I get my hopes up with a great Densi sneak peek only to have that be all we see in the episode. Maybe I won’t be quite as frustrated if I don’t have the expectations I do each week after seeing sneak peaks.


    • Hi Cladani and welcome aboard! I very much enjoyed your post and agreed with everything that you had to say!

      I especially loved that you wrote something feels strange regarding the banter between Kensi & Deeks.and that the crumbs the powers that be have given us….feel & seem forced ….and as you noted….boring a lot of the times.

      I have felt the excact same way…there is definately..something not right & “off” with Densi this season.

      As you said..thats not ECO or DR’s fault..afterall..there only actors..they don’t write the scrpits…so my guess is..part of the fault…is with the writers….not giving them good scrpits …compared to past seasons.

      I also really liked i.what you said regarding that last scene with Deeks & Kensi before the entered the building…

      “I didn’t completely like how that dialogue turned out or, at least, it could have worked much better. To me it seemed off and distant, just to give a memory to the audience of something of past seasons but in my opinion it didn’t give any spark, any electricity between the characters.”

      That remark you made…about the writers in that scene…… trying to give Densi fans..a reminder of memories of previous seasons Densi moments..rang so true to me!!

      Sadly…I noticed also there was no real spark or electricity…between Deeks & Kensi in that scene. They smiled at each other..and Deeks made the comment about her ankles & ninga babies…but…once felt off to me..and like they were just…”echoing” Densi moments from the past.

      The suggestion you wrote… about Deeks saying BROWN hair to Kensi…would have definately inproved that scene and brought huge smiles to a ton of Densi fans everywhere.

      Your thoughts….that the writers of that scene…are forcing things & trying to remind us of past Densi moments…..reminded me of that boat shed scene earlier this season….when Deeks comforted Kensi when she was crying.

      I believe it was in that episode..where twice we heard Deeks say :”Touche” to Kensi …in regardds to something she said to him..

      When I heard Deeks say ” Touche!” it felt…”weird”..and false to me…. and more like something a new writer would make Deeks say..because…he/she watched Deeks say that to Kensi in previous episodes..and thought by having Deeks blurt that out..he was capturing Deeks personality.

      Thats why I agree with you. Di .. Maxine and so many other Densi fans…that something is missing..but..why that is…I don’t really know…my biggest concern as a Densi fan is… can the writers recapture that Densi magic?

      Maybe and even bigger & more important question to ask the producers on the show..even notice or even care..that Densi feels off & forced this season?

      I wonder….if ECO & DR…are starting to get as frustated as Densi fans are…over their characters and love story..fading into the background this season…..

      Id love to know…if ECO & DR.. have noticed the less than impressive scrpits and writing when it comes to Densi so far…..


    • And did I avoid this week’s sneak peeks? No. And this week’s Densi peek might just kill me with sweetness. And now I need to prep myself for that being the only great Densi scene of the episode so that my expectations are low. I’m mad at myself now.


      • Exactly what I thought after watching it – prepare for that to be the ONLY Densi. Don’t expect more – that’s my mantra!


      • I didn’t avoid it either! And this time the scene seemed way less off than other recent scenes… It was sweet and in character. Probably the best preparation before Deeks kind of strangles Kensi!!


      • I agree. Due to the nature of the storyline, i think that’s all we’re going to get folks!


  10. Thanks a lot for your welcome, Owen and for sharing my thoughts. This week I decided to write here because my level of frustration reached its peak with this episode and I wanted to feel “understood” by other Densi fans…


  11. As per Angela’s excellant suggestion.I just tweeted this out to Dave of the writers of the show.

    Owen O’Leary‏@OLearyO·12 minutes ago
    @davekalstein You & the others writers spent the past 5 seasons creating their love story but this season Densi is mostly M.I.A.& looks DOA!

    Right after I did that…I tweeted this to John Peter Kousakis…one of the executive producers…

    Owen O’Leary‏@OLearyO·3 minutes ago
    @jpkouz Peter can u plz ask Hetty 2 find the persons responsible for the disappearance/ demise of Densi’s thing in S6? #FrustratedDensifan

    ( DOH!!! I thought his 1 st name was Peter…stupid me..I knew I shoud have called him Mr. Kousakis!!!! Im going to delete it and call him Mr Kousakis this time….before he gets angry & sends LL Cool J over to kick my dumb a$$!!! lol )

    It was very tough to get everything that I wanted to say in less than a 140 characters….especially to Dave..since I loved the writing job that he did on Frozen Lake.. but I hope I got my point across to both of them…in a nice way…..that as a Densi fan..Im very disappointed and not happy with how they are writing & dealing with Densi’s “thing” this season.

    I’d really appreciate it…if anybody wanted to support what I wrote…by going on twiiter and giving my tweets a favorite or retweet or whatever one does to show they like & agree with a tweet I would hate to come across… like Im the only frustated Densi fan on twitter!! lol 🙂

    Ill be sure to return the anybody who does that for me!! 🙂


  12. Good work Owen! Let us know if you receive any responsse.


  13. Thanks & will do Di!!
    Btw..I saw an extended sneak peak for this Monday’s episode and there was a terrific & funny Densi scene…so…maybe there’s still hope for us Densi lovers afterall!! 🙂


    • Yes, very nice Densi sneek peak!
      The message we get is: they spend time together.
      The questions are: how much and to do what??


  14. Boy am I late to the party! Great review Di, and a fantastic discussion too. I am in agreement with so many points that have already been made. Before I get to my Densi rant, a few other random observations… I also felt like an ending scene with the two of them was expected/appropriate. I thought when Deeks played dumb about Kensi’s time on the streets, he was both covering for Hetty having shared the information in the first place, and not wanting Kensi to feel like he and Hetty had talked about her behind her back. I liked the scene with Deeks and the French fries, but overall I was a little disappointed in his homeless persona. I felt like he was letting Arty do all the work. Previously, his homeless man has had a very distinct speaking voice and accompanying mannerisms. Here, it was just Deeks as himself wearing smelly clothes. He didn’t seem very “method” to me.

    This season I have successfully cut out all sneak peeks, which has been somewhat helpful. My problem is that I need to also cut out tumblr, since I often run into discussions there about the sneak peeks, which ruins the surprise. It has definitely seemed like CBS is putting all the good Densi stuff out there in advance. I assume they want to drum up publicity, and therefore drive ratings up, but I would so much rather be totally surprised.

    Finally, Densi. While I have enjoyed the new level of comfort, of intimacy, between them, I agree that most of their scenes have felt a little flat and a little forced. It’s ironic, since I think the fear of the showrunners might be that if they actually put these two together, their on-screen chemistry could fizzle. I’m afraid I’m on the verge of joining Maxine in her Densi meltdown. I’m willing to wait through the end of the season, but whenever I think about the fact that it’s been an entire season plus a third since we saw them kiss, I get pretty grumpy. I really really need a romantic kiss on ice in the Christmas episode to cheer me up.


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