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ECO Gives NCISLA Shoutout to wikiDeeks in Densi Commentary

Season 7 DVD features best Densi Commentary by far!

NCISLA Internal Affairs Deeks

It never gets old.

Hearing Eric Christian Olsen give a shout out to wikiDeeks during the Densi DVD commentary is music to my ears! Last year I almost fell out of my chair when he first mentioned wikiDeeks’ poll which allowed fans to select their favorite Densi episode to use for the DVD Season 6 commentary. What a fun and surprising moment to have him talk about our site’s poll during the commentary. Would he do it again this year? I didn’t have to wait long and less than a minute into the episode Eric is explaining why they selected “Internal Affairs” and joking about not being able to mention wikiDeeks’ name. He also thanked one of our partners in crime too, Gayle (Densiland), and joked about how many millions of votes were cast. (Well it was more like 2400 but who’s counting?)

I will go on record and say that this commentary for “Internal Affairs” is the best one yet. Eric really gets into Deeks’ character and his motivation for how Deeks lives his life and what has influenced him and the decisions he has made since he shot his father. There were definitely a lot more serious discussions going on this time and I really appreciated finding out what makes Deeks tick. Daniela also revealed what a challenge it was to shoot her one-on-one confrontational scene with Hetty. I’m really pleased that they didn’t take this episode lightly and found important points to discuss throughout because this definitely was an essential Deeks episode to cherish.

Although it wouldn’t be a Densi commentary with at least one mention of Ms. Lemmonpants and the occasional silly bantering between the two which always brings a smile to my face. You can be sure there will be another poll again at the end of this season, so be sure to vote for your favorite Season 8 DVD Densi Commentary once again sponsored by wikiDeeks!

I’m currently reading the first full length NCIS:LA novel “Extremist” written by Jerome Preisler and I will have a review coming up shortly. We also have a busy September ahead at WikiDeeks with more ‘What we did on our summer vacation’ fanfics, the wikiDeeks’ Rountable Discussions, a special report on the State of the Fandom, another essential episode review and a whole lot more! Stay tuned.

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9 Comments on ECO Gives NCISLA Shoutout to wikiDeeks in Densi Commentary

  1. I had a big grin on my face when I heard it last night. Renee and Barrett’s commentary was high energy as usual on their audio. And I have the book, too, but it is a little further back on my queue. Looking forward to your thoughts on it.


  2. I was very glad to hear the shout out to WikiDeeks also, and I also want to thank you for conducting the poll, since it resulted in us getting commentary on “Internal Affairs”. I definitely agree with you, this commentary was the best one yet. I really was so pleased with all the discussion, especially ECO providing insight into the final scene between Deeks and Hetty.


  3. I think that was my favorite scene with Hetty at the end. I loved how serious ECO was during much of this commentary. He had a lot of great insights.


  4. We got to visit the set during the filming of the final scenes with Hetty. We weren’t able to watch it being filmed but Eric filled us in (as much as he could without giving too much away) during a break from the filming. It was a great visit and Internal Affairs lived up to everyone’s expectations. The commentary was great. I also have the book now and am looking forward to Diane’s take on it.


  5. Donna Fletcher // August 31, 2016 at 6:39 PM // Reply

    Cant wait to receive my DVD when it arrives in Australia I look forward to listening to the commentary. Love listening to Eric’s insights for the episodes


  6. I think this site definitely deserves this kind of recognition, I am very proud of you! As an NCIS LA fan, I’m so glad I found Wikideeks.
    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the Internal affairs commentary yet, but now I can’t wait, since you all said it was great and probably the best ever. Thanks ECO, thanks DR!


  7. Awesome! I can´t wait to have the DVD… Is there any deleted scenes?


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