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Review: NCISLA “The Queen’s Gambit” (S8E03)

"The Queen's Gambit" -- Pictured: Renée Felice Smith (Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones) and Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks). The NCIS LA team investigates an abduction case while down two members, with Hetty being held in D.C. for questioning, and another still in the ICU following the mission in Syria, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Oct. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Neil Jacobs/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After last week’s strong season opening double episode, NCIS: Los Angeles writer/showrunner R. Scott Gemmill followed up this week with the equally effective “The Queen’s Gambit,” directed by Dennis Smith. The well-written episode hit just the right tone throughout as the team dealt with the aftermath of Kensi’s injuries and the mole investigation, and had me feeling the major angst I simultaneously love and hate so very much.

The Gambit Worked, For Now

Hetty’s ruse to help her team escape and keep their jobs paid off. Sure, she had to go all the way to Washington and put up with arrogant Duggan and ridiculous Chen. But at least she got a good nap in. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate the DC sequence. Was the way Hetty toyed with these people realistic? Nope, not at all. But maybe it was the darkness of the Deeks-Kensi scenes that had me craving something lighter, for I enjoyed watching her fall asleep (or pretend to?) and get Chen drunk. And at least Hetty and the Secretary of Defense took a moment to recognize Duggan for the obviously ambitious idiot he is.

But does anything of consequence ever really happen when Hetty goes to DC? Sure, the resignation letter is back. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s threatened to use it. I’m not worried… [Spoiler alert] With Carl the first mole returning in episode 5, I’m optimistic we’re finally going to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Nellosaurus becomes the Nellverine

I have never found the idea of tiny Nell taking out bad guys particularly believable. Perhaps if they had shown her at some point training in the gym with Kensi, working on her hand-to-hand combat skills, it might ring truer. Having said that, all of Nell’s scenes hit just the right tone. When she expressed her fear of being in the field to Eric, the caring and tenderness between them had me wishing for a public display of affection, but apparently Neric is much better at following workplace rules about such things than Densi.

In past episodes, Nell in the field has come off as either overly confident or totally lacking in confidence. Here she was competent but not obnoxiously so (although jumping on the desk to kick away the bad guy’s gun in that second takedown was a bit too impressive). What I loved the most were her interactions with Deeks. It all made me fall in love with these two as platonic partners. The scene where they rummage through the storage locker was one of the best of the episode. Nell is thoughtful and supportive about Deeks’ worry for Kensi. Deeks is thoughtful and supportive about Nell’s value as a partner. The whole exchange was quite touching. Then later in the boatshed, as they watch an interrogation together, the way they’re seated side by side, Deeks asking about her “paw,” nicely conveyed their comfort together as well as their friendship.

Even in the final takedown, when Deeks encourages Nell to make a joke, it didn’t strike me as out of place. Deeks invoking Kensi’s name helped us interpret it as a way to release a little stress rather than inappropriate use of humor. This, along with his earlier reference to Nell as his “temporary partner” also showed how he is constantly thinking about his one true partner.

Deeks: Say it.
Nell: No.
Deeks: You gotta say it.
Nell: Come on, it’s stupid.
Deeks: Nellosaurus, say it for Kens.
Nell: Fine. Special delivery!
Deeks: Ah, look at that- special delivery!
Nell: Ugh.
Callen: Don’t let him be a bad influence on you Nell.
Sam: It’s too late.
Nell: Probably.

When Life Doesn’t Work the Way You Plan

There was one more element of this episode I didn’t buy, which was that Deeks would willingly leave Kensi’s side so quickly in order to go work a random case with the team. Nor does it strike me as particularly responsible management- isn’t a sleep-deprived, worried out of his mind Deeks going to be a danger to himself and others? But I realize planting him at the hospital wouldn’t give Eric Christian Olsen much to do for several episodes, so I’m going to go with it.

Instead, let me talk about ECO’s performance because through the entire episode, he didn’t hit a single wrong note. And it killed me to watch. Sad Deeks is the worst Deeks ever. I desperately wanted to comfort him for the entire hour, and probably will for the foreseeable future. Ugh. I read so much into the way he looked at Kensi. It was as if he couldn’t believe that his “fearless” Wonder Woman could possibly be so still. ECO made me feel Deeks’ fear of what the future held without saying a word.

Sad Deeks is also Serious Deeks, and he’s such a contrast to the normal Deeks we get most weeks (see the season premiere “High Value Target” for a prime example). It’s that contrast that really captures our attention. It drives home how abnormal and grave the situation with Kensi is maybe even more than hearing the diagnosis from the doctor.

Which brings me to the long-teased proposal scene. While I would have liked a longer monologue from Deeks, it was still a heartbreaking scene, one that seems to get sadder each time I rewatch it. Listening to him talk about the beach proposal he had planned and seeing him pause as it hits him that it might never happen was truly awful. These few seconds, where he stops to think about what he might have lost, were devastating to watch. And they fit right in with the low expectations he has for his own happiness and how he’s been waiting for that “other shoe” to drop. I also can’t help but wonder if he was so anxious to get that ring on her finger just in case the worst happened, so he’d be able to think of Kensi forever as his fiancée. Yikes- I think the angst is getting to me!

Deeks: So I got you something. I kind of was waiting for the right time to do it, I really wanted to find that sunset that we talked about, on the beach, a bottle of champagne… Sometimes life doesn’t work the way that you planned it… so we adapt… Kensi Marie Blye, will you please wake up and marry me?

Watching Deeks’ excitement when he thought Kensi might be waking up, only to find out she was merely exhibiting signs of brain or spinal injury, was one of the most heartbreaking moments I’ve seen on the show. For a few seconds he allows himself to think that maybe his proposal has actually had the magical power to bring her back (I did too), but instead the involuntary movement of her left hand away from his feels like fate mocking him for such a naïve idea. Deeks seems so pained in that moment, and the final few seconds of him backing away and blowing out his breath in a signature Deeks reaction to stress left us all feeling his pain.

Even though we have every reason to believe Kensi will recover, Gemmill and ECO did a wonderful job of making us feel Deeks’ gut-wrenching worry and sadness. ECO managed to convey how overwhelmed Deeks is without overplaying a single second of the episode; in fact, the more understated he played things, the more powerful they became. It all took me back to many angst-filled scenes of Season 5, particularly Deeks’ pained expression at the end of “The Frozen Lake.” I do love that angst (even as I yearn to see him happy), and I got plenty of it here. It may take me the next two weeks to recover. It would probably help if I stopped rewatching that scene, but I can’t seem to tear myself away. I really need Kensi to show some signs of improvement soon- I’m not sure how many weeks of heartbroken Deeks I can take!

Memorable Moments

  • I appreciated how thoughtful Sam and Callen were right from the start. Rather than opening with banter in the bullpen, we got them soberly discussing the costs of their job. Sure, there were some funny lines during the episode, but they never struck me as insensitive.
  • OK, I guess I can get on board with Nell in the field, but Eric? Nope, that doesn’t work for me at all. And although I liked his zombie targets, rather than having him joke about Taxi Driver, I’d have preferred to hear him talk about the ramifications of ordering that drone strike in “Belly of the Beast.” Granger was his typical hilarious self though, assuring Eric he’d be the first person to call when the zombie apocalypse hits.
  • I totally agree with Chen: Richard Harris was clearly the best Dumbledore.
  • Summer the cleaning lady was an odd character. She was kind of interesting, but kind of creepy. Not sure exactly what the actress was going for in her portrayal.
  • When Sam and Callen were in the fancy rug store, I kept waiting for a reference to Sven, but I guess that utter silliness was too far removed from this episode’s more serious tone.
  • Yay, a nice moment for Competent Deeks, knowing the law for revoking someone’s citizenship.
  • To any medical personnel out there, just curious- does the fact that Kensi moved her left hand and foot mean she’s less likely to be paralyzed on her left side like the first doctor explained to Deeks?
  • I don’t watch the sneak peeks. Did they include one of Deeks in the hospital? I would not have wanted to see any of that in advance. I have taken to removing myself from social media by Thursday in order to avoid spoilers.

I’m afraid Kensi isn’t quite up for making any new entries in her journal, but come back later this week for what are sure to be angst-filled entries of Deeks’ Surf Log and the Drabble and Edit of the Week. This weekend we’ll have a new Top 3 list (on a much cheerier topic!). Next week stay tuned for an announcement about our latest drawing to support Pets of the Homeless, a new Drabble of the Week, and we’ll have the first in a series of articles about the effects of Deeks’ childhood on the man we see today.

The next episode airs in two weeks, and I’m a little worried since neither of the show’s two most reliable writers (Gemmill and Frank Military) have penned it. I will try to remain optimistic that Jordana Lewis Jaffe will knock it out of the park and give us either some continued high quality Densi angst, or some signs of hope for a happy ending in their future. In the meantime, what did you think of “The Queen’s Gambit”?

About Karen P (273 Articles)
wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

19 Comments on Review: NCISLA “The Queen’s Gambit” (S8E03)

  1. Nice review Karen. I too was looking for a longer momlogue hopefully more reflections are coming from him. ECO was amazing in his understated performances. His facial expressions always get me.
    Looking forward to next episode.


  2. I really loved reading your review, as I loved the episode itself.
    I think what made it run smoothly was that it was so well-balanced and never had anything that didn’t work in its context. There were many ingredients that were superb all together and none of the characters/actors did too much or was out of place. The only thing I would have liked better was a different kind of opening: a concerned Deeks by Kensi’s bedside and the others trying to convince him she was in good hands and he could leave her for the day. But we can’t have everything and the scene with Julia worked anyway.

    I liked how everybody was worried for Kensi’s health: their jobs went on that day, their duty was to solve another case but with their heart they were near Kensi and Deeks too.

    I have to admit I liked Nell in the field this time, much better than other times when I hadn’t been so impressed and preferred her to work in OPS. The writers did a good job this episode for her character and if this is the Nell we are going to see until Kensi is back (which she is, isn’t she?), I’m glad the authors are using Nell and her skills instead of pairing Deeks up with some random partner. In Season 5 this rotation didn’t always work.

    And now the first reason I consider this episode worth-watching: ECO did an amazing job with his scenes with Daniela. I was sure he would give those moments a special depth and he didn’t disappoint. I think many of us had guessed right: from the moment I saw the ring in the premiere, thinking also about what the actors/showrunners had been teased (proposal vs engagement), I thought Deeks was going to slip it on an unconscious Kensi’s finger while proposing. I had imagined his proposal many times but never in this kind of scenario, which was so sad and heartbreaking, especially when Deeks thought Kensi was going to wake up only to find out she wasn’t.
    It’s ironic how now that he would be ready to plan his life ahead committing to Kensi with marriage, children and a possible career change, something more powerful has decided it is not the right time (yet). But I have faith in the authors and believe Kensi will recover, Deeks will always stand by her side and we will see them in their new house soon. And I want to trust also DR and ECO, who both seemed very satisfied with this storyline in their interviews: I keep saying to myself they wouldn’t be, if something bad happened to Kensi and Deeks, would they?

    On the one hand I can’t wait for the next episode to air, hoping Kensi will start showing some signs of recovery, on the other hand I really need myself two weeks to recover from the angst of this third episode. Well done show!


  3. Hi Karen, great review as usual! I agree, I’d love the hear more emotional monologue from Deeks, about his love for her, but I think there will be another proposal scene, when she will be awake, I don’t think it’s this scene the one they talked about in the interviews, what do you think?


  4. I agree with your review, you covered all the high points. I loved this episode and I am really loving season 8 so far. There was action, banter , bromance, romance, and the entire team was active in the episode. I even enjoyed Nell in the field. I am really happy they are using their existing cast to fill in for Kensi, it gives the actors a chance to show how good they are and it also prevents the partner of the week who many times in season 5 did not work at all.

    I will add to your comment about how brilliant Eric Christian Olsen’s performance was. He was amazing in this episode, and the final scene was just heartbreaking. I had the same experience as you did, it gets sadder every time I watch. Usually when you rewatch, you know what is coming and it is less effective, but in this case, every nuance seems to have meaning. Every time I watch I see a new move like his hand to his hair, or a facial expression on ECO that I did not see before. It is a beautifully choreographed performance with each move conveying so many messages, I have the feeling he is a such a good actor, it is intuitive for him at this point.


  5. Eric Christian Olsen was brilliant as always. He is so underutilised on this show. Deeks was so sad it made me sad. The final scene broke my heart. I really cant handle this!! I had a feeling that the proposal was going to happen this way. I really hope that there is another proposal when she wakes up. I really cant handle Deeks being so sad! I hope this storyline dosent disappoint us fans.


  6. I liked this episode a lot. It appears to me that Deeks stays with Kensi at night and Kensi’s mother, Julia, stays with her during the day. There’s no reason at this point for him not to keep busy; she’s in good hands; let the medical professionals do their thing and good will come from it. I can’t express how great ECO was in this episode — golden!!
    My only sigh was way too much Nell and way too much of her kicking butt — it was just too much. I would have rather seen more of Hetty and her antics; she’s a hoot!! It was almost comical; Nell — Super Hero, jumping on desks taking out all the bad guys; for me there were just too many scenes with her. I did appreciate Deeks acknowledging her abilities — that’s our Deeks!
    My first impression and actually still is; is that Kensi’s arm movement when Deeks went to touch her hand was a subconscious movement. The other movements were what the Doctor talked about but that particular movement struck me as her conveying no don’t take the ring off. But that’s just me.
    That scene is just GOLDEN!! Period!
    Liking Season 8 a lot so far; I just hope this Super Woman Nell stuff settles down a bit. When watched again you really see how many scenes she’s in; almost all — not cool. Oh and yes, I love Sam & Callen; they played it great. And, Granger well I just love him! He’s such a guy! Beale; I’m still on the fence about what he’s doing.
    Thank you wikiDeeks for this great forum to share our thoughts and feelings about our favorite Detective; hopefully one of these days it will be Agent Deeks! ;-)!


  7. Thanks for the great comments everyone! Kitty I totally agree about the monologue and ECO’s expressions- he manages to convey so much emotion without saying a word.

    Cladani I would have definitely appreciated an opening scene like the one you described. I am hoping to see something like this in the next episode maybe, with the team trying to send him home to get a good night’s sleep before coming into work? I also draw hope for the whole storyline from ECO and DR’s enthusiasm. I think they both got to play some great scenes (at least three where a crew member cried, right?) so I’m hoping the next set of episodes will all have some quality Densi scenes. On the other hand, I worry when the writer isn’t Gemmill or Military, as I find the writing less consistent with the others.

    Valentina, I don’t know how they’ll handle the proposal. Surely Kensi will want to hear Deeks pop the question, right? I hope when he does it with a conscious Kensi, we’ll get a slightly longer version than comatose Kensi got. But who knows when it might come?

    sassyzazzi, we are in agreement about that last scene. I liked the way you saw it as choreographed. I would so love to see the different takes. I can’t imagine how many different interpretations he might have given the editors to work with.

    Donna Marie, I feel the same way you do- Sad Deeks is the worst! (And yet I can’t stop watching that last scene- what is wrong with me?)

    Olapa, that’s a very interesting interpretation about Kensi’s movements. I like the optimism inherent in it. And I’m liking Season 8 a lot so far too!


  8. sory about getting this in more than one spot….
    maybe it is just me…. however the writers have a habit of tearing at the Densi relationship whenever things are going good and this arc has me terrified. the combination of leg injury, spinal damage and coma is just too much to allow for a reasonable recovey. first a compound { or open) fracture is a dificult thing to recover from and the scaring can be horrible as the wound is jagged. her ability to work undercover in shorts, a dress or a skirt would be limited for some time. Second the neck injury would make being in the field and subject to a punch or wrestling grab to the head potentially paralizing if not fatal. then there is the coma as well as potential spinal damage already and the rehab required. Could this be the end? I truely hope not. for some reason I have a horrible feeling around kensi coming out of her coma and seeing her situation. My dark thoughts are all over the place, but here are a few .1 Kensi’s coma causes amnesia and she does not remember Deeks or who she is. 2 She has lost years of memory and thinks she is still engaged to Jack…. oh crap, I said it. 3 she refuses to mary deeks because she does not want him to ” be stuck with a cripple” for the rest of his life, and even drives him away by saying she does not care anymore. 4 Then again internal affairs could come after Deeks with information about Hetty’s coverup of the situation ( obtained from the mole of course) and haul Deeks away just when Kensi needs him most causing resentment. 5 in an episode titled “Deeks, M” one of deeks old girlfriends shows up with his kid and he is forced to choose between them and Kensi. Wow, didnt realize just how much I dont trust the writers to let them actually be happy together. Yikes.
    somebody throw me a life raft…..


    • Welcome Ed! I don’t know if I have a life raft for you, but maybe I can offer a few encouraging words? Or maybe not- your list is kind of freaking me out, LOL. You raise a really interesting point about the decision to throw a massive monkeywrench into the Densi happiness. I was in the group who really enjoyed happy Densi last season, but I know others felt their story lacked drama. I think it was only a matter of time before they threw some darkness into their happiness, if only to give them more hurdles to overcome. It makes me think of something ECO has said often, about how the greater the obstacles, the more involved we become rooting for these characters to overcome them (or something like that). I know the seasons’ worth of obstacles they finally overcame to go all in really made their happiness last season all the more satisfying for me. Having a few more things in their way is bound to make their eventual, actual engagement even more wonderful.

      As for your specific worries, who knows? We know [spoiler alert] that they’ve said that Kensi will question her future, something that was set up already by their car conversation in the first episode. She’ll at least have to think about what her future might look like if she can’t be in the field. On the other hand, the showrunners would be nuts to split up her and Deeks on the show. While ECO has amazing chemistry with everyone he acts with, he and DR have something really special and to deprive the show of that every week would be a decision that I just can’t see them making.

      BTW, it sounds like you have some medical knowledge. I’m guessing more than the writers, who are likely to take some artistic license with Kensi’s recovery. I was curious about the movements on her left side- does that mean anything in regards to a decreased likelihood of paralysis?


    • You’re not alone in this, Ed. Since the first time the actors teased this huge Densi storyline (due to DR’s real life pregnancy) I had a feeling that this time it would affect more the rest of the Season’s episodes than Season 5 Afghanistan/White Ghost arc.
      On one side I get they needed a life-threatening accident and injuries to justify Kensi’s absence for a long time and allow Daniela to take her maternity leave, on the other side they can’t make everything disappear as if by magic. We all know we need suspension of disbelief while watching shows, but what the doctors told Deeks about Kensi’s conditions in this episode sounded quite serious.
      I’m very curious to see how Kensi will recover from all this, both physically and mentally because I can’t even think not to see her in the field with Deeks anymore or for more than necessary for DR to come back.


  9. Ed freaking out part 2….
    I get the need for drama in a drama, maybe I should call them obsticles. but at its heart this is a “buddy cop show” it is supposed to be them against the world ( or at least the bad guys) . I am fine with the challenges, but I hope they stay challenges they work through together, not have the relationship be the challenge itself. sam and callen seem to have plenty of drama while still being fully in support of each other and maintaing their full trust and loyalty to each other in their friendship. It seems to me the writers, instead of putting Densi in challenging situations, that could have a humorous side as well with their relationship now, they tend to create the drama within the relationship itself….she wont commit, he doesnt like her friends, she doesnt like kids, he is not who she thinks he is, what is she hiding, what is he hiding, he doesnt want kids, AAARRRGGGHH. It sems like an easy cliche way out.
    Both of the actors try to be as honest as possible in interviews and there have been a few tidbits that have slipped out that concern me. DR made a comment that she was not certain how the fans would react to the storyline this year and had a concerned look. ( is she talking about me ???) it makes me wonder if there is not a full recovery. Also in a joint interview, maybe at a comicon, they were talking about the show’s long run and DR made a comment about liking the situation. ECO said something to the effect that ” there you have it folks, DR said she will stay for the shows entire run and not leave”. she replied ” thats not what I said”. It is no secret that she is the least experienced actor of the cast and this is her first big show. she has said she wants to try different things and broaden her experience. I cant imagine her leaving a show that films close to home, has such a favorable filming schedule, and such a kid friendly atmosphere until the new one is a little older. But who knows, right.
    Maybe Deeks falls back on his legal experience and opens an affordable legal aid center in a beach neighborhood, teaches surfing in his spare time and Kensi teaches self defence and marksmanship…while they raise little Ninja Assasins together.
    I cant see either one of thim working with another partner if the other one cant continue in the field.
    I think Nell was unrealistically over the top in the field and I really cant stand Anna.
    I agree that the showrunners would be nuts to split them up, but the entire NCIS family of shows seems hard presed to maintain a healthy adult relationship in any of their shows, think about it.
    It seems to be the one thing they historically don’t do well and even completley get wrong at times. like I said previously, instead of weaving the relationship into the fabric of the show as a given and creating drama FOR OR AROUND THEM TO WORK THROUGH TOGETHER. they always feel the need to creat the drama BETWEEN THEM OR INSIDE THE RELATIONSHIP.
    it is a pattern that I dont like, obviously…
    if they need drama what about Kensi holding him and comforting him after he wakes up screaming from a nightmare.
    What about him helping her through an Afghanistan flashback.
    it seems there are options out there other than tearing at their relationship constantly.
    WOW, I might need to see someone about this…do I have a problem???
    …recomendations for therapists, medications, soothing music, and good alcohol graciously accepted…
    im exhausted and need a nap


    • Don’t worry, any and all levels of English are accepted here. 

      I do totally agree that the writers have made lots of mistakes along the way as Deeks and Kensi’s thing has progressed. I disliked some of the things you mentioned, and I have my own list of complaints. But here’s where I think we see things differently… some of the conflicts in their relationship have felt quite natural to me, like their slow moves forward towards commitment and their discussions about kids (although I would complain that their individual feelings on this matter haven’t stayed very consistent over time).

      I enjoy the fact that they are two very flawed characters with a serious lack of communication skills, and watching them overcome their individual flaws to grow and change has been really satisfying for me. I’d also agree with you though, that if they were to drive them apart at this point I would probably take it very poorly (like I did with Three Hearts), because I doubt it would feel realistic. I’d love to see conflict coming from their job (see my Top 3 Wanted Scenes for a sample), but I also don’t mind watching them fumble their way forward trying to figure out how to keep a successful relationship in the midst of a stressful job. (They spend almost every minute of every day together- how is that even possible?) Thankfully I actually have more trust in R. Scott Gemmill as showrunner than I did in Shane Brennan. I think Gemmill gets these two characters and I hope (fingers crossed) that he’ll do them justice.

      You’re right that these actors could leave the show at any point, although I also saw DR mention the financial stability this job brought to her family. I’d actually be less surprised to see ECO leave- he’s gotta be getting some good movie offers at this point- but he also has the young family at home to think about. I feel the same as you do about Anna and I don’t love Nell in the field either. I do wish I didn’t dislike Anna so much, because a Callen-Anna partnership would leave Deeks together with Sam, and if there’s one partnership I might enjoy as much as Deeks-Kensi, it would be that one. Watching these two really different personalities try to work out the challenges of a new partnership would be so entertaining to me, and would certainly be the only good thing out of Anna being around more.

      Your picture of them changing careers and raising ninja assassins is a beautiful one, although I’m still going to hold out for a husband and wife private detective spin-off.

      Don’t worry, you don’t have a problem, just a little bit of an obsession, LOL, which makes you fit right in around here. I’m sorry if I haven’t managed to talk you down- hopefully the nap will help!


    • I am sure the show will not mess with the Densi relationship. Fans would be furious and I did read on John Peter Kousakis twitter a while ago thanking Eric and Daniela for an “outstanding week and sayinf fans will be thrilled”. So I think that is a good sign. And Eric did say that there is a “fantastic engagement “. So I am holding on to these comments! !


  10. wow, I need to mix in some spellcheck.
    For someone who has spoken English his entire life,……well never mind
    I don’t get graded for grammar do I ?


  11. I really loved reading your review, much more that I have enjoyed watching the episods.
    I do not know, maybe my expectations were to high, I fell that the season 8 starts weakly.


    • Thank you danielaz! Sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed the opening of the season. I was actually wondering if there were some dissenting opinions out there, so thanks for sharing yours!


  12. Karen, an excellent review.
    I have discovered WikiDeeks last year and since then it has become
    indispensable to me. “High Value Target”, “Belly of the Beast”
    and “The Queen’s Gambit” were all such outstanding and riveting
    ECO was brilliant throughout the episode and my heart went
    out to Deeks. For my part, while I do not doubt that Kensi will
    regain consciousness, I will be very interested to see how the
    writers will handle her recovery. Which will be a very long and
    difficult road but Kensi is tough.
    As for Nell stepping in for Kensi as Deeks’s temporary partner,
    what touched me the most about this was the touching and
    sincere friendship between Nell and Deeks.
    And Hetty remains a master strategist and an incomparable
    character! As well as that I have developed a soft spot for
    Even though how heartwrenching the scene with the ring at
    the hospital was. I think that the ring itself is a sign of hope,
    as well as a symbol of Deeks’s love for- and commitment to
    Season eight will definitely keep me on the edge of my seat!



    • Welcome stardustraven! And thanks, it’s always lovely to hear such nice things about the site. Yes, I’m sure Kensi will wake up, but will we have to watch Deeks suffer through another full episode with her in a coma? I simultaneously don’t know if I can take the sadness, while I’d be all the happier as it would make her finally waking up all the more beautiful. Seriously, what is wrong with me? (That’s a rhetorical question- please don’t answer!)


  13. Karen, Thank you for your kind words!
    The way in which the writers have messed with Kensi
    and Deeks now, as well as with the team in general
    makes me very wary. And I dearly hope that when
    Kensi will regain consciousness, they will not choose
    the route of Kensi pushing Deeks away. But that they
    will continue to show her recovery in the convincing, sensitive
    and mature way of how they developed her relationship
    with Deeks during season 7.
    Then in response to what you said about Callen and Anna.
    I agree with you completely about Anna. Neither am I a fan
    of her. But I respect the opinions of those who appreciate
    Besides Kensi and Deeks, the relationship/partnership
    which touches me the most is that of Callen and Sam.



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