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Overprotective or Just the Right Amount of Protective? Kensi’s Journal 4/16/23

Deeks was just yanking my chain all day today, right?  I know he loves to rile me up, so that’s probably what he was doing every time he shot down another one of my suggestions for Rosa’s extracurricular activities.  Anyway, he’d better get over himself, otherwise poor Rosa will never get into college.  I’d like to think Deeks wouldn’t be so (over) protective if we’d raised Rosa from childhood; that we’d have experienced enough of her cuts, bruises, and broken bones to know that kids will get hurt, and then get better, no matter how much you try to keep them safe.  Who am I kidding—my husband would have used every single one of those typical childhood injuries as an excuse to add another layer of packing peanuts, or whatever the real-life equivalent of that would be.  I wonder if we’d be having these same discussions if we’d ended up with a son?

Cases like today’s can’t help but bring home how hard the world can be for women.  No matter how brave and strong a woman is, there will always be men wants to control or abuse her, or who discount her because of her gender.  That’s what happened with Petty Officer Anderson, and it got PO Perez killed when she tried to make it right.  As much as I want Rosa to continue to grow to be her own brave and strong women, incidents like these make me think Deeks isn’t being so overprotective after all.

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