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NCISLA Preview: Season 7

Mid-Summer Field Report

As we’re less than six weeks away from the start of Season 7 of NCIS: Los Angeles, a quick update on what’s going on and what to expect.

Spring Fling:

As in prior seasons, episodes were shot at the end of Season 6 for the following season. One episode includes Michael Weatherly’s Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo traveling to the Office of Special Project (Gibbs and McGee were there in the spring of 2009, Abby and Vance were there in the fall of 2009 and Vance made several other visits).  It seems the former member of the Baltimore P.D. gets to know Detective Deeks:

Another episode has Chris O’Donnell directing a Frank Military-written episode. Sebastian Roche (Criminal Minds, Supernatural) is a guest star. Both of these episodes were finished in May 2015.

How the Cast Spent Their Summer Vacation:

Chris O’Donnell enjoyed the good life,

LL Cool J was on tour,

Daniela Ruah visited Portugal,

Eric Christian Olsen made a friend,

Barrett Foa grew a beard,

Renee Felice Smith met Fitz,

Miguel Ferrer traveled,

Linda Hunt is not on social media but remains awesome (and Hetty-like by enjoying a stealthy summer).

Back to Work:

Filming resumed on July 24th.  The episode shot will be the Season 7 premiere and has been called “Active Measures” in several media reports. In real life, active measures are a Russian spy technique where a political opponent is the victim of a propaganda and disinformation campaign to cause instability and dissent. This move works against governments, institutions and individuals. Season 6 ended with Russians and maybe Season 7 begins with Russians.

TV Guide is reporting that the season opens three months after the season finale with Callen in possession of some intel from a person from his past (Arkady seems to be the go-to-guy for info about Callen’s past– could he be back?).  Callen investigates covertly and drops off the grid much to the dismay of Hetty and Sam. The team is ordered to bring Callen home. R. Scott Gemmill wrote the episode, John Peter Kousakis directed.

Photos of Chris O’Donnell in recent days feature a return of the angelic bathmat so “off the grid” includes no razors. Kensi and Deeks seem to be together with first day of filming photos showing a fun morning run/bike ride.

Also appearing in the episode is a now recovered Vostanik Sabatino.

The second episode of the season made news over the weekend as Pamela Reed appears as Marty Deeks’s mother. Reed has played several moms recently: Leslie Knope’s mom on Parks and Recreation, Eli Stone’s mom on Eli Stone and Jake Green’s mom on Jericho. So Deeks’ siblings include Amy Poehler, Jonny Lee Miller and Skeet Ulrich– cool! Reed is a wonderful actress who moves from comedy to drama with ease. Her characters are always smart– a great choice for Mother Deeks.

The episode was written by Dave Kalstein, directed by Eric Laneuville, with the title “Citadel” (though it was called “Aegis” at one point).  Photos from the episode include the return of Talia Del Campos as Mercedes Mason returns for her fourth episode in the three seasons.

While not necessarily happening in this episode, TV Guide is also reporting that the Internal Affairs investigation will come to an end “though not necessarily in a positive way.” Hmmmm… that doesn’t sound good. The end of the IA investigation will “be a catalyst for Deeks making decisions about his future,” according to Shane Brennan. Does he sign the papers Hetty gave him at the end of Season 2? Historical note: Ziva David moved from NCIS Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS Agent in the beginning of Season 7 of NCIS.

James Hanlon will return to direct the third episode of Season 7. Production begins in the middle of August.

The big news will be episode four in Season 7– the 150th.  Since 100 was about Callen’s search for his father, 150 could shed more light on what the program has in store for Callen. Daniel J. Travanti, who played Callen’s father in last season’s finale, is a terrific actor. Terrance O’Hara, a director with the series since the second episode, will be helming 150.

The TV Guide preview for the season ends on a very ominous note for Sam as he’s faced with the “greatest challenge of his entire life,” according to Shane Brennan. In the last six seasons, we’ve seen Sam watch helplessly as Callen is gunned down; work tirelessly to find Dom only to watch him take a fatal gunshot protecting Sam; lose Mo to a terrorist training camp and then a terrorist in prison; quit his job to save Hetty; romance a woman to gain access to her killer brother; watch his wife romance a Russian arms dealer; be beaten by angry tribal leaders from a village where Sam was given medical assistance as a SEAL; survive a drowning attempt only to be electrocuted; nearly be hit by a train full of toxic chemicals; nearly die rescuing Kensi; nearly drown in a sinking sub only to get free seconds before it is bombed; be framed for murder and finally, get shot in the chest and nearly killed by assassins dressed as nurses as he recovered. It’s been a rough few years for Sam and nobody needs a “greatest challenge” less than poor Agent Hanna.

Plans for the Fall:

The wonderful folks at wikiDeeks will once again allow me to ramble on endlessly about upcoming episodes the weekend before they air. Really looking forward to Season 7 and sharing the fun here!

With this report completed, I will be retrenched in my beach chair watching the ocean come in and go out. It is a tough assignment but one I perform proudly.  See you in September!


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

9 Comments on NCISLA Preview: Season 7

  1. Great write-up, Tess! This was SO exciting and so much fun to read! And seeing all the pics with the familiar faces was really great. Thanks for all your efforts in compiling and putting this together. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I am so psyched for S7.


  2. Cant wait for season 7. (Although I am in Australia so we will have a delay in episodes airing here). As long as they handle Deek’s storyline (his mother and the the investigation) well I will be happy and that Eric Chrisitan Olsen has NO PLANS ON LEAVING the show. That is a thought I dont want to think about!!!!


  3. This was fantastic. Despite my best intentions, I find myself getting excited about S7. The big question that remains here for me is, did Deeks get to cut his hair at all? I saw a couple of pics where I thought maybe it was a little shorter, but then others where I’m afraid it’s just as super-shaggy as last season.


  4. Thank you for the preview. I have to admit I am getting excited for S7 and was not sure I would be after last season. I really hope the best. I was excited about meeting his mother and time with Callen which is about time.


  5. It seems the writers have read some fans’ Season 7 wishlists and just from the very beginning we will get: recurrent characters (Talia, Sabatino), some Deeks’ backstory (mom), a crossover with the mothership (Dinozzo). Wow! Let’s hope all these stories will be up to our expectations.


  6. I’m very sad: Martin Deeks is a cop! He is not an agent and he should remain cop forever. If Martin Deeks become policeman, all the people Densi will be happy … but, of course, Martin Deeks will never be the Martin Deeks that we all knew and loved.
    DensiRomance has destroyed the character of Martin and made him a puppet in the hands of Kensi.
    I’m really very, very sad.
    Sorry for my English.


  7. When will ncis LA season 7 be airing in Australia


    • You should probably check your local station and see if the know. Maybe some of our other fans know???


    • As far as I am aware we won’t see new episodes until next year. A long wait for us Aussie fans. Although I am lucky that I have a friend who has sent me some new episodes.


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