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Are You Thinking What I am: Kensi’s Journal 4/3/10

It was a roller coaster of a day today.  It started out with the news about Rosa.  I am happy for her, and I hope that living with her aunt will be better than living with me and Deeks would have been.  But I can’t believe how much it hurt to find out she won’t be coming home with us.  It was the kind of disappointment I felt every time there was only one line on the pregnancy test.

Then there was the refreshing breeze that is Kim Cho.  I admit I was surprised that they gave me such respect for playing them the first time we met.  Talking with them and watching them try to hunt down our missing artwork was certainly a good distraction.

And finally, there’s the part of the day that I was reluctant to even put down in writing, especially given what happened with Rosa.  It’s said when a door closes, a window opens, and maybe that’s what’s going on here. Deeks and I didn’t utter a word about it on the drive home from the refugee center, probably because we’re both afraid to jinx things, but I can’t get Pilar off my mind.  We clicked so well with her (thank you Deeks and your ridiculous movie marathons), and she seems like such a great girl that I can’t help but wonder if she needs a foster placement.  And if so, would she want to live with us?  I have a feeling Deeks and I won’t be able to even look at each other tomorrow morning without one of us blurting out, “Are you thinking what I am?!”

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1 Comment on Are You Thinking What I am: Kensi’s Journal 4/3/10

  1. One can only hope that Pilar is “the one”?


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