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What’s your favorite NCISLA Christmas episode?

Welcome back to our exclusive wikiDeeks video series with Eric Christian Olsen! This week Eric joins us to share his favorite NCIS: Los Angeles Christmas episode. He also talks briefly about what it’s like to work with Pamela Reed, a question inspired by wikiDeeks reader ncislasisters. As always, many thanks go out to Eric for taking the time to answer our questions at the start of his holiday. And a huge wikiDeeks welcome to Sarah Wright Olsen, making her ECO Q&A debut. We’re delighted to have her join in the fun.

Sending the warmest holiday wishes out to Eric, Sarah, Wyatt, Esmé, and all our wonderful readers!

If you also have a question for Eric leave it below in the Comments and we will pass it along to him. #askECO

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13 Comments on What’s your favorite NCISLA Christmas episode?

  1. That was nice of Eric and Sarah to take that time during their Christmas/New Years Break to do that interview. My favorite Christmas episode was “Cancel Christmas” which was the episode after he broke out of jail and he finally told Kensi the truth about what he had done. Again thanks Eric.

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  2. Adrianna Hoover // December 16, 2018 at 8:13 PM // Reply


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  3. Love that this is “hot off the presses” from this afternoon and so happy to see Sarah making a cameo. These cameos are among my favorite things about this series. I can’t believe how many different fabulous folks have joined Eric (although I’m not sure they always had a lot of choice, LOL).

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  4. I voted for “Humbug” because I can’t forget how giddy with excitement I felt after that episode seeing Deeks and Kensi go All in. I think it was a very rewarding episode for all the Densi fans and an amazing “watershed moment” for the couple. In retrospect, the only thing I don’t like about “Humbug” is that Joelle and Callen were extraordinary together, he acted like James Bond throughout the episode and Joelle’s (fake) genuine astonishment asking him “Who are you?” was priceless, but then the authors decided to ruin her character once and for all and I can’t watch those scenes I had enjoyed so much anymore, thank you very much.

    My favorite pre-“all in Densi” is “Free ride”, though, and I was undecided if picking that episode. Deeks and Kensi were absolutely gorgeous together, Kensi decorating the palm tree while listening to Deeks talking about Christmas plans, Lake Tahoe, snowboarding and roaring fires at night (she seemed tempted, didn’t she? 🙂 ) and later on Sam and Callen trying to make Deeks jealous, were great classic scenes. Kensi’s “I can kick your ass anytime, anywhere. This: double black diamond rated” together with Deeks’ reaction have always been one of my favorite Season 4 Densi moments.

    Thanks, Eric, for your time and your Holiday wishes. The same to you and your beautiful family.

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  5. Season 2 – Disorder – Fun with tape recreating the shooting scene, Deeks dropping their lunches when he sees Kensi attacked
    Season 3 — Higher Power – Sam trying to find the toy for Cameron.
    Season 4 – Free Ride – Deeks detecting with a piece of lettuce as a clue, stuffed into garbage bin after being knocked out
    Season 5 – Merry Evasion – the call from Kensi in Afghanistan
    Season 6 Humbug – All in

    The others after that just don’t stand out for me. Maybe because there was so much anticipation of the little things to get them finally together. As with most TV shows, once they’re together, the writers lose interest.

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  6. It’s gotta be Humbug. Wishing the Olsens, and everyone at Wikideeks a joyful Christmas and a peaceful and Happy New Year. Deeks the halls!,🎄🎉

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  7. I remember the episode ECO mentioned. I think it was an early one where the team realized that Hetty was a regifter. They slowly began recognizing the gifts they’d given her as each member of the team opened their gifts. Deeks was hilarious, loving his new blue scarf that one of them had given Hetty, and snapping up any gift the others were whining about. I think he took a spice rack from Kensi, that Sam had given Hetty the Christmas before. It was a sweet opening. I wonder if he chose this Christmas episode because he’s missing Linda Hunt. He sounded as if he was looking forward to her return when he made his Christmas speech last night, which was also very sweet and and my favorite part of the episode.

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  8. These interviews are great. In love how his family joins in. I loved Humbug and the regifting scene is great. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at Wikideeks, ECO and family.

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  9. Not a question, but a Suggestion…or maybe I’ve figured it out. The name of Deek’s new bar should be “Hammerhead”..Y’all keep making references to the stuffed hammerhead shark on the wall…I think it’s a good name, and I wish I could actually go there!!
    By the way, the chemistry between the four actors of the team in amazing. In Joyride, in the first scene with Kensi and Deeks, you two appeared as if the camera had caught you both after you’d been laughing at something that wasn’t scripted or filmed.

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  10. My favorite Christmas was 2014 when Kensi and Deeks finally became a couple while they on the ice skating rink.

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  11. #askECO
    1. Deeks uses many nicknames (Kensilena, Kensilicious, give ‘em hell Nell, etc.). Do you come up with them yourself or are they scripted?

    2. How do you decide how to play a scene, or does the director decide for you? What happens if you disagree?

    3. Take us through a typical work week on NCIS LA.

    4. Deeks does a lot of talking, lol. Between filming, Cloud Nine, and family time, when and how do you memorize your lines?

    5. Have you ever had to say a line that just made you cringe?

    Thank you for considering my questions. Wishing you and your family all good things in 2019. Happy New Year!

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  12. #askECO If you could write a letter to Deeks what would you say to him?

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  13. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // July 28, 2022 at 3:09 AM // Reply

    S11 – christmas episode – 3 Densi kisses!!!


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