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Review: NCISLA “Into the Breach” (S10E16)

Open Scene
(24 hours after NCIS:LA S10E16 aired)

Unsuspecting fan site reviewer turns on TV to write episode review, having successfully avoided all previews, promos, spoilers and social media until now. The kindly (ha!) middle-aged (what were you expecting?!) woman presses “play” on DVR.

Episode title flashes across screen: “Into the Breach.”




Life flashes before her eyes (OK, so not her whole life, but selected memories of bitter disappointment from her favorite scripted series)

Are you kidding me?!!

They did not. They wouldn’t.

Maybe I’m remembering wrong.

Presses “Pause” on DVR.

Google. Nope, not wrong. Gilmore Girls Season 7, Episode 21 “Unto the Breach” the one where Rory says “no” to Logan’s dramatic marriage proposal leaving me broken-hearted and in tears forever (or something like that).

Is it a coincidence? A cruel joke? Why is the episode that is supposedly the one before the Densi wedding nearly identical in name to the worst episode EVER (yeah, yeah Dean and Jess fans – not listening to you) of one of my other most favourite shows ever?!?

One letter difference? “Into the breach” vs. “Unto the breach” – is that enough, or am I in for the disappointment I have been bracing for since the Densi wedding was announced.

This is why I am jaded and have trust issues!!!!

Big gulp.

Dramatic pause

Bravely presses “play” again as theatrical smoke curls around the TV screen, suggesting the possibility that Densi is about to crash and burn – or that the reviewer has an over-active imagination and a melodramatic side entirely at odds with her real-life, super-analytical, lab-coat-wearing, clinician and medical researcher extraordinaire alter ego. [Yup, this is why I do not write under my real name folks!]

Case of the Week

So, with that melodramatic context going on inside my head, I was intrigued by the apparent criminals who knew words like “semantics.” Call me judgmental, but it didn’t seem like usual gangster talk. They looked sketchy enough to be the bad guys and they were on some kind of a stake-out, and I’m keyed up on adrenaline and angst, so I bought it. But they were – bird-watchers? Seriously, I’m on edge waiting for a Densi break-up and the first scene gives me bird-watchers?! Well, that’s how you get to 10 seasons, isn’t it? Keeping even ardent fans who know entire episodes by heart guessing because of the fantastic writing and always having unique twists on the unveiling of the case of the week. I love writer Lee A. Carlisle’s work, and this week was no exception from the first scene right to the last.

I will confess that I wasn’t persuaded that Odell Ikande was the villain – it always seemed more likely that the contractor was shady than that a marine had turned, but I’d be curious to know what others thought. I did appreciate the background on the reason for the op in Afghanistan and the reference to the multiple layers of collateral damage: the villagers hit by the drone strike, the marines who died, Ikande who was left with survivor’s guilt, Ruya (Alexandra El Kahwagi), and all those who are impacted by the drugs brought to the US by the corrupt contractor. The case itself wasn’t complicated, but the ramifications of the actions of the corrupt contractor were sobering, especially since he was so remorseless. It was also a departure from some of their cases in that the driving force was not ideology, but pure, unadulterated greed. A good reminder that there are many forces that lead people to unspeakable actions, and self-interest is certainly one of them. The juxtaposition of that greed with Ikande’s final words to Beckett (Colby French): “You are not mine to judge.” Wow. That was more intense than a sucker punch, in both the writing and the delivery of the words by guest cast member Cedric Sanders. I’m always amazed at how they find guests who can fit right in and hold their own alongside a well-established team.

I’m still waiting for Hetty’s return, but it is interesting that the special prosecutor seems to be defrosting a little in his views on the team.

John Rogers: It still amazes me how people can pull something like that out of a hat and still be so…you.

Could that mean he’ll be sticking around? I mean, he’s not Mosley, but he’s also not Hetty.

Sam, Callen and Dechamps

I really enjoyed the banter between Sam and Callen this week, and the focus on Sam’s interactions with Agent Dechamps were funny and intriguing. Callen guessing at possible reasons for Sam cancelling on their Lakers tickets (going full LA with goat yoga – LOL) was funny enough, never mind the looks on Sam’s face and Callen’s jazz hands. Sam looked like a teenager getting teased by his college-aged brother! I also enjoyed the line where Sam told Callen they were going to just stay good friends. Another actual LOL, which I needed, because I was still tense because of the title of the episode and still waiting for disaster to strike. Their scenes this week were the perfect mixture of great writing and great acting, moving effortlessly between funny and serious as they solved the case. And while the lines were priceless, the facial expressions said as much as the words, and if you’ve read my prior reviews you know I love when faces tell as much of the story as the words do. I also thought it was really sweet that Callen’s ultimate purpose seemed to be encouraging Sam to feel like it was OK to love again. It’s a touching sentiment, a great thing for a friend to do, and really significant growth from the kind of person Callen was in the earlier seasons of the show. Compared with some of the prior possible love interests for Sam, I really liked Agent Dechamps and I’m giving her my blessing. What do the rest of you think? Are you yes or no on Sam and Dechamps?

The Wedding and the Bar

I’m not going to nit-pick much because there was too much to love about this episode, but how are RSVPs 3 months late? When did we send them out? Weren’t we still deciding on a wedding location just recently?

The health inspection, on the other hand, filled me with dread (see my opening drama above). I was convinced that Kensi being in the field and Deeks being at the bar was going to be the source of the end of Densi. For this reason, it didn’t really occur to me until later that Deeks was taking the day off work to do bar stuff. I’ve come to like the bar, but it does concern me a little that it’s bleeding into his work hours. I don’t like that we don’t have a clear sense of where the bar fits in his life and whether there is still a possibility that he might leave the team.

The Final Scene

I was waiting the whole dang episode for the other shoe to drop. For there to be some connection to the GG episode that I feared because of the similar title. As the end was nearing I was starting to feel relief. And then the final scene and that dance. Oh. My. Heart. That was straight-up awesome any day of the week and is destined for top 10 lists in the Deeks canon. Incredible writing that made me fall in love with Lee A. Carlisle’s work all over again. I always love director James Hanlon’s work and the way those scenes were shot were just beautiful. (And listen to the beautiful lyrics of the song Deeks played.) Add a stunning performance by both ECO and Paula Reed and WOW! It was so memorable and so sweet considering the hardships they have faced together. I had visions of Karen’s series on Bringing Up Brandel floating around in the back of my head as I watched them dance. It was a beautiful testament to their love that has endured despite the abuse and heartbreak they faced. We’ve never heard how, or even if, Roberta tried to protect little Marty from his abusive stepfather, but in that scene we heard what is truly important about their life together: that she did the best she could for him, and he knows it and loves her for it, and he wants to be sure she knows.

After waiting all episode for the shoe to drop, for Densi to be over, what I got instead was pure beauty and love. It was already a great scene, but given I was expecting the worst – the best was even better. I’m sure we were all affected by that particular scene, but it left me breathless and in tears. You see, the reason I was watching this episode a day late and writing the review late Monday evening was that my Mom was dying as the episode originally aired and I’m booked with funeral planning on Tuesday. So I wrote this review hours after my Mom died, sleep-deprived from keeping a bedside vigil for nearly 48 hours. I was determined to write the review because I love doing these and my painful reminder of the brevity of life was also a reminder to embrace the pursuits that bring joy. And oh what I would have missed had I asked one of the other contributors here to take this review. (Though you should know my collaborators are awesome people and offered to do this review when they heard about my Mom. Nuh-uh. This one is mine.)

That end scene was not just perfect, it’s like it was written for me and perfectly timed for me to watch today. It is precisely why I make time to watch and read fiction – why I refuse to acquiesce to the dominant perspective in my professional world that elevates reason and rationality over art and emotion, where measurable facts are the holy grail and writing is deliberately and unapologetically emotionless. I just don’t believe that is the only way to access truth, and I’m not persuaded that metrics alone are sufficient for improving the human condition. Sometimes, reading and watching things that make us feel deeply, see things from other perspectives, and even break our hearts, allows us to connect to truths that aren’t quantifiable – but are universal and essential nonetheless. And that final scene with Roberta and Marty was exactly what I needed to see right before I went to bed for the first time as a motherless child. Those words were heart-breaking in their honesty and almost eery as they echoed what I had been thinking about all weekend. Deep, raw, truth about the love between parent and child.

Deeks: It doesn’t matter who’s watching, it doesn’t matter what dress you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what song we’re dancing to, because the only thing that matters is you did a great job with me Mama. And I want everybody to know that. More importantly, I wanted you to know that. You know that, right?

Fade to black.

35 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Into the Breach” (S10E16)

  1. Aussie Mate // March 5, 2019 at 6:45 AM // Reply

    Incredible review and I feel so deeply for you and your loss, but totally understand why you felt the need to review this episode. As the mother of a son around Deeks age, I related very much and cried like a baby during that last scene, hats off to Eric and Pamela Reed who are so perfectly matched as mother and son. it was a beautiful performance
    Thank you

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  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost my mom way too soon. I hope she knows she did good and I hope my three amazing children think I did good as well. Beautiful scene. Beautiful write. Thank you! Prayer are with you.

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  3. Cheryl Molnar // March 5, 2019 at 8:03 AM // Reply

    So very sorry for your loss. I too lost my mom a little over a year ago and my dad a mere 8 months later, so I was having all the same “feelings” at the end of the episode. Wasn’t thinking about the demise of Densi though. The writers have taken us too far to do that to us at this point I feel. Everyone deserves a “happy ever after” ONCE IN AWHILE!

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  4. Tenderly, may time heal your sorrow. Softly, may peace replace your heartache. And may warmest memories remain with you always. Sincere condolences Brenda, on the loss of your mother.

    I didn’t care for this episode. In fact, I had to watch it twice because I fell asleep the first time watching. For some reason, I just couldn’t get interested. But hey, they all can’t be winners. I did enjoy the banter between Callen and Sam, and I like that Callen is encouraging Sam to open his heart again, which is funny coming from Callen who seems incapable of opening his own heart fully. I am okay with DeChamps and Sam.

    I have to admit that I didn’t have your sense of dread about the end of Densi, probably because I am filled with excitement over the upcoming wedding, but I will admit to feeling a bit uneasy about hearing Kensi say “til death do us part” in the previews. Is this how it will end when either ECO or DR decide to leave the show? Will they kill one of them off? Now that idea fills me with dread for sure. Also, like you, I am not exactly sure how the no name bar will play into Deeks’ future with NCIS and his work partnership with Kensi. I hope they continue working together because I am so lonely for them when they are not on screen fighting crime or making googly eyes at each other, lol.

    I know that ECO was in Hawaii with his beautiful family when this episode was being filmed, and his absence is palpable, but thankfully, we got the Mother/Son scenes, which are absolute treasures. Pamela Reed works beautifully with ECO. They have great chemistry together. Kudos to whoever thought of casting Reed in this role. Their love for each other was so beautifully acted, it brought tears to my eyes. As you described it, deep, raw and honest, and so, so powerful.

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  5. Thanks for the review!

    Gotta be honest, I didn’t watch the whole episode live due to a water leak in our utility room I had to deal with. We think the washer? Fun times. So then I just skimmed the episode via Amazon Prime the next day and I wasn’t fully committed to following the plot so I just have thoughts/notes.

    I like the professionalism of DeChamps. I don’t know if it’s the jackets she wears or her body in general but she always seems like she’s hunching her shoulder so much. It makes me feel uncomfortable just to watch.

    I’m not surprised the Deekses passed the inspection with only one tick against them. I’m sure Deeks got his meticulous cleanliness from his mom. It was something they could control in the circumstances they were both in.

    The end scene was the best. So touching and played perfectly. I teared up. Seriously. ECO and Reed killed it.

    I’m trying so hard not to have very high expectations for the wedding episode. But dang, 9 years plus two episodes, people. Squee!

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    • Peakae, like you, I am also trying not to have too high expectations for the long awaited wedding episode. While I am hoping for a beautiful romantic wedding, I fear that the writers are going to be playing it mostly for laughs from what I have seen from previews and photos. While I am longing for a soul soaring, sexy, face eating kiss, and a romantic honeymoon scene or two, I suspect the personal relationship between ECO and DR puts the kibosh on that happening. But a fan girl can dream………

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  6. I am so sorry for your loss, thank you for taking time to write your great review.
    I love the chemistry that ECO and Pamela Reed have,those scenes were my favorite in this episode. I loved how Roberta’s character was written in this episode, I loved seeing more depth in her character.
    I understand that ECO was on vacation when they filmed this episode, but I have to admit I wish there had been more team moments. There were many guest stars and they were really great (I even started to like the special prosecutor), but maybe, in my personal opinion, it would had worked better if there hadn’t been so many guest stars on this one episode and they had more time to focus on those characters.
    I really like agent Dechamps, but for me personally, when it comes to Sam and Dechamps as a couple it is a no from me. I was such a big fan of Michelle (still can’t believe they did that to her character) and I personally feel like there has been so much family/relationship drama during last couple seasons that I wish they would focus more on work and cases (I am worried that Sam and Nicole Dechamps relationship would bring more drama), but this is just my persomal opinion and preference.

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  7. An incredibly beautiful review, Brenda. I almost warned you about the ending, worried that it might upset you, so I am so happy that it touched you and helped you through such a difficult time. Your comment about that final scene was one of the loveliest I’ve ever read. My mother has been gone quite a long time, but the same raw emotion flooded through me throughout that scene. We don’t tell those we care about how much they mean to us as often as we should. This scene reminded us to say I love you right out loud.

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  8. First, I want to send you my deepest sympathies on the loss of your mother and prayers for peace and comfort for you and your entire family!
    Second, this is a wonderful, well-written review. I enjoyed the first bar scene when Kensi was able to calm a panicking Deeks. Their connection and ability to calm and comfort each other in stressful and distressful, in tense and sad situations is one of the things I enjoy about the couple as well as their ability to poke fun at each other. I really believe the genuine affection, trust and admiration that the actors have with each other, especially those playing “partnerships” is one of the strengths of the show. I also enjoyed the scenes with Callen and Sam. I think the casting of Pamela Reed as Mama Deeks was spot on! And I love that ECO got great scenes even though he was on vacation with his family during the shooting of this episode.
    I thought it was a nice lead in to the wedding episode.
    I am a writer — actually a sports journalist/editor that also does the occasional feature or news story. I am also an avid reader. I enjoy being entertained and have great respect and admiration for those who share their talents and artistic creativity with others.

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  9. amusement345 // March 5, 2019 at 12:51 PM // Reply

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your mother, Brenda. It’s such a tender time, and will no doubt be followed by many more tender moments to come, some at the least expected times. I particularly loved what you had to say about finding truth in the arts. I think they exist to help us elaborate life, and it sounds like the closing scene between Deeks and his mother helped to do that for you. It was poignant, and sweet, and protective. As they were dancing, I couldn’t help but picture a tiny Martin looking to Roberta for help, contrasted with the grown up Deeks towering over his mother, yet still finding a way to look up to her.

    Case? Was there a case?

    Beautifully written, and I get why you wanted to do it. I’m thankful that you did.

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  10. sassyzazzi // March 5, 2019 at 2:15 PM // Reply

    Brenda, so sorry for your loss. Your mother will always be with you, in your heart, and in the woman you have become. Thanks for taking the time to write this review.

    I thought this was a solid episode. I absolutely adored every scene with Deeks and Roberta.Those scenes were the high point for me. Eric Christian Olsen and Pamela Reed have incredible on screen chemistry. The final dance scene was touching, emotional, with a touch of humor ( loved the hippie comment) just marvelous. ECO never ceases to amaze me with his performances. Whoever decided Pamela Reed should play Deeks’ mother should get a large bonus, they are just perfect as mother and son.

    I thought the bromance in this episode between Callen and Sam was very well done, and really fun to watch. As far as Agent DeChamps, I think Marsha Thomason is a great asset and a really good actress; she was a good partner for Kensi, and she has chemistry with Sam. If they are looking to add a character, they should add Agent DeChamps. As far as adding a love interest for Sam, I am hoping they do not go down that road with anyone, however, if they are going down that road than I think Agent DeChamps would be good, she is much like Michelle

    Thanks again for your review.

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  11. Debra Gillespie // March 5, 2019 at 3:09 PM // Reply

    First Brenda, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. My mom passed two months after my father died (seven years ago)..his death was expected (Alzheimers), my mother’s was not (pancreatic cancer). Loved them both, but my mother was also my best friend. Thank you for giving the link to the song played at the end of this episode, the lyrics indeed are beautiful and so fitting for the mother/son dance. Good thing I didn’t read the lyrics until later, or I would have sniffled even more than I did. That was definitely one of my favorite scenes of the season. For some reason ECO’s and Reed’s chemistry reminds me of the mother/son dynamic that Doris Roberts (may she RIP) and Ray Romano had on Everybody Loves Raymond.
    OK, I have to get a little nit-picky here and ask any of you that know about state health regulations. Does a business like Deek’s bar need to have an official name before the health inspector comes calling? I’m not sure but I can’t help but wonder if that’s the case and so the actual name of the bar is The Bar With No Name or The No Name Bar. Can anybody help me out there?
    I like DeChamps, I had forgotten until I watched season 8 again that she had been introduced just before Michelle’s death. I’m wondering even back then they were looking down the road for a new possible romantic interest for Sam. And as he mentioned in this episode, “baby steps”. And I can’t help remembering that she came from Baton Rouge; possible NCIS:NOLA crossover sometime? And Sam…donuts for the sea lion, even if he’s like a pet? Bad idea.
    On to the wedding…the other fan social media sites are certainly already getting pumped up about it, and I’m sure the contributors of Wikideeks are the same. It looks like FINALLY we’ll have an answer to “what’s in the box” and please may Hetty show up, so at least I won’t have to continue to see the ad nauseum question “Where is Hetty” on the other social media sites. I miss her too but please…..

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    • Debra, I have been reading on some social media sites that Hetty not only shows up, but also officiates the wedding ceremony. No idea if any of that is true, bit it would be a hoot. I am with you on the endless “where’s Hetty” questions. Give it a rest for Pete’s sake, lol. I can’t imagine what is in the box!


      • Yep, there’s a photo floating out there isolating a shot of Densi laughing at the altar and the left hand corner has a triangle of hair from the back/side that can only be Hetty.

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    • Debra, here’s what I know about business names in Los Angeles. To register a business, it has to have a name. (Although it could have been registered as “The Bar with No Name.” There’s also something known as a “Doing Business As” or DBA, you can register for. It allows you to actually do business under a different name than your official name. So Deeks could have named the business whatever he wanted, and then when he decides what signage he wants outside, he could go the DBA route. At least, I think that’s how it’s handled. My bigger issue is the fact that the health inspector waited to inspect until after they had been open for awhile. That seems like a downright unhealthy approach!


      • Debra Gillespie // March 12, 2019 at 2:43 PM // Reply

        Karen, thanks for the explanation. I should have figured out with Deek’s lawyer background he would know the ins and outs of business registration. I understand your issue about how long it was before a health inspection, but didn’t Kensi say at the very beginning of this episode something about getting ready for weeks for this inspection? Looks like I’ll need to watch this episode again.

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  12. Candice Woodward // March 5, 2019 at 3:55 PM // Reply

    I loved reading your review of this episode. It was a very good episode and one I could watch over and over again and I may just do that. I love the relationship that deeks has with his mom but also with Kensi. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. I am sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way.

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  13. Brenda, I began your review laughing and ended it crying. What beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your mother and this episode. I am sorry for your loss and hope you and your mother took comfort in you being with her while she passed.

    I too really enjoyed the Sallen banter about Dechamps and I had the same nitpick about how those RSVPs could possibly be that late (btw, if more than one person has a nitpick I don’t think they’re technically being nitpicky–I just made that up, but it sounds right, doesn’t it?).

    Your final paragraph was so eloquently written, moreso because it was true. Thank you for reminding us why we read and write reviews, stories, articles, create gifsets, fanart, and everything else people here at wikiDeeks and in the fandom (any fandmom) at large do. “To connect to truths that aren’t quantifiable – but are universal and essential nonetheless” and to connect with others in the process is a gift that we all too often either deny ourselves or take for granted.

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  14. Your review tugged at my heartstrings. I, too, loved the ending and the mother and son scenes. I was orphaned 24 years ago and I feel your pain. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mother. I’m sure this review was cathartic for you. I was never a GG fan so I don’t really understand your references but I get it.

    I also get your love for fiction considering your job. I have felt the same. I dealt with death and life-and-death decisions with my job as a police officer in a major metropolitan area and quite frankly, that’s why I love to read and write romance. I need and want a story where two people who I have invested time and care for battle for love and a happily ever after. I have been waiting years for March 17 (as have all Densi fans) and although I know the story lines in the future will have conflict, I hope the showrunners give this couple everything the fan base wants.

    Thank you for a wonderful review. You knocked it out of the park.

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  15. Brenda, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother.
    I was deeply touched by what you said and the way you opened up about a very sad moment of your life. I think writing can be very therapeutic in moments in which the burden inside gets too heavy. Sadly, I lost my father, six years ago, and his loss did seem unbearable. I felt I was still not ready to walk by myself in the world. Then, step by step, the sorrow morphed into something different, something sweeter. His memory never leaves me and the bitterness I felt at first at the thought of all the moments we had been deprived of, was slowly replaced by a sense of gratitude for all the time we had spent together.

    About this week’s episode, I think it was enjoyable although not particularly memorable, except for the scene between Deeks and his mama, that was the highlight of the hour.
    I admit at first I was very skeptical when Mama Deeks was introduced in the show. Too many questions on where she had been the previous years when her son had been beaten, tortured, shot at to completely enjoy her presence. But then something started to change. The more Roberta was given screen time in episodes, the more I liked her and her interactions with Deeks, starting from the great scene in Internal affairs with Deeks behind the prison bars. I think we owe this great character mostly to Pamela Reed who has always given something special to often very normal scenes, and to her great chemistry with Eric Christian Olsen. This week’s scene was no exception and I think Roberta and Deeks were great together. I am grateful the writers thought about such a sweet scene between mother and son.
    Now I am really looking forward to the wedding episode, hoping there will be many moments to keep in our NCIS:LA heart forever (I am too romantic, maybe…).

    A (virtual) hug to you, Brenda, and many thanks to all the WikiDeeks staff for this amazing place where to speak about our passion.

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    • I had the same questions early on about where Deeks’ mother had been all those years. In my stories she died when Deeks was a teenager because I had no proof otherwise. If, as Brenda wrote in her review, that John Gordon Brandel was Deeks’ step-father, then what happened to his real father? Maybe he’ll show up one of these days.

      Like you, Roberta has grown on me, and I am now wondering if the bar wasn’t written into the story just for her. It makes it easier for them to write for her character and a reason for her to appear instead of having her pop in every once in awhile to bug her son. The bar gives Deeks and his mom a way to interact like we saw in this episode. And can’t be a bad thing.

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      • Brenda (@BP_NP) // March 6, 2019 at 10:03 AM // Reply

        I was really exhausted when I wrote – that may have been an inaccurate assumption on my part. I bet Karen knows if Brandel was step or bio dad.

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        • Thanks for the vote of confidence Brenda (or perhaps it’s more a knowledge of my level of obsessiveness). I don’t think we’ve been given any info to indicate that John Gordon was anything other than his biological dad, but also nothing that would rule out a step-dad scenario. Plus we know the show runners aren’t always too worried about keeping things consistent so you never know.


        • It hadn’t even entered my mind that Brandel might be Deeks’ step-father, but when I read it in your review, Brenda, it made perfect sense. The difference in name should have been a tipoff, but he does call him dad, which makes me even more curious about what the truth might be. Just another layer to the mystery that is Marty Deeks.


      • I have questions that maybe Wikideeks can clear up for me. If Roberta was married to Brandel, why isn’t she Mrs. Brandel? Where did the name Deeks come from? Is Martin the son of Brandel or Deeks? Do we know the elder Deeks’ first name? I also remember that Brandel was born in 1969 and died in 1998. Martin was born in 1979, so his father was only 10 years older? Discuss.


        • These are all good questions that have bugged me too and many other fans. John Gordon Brandel was the name of his “father” or step-father, as Brenda has suggested. I have always assumed that the date shown on that document in Personal was a typo, or a very tired production person who didn’t do the math. I’m waiting for another discussion on the show about this very question. A late night bar talk would be perfect. I always wondered why Kensi never asked this question.

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        • Reebelle4, we don’t actually know if Roberta and Gordon were ever married. In “This is What We Do” (9×08) she told Kensi, “You don’t have to wait to get married to have children. I didn’t.”

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  16. Oh Brenda, you’ve already heard my condolences but I am so very sorry for your loss. I’m also relieved that watching that final scene helped you in some small way in dealing with it. Your description of why art is so important really resonated with me and I was absolutely delighted to see that ECO felt the same way.

    For me, I knew going in that this was going to be another episode where ECO was away during filming and therefore would just have a few scenes shot on the set. But unlike, say, the ep where he and Guy bantered awkwardly, here we got more meaningful scenes with him and Mama Deeks. The way these two can go from comedy to drama is headspinning. I totally agree with whoever above complemented the casting director who chose Pamela Reed for this part because she is absolutely perfect. In the final scene I saw echoes of Praesidium and Internal Affairs, but I think this scene was better written than that jailhouse scene in IA. It made me cry just like reading your review did. Am I getting sappy in my old age?

    And let me join with those trying to keep their expectations about the wedding down. This really seems like an episode unlike any other, both in terms of how much has already been revealed, and in how much really does seem to be set around the wedding itself. I too am fearful that it will go too silly. I really want some emotion too. But I think it will be hard to complain if we get 40 minutes of wedding when all along I thought the most we could hope for was 10. Fingers crossed!

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  17. My sincere condolences Brenda on the loss of your mother. I lost my mom years ago and I thought that I would never recovered from that, but I did although I still miss her. Time is kind and time does make everything better eventually.
    I liked the episode more than I expected knowing in advance that Deeks was not going to be present in the field. I found the case well thought and executed. I loved the banter between Sam and Callen and Callen’s conclusion that it was ok for Sam to love again. And I don’t have problem with that as honestly I wasn’t attached to Michelle at all and killing her was the best option for the show runners if the actress was unavailable. Michelle’s death opened many new routes to explore Sam’s new reality and potential love and other interests.
    The final scene made my heart swell with joy for little Marty as I saw another proof to my theory that Roberta made everything better for Marty (especially young Marty). My theory is that Deeks is the person he is now because of his mom and their connection. I collected bits and pieces of information throughout the years and noticed that his mom went to great extent in taking care of him once Gordo was out of picture. I remember what we learned about his upbringing and education: he went to (presumably – saying that as I know that at least in Europe catholic schools are among the best ones) good school ran by the nuns, he played violin, his mother kept an article from the newspapers about the snake attack on little Marty (now I kinda believe it), wanted to buy him tickets for Rollingstone’s concert… it all showed her dedication to him and her wish to provide better for her son. I was so happy getting another confirmation that despite the rough start, Marty had happy upbringing in the end.
    I was deeply touched with his love and appreciation for her and her love for and pride of her little Boo (hope I spelled it correctly) and I felt content.

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  18. I’m so sorry for your loss Brenda. I lost my dad when I was only twenty-five and finally sitting down to watch my favorite TV show one evening life made sense again, if only for one hour. It’s amazing how a great show can help us through rough times.
    I loved the first scene at the bar. Kensi trying to calm a panicking Deeks. (We all expected Deeks to have the pre-wedding jitters in this relationship.) Did anyone else pick up on Deeks remark after a freaked out Roberta enters the bar, “where do you think I got it from?” I love hearing tidbits about how Deeks became the Deeks we know and love today.
    I admit I really couldn’t get into the case this week. (Last week was a long week at work. Maybe that had something to do with it.) I suspected the contractor as well. Ikande’s statement “you are not mine to judge.” Wow! I wasn’t expecting that, great end to the case.
    Callen and Sam’s banter was funny. Although Callen kind of reminded me of a frat boy picking on/encouraging his buddy.
    As for Sam and Dechamps, I like them as friends. Give the guy a chance to continue to heal from losing his wife.
    Everything about Deeks scenes with Roberta were perfect. From her worried about looking silly dancing, to mother and son dancing together, to Deeks telling her what an amazing job she did raising him (I agree whole heartedly.) The final scene played on Deeks, unfortunately rarely used, strength of holding the people he cares for up and making sure they know how important they are.

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  19. I didn’t watch the episode but I will do so soon. However, your review is a wonderful piece of writing. The opening, with the comparison to a Gilmore Girls episode. Your self-description.
    haha for criminals who know the word “semantics”. RSVPs three months late.
    And this brought a tear to my eye, as I fully understand it: “my painful reminder of the brevity of life was also a reminder to embrace the pursuits that bring joy. ”

    So sorry about the loss of your mom. No doubt she was very proud of you. You must have a great ability to compartmentalize, because this review is a great piece!

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