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Review: NCISLA “Reentry” (S9E20)

Balance was largely restored in the NCIS: Los Angeles universe with this week’s episode “Reentry” (sorry, just not for Neric fans). Written by Lee A. Carlisle and Andrew Bartels and directed by Eric Pot, the episode delivered classic bromance, banter and booms. Unfortunately, it left me feeling kinda sad.

Banter and Booms

I’ve been trying to go into these last few episodes of the season, and my final reviews at wikiDeeks, with a positive attitude. I’d like to celebrate what makes the show great. So let’s start with that. The episode was filled with funny banter, most notably between Sam and Callen, out in the field together as they are clearly meant to be. Having Nell tag along just made the whole thing that much more fun. Did it make sense that NCIS OSP would be the ones called to comb the mountainside looking for crash debris? Nope, not at all. But it was still delightful to see them together, doing what they do.

When the shooting stopped and the satellite was recovered, we even got a bonus boom, complete with more funny exchanges between Nell and Callen. Sorry Neric shippers, but I see so much chemistry between these two, especially when Eric fails to behave like a real person.

Serious and Silly

Speaking of Eric, he was downright hilarious in his excitement to visit the rocket company. He was so hyper that I felt like I was watching Sitcom Eric. He needed a laugh track. He’s sure changed since the days of “Rocket Man,” when rockets or no rockets, he was afraid to venture into the field and worried he’d be asked to carry a gun. That Eric was a real person; current Eric I’m not so sure about.

And then there was Hetty trying to support a struggling Keane. I thought this aspect of the story was handled beautifully (she didn’t even jump out from behind his curtains!). Each character was grappling with their past decisions, and there was no guarantee of a happy ending. I can’t imagine being in Keane’s shoes. What an incredibly disorienting and overwhelming experience he’s trying to handle. It’s too bad the show hasn’t devoted quite this much time to other characters dealing with their traumatic events. I’d have gladly watched a similar set of scenes play out after Kensi came home from Afghanistan, or after Sam lost Michelle. Instead, we got this story about a man we barely know, which made it somewhat less involving. Still, it was nicely done and offered a somber balance to all the silliness in the rest of the story.

Like Old Times… But Somehow Not

In theory we had a lot of great Densi in this episode. There’s the lengthy opening conversation (see below), and some funtimes in the boatshed and while on overwatch of Jenkins. The duo had a great reaction when Mosley blithely ordered them to take Jenkins into the field. (“I don’t have to have faith in the student, just the teachers.”) Then we had them working together to take out all the bad guys, with Deeks playing his golfer alias completely over the top. (“This place is the worst. You’re getting one star.”) I wanted to relax and enjoy it, and I hope that most of you did.

But somehow I just couldn’t. Perhaps it’s because Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah have made some conscious choices to play these two as slightly out of sorts? Maybe I’m not able to pick up on the actual differences, but I’m feeling them? You know how someone can smile without the smile reaching their eyes? By the end of the episode, I had convinced myself that ECO was acting normally but that something read differently in his eyes. But then I went back and replayed his scenes and I honestly couldn’t find fault with anything he did.

If that’s not the reason, I’d chalk it up largely to the gigantic question mark hanging over ECO’s head in every scene. I found it quite distracting. I think I’m just reading too much into the situation (see evidence below).

Reading the Tea Leaves

Warning: Major overanalysis ahead. I did spend much of the episode reading between every line that Densi shared, and I found a lot to support the idea that Deeks is desperate to retire. Exhibit A was their opening bullpen scene:

Kensi: I’m not saying it’s stupid, I’m just saying it’s boring.
Deeks: It’s not boring, it’s soothing.
Kensi: It’s a waste of time, Deeks.
Deeks: Whoa! That’s like saying that therapy is a waste of time because after a long day of things blowing up and getting shot at and arresting bad guys, I’d just like to go home and relax and watch some slow TV.
Kensi: Oh my god, yesterday you watched eight full hours of a boat crossing a fjord and nothing was happening. The boat wasn’t on fire, there was no pirates trying to board the boat, there wasn’t even any music.
Deeks: I know. That’s part of the slow movement. It’s about finding a better pace for life.
Kensi: I like our pace, what’s wrong with our pace?
Deeks: I’m just saying that things are moving so fast, where like a single tweet can start a nuclear war that we can all benefit by just slowing down a little bit.

Once I was finished overanalyzing this conversation (Who, me overanalyze? It has to be the first time ever), I felt sad. Not about ECO potentially leaving, but about how far apart these two characters are in their lives right now, as well as how anxious Deeks seems to retire. These two aren’t coming out and saying anything explicit (shocking, right?) but I’m still hearing a lot from them both.

First there’s Deeks, who’s so desperate to relax from the stress of his job that he’s spending hours watching “slow TV” and equating it with therapy. This felt like an actual cry for help. I’m genuinely worried that he’s suffering from PTSD. We know that trauma is cumulative, and Deeks has had way, way more than his fair share of it in his life. We know that those who suffered from child abuse are more likely to experience PTSD as adults. First responders who witness traumatic events can even develop it from vicarious trauma. In other words, the traumatic events he describes in this conversation, long days of “things blowing up and getting shot at,” could easily be pushing him towards another bout of PTSD, if they haven’t already.

There’s more that supports this theory. People with PTSD may avoid people, places, thoughts, or situations that could remind them of their traumatic experiences. They in essence begin to organize their lives around avoiding the pain caused by their trauma. It sure feels like Deeks is trying as hard as he can to get away from his job, which doesn’t just remind him of past traumas but keeps adding new ones every single week. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s displayed this behavior. After “Ascension,” he refused to return anyone’s phone calls (including Hetty’s) and avoided the team because they would have been a reminder of his traumatic experience.

In addition, PTSD sufferers can experience a symptom called hypervigilance. Remember “Impact,” when Deeks’ mind just kept running and he couldn’t fall asleep? The slow TV sure reminds me of that “soothing” self-help recording he was listening to at the time. This increased arousal can also present itself in the form of excessive emotions or irritability. Deeks certainly showed plenty of irritability towards Jenkins. Could what I read as Deeks’ overacting at the driving range really be a sign that he’s having trouble modulating his undercover persona due to the stress of the situation?

That brings me to something Nate described to Hetty in “Impact:” “The trauma and damage [Sam] experienced… it’s cumulative, physically and psychologically… If it happens too many times, he could reach a breaking point where he can’t take it anymore.” I worry that Deeks is going to reach such a breaking point.

Whether or not he recognizes what’s happening (and whether it’s even happening at all or it’s just my overactive imagination), it feels like he’s trying to save himself and Kensi isn’t hearing him. It’s kinda like the Deeks of “Drive,” who kept dropping hints about his birthday that Kensi failed to pick up on, only the stakes now are way more serious.

Kensi, on the other hand, seems quite content with their current life. (“I like our pace, what’s wrong with our pace?”) She’s even applauding exploding rockets (once making sure no one’s on board). She enjoys the booms as much as the next girl. In other words, Kensi is not seeking out a quieter lifestyle.

I remember someone did an interview during Daniela Ruah’s last maternity leave about how Kensi’s serious injuries would have her rethinking her profession and considering alternatives. We never saw that happen. Kensi was never anything other than 100% dedicated to getting back to her current job. She worked incredibly hard to make that happen. Is it any wonder she wants to stick around a little longer?

Her injuries may not have led to any second-guessing on her part, but they clearing impacted Deeks. He was the one present (conscious) while Kensi lay in a coma. Overall it was traumatic for both of them, but Deeks came away learning a lesson that one day your luck will run out. Kensi did not.

Both of these people have defined themselves through their jobs. And even though Deeks has been joking for years about them retiring to raise ninja assassins and/or teach yoga in Bali, I never thought he’d really be happy with the latter. (A stay at home dad I can see though.) While it’s been hard to imagine Deeks being willing to leave Kensi at NCIS with someone else watching her back, he may simply be unable to continue in that role.

Deeks: First round’s on me.
Kensi: Don’t you want to curl up with another installment of Boat in Fjord?
Deeks: It’s actually called [Norwegian I couldn’t spell] but a cocktail with my fiancée and my friends is just what the doctor ordered for the night.

Which brings us to the bar. I don’t think it was an accident for Deeks to mention the doctor ordering up a night at the bar. I think right now he’s seeing it as his path to peace. I’ve wanted that peace for Deeks ever since “Personal,” when I learned about his traumatic past. I want him to be able to put all his demons to rest, “slow down,” and enjoy a happy life surrounded by family. I only wish that didn’t involve him quitting NCIS!

So I’m left with mixed emotions. Officially, I don’t want Deeks to reach that breaking point Nate described, just as I don’t want ECO to leave the show. Yet secretly, if ECO is leaving or reducing his time even more, the angst-loving side of me would like him to go out with a bang, with a truly great, dramatic storyline. Could this be where we’re heading? This quote from ECO about the end of the season is beginning to make more sense to me:

There’s some crazy stuff [in the last two episodes] that’s incredibly personal, and the goal with Deeks is always to play the human element of it; not the Bruce Willis version, but a guy who is flawed and is terrified of losing the love of his life. And as we continue to put ourselves in danger, at some point it becomes emotionally exhausting for him, like, ‘What is the plan here?’ So there are some interesting conversations about that – obstacles in an emotional sense, that make for compelling scenes.

I don’t worry that they’ll break up. I have confidence they’ll work out a compromise, but in the meantime it pains me to see them out of sync. I don’t doubt that Kensi will support Deeks no matter what. She always has. So it’s just a matter of Deeks telling her what he needs. You know, communicating clearly. No reason for that to be a problem, right?

Hetty: It’s so good to see them happy. They’ve had a rough couple of years. But they look out for each other.

I shall try not to let what somehow felt like an ominous statement from Hetty worry me. I insist that Densi has a happy ending!

Memorable Moments

  • I doubt they’d have really let the suspect’s boss listen in on her interrogation, but it was an efficient way to advance the story.
  • Deeks looked positively dapper in his golf attire. But have we heard prior evidence that he knows the difference between irons and woods, let alone developed a fine stroke? I know ECO plays golf when he’s in Wyoming, but Deeks? I’m not so sure.
  • Nice to see those hours of sayoc stick fighting training paid off when Deeks easily disarmed the golf club-wielding bad guy.
  • Kensi was awfully cavalier about dropping Jenkins. That seemed like enough of a fall to at least break a leg.
  • Seriously, Hetty’s just decided to let everyone into OPS? I guess once it was breached a few times, they figured why not invite any old friends?
  • Nate Getz is available for consultation? I thought he was still traveling the globe doing super secret agenty stuff.
  • It’s become a sign of a good episode if I don’t need to talk about Mosley or Hidoko, so thank you Mr. Bartel and Mr. Carlisle.

I can’t wait to hear whether you all think I’m crazy, so please share in the Comments below. If you need to organize an intervention, I’m sure Diane will help you with that, LOL. Did you enjoy the classic Densi, or did you feel it was somehow off? Where do you think these two characters are heading?

Also, be sure to check back later this week for new installments of Deeks’ Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal, and the Drabble of the Week. And if you haven’t, check out our fundraising drawing- we’re giving away three fabulous images autographed by both Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah. Thanks for your support!

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wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

29 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Reentry” (S9E20)

  1. Karen, thanks for this. I guess I’m feeling compelled to comment more based on our routine writing ending and the status of the show of late. Personally, I appreciate your deep dive and the callbacks from the past. (I wish I’d read this before penning the Surf Log. Sigh.) It gave me a lot of context to what we are seeing right now (but also hope we aren’t projecting our anxiety!)

    You used the word sad. Similarly, I felt depressed at the end of this ep and it wasn’t because of the plot. I too have been sensing a different feel to the show and interactions among the characters. And in this case different doesn’t equate to good. Whether it’s a pulling away or lacking investment, our tight-knit family doesn’t feel so tight these days. (I really like the “Kensi isn’t listening to Deeks” part.)

    If something significant is coming, I’m concerned about it fitting into just two episodes, and the last two at that. Typically I’d chuckle at the obvious manipulation of fans to churn up interest in the finale, but this definitely doesn’t feel like that this year. Sad, indeed.

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  2. Thank you for the review. It was terrific. I love diving deeply into Deeks’ psyche.

    Adding to his potential PTSD: He walked into that theatre a couple episodes ago and found the body (parts) with no warning of what he would find (I’m sure he prepared Hidoko if/when she took a look). He got the full shock. And then he did it again with the team at the end of the episode with the second (set of five) body.

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  3. Jess (Bluenet13) // May 1, 2018 at 7:08 AM // Reply

    Wish I’d time to write something longer but I’m typing this quickly on my phone. I needed to thank you for this review and your analysis about Deeks and the possible return of his PTSD. If you’re crazy, then count me in. I enjoyed the ep, but was also left feeling sad and I couldn’t exactly explain why, so it’s good to know I’m not alone. Speaking of over analyzing, I did a lot of that, not only with Deeks, but Hetty as well. Her conversation in the cemetery left me worried for her future and that of the show.

    As for the ep, I appreciated seeing more Densi and Deeks throughout the ep, but they both felt off to me. I’m not sure where the characters are going, but I know part of me is scared to find out. The Callen, Sam and Nell parts made me laugh, and I enjoyed that light among my constant worry for ECO/Deeks’ future on the show.

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  4. Lindy D. // May 1, 2018 at 8:14 AM // Reply

    I know this won’t be a popular sentiment with some, but I miss Dave Kalstein, and Shane Brennan. The writing this season has left me bewildered. It’s as if they have forgotten what happened in earlier seasons, especially with Deeks. There’s no continuity. I liked your paranoid take on Deeks future, Karen, I just wish I could believe there is a real plan for his future. You had to delve deep just to figure it out. Talk about lack of communication. That’s what the writers and showrunner have been doing to us…leaving us having to read between the lines of some innocent 30 second scene to try and figure out what the hell the future may hold.

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    • sassyzazzi // May 1, 2018 at 10:19 AM // Reply

      If someone had told me a year ago, I would miss Shane Brennan , I would have laughed. I agree with you about Brennan. I miss a well thought out arc like the missing nuclear weapons and the arc involves the core team working together and the development of the characters and relationships through that arc.

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  5. Thank you for your excellent review Karen.
    I really likes the action and the case, Hetty and Keane scenes were great (even though there were those kind of ominous lines from Hetty that weren’t really helping when it comes to my nervousness about show’s future), it was nice that this episode wasn’t focused on Hidoko and Mosley and I have to admit I really liked Beale in this episode. One little moment I really enjoyed was Sam talking about Kamran.
    It was nice to see Densi scenes and they were good, but I agree with what Karen and others have already mentioned (the sadness and feeling that something is off), especially Kensi’s character seems to be more like Kensi from early seasons and I can’t really see the character growth she had in seasons 6-8.
    I did wish that there had been more interaction between Sam/Callen and Deeks/Kensi and it would be nice to see Nate again, but overall much better than the previous episode in my opinion and I did enjoy this episode ( as much as I could when there are so many questions about the future of the show and characters).

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  6. Rhonda Lara // May 1, 2018 at 9:45 AM // Reply

    I really enjoyed “The Densi Banter!”
    Thank You Wikideeks For Everything And Keeping Us Fans Informed!! Will Miss You! 💕💙

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  7. sassyzazzi // May 1, 2018 at 10:30 AM // Reply

    Karen, thanks so much for the review and for the deep analysis. As far as the episode, I enjoyed it. I thought Linda Hunt and Jeff Kober were just outstanding.Sam and Callen were back to being Sam and Callen . It was great to see Deeks and Kensi back together as partners, working in the boat shed and in the field, and I enjoyed that immensely. It was really nice that Mosley and Harley were relegated to small parts so they did not take screen time from the core team. I liked that they had a closing team scene with Hetty and Keane .

    I do think they are leading up to something between Kensi and Deeks in the final episodes as you said , especially given your quote from ECO. I actually wish it was PTSD so we could get a Deeks arc, but this season has not been about any character other than Sam, and we already know Sam is shot is part of the finale arc so I am sadly guessing we are not getting a heavy Deeks arc.

    I loved the golf scene, and I am guessing that part of that was an ECO improv. The one thing that struck me and made me sad in the episode was the realization we have not seen a lot of ECO improv this season. I know he usually improvs with Daniella and we have not seen much Densi, but he has in the past “gone large” as he says with characters like “Sven”. So for me that is another thing that makes this season different and certainly less enjoyable. Since I have been the voice of negativity all season about the new people, I will continue on that path. It really seems to me that both new people have very thin acting resumes , at least compared to e.g the plethora of new people added to NCIS. Maybe their needs override the ability to allow the core cast to actually build on their past existing closeness/experience with each other and so everyone has to stick tightly to the script . I think all of us are trying very hard to come up with what is so different this season.

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  8. I too think this episode was a huge improvement over what we have been seeing the last several months. No Mosley or Harley was awesome! Eric seemed a bit overly rambunctious but I’ll take it. Hetty and Keane were remarkable and their scene in the cemetery very moving. I enjoyed just about everything, except the scenes with Kensi and Deeks which is really why I watch the show. They just seemed a bit lackluster some how. I would love a “darling” endearment, a hand hold, or one of Deek’s sexy winks…that’s the Deek’s I think we all love. He did refer to Kensi as his fiancee, but that seemed almost awkward to me. Almost forced like they had to throw it in at the end. For me, I didn’t feel any connection between them. Not the kind you should feel at this point in their relationship anyway. The chemistry was missing. I agree with everyone else in that something is definitely off. For whatever reason, their relationship is not moving forward, and that scares me because I really want them to have the happy ending they deserve. I think a little lust, a steamy kiss, or the hint of a love scene, just a hint of something mind you, would go a long way in establishing that connection. Let us see a tiny bit of domestic or after-hours Densi. Maybe they could get drunk one night so Deeks could relieve some of his stress….that would be amazing! Drunk Deeks…..I can only imagine!! Drunk in love that works for me!

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    • You voiced my thoughts exactly. Where’s the love? Where are even a few snuggles. They don’t even seem excited about getting married. I think they should have had the wedding somewhere in the middle of the season. Maybe then, how they have written them this season would make sense.


  9. Thanks, Karen, for your great review, I totally agree: something does seem off this season, but it’s very difficult to understand what. This episode was no exception, in my opinion. It was not bad in itself, much better than some other episodes of this season, but still indefinable. I don’t want to sound repetitive, but words like “odd”, “strange”, “weird” and “off” are the ones that come to my mind more often when thinking about Season 9.

    Everything that had always been well-balanced (partnerships, romance, bromance, drama, angst, action sequences, personal backstories, friendship, relationships) suddenly seemed unbalanced, as if the characters and maybe the actors too were struggling to find their old rhythm and groove. At least this is the impression I have been getting all this (almost over) season. And I think the most loyal fans of NCIS:LA, all the viewers that have been watching the show for nearly a decade now, couldn’t help noticing this different pace.

    It could just be a show we are talking about, I get it, but we are not stupid and I’d rather TPTB didn’t treat us like this. We can see things and this season many new ideas and novelties didn’t work. What I found strange is that TPTB could have had plenty of time after some episodes (six, seven episodes, a third of the season at the most) to change direction and try to go back to what the show was, if only they had wanted. This is it: if only they had wanted. But maybe they didn’t and these are the results: a season that is getting to the end, leaving us so unsatisfied and sad.

    About Densi, I think you and other people here have already said what there was to say. Their scenes for me are becoming painful to watch, they only seem a shadow of what they once were and I swear I’m wondering if this is part of a precise plan the actors have to respect or if it is just a combination of unlucky random factors. I don’t even understand if Deeks and Kensi like each other anymore! The rare scenes they have shared this season (with the exception of The silo) were only used to argue about everything, from tablecloths to wedding venues or TV programs.They totally lack their usual chemistry, their attraction, something that can make the viewer feel they like to be together, live together, plan their wedding and start a family. I wonder how they even spend their free time: maybe incessantly bickering? I’m not saying they have to agree on everything but I seriously can’t explain why the writers this season have only cared to give us Densi scenes in which they seem to be two different planets with a lot of forced dialogs and interactions. Where’s the love, the fire, the sparkle? Why is Kensi always so irritated and annoyed with Deeks? I really can’t understand what the authors’ plan with Densi this season is, but what I can say is that I don’t like the way they have been written so far, and it’s not true that Densi together together may have ruined the show, poor writing of Densi together together did (among many more things), so, I’m sorry, writers, this is on you.

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  10. Maybe my standards are too high.
    But they came from watching the best couple on TV interact beautifully.
    Now I don’t know what I am actually watching.
    I draw a distinction between entertaining banter as opposed to just bickering and arguing about ridiculous crap.
    Whatever Densi is now, it isn’t what it was.
    …and the change is not for the better.
    Just awfully disappointing.


  11. Time for a compromise.
    Maybe I am asking for too much
    Maybe they are trying to do too much
    Or maybe they are just focusing on the wrong things first.
    Some of the things that I appreciate about the show are the dangerous stories, the drama, the threats, personal connections to the case, and the intertwined story arcs.
    But I am willing to give it all up.
    All of it takes a huge amount of time and planning…maybe too much right now with all the things in motion and unknowns on the show.
    How about getting back to the basics. Give me a good solid case of the week,
    Something involving all the field agents., maybe each set of partners working the case from different ends and the opps crew actually in opps doing their actual jobs.
    No nuclear disasters, world wide pandemics, screwed up exes trying to end the world, no 7 or 8 stories going on at the same time…just a good basic case.
    Then just put all that extra planning and writing time into the dialogue.
    Give us a bullpen scene or two, some good conversation in opps during the job briefing, then let the agents go do their jobs.
    Get them in the field, get the banter back, get them with their real partners, and let them interact.
    Get back to what worked.
    I would trade for it in a second.
    It seems that the writing staff is spending a lot of time trying to get the team into all these new would ending situations and creating all these crazy story arcs but have gotten too unrealistic, forgotten cannon, don’t have the characters behave appropriately, communicating as they should, and interacting as they have for years.
    More explosions and worldwide danger aren’t the answer to everything.
    Just simplify it a little and give us our team back please.

    Yes, I know that the last episode was a good step in that direction. We need more…and bigger steps please.


  12. I am not sure if the actors are being directed to do it, or if they are choosing to downplay the connection themselves, But ECO and Dani are really downplaying the affection between their characters.
    Densi is off. And I do not like it.
    They seem to be stalled or even drifting apart.
    Even when the words don’t say it, their actions, reactions, and facial expressions say something is amiss.
    Eric’ infectious smile, Dani’s wonderful facial expressions in her response. Her wonderful smile that is so genuine.
    They would have to try hard to generate what we are looking at.
    What I see has already been stated wonderfully.
    A smile that doesn’t reach the eyes.
    It used to light up the room, and now it falls flat.
    We saw thin subtle smiles and smirks. Not much more.
    Is this to make us surprised when they suddenly get married.
    Is it just to make us wonder and insert some drama.
    Or is it to prepare us for the coming changes. To ease us into the end of Densi?
    Whatever it is…I just don’t like it.
    Not at all.

    Both Dani and Eric seemed more upbeat in their non-Densi scenes, so it is not a blanketing situation.
    It is specific to their interactions, so it is obviously planned. It is intentional.
    Whether it is planned by the writers, directors, or the actors themselves is the question…
    …forget the question…just make it stop, please…
    It’s horrible to watch.
    We want our Densi back.



  13. And there is no way that Deeks spending 8 hours on the couch while ignoring Kensi and the wedding planning can end well.
    Is it a setup for the fact that they will actually admit that they want and need different things. In spite of everything they have been through.

    Hetty once said they better hope love conquers all…
    What if it doesn’t, what if it isn’t enough?
    No NO NO….
    Damn it Ed…stop writing this crap…


  14. And there is no way that Deeks spending 8 hours on the couch while ignoring Kensi and the wedding planning can end well.
    Is it a setup for the fact that they will actually admit that they want and need different things. In spite of everything they have been through.

    Hetty once said they better hope love conquers all…
    What if it doesn’t, what if it isn’t enough?
    No NO NO….
    Damn it Ed…stop writing this crap…


    At this point I would settle for a genuine smile, a casual affectionate touch, holding hands, a kiss, the Bulgogi dance, a shoulder bump…anything.
    It was like at the end of the episode that the writers actually had to have Deeks remind us by saying it, that Kensi was still his fiancé…
    Because they sure aren’t acting like it.


  15. I enjoyed a lot of the episode.
    Some Hetty… less Mosley and Harley.
    Partners paired up.
    I guess Nell could have stayed in opps with Eric, but at least the was doing tech stuff and not playing Rambo.
    The big downer for me was the subdued banter and distant feeling between Kensi and Deeks.
    Not what you would expect from a couple in love.


  16. You know,
    The show runners here have always had some odd habits.
    They have always felt a need to have the new people have conflict, have the leadership be unlikable, and have tension between some of the team members.
    It just seems odd that then need internal strife to create some drama in the show.
    Instead of having them act as a team and confront outside issues, the issues are often internal.

    Here is my example.
    Take NCIS, the mother ship.
    Kate came in and went out
    Ziva came in and then out.
    Duckey went part time
    Dinozzo left
    Abby is leaving
    Bishop came in
    Torres came in
    Reeves came in.
    …and somehow they all got along.

    None of these people were treated the way Deeks was by his new teammates.

    And the bosses
    There was the original guy, forgot his name, he left
    Then Jenny Shephard
    Then Leon Vance.

    Some conflicts, but not openly despised like…
    Granger was at first
    Then Hunter,
    Then Mosley.
    …its always the same thing.

    What gives.
    Deeks gets treated like cral by everyone.
    Then Sam about his character
    Then Hetty doesn’t want him back if he is not the same
    Then Callen for the same reason.

    It is a very odd dynamic that this particular show insists on creating.
    Aren’t there enough bad guys out there to be upset with.
    Can’t we at last treat our coworkers with some kindness.
    Can’t we all get along.

    They feel this need to create issues between the crew, hence the constant Densi drama.
    It is almost like they are too lazy or set in their ways to kook for another source of drama.
    Treat Deeks like crap
    Make Densi fight or pull away from each other
    Be mad at the boss
    …it’s like that’s all they can come up with.

    it doesn’t bode well for the end of the season, I fear…

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  17. wow,
    here is where I apologize for the poor grammar in the multiple comments above.

    I actually do it on purpose to make AnneS feel better about herself…
    kidding Anne, kidding.


  18. I liked th ending scene with the core team going off together(even if Beale wasn’t physically there) and Hetty looking on proudly and lovingly. There was something sad about that scene though. That team togetherness was sorely missing this season and I was glad to see it, but it may be a little too late for me.
    Ditto on the Densi thoughts.

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  19. You are all awesome! I love hearing so many passionate voices sharing their views.

    I was thinking about how this whole season has been off for Densi. I went back to look at the first few reviews of the season and was reminded of the conversation the two had in Assets, which was originally supposed to be the second episode of the season. It was the first episode where Densi had any significant conversation, which I’d have to assume was meant to lay at least some of the groundwork for Season 9 Densi:

    Deeks: Maybe it’s time to take the next step. You know, maybe it’s time to take, maybe it’s time to take our next step.
    Kensi: I know, I know, I know I know I know.
    Deeks: Listen, I’m not saying that you have to quit this job that you love ‘cause that would be selfish I wouldn’t say that. But maybe it’s time that I do.
    Kensi: No because that would be selfish of me and plus, what would you do?
    Deeks: Honestly I have no idea, but what I do know is that, you know, whatever job I take I’m just not gonna be coming in contact with people that are constantly trying to shoot me. I just, I can’t imagine, you know, kissing our daughter good-bye in the morning and then we spend the rest of the day wondering if one of us is going to get shot.

    I think one other traumatic event to add to our list is Deeks failing to save Michelle and then being the one to find her dead body. To me, that feels like maybe the trigger for whatever it is he’s been thinking and feeling all season long.

    In my Assets review I didn’t indicate any concern over Deeks’ words, I just gushed about the great energy between them. In this week’s episode, I may have commented that Kensi wasn’t hearing Deeks, but I think it took me a long time to hear him myself. Denial is one of my many skills.


  20. J.nicholls // May 1, 2018 at 11:47 PM // Reply

    As with everyone else the Densi relationship is not the same, I always expect them to have a big row or that they have had one, ,Kensi seems frustrated with Deeks and the relationship as if she doesn’t want to be in it anymore nd it’s not the same to watch as the chemistry in the partnership is not there.. As for the series finale I think it will resurface his fears with Sam getting shot as this is what he has been telling her, and with Mosley’s son being kidnapped which I guess is because of her job, it’s all going to start making him feel this is why he wants to leave but knowing Kensi she will still not listen and maybe not till it’s to late.

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  21. (Non English Native Speaking here, sorry for the mistakes).

    Glad to see I’m not the only thinking there is something off about Deeks and Deeks&Kensi. They used to be so in sync it’s terrible to see Kensi so blind to Deeks desperate call for help.

    I feel bad for Deeks because no one seems to understand what he’s going through. He’s desperate to have a family, to be able to be better than his father. He’s scared of what happened to Sam and could happen to Kensi. Turning your back of a job that you love is awful but going to work with a pit in your stomach scared of what could happen in ONE day is even worse.

    I completely understand what Deeks is going through. I used to work in hospital here in France in Paris, since Paris Attacks, since that day I went on site to help with victims, I’m terrified by my work. I only did one tour on site, I went back with some victims at hospital, all the night it was dead silence, we were so scared even inside, we would just jump everytime there was a sound coming out of nowhere. Since that day I couldn’t put a step in the hospital, the feeling of it happening again was too strong. So I moved outside of Paris, find another job in another hospital, working in Pediatric Unit. It wasn’t good but still a little better than Paris. But treating bad cases went memories go back in the front of my mind 24h/7. I would be crying all the way to the hospital, driving but thinking I couldn ‘t do it anymore, being harassed by parents, dealing with mistreatment so bad a baby couldn’t even move. What the hell is fucking wrong with parents.

    I tried very hard to continue, tried talk to some of my formers coworkers still in Paris, learning how they were dealing with the trauma but they didn’t seem to understand what I was dealing with. It’s PTSD, you don’t want to say the word but this is it. So I left my job and have been jobless for the past 2 years because I’m too scared to put a foot in hospital, I would rather drive my into a tree and die on site than going to a job interview. It’s what forcing yourself to do a job you no longer can do is doing to your mind and body. And clearly it’s what Deeks is going through.

    He needs someone to tell him it’s okay to feel like this when you went through torture to protect a woman who in the end died because you didn’t find her soon enough. it’s okay to feel the need to leave when the love of your life almost died in helicopter accident, when she got sent away to the other side of the world for no reason and almost died there too. It’s okay to feel the need to leave when your boss tell you’re not qualified to be with this team, when you dealt with years of banters and listening to people telling you’re not good enough. He needs the rest, he needs to find solace in something who can’t be take away from him and for now it’s his freedom. He wants to leave but his lover don’t grape the seriousness of this. She was raised as a brat, she truly don’t get what is happening in his mind and I can’t think how they could make a life together if she can’t grasp the darkness he is living in. Maybe unconsciously he’s putting the wedding preparations away because he can’t stand the thought of getting married while living like this but telling it to Kensi will call his couple off and he can’t bear the thought of losing her. So he continues and feel badder and badder.

    Sorry for the (very) long comment but Deeks has always the character the less explored on the show and I feel so like him I can’t stand the lack of support from his team, his family.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Brenda (@bpnp) // May 2, 2018 at 1:14 PM // Reply


      It sounds like you really can empathize with Deeks and what he is going through. You have been through a lot. Unfortunately, PTSD is common for health care workers too. Where I live, PTSD is considered a work-related injury for health care providers and there are supports and compensation available for people who are not able to work, with the goal of helping recovery and return to work/life. You obviously live on another continent so things may be very different. But I just wanted to reach out and encourage you to find any supports that are available where you are living. Life never goes back to how it was before, when you have been through such a large trauma. But it is possible for things to get better, although that usually requires professional help. That’s why Hetty eventually insisted that Deeks see Nate. So, please – find your Nate. Find the professional services that can help you. My heart goes out to you for what you have been through. You helped many people when they were in very great need. My hope is that now that you are the one in need, you will find help and support to make things even just a little better than they are now. Take as good care of yourself as you did for your patients!


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    • Kimbera I don’t even know what to say about your extraordinary comment. It made me cry. Your experiences sound so terrible and I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I’m sure the people you helped, that night and beyond, are grateful. Like Brenda said, I hope you’ll seek out your own version of Nate. Or maybe someone who will do an even better job. 😉

      I also found your insights into what Deeks is experiencing and all the reasons why absolutely compelling. Like I said in the review, I want him to find peace. I hope you can do the same.

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  22. Bandabou // May 2, 2018 at 7:04 AM // Reply

    On another site they made a comment about Renee Felice Smith being pregnant? Anybody noticed anything?


    • over the last couple of weeks Renee has changed her wardrobe choices and is wearing some loose fitting clothing as well as some jackets that appear to differ slightly from Nell’s usual fashion style. Fashion does tend to change with the season,.
      …she looks very nice.

      As a male with a strong sense of self-preservation,
      I will refrain from further comment.



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