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Review: NCISLA “Fukushu” (S13E02)

The second episode of NCIS:Los Angeles’ Season 13 brought us a thoughtful look at hate crimes. Written by Kyle Harimoto and directed by Dennis Smith, the episode spent less time than usual on the booms and more on exploring the repercussions of hate for both the victims and our favorite crime-fighting team. It also continued the show’s long-running theme of problematic fathers, in the process revealing a bit more about a few of our newer team members.

The Hate

If you’re going to spend an episode exploring an important real-world issue, the topic of hate crime would certainly qualify. There were more than 7,000 reported hate crimes in the U.S. in 2019, with a significant rise in crimes against Asians since the COVID pandemic began. Harimoto and the cast’s sincere desire to bring awareness to the problem came through loud and clear, and he wrote several excellent scenes where the team delved more deeply into the topic.

My favorite was the scene between Sam and Fatima in the boatshed. Sam’s advice that she be aware of her biases while also trusting her instincts offered just the sort of mentoring I’ve been hoping to see ever since Sam broached the subject of bringing new agents onto the team (in Harimoto’s “Answers”). Watching him share his wisdom with a less experienced agent provided a natural way to explore the topic, similar to Sam’s scenes discussing racism with Rountree in last season’s “Raising the Dead.” I’d enjoy seeing more of these conversations, not just around race, but around doing their difficult job, even if it means separating Sam and Callen a bit to allow for the new pairings.

Later, Fatima and Rountree’s conversation about their own experiences with racism gave them a small bonding opportunity and ended with a seemingly light moment as Fatima dryly delivered her joke about the human race requiring an alien invasion before we can truly unite across racial lines. Exactly how light a moment it was might depend on your personal outlook on humanity’s ability to overcome its own weaknesses.

The episode’s pacing also reminded me of “Answers” in the way it focused as much on the characters as the plot. That was both a plus and a minus, as it took 16 minutes of the hour-long episode before any clues appeared on the actual case. The extreme initial focus on the characters’ reactions made it feel a bit as if this was the first hate crime the team had ever investigated, which sadly, can’t be true. (In fact, they investigated a possible hate crime against a murdered Japanese man back in Season 3’s “Honor,” where the bad guy coincidentally was named Tanaka.)

I think that’s what made the scene with Deeks and Kensi in the car the most difficult one to pull off. His words, and his sadness and frustration certainly resonated and I’m sure we all can identify with his feelings, and Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen were great here. It landed slightly off for me though, given the fact that these two law enforcement officers have seen so many terrible acts before. They just sounded a little too surprised by this particular crime.

The choice to have Tanaka’s son Jack take matters into his own hands was a dark one. He decided that turning vigilante himself was the best way to fight back against the onslaught of hate from other vigilantes. It was sad to see him throw away his career and possibly go to prison while doing something his “disciplined” father would be so disappointed to learn about. Not to mention the fact that he likely jeopardized the case against the bad guys. I could feel Harimoto’s anger over hate crimes in Jack’s frustration waiting for the system to protect people. It was sad – tragic really – and affecting. (And it might have been less surprising had I known what the episode’s title translated to: vengeance.)

If you want to learn more, the website noted in the episode’s closing info was

The Dads

Meanwhile, throughout the episode Harimoto gave us a recurring theme we’ve come to know well with NCIS:LA: that of problematic parents and their children. Kilbride told a wonderful story of how his father had protected the home of an interred Japanese family during World War II, agreeing with Rountree that he was “an incredible man.” But by episode’s end, we also heard that “tough fathers don’t always make for the easiest of childhoods.” wikiDeeks contributor Lyssa reminded me that Kilbride has his own issues with his son, with whom he apparently hasn’t spoken for years (see “A Fait Accompli”).

Rountree told Fatima that he’s not close with his dad. His little sister is his family. I look forward to learning more about this increasingly likeable, easygoing character.

And when Deeks observed how “Papa Strauss” had poisoned his son with hate and fear, it was easy to see the wheels turning in his mind, leading straight back to his worries about whether he will be a better father than his own. 

The Love

But then Kensi was there to reassure Deeks that they’d raise their child with love and acceptance, not fear and anger. And of course she’s right and it’s great to see her encouraging her husband and working to push away the self-doubt he carries.

The duo also talked through their concerns and wishes were they to adopt a child of a different race, and the guiding principle of love shone through in all their thoughts. It offered a wonderful contrast to the crime itself, mapping out a vision of how we want the world to be. It also introduced their continuing adoption storyline – an apparently required subject of discussion each episode – in a natural way that didn’t feel forced.

My favorite moment of the episode had to be Kensi tricking Deeks into a head start in a race up a hill:

Deeks: Then we should probably run up that hill. Shall we?
Kensi:  Why do I need to run up the hill?
Deeks: Mm Okay.
Kensi: I’m just saying, running is silly… [Deeks pulls crime tape up as Kensi passes under] Cause you’re a sucker!
Deeks: Oh my god. You’re the world’s biggest fifth grader.

This little moment of lightness reminded me of so many things I love about Densi. It harkened back to the one-upping, competitive Kensi who was so prominent early on in their partnership. It reminded me that Deeks has taught her to lighten up. And it made me smile and laugh at the silliness of it all. Moments like this seemed to be in short supply last season. They bring so much joy and I hope we’re in store for many more of them this year.

In other romantic news, we learned that Callen and Anna were together in Napa. I honestly don’t remember exactly how they left off last season, and don’t get me started on the Callen storyline from last week’s episode. Instead, let’s move on to discuss the happy team-centered moment in “Fushuku.”

We got a fun team opener (yay!) in the gym, where they all seemed to be engaging in some sort of team decathlon. Did you catch the screen shot of their results so far? I loved Kensi’s encouraging everyone by noting their ability to shoot a man center mass. So perfectly in character and really funny. Even Kilbride allowed himself a few moments of levity. It felt so good to see them all relaxed and enjoying their time together.

Memorable Moments

  • There was something about the front-on angle of Kilbride briefing the team from his car that just made the effects less believable than usual.
  • Nice little backstory tidbit about Deeks driving across America after he ended his legal career. (I guess little tidbits are all we’re going to get since Gemmill has proclaimed we are unlikely to get a “Deeks, M” this season. And yes, I’m feeling a little bitter about that.)
  • It struck me as somewhat out of character that Callen was some kind of carpentry aficionado. It goes back to that memorable bullpen conversation from Season 5’s “Fallout,” where Deeks and Callen proclaimed building things with their hands to be a waste of time when they could hire someone to do it instead and spend their time sipping mojitos.
  • I’m not sad to see Fatima up in Ops, and she actually proved herself adept at the job before she joined the team full time. But when Rountree, and then Kilbride of all people, seem to be doing Beale’s job, it kinda makes it seem like they didn’t really need a computer genius all those years. It will be interesting to see if Fatima works from there more often or if anyone new will join the team. I’m rooting for the former- keeping the cast size as is means as much screen time as possible for our favorite character.
  • Thank you Mr. Harimoto for such a fine little dose of Competent Deeks. Even though he’s no longer a detective, he’s still detecting, figuring out how Tanaka’s son got the intel on the bad guys and then coming up with a plan to get his accomplice to the boatshed without raising suspicion. Nice!
  • I also loved seeing the issue of Fatima and Rountree’s desks being raised. And while I’m sure they could set up quite a nice little exclusive space in wardrobe, I’d really like to see them with the others so they can participate in the team banter, and maybe be integrated more deeply into the team itself.

Thanks to Lyssa for patiently assisting with and fact-checking my trivia and for providing the screen shot from the team competition. Tune in later this week for new editions of Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal, and come back Saturday for a preview of next Sunday’s intense-looking Frank Military episode “Indentured.” In the meantime, what did you think about “Fushuku”? Tell us all about it in the Comments below!

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34 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Fukushu” (S13E02)

  1. Glad to see that the comment section was fixed before I take my nap!

    Here’s my thoughts (they ain’t pretty, so try to bear with me):

    As soon as I knew what this episode was going to be about, I knew it was going to be terrible. Because since when is it ever a good idea to air an episode a week after the premiere that predictably doesn’t mention anything that happened the week before and is basically a walking-talking PSA for a woke audience? Answer: Never!

    There’s 2 reasons why having political episodes in certain shows is never a good idea: 1, they’re always 1 sided only. 2, They never do anything positive, either in the show or in the world itself! You’d think this show would learn by now that going political is not a good idea.

    Anyhoo, this whole episode was a waste of time. No Hetty update, no update on Callen’s rewritten past ‘journey’, more Densi woes that won’t go anywhere past this episode (calling that right now!), just repeating the trend that started in Season 10 of the 2nd episode of a Season being absolutely terrible, real shame there.

    Side note: Every terrible episode DOES have a few good moments though, and here’s the ones I enjoyed:

    Deeks calling Kensi the biggest 5th grader he’s ever known.

    Callen being in Napa with Anna.

    Roundtree calling Hetty’s office a ‘throne’ (Dude knows his stuff!)

    The main 4 being in the bullpen

    Am I the only 1 that just can’t feel bad for Kilbride? Because I just can’t ignore his past behavior at this time. (Especially after what he said to Hetty!), and am I the only 1 who found his ‘softer’ side a bit freaky?

    There’s something oddly freeing about only watching an episode through live tweets, and interesting. And it looks like I’ll be doing it again next week because I don’t have the energy at this time to put up with another stupid FM episode about more Densi woes, and Kilbride being a jerk to the only team member he appears to respect.

    I DO have some good news to end this rant though: In the comment section of 1 of her recent Instagram posts, Dani says she’s also directing Episode 14 of this Season!

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    • Justanotherview // October 19, 2021 at 11:25 AM // Reply

      I’ll be honest, I very, very seldom agree with you, however, here, with your commentary on “wokeness” and one sided political diatribes, you are spot on. It’s NEVER a good idea to wax on about such matters, it only alienates viewers because the “facts” are well, not facts. Has hate crimes gone up-yes, but in reality ALL hate crimes have gone up. A search on official data will prove that-but the leading worldwide victims aren’t who the media implies. MAYBE if shows would be fairer and not so woke pushing, these types of episodes would be ok-but when it’s constantly like this, it’s a hard pass. I know it’s Hollywood but in a real LE agency, viewpoints would be far more balanced.

      Honestly, unless something major happens to turn it around, I can’t imagine this show will survive much longer.

      Where I differ from you, I’m not a Hetty fan at all anymore. In early seasons, I liked her well enough but the past several seasons, I’ve grown to dislike her and her seeming view of her team being her Chess pieces. I like Kilbride, and enjoy the pushback that allows the actors to play off each other.

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  2. I really enjoyed this episode – so much hatred in our world – needs to be brought to the forefront. I was disappointed in the FB comments I read this morning – people felt this “rascism” was being pushed on them when they wanted more fantasy. Maybe that’s why this country is in the mess it is – no one wants to look squarely at the truth.


  3. This show and a political slanted story equal bad rating.I will surprised if we get another season after this season,unless writing get alot better.It felt weird to see the building so empty of people and to have Roundtree and kilbride in ops who hate technology made no sense.Should have kept Nell and Eric and lost the newbies.Bad casting imho.

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  4. I agree with Justanotherview as I tune in to be entertained by the characters we have grown to love over the past 12 years. I am tired of the heavy plots of social issues as well as Joelle and Callen’s past. Unlike the other NCIS shows, these people have banded together as a team who have connected on a professional and personal level as the characters they portray. They have been together for 12 years. Their interactions are the basis for this series being on for 12 years. I watch to be entertained and not to be preached about what is wrong with the world. Seasons 11 and 12 were disappointing as the focal point was not on the fabulous four anymore. Please get back to the bullpen, lightheartedness of the past, and more smiles from Deeks. He has become way too serious – understandably so – given the plots – but still he can find something to lighten up about can’t he? I fear that this series will not survive if they continue down this road.
    Mr. Military and Mr. Gemmill need to get back to their wonderful gift of writing as they understand these characters and should highlight them as the center of this series once again. Amen!

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  5. Not surprised they dodged around the main statistic about this recently-discovered (by Hollywood) variety of crime. It’s really depressing to me to see a show limping along once it’s clearly past its prime.

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  6. Thanks, Karen for the review I think you ticked off all the major points in the episode. I don’t want to be over-critical but It feels like a very quiet, brooding episode with no stirring events but that’s what we used to get from “Kyle Harimoto” episodes it concentrates more on elaboration their feelings than actions. 

    What bothers me is they started out the episode by rolling out that it’s a hate crime without knowing who are attackers or their race or the ?circumstances of the attack and with no investigation.
    I feel like recently most of the cases are based on personal acquaintance not on what they need to investigate (Anna,Joalle, Kessler,Kam’s Kidnapping, the Dolphin), so now we have killbride requesting to investigate this case to honor his father, Really!!!

    Their anger and disbelieve that something like that could happen in USA felt odd and OOC from all of them as they stumbled across this kind of hate crimes all time (The Patton Project, white supremacist,Fatima Roundtree & Sam and their stories about racism and what they had to endure in their lives).
    Don’t tell that Deeks through his entire time with LAPD or in his neighborhood (Reseda) when he was a child never seen a hate crime or any race violations it doesn’t hold water IMHP.

    I miss the action the show use to have. And all the baby talk is getting to be a bit overwhelming especially they have same talk in the same place (The Armry) with the same hug more than once since S11.   
    At least Deeks was competent and managed to figure out the How, the who, and what to do to catch the responsible for the leak.

    Did anyone gets the feeling when ECO said he needs caffeine if he is gonna have a conversation of this woke was an improve.

    Kensi running doesn’t set quite with me and felt OOC. Maybe the old Kensi that I love and adored her sense of humor, but not the Kensi that was portrayed last season & in the premier who is still overthinking, somber, & carrying the weight of the world in her shoulder. (Which is still the theme for her in the next ep).

    One of the reasons I wanted Killbride in OPS was he would establish a great connection with Deeks as he was a lawyer so he could remind him of his son(who is also a lawyer) and fill the void and they would explore this point, but I guess that’s will not happen.   

    The banter between Fatima & Roundtree felt flat,And I need to understand what are their qualifications to make them run the OPS, yah we can Agree that Fatima has the background and she should stick her in OPS Permanently, but what about Roundtree wasn’t he an FBI agent prior joining NCIS, so what makes him fit to be in OPS.
    Their roles make no sense to me I cannot work out what contribution they make to this show. IMHO They only deliver their lines as written, but there’s no personality there.
    With scenes like this, I feel nostalgia for the old Meercats, and how they run OPS.
    I miss Eric and his whistle saying case on deck and the whole debriefing scenes; it’s true you will never appreciate something until you lose it, Sigh.

    I’ve honestly lost track of what going on with Callen & Anna and what’s going on in his life, so we now should believe that he forgives her for all what she’d done to him and they moved on (Since when he is a forgiven person!!!!!) or they trying this season to rewrite his history all from over the top.
    Overall It was an okay episode, Certainly not one of their best.

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    • With all these cases being personal for someone on the team, I’m gonna need 1 of these cases to eventually become personal for Hetty. (I’m slightly kidding, cuz as long as she’s in Syria, that ain’t gonna happen.)


      • I don’t know Maria, but maybe there will be one or two episodes involving that story otherwise they wouldn’t say where she is going. unlike last year they kept her whereabouts anonymous. Plus I think they said they would bring “Nate” back this season so maybe it’s something related to Hetty, or they would bring him back to deal with the team & Hetty’s PTSD after they rescue her. the possibilities are endless. 


    • Sorry. but I don’t know how anyone can watch the show and NOT know how forgiving Callen has been. He’s forgiven Hetty for her lies & actions multiple times, he’s forgiven Joelle & even helped her multiple times, & he’s forgiven/moved on from other bad experiences (like the one with Tracy). If there’s any character who doesn’t hold a grudge, it’s Callen.

      I thought this episode was really weak & poorly written for such a serious topic..I hate it when the writers do sloppy work & let their politics get in the way of the story.

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  7. Enjoyed your review Karen, I was conflicted about the kensi and Deeks and still enjoy their banter even if they got serious in car..callen, wasn’t sure where he was and then suddenly appeared..I didn’t even think Anna was in picture..I must have missed something. I knew hetty wouldn’t be there., I guess we shall see her at some point..I like kilbride , we shall see how the season goes..I guess what bothered me was Fatima and roundtree wanting to be in bull pen area…Nell and Eric never were, I think 6 people in that area would be overwhelming..I still looking for Sam, Callen, kensi and Deeks to be there, with their morning banter..


  8. What in the world did I just watch…..? I honestly don’t know. How many degrees was this separated from being anything Naval Investigative?

    They address Asian hate crimes (which turned out wasn’t even an Asian hate crime) but passed over George Floyd and the entire BLM movement last year….? I won’t have time to write my humble OP-ED, lol, until the weekend but…like Maria….it don’t think it will be pretty… 😦 .

    They lost a million viewers between ep 1 and ep 2. I’m afraid it will only get worse from here because it looks like they have chosen their path. Down.

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    • Technically, ratings for the 2nd episode always go down a bit, not to mention the football delay was almost a full 30 minutes long. Ratings will probably improve a bit over time.

      Looking forward to your thoughts!


      • I hear the football complaint a lot. It’s never been a problem over here. Football is broadcasted early in the day in California, followed at 7 pm by 60 minutes, The Equalizer, and then NCIS-LA. Talk soon!


  9. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // October 19, 2021 at 9:23 PM // Reply

    WHERE ARE DENSI KISSES ????????????


    • I miss kensi and deeks kisses too. Seems a little better with the hugs and banter, but not a kiss yet. We see more with Callen and Anna. Oh well. I know they are actors and they always say they try and stay true to kensi and deeks. But maybe being related in real life and as their kids getting older, they are being more cautious… but I for one miss it🥰


  10. I just got done watching “ Until Death do us Part”. Scott Gemmill did such a wonderful job entertaining us with this episode. The characters took front stage – as they should! It was so delightful to pull them all together with such a fiasco of a wedding . There was laughter, excitement, moments of tenderness, and the climax of the wedding. This is why we watched this show – to be entertained with the characters we have grown to love. I know that,unless he and Mr. Military go back to writing the scripts, the series will not survive. Maybe that is what they want! Maybe they all want to move on! If that is the case, please be merciful to at least let the characters die off in style and not with the pathetic plots you are pawning off as entertainment. I am with Jane 100% Get back to putting the characters in the bullpen as the forefront of the show!

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  11. Thank you, Karen, for your review.

    I agree with you on the car scene between Deeks and Kensi. It didn’t land with me either. It didn’t feel genuine. When Kensi said “I get it, I’m mad too”, she sounded like was talking about Whole Foods being out of Almond Milk again, LMAO.

    I also agree with Kilbride’s car scene. It was clearly done against a green screen, which made me wonder if they are running out of advertisers and are now on a budget. Very poorly done.

    I’m running out of steam a bit with all of this, I have to admit. The commentary on social media was absolutely brutal. It was so brutal that on the show’s FaceBook page, the majority of comments are simply filtered out.

    I know they ECO is writing 2 upcoming episodes and they are letting DR directing an extra one, but at this rate I wonder if they are going to make it that far.

    The episode got lost within its own convolusion and the severity of the point they were trying to make diminished as a result. This episode was separated by 100 degrees of it being an actual Naval Investigation. And it only kept going downhill. The hate crime was not even a hate crime, just disgruntled property and business owners. I’d like to know who qualified it as an Asian hate crime before properly investigating? A retired Vietnam vet is beaten up at the beach and even though his son is an LAPD veteran it goes to the level of NCIS? There is so much worse going on (not saying this was not bad, but that’s what triage is for). The whole story lead-in did not feel credible.

    A15-year police veteran admitted he was the one who chose vigilantism over the law he had sworn to uphold (and his father survived!), then posted a video online of him having kidnapped and beaten them half to death and let it go viral. Where his behavior was surely a career-ender, the video put him behind bars with a father who needed help with his recovery. Zero sense.

    The show made it very clear last year they wanted to keep the pandemic out of the it but yet Callen made the inexplicable comment of “we survived a global pandemic” in the season 12 final episode. Then they went on to deal with Asian hate crimes in season 13, which are a direct result of a pandemic that never existed but which Callen stated they survived anyway…….who is writing these episodes?

    If they do want to stay relevant and address current issues where are the repercussions of George Floyd’s death, the protests, the BLM movement? Nothing during 18 episodes of season 12? What about the Me Too movement? There are no sexual assault within the Navy? But Asian hate crimes (which wasn’t even an Asian hate crime as it turned out) out of the blue in season 13? Pulling out of Afghanistan, Syria, the crisis in Haiti, transgender discrimination, there are topics galore, but they are stubbornly sticking to Joelle….?

    I also have trouble digesting the adoption conversation(s) between Deeks and Kensi. I have friends who are going through the adoption process right now. The kids have been with them for a year, still not finalized, closely monitored by CPS. Another couple adopted a baby in March, it took them 4 years. My friend has 3 adopted girls. None of them work in law enforcement.

    I am repeating this again and again: Please please let us know how in the world Deeks and Kensi got as far as an adoption agency letting them fill out an application when they are living in a house under an assumed name and still working in the same job that would be a disqualifier in of itself, never mind the fact that being in said job while having children was the ultimate deal-breaker for Deeks. What happened to that stance? Disappeared with Hetty, Mama Deeks, Mama Blye, the bar, and decent scripts?

    And if you are bringing the topic of race into the adoption process, you should not be an adoptive parent. For at least the first 5-6-7 years or more, race doesn’t come into play. You raise a child on love, not race. Children do not see differences, they are taught to see differences. Shame on the writers for going there.

    And yes, Jessie, I also thought that “woke” comment by Deeks was adlibbed!

    I finally figured out why Kensi cannot get pregnant though; their relationship seems to be completely platonic since they got married, LMAO. There has not been an intimate Densi moment to be found for years. Covid had nothing to do with it. Just watch any other show. I think they have gotten to a point where their personal lives are interfering with what they are capable of portraying on screen.

    DR on Entertainment Tonight said her children don’t really know what she does for a living; however, there are plenty of pictures and videos of both her and ECO’s kids being on the Paramount set running around (with their nannies, of course) in between trailers. They are 5 and 7 years old now. How can they possibly not know?

    I would also like to see Deeks take the initiative to console or comfort Kensi for a change instead of it always being the other way around, it is getting tiresome. I may sound old-fashioned (and I certainly stand for strong women) but Deeks needs to man up a bit and Kensi needs to step down a bit here.

    I felt offended when Kilbride suggested it was time to get rid of Hetty’s wardrobe area and turn it into a desk space for Fatima and Rountree. I know there is a big office upstairs, but I (personally) feel that anything Hetty should remain untouched until the show’s ending. I may not have always agreed with her tactics and disappearances, and still have not forgiven her for what she did to Kensi in Afghanistan, but Hetty was an era in herself on the show, and she should not be swept away in order for the two most hated characters on said show to have a desk. There is plenty of room in the bull pit, but in my opinion, give them a small desk in a corner somewhere, maybe even in OPS, they haven’t ‘earned their stripes’, just my opinion, others might feel different.

    And again……who the h*ll is in OPS?? This was a full-time position for two people. Now it’s a part-time position for either Rountree or Fatima or the technically challenged Kilbride? What exactly are their qualifications, because I am sure Nell and Eric were thoroughly vetted and approved, not to mention they had security clearances higher than anybody on the team. Are we to believe that Rountree and Fatima now have those security clearances?

    I want to point out one thing about Fatima and I wonder if anybody has noticed? Why is her Hijab never on the same way? One scene it is around her chin, the next it is around her head, the next it is around her neck and shoulders. Also, if she is a devout Muslim, she can never take it off, however, on an upcoming episode she is going undercover with Kensi without her Hijab (from BTS scenes). This would never be allowed in the Muslim community.

    The plus sides of this episode: Deeks hair was a bit shorter and blonder (but please shave a bit more and use a comb!) and Kensi is back to less make-up (red lipstick wasn’t really needed either) her bobby pins and casual ponytail, yay!! But for crying out loud; hug, kiss, hold hands; everybody knows you’re married! It seems like they have forgotten than particular fact!

    Those were the only plus sides I could find, sadly. They could have done so much with this topic, but chose to waste it.


    • Been looking forward to your thoughts all week.

      I’ve already said my piece with this episode, so I’ll keep this short.

      You’re right, anything related to Hetty needs to stay. I get those 2 need desks, but can’t they go anywhere else?

      I’d probably watch tomorrow’s episode, but one of the promo pics has KIllJoy in Hetty’s office, drinking her stuff. And with how I’ve been feeling about this show since the premiere, seeing that would just make me explode in anger again. So I’m just gonna resort to the ‘watch via live Tweets’ method again.

      I actually agree with all the negativity throughout social media for once. Because really, what good do these stupid PSA episodes do? Nothing, as far as I can tell, all they mainly do is cause a lot of anger on most fandom sides.

      Looking forward to how you feel about tomorrow’s episode!


  12. Do you think anyone of importance – those who have a say about writing the episodes- really care about what we say here? I feel like we are just spouting off over our frustrations of watching a great series of great characters go downhill ! It is obvious that those who are really involved with the future of this series are burned out and handing us anything. If only they would wake up and put the characters centerstage. – with humor and camaraderie – do they stand a chance to revive the heart of this series. I am surprised this concern has not been addressed to the actors involved. Perhaps this would be a good question to ask Eric – what happened to the witty, funny, loving Deeks we have learned to love. He had become too serious and we miss his interaction with the others in the bullpen. Does he have any clout to bring back the spark that is missing ?
    Just a thought!


    • I honestly doubt anyone BTS reads fans ideas or reactions, (because if they did, we’d probably have more Hetty scenes then we do now. Snicker snicker!), but having a nice place to vent is always good.

      Given how good ECO’s 1st episode was, I wouldn’t mind him being more involved in the writing, course. That would definitely mean less Deeks and Densi, which would be bad.


  13. I think I might have missed the boat and everybody has moved on. I dithered too long. I certainly don’t disagree with anybody and I’m not sure I’ve got anything to add. I only saw two scenes, the one on the beach was funny. The conversation in the car confused me on all levels. I know I’m not alone. At first I thought who is that with Kensi? It looks like Deeks and sounds like Deeks, but it’s not the same Deeks I saw in the boatshed last season. That Deeks knew about the bad things that happen and ‘saw the worst of it’. He waterboarded a cleric in Season 5, he knows good people do bad things. I can’t imagine Deeks would live in a van for six months, but I understand why he might want to travel around. A few years ago, I rocked up to Boston’s Logan Airport with just an Ameripass Ticket and a toothbrush. At first the authorities wouldn’t let me in because I couldn’t tell them where I was going to stay. I had a return ticket so they relented. I spent six weeks, six months would have been better, riding around on your Greyhound buses. A little English bumpkin rattling around your great big country, it was awesome. Like Deeks I met lots of wonderful people. Unlike Deeks I knew bad things happen. I read newspapers and watched TV. Even as a foreigner I knew there was good and bad, there is good and bad everywhere. Couldn’t see the point of the scene other than to show Deeks as sensitive , which we knew anyway. As to the point of the episode not sure. NCIS;LA is screened all over the world, not sure what message they are trying to send. That’s just seeing two scenes, I think I understand the discontent of people who watched the whole episode.

    People have talked about the show having episodes that are personal to the characters. I’ll just sit here patiently till they decide to highlight domestic abuse, it would be personal to Deeks, wouldn’t it? Oh no, it would be personal to Callen and one of his foster families.


    • I agree, Patricia, I can’t see Deeks driving around in a van for six months either, being the neat freak he is at home. Plus, where would that fit in with the already troubled timeline of his life….?


  14. Elaine Conway // October 24, 2021 at 1:56 PM // Reply

    There’s never been any clear timeline so I guess it could have happened. Taking a break and figuring out what he should do next. What I found hard to believe is that he wouldn’t have already told Kensi. How could he not have talked to her about that experience especially since they most likely talked about his decision to make a career change. They’re together almost 24 hours a day, and it never came up in 12 years?


    • That thought crossed my mind too. What happened to never living more than a mile or whatever from where he grew up? It felt like they just made it up for effect. An emotional scene, well acted, just didn’t serve any purpose.


      • I would tend to agree with this, Patricia. But spinning it this way ignores the fact Deeks grew up in difficult circumstances. His entire character is based on this. Stripping that away and turning him into some wide-eyed innocent just doesn’t wash with me. Deeks knows what people are capable of, because he’s had it done to him and almost gone totally off the rails himself. Besides, if there was actually a van (which I SERIOUSLY doubt), Deeks would likely still have it parked somewhere. And Sam would never have stopped calling him Shaggy. It’s gotten to the point it feels like TPTB are deliberately insulting our intelligence.


        • And this suspiciously coincides with RSG’s reasoning as to not doing a Deeks, M episode. Trying to simplify his background so they can try to put an episode together leaving the huge complications and trauma out…? Thing is, the fans remember all the details…..


          • Well, I got through tonight’s episode through live tweets, and there was only 1 thing I liked about it.

            I’ll reveal more when the review is up


            • Haven’t watched it yet…..but have seen some reviews on social media, which did not leave me hopeful. I was already bummed Kensi is going undercover with Fatima instead of Deeks. I’m DVR-ing but will watch the first few minutes live. It’s starting in 10 minutes. Looking forward to your thoughts!


        • I hear you. I didn’t recognise Deeks in this scene. Incompetent Deeks was bad enough but creating this naive Deeks was all sorts of wrong. Trust me, you don’t do a trip like that and keep quiet about it for years. If ever a scene needed deleting.


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