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Review: NCISLA “Black Wind” (S6E14)

NCISLA Black Wind Deeks Cactus

Watching Sam and Callen trying to get along together in a tiny food truck is almost worth the tedium of having to sit through another bio-terrorism storyline.  But Joe Sachs is one of my favorite Densi writers, and Dennis Smith is a sure thing behind the camera…so what the heck! Let’s sit back and enjoy this one.

This episode was for all the Sam and Callen lovers out there and when the bromance is getting hot and heavy, they sure are a lot of fun to watch. But Kensi and Deeks had their own special moments in this episode as well that can’t be over looked either. Although this was a storyline that had international terrorist implications, it really dealt with family loyalties, one good and one bad. We get to see where hatred can drive people to commit all kinds of acts and how love can bring them together.   It was good to see an emotional tie to this story that didn’t have to do with just faceless bad guys. Whether it was a little boy and his grandfather or the brother and sisterhood within the NCIS team, family is what matters most and this episode beautifully highlighted those sentiments. Great effort from the entire team.

Memorable Moments

  • Cactus Karma? We don’t flush for number one? This was one of the funnier opening scenes this year. Oh, Deeks….you crack me up.
  • Aztec rain stick….The Beale-man gets creative! I was beginning to miss his inventive ways of calling the troops. Where the heck did he find that thing?
  • Can’t you just see Hetty surfing the beaches of Mexico?
  • Fast Gringos Sam and Callen are at their best when they are getting on each other’s nerves. The bromance is in full swing in this episode as Callen refers to Sam as George Foreman and Sam threatens to fry one of Callen’s body parts, which will be left unnamed. I think they should just pick out the ring and get it over with!
  • Kensi and Deeks are also like a relay comedy team when interrogating bad guys. It’s one of the aspects of the partnership I enjoy watching the most.
  • I see Granger still hasn’t warmed up to Deeks’ charm. Some things never change.
  • Think they’re on to us? That was an exciting run away food truck scene! Don’t see that very often. Phew…just in time!
  • Sad to see Marisio was made. Another sacrifice made for a loved one.
  • Kudos for a great action scene on the helicopter pad as Sam and Callen bring down the bio-terrorists. Sam is so self-assured as he fires that last bullet. No one is going to stop him from getting his man! We came, we saw, we kicked ass!
  • The real bad guys turn out to be Homeland Security as they take Alexandro into custody. The team is so distraught, particularly Deeks as this was not the ending they envisioned. It was a heartbreaking scene and we can’t even blame Granger…. for long.
  • After the ‘Humbug’ kiss, it was the best moment of the year: Deeks hugging Granger! The ol’ curmudgeon was a bit uncomfortable but he endured Deeks affection nevertheless. Maybe we have a new bromance brewing? Terrific scene.

Deeks Moments

  • Deeks the Environmentalist? Ok, it makes sense since our fav Detective is always looking out for new ways to improve the world. I want to know how come the rest of the team can never get on board with his noble ideas?
  • To the Batmobile! We all know Deeks is cute but I particularly love it when he uses that lawyer brain of his to make sense out the clues they are given. So fun to watch.
  • A Spanish speaking Deeks? Now that’s sexy!
  • Don’t you love seeing Deeks interacting with kids? Of course, it takes one to know one! Yes, Deeks. The good guys always win!
  • So it’s not surprising how devastated Deeks becomes because he can’t be the good guy for Tomas. He’s not a man who reneges on his promises. The boy’s disappointment really tugs at his heart along with the rest of the team. His eyes were so expressive in his anguish.

Densi Moments

  • What’s all this talk about being bold? Even if they weren’t a ‘couple’, as partners I would have thought Kensi would have helped Deeks out of his cactus ‘problem’ instead of walking away? Morgan Freeman indeed!
  • A water softener for Kensi? Oooh…. Deeks gets a zinger back and Kensi actually enjoys it. We definitely have a new improved Kensi going on here.
  • What makes these partners great is their ability to trust in each other. Even it is stupid, they are positive they can make anything happen when they are together…. and that’s why we love them.
  • As Hetty was telling her folk tale about the cactus, I loved how they cut to Kensi and Deeks’ reaction to the story. It was wonderful to see another expression of their love even if it was very subtle. I find it’s the best kind.


Be sure to come back next week as @anonklp reviews “Forest for the Trees”.  Don’t forget to check out Deeks’ Surf Log tomorrow and later on this week Kensi’s Journal and Writing Deeks.   See you back here next week!


Title: “The Black Wind”
Writer: Joe Sachs
Director: Dennis Smith
Original Air Date: February 2, 2015


Diane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi



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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

18 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Black Wind” (S6E14)

  1. The storyline here was “meh” for me, but I did like the underlying theme of family and what you do for loved ones.

    The scenes with Callen and Sam in the food truck were spot on and hilarious. “Be my guest, George Foreman” was one of my favorite lines!

    I loved the side of Deeks we saw this week, his interactions with Tomas were so sweet and so awesome. And Kensi’s looks towards him while he was talking to Tomas – she loved it too. And Spanish-speaking Deeks? yes please. He must have settled on learning Spanish while Kensi was in Afghanistan?

    Oh, and the Deeks-Granger hug. AMAZING. I was laughing so hard “I’m going to hug you.” “No you’re not” “yes, I am”

    Again, not a lot of Densi, but what we did get, gave me butterflies.
    The only thing that threw me at first was Deeks’ insistence that the rock-paper-scissors winner (him) stay down in the tunnel. I was like, “really, you’re going to let Kensi go up there??” On the job or not, I had a hard time believing he wouldn’t sacrifice himself for her right off the bat. I was pleasantly rewarded with that awesome, “this is why you should never fall in love” line when he did end up going instead of her. And dare I assume they’ve had the “L” talk? Kensi didn’t seem to miss a beat when he said that.

    And man, those looks between them at the end, especially when Sam said, “protected, and together, for eternity”. I died. I love them and their all-in status. Even if we get to see next to nothing about their life outside work.

    Next week’s ep looks intense and trying to find/save (?) Callen and Sam should give us quite a bit of Densi togetherness.


    • I can’t believe I missed that line! I wonder if ECO threw that in. I guess they would have had that talk if she didn’t react. But look at their faces at the end. There was love all over those faces.


      • Let’s try this comment one more time. I think my phone doesn’t like replying here.

        Either they’ve talked about it or ECO did improv it and Kensi’s slightly sarcastic-sounding “aww” response was really DR being sarcastic. Or they haven’t talked about it and Kensi was being sarcastic because she didn’t know what else to do! We may never know!


  2. Kriss Camino // February 3, 2015 at 11:51 AM // Reply

    I do not know if you can really interest them, the fact that I am from Argentina and the legend that Hetty told is an “Indian” history of the north of my country and counts as he was born a cactus very common in the area and also very beautiful, tall, with a large white flower that grows lonely and leaning on one side and under a great arm … the love cactus: hundreds of years ago, on land that currently the province of Catamarca Argentina, tribes the huasanes and Mallis lived in permanent war.

    One day, the daughter of the chief of the huasanes called Munaylla, which in Quechua means , met by chance the son of the great chief of the Mallis, Pumahima, name meaning .
    From the first moment Pumahima Munaylla and fell in love, but did not dare to confess to their elders.
    In one of their meetings in secret, the young man proposed to the girl:
    Why do not we go somewhere where they can not find? It’s the only way to be together and happy.
    Munaylla agreed and one morning the two young men left their homes and began to walk aimlessly.
    During the day they hide in caves and in the evening they walked till you drop, and so were four days, but the 5th day they heard the voices of his pursuers. To prevent found, Pumahima prayed to their god, Pachacamac, and this helped them making Pumahima in a high green plant, straight, spiny, cactus. Munaylla took shelter on a flower bud fairly roomy.
    The pursuers passed by without noticing the large cactus, the son of the chief of the Mallis, Pumahima actually was.
    Lovers asked their god to let them in that way forever and they do not return humans.
    Months later came the spring and poked a beautiful cactus flower. Was Munaylla.
    Since then, the cactus thorns Pumahima defends his vegetable body to his beloved, who was now a flower, the flower that bloomed in him to breathe air and see the sky every spring. Thus was born this story, the legend of Cactus Flower……..The chapter was great! All of them are great, but my favorite is Deeks, I can not help saying that mori of love for him and the frightened child, her smile, look peciso Kensi at that moment and then the final part, when Hetty legend, made my day! I just hope that everything that comes about Deeks, is really to know him and his story, I’m so eager to know, I can not wait! I hope my English is understood, of course say that although I do not write much here, read everything you write and love!


  3. Kriss Camino // February 3, 2015 at 11:59 AM // Reply

    I apologize because I did not realize I did not put the names meanings Munaylla which means she was beautiful and was Pumahima which means brave!
    Bear with me, I can not write in their beautiful language !!! I send a kiss!


  4. Wonderful review, Di. I am kind of fond of this episode for the reasons you stated about family. I think they have been hinting at family connections in quite a few of the episodes this year…Callen’s remark about the team being just one big happy dyfunctional family and Deeks saying good night John Boy to Sam, seemed to point toward the family dyamic. Humbug was all about family, so I am wondering if all this is leading up to the finale, where their feeling that they are all family gets one or all of them in trouble. What are you willing to sacrifice for family? Deeks was obviously devastated that the little boy would be sent back to certain death. He wanted to be the good guy. It’s why he’s a cop. The ending almost made me like Granger…if Deeks is showing him some love I might have to force myself to get over his surliness and my distrust of him in general.

    Lots of warm, loving looks between Kensi and Deeks in this one and that is always a good thing.

    Just one more comment…who didn’t know there would be a chase scene in that food truck the minute you saw it. No way that crew could let that opportunity pass. Well, I guess they could have blown it up.


  5. I loved the episode I am even warming to granger he does seem to go out on a limb for the team callens reference to george foreman n Sam saying he will fry bodily parts .. brilliant. Deeks little face when he felt he had let Tomas down if granger hadn’t sorted it I’m sure deeks would have used every favour he was owed to sort it out. Deeks is a easy going version of Sam deeks has a strong sence in right and wrong. Good v evil. Hetty knows they are an item and I think she is pleased it’s not effecting their work. The look deeks gives Kensi. At the end if that’s not love I don’t know what is.. my heart was racing and at my age that may not be wise lol. I just love this team and this show long my it reign..


  6. I have one of those rather large Aztec Rain Sticks, bought in Mexico City- As someone who speaks spanish, loved all the spanish spoken by all the actors- Great Job Also! Enjoyed the script and Loved All The Densi!


  7. Good review Diane! I agree, we’re running out of terror scenarios, maybe? ! I liked the episode – I have decided that some power that be said “no more heart wrenching dramatic scenes for ECO, he’s stealing the show” LOL – didn’t work though. The ladder climbing thing – Deeks did let Kensi go 1st down the manhole and down the tunnel. She is who she is, but he just couldn’t let her go up that ladder first.

    I loved her watching him interact with the kid, and her being totally tuned into him at the end and trying to ease his guilt/anger over that whole thing was wonderful. She is starting to “get” him really nicely!

    Loved the hug with Granger – did he actually almost smile?

    Nah, I liked her walking away from the cactus barbs…too funny, especially the final pathetic “Sam”! And, I have to say the ending cactus scene was so my OCD adult niece who has a 5 second attention span, I swear! We are wringing our hands in anguish, I can’t believe this is happening, what are we going to do, I’m so mad….OH Look there’s a flower on the cactus. Priceless, especially the way he did it.

    There really was a lot of stuff from all corners to “catch” this week, I thought.
    I have to say I sort of wondered with all the Deeks (very well done) anger if this was the episode he was going to get in trouble for – exploding at Granger or running off with the kid or something, and be kicked back to LAPD. But nope, have to wait some more.


  8. Great review, Di! I too loved the banter between G and Sam. Granger definitely grew on me…I woulda hugged him too! I thought the scenes between Deeks and Kensi had the perfect blend of old Densi and the evolution in new Densi. Kick-ass Kensi still reigns but softened by their new relationship. I loved the rock, paper, scissor scene especially after the usual Densi chatter, Deeks pulls Kensi back down the stairs. His “that’s why you should never fall in love” filled in so many blanks…Loved that scene. But the absolute best scene was the end. I loved the expressions on Densi as Hetty told the cactus tale.. Did you all catch the shoulder bump, Kensi eyeing Deek’s chest when Hetty said” the woman’s spirit was placed inside the cactus” and finally the shared look after Sam said “protected and together for eternity”…*sigh*


  9. All of these reviews are right on point,love reading them all!!


  10. This episode did definitely have a heart and a soul. I am happy that the first impression of the quite dull team sneak peek wasn’t confirmed throughout the episode.

    I am astonished (or shouldn’t I be?) how much this season Deeks is using the word LOVE, this makes me think they have already said it to each other in private. These hints here and there are always welcome and heart-warming.

    The ending was very emotional, especially for the looks Deeks and Kensi shared. They gave me shivers, literally. This is how much you get involved in the lives of two fictional characters…

    Among many mysteries, the biggest one I thinks remains Hetty.
    Was the cactus myth meant to be addressed to Deeks and Kensi? Did she want to check their reaction? Was she giving them her blessing?
    I still have trust issues with her after the White Ghost mission and I am wondering whose side she’s on now.
    In this episode she didn’t seem the “You’ll be needing a clean shirt Miss Blye” Hetty (how much I hated her in that scene…).

    In conclusion, I have the sensation that even if Deeks and Kensi may have natural bumps in their road ahead, the show is proving us that they are invested in this couple too.


    • I especially agree with your conclusion. I got the same exact feeling from this episode – they’re in it for the long haul, even if it’s a bumpy road. (Which we’ll actually see on 2/23 – the press release came out for Expiration Date and it says they have their first official argument (or fight – I can’t remember which word was used). I think Thapa being there to help with the case allows them to get advice from him too). I admit, the idea of them having a fight makes me nervous, even though I know it’s bound to happen, I just have to have faith that it won’t be too awful!


      • To be honest, the idea of this forthcoming “fight” is not scaring me much at present, I don’t know why, probably because after Humbug I have great faith that whatever happens they (Densi=writers) will find a way to sort it out.
        As far as we know, this quarrel may be for different kinds of reasons, I mean, it can be over silly things or over important professional issues and choices.
        I have my theory, but it’s probably too optimistic: we will be shown some domestic Densi (remember the tease “Densi as we have never seen them”?) arguing about domestic things. And my theory goes deeper: they are still quarrelling on the side of the bed!!!!! Whose side are you on? 😉


  11. Nice review Di. I hadn’t really put all the family elements of the plot together like you did, so I’m glad you pointed them out. I agreed with so much that has already been written, but a few comments really resonated with me. Kara, Si, Spanish-speaking Deeks is very appealing. Lindy, your question about what they might sacrifice for family scares me (why should I be surprised by that?) Laura Ann, you’re so right that the writers must have been instructed to take away all of ECO’s dramatic scenes because he can’t help but draw attention away from everyone else. His intensity in those final scenes was mesmerizing- hopefully just a small taste of what we’ll get in some Deeks-centric eps coming up. Cladani I’m sure you know that I share your trust issues with Hetty. The cactus story certainly could have been interpreted in a rather threatening way, although I don’t think it was. And I sure hope you’re right about some upcoming Domestic Densi. Deeks’ use of the L word here just makes me worry that we’ve already missed their first official “I love you’s,” and that makes me sad. One other thing confused me. I think this is the second post-Humbug ep where they’ve greeted one another with a “Good morning” that would seem to imply that they hadn’t spent the night together. (Spiral is the other example, both times they’re alone so there’s no need to pretend.) That does not fit into the way I am imagining them spending their free time. Why must we always have these unknowns? I don’t wanna guess.


    • Deeks could have went surfing? I don’t think Kensi is an early morning (before 7 am) riser. I would also like some answers.


      • Thanks Ryan, I like that interpretation, that they had temporarily separated early in the morning- maybe Deeks got up while Kensi was still sleeping so they hadn’t had a chance to say “good morning” yet. Yes, that definitely works for me.


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