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The Top 3 Favorite Things about NCISLA

Throughout this series, I’ve avoided using the term “favorite.” It always seemed that just picking my favorites in any category would make the selection too easy. I thought it was more interesting to focus on something more nebulous that involved choosing the best or the most significant. But this week, that’s out the window. In my last Top 3 list, I’m indulging in my Top 3 Favorite Things about NCIS: Los Angeles.

The Premise

As usual the list is meant to be Deeks or Densi-centric. If not, I’d have been a little tempted to mention the beautiful way the showrunners celebrate my home of Los Angeles with all their location filming, making it another character in a way that’s unlike any show I’ve ever seen.

The Top 3

But I stuck with Deeks and Densi. In reverse order of importance, my Top 3 is… 

#3. Eric Christian Olsen’s chemistry

Sometimes when you pair up two actors, magic happens. Their individual acting may be fine, maybe even better than fine. But together, the chemistry between them just lights up the screen. Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah have such chemistry between them, which is why we’ve spent so much collective time celebrating all things Densi.

But Eric has amazing chemistry with nearly everyone who shares the screen with him. Just look at Deeks’ opposites-attract relationship with Sam Hanna. The subtle animosity that finally led to respect and affection between them even mirrored Densi’s growth over time. Right from the start, in their very first scenes together in “Hand-to-Hand,” we could see the chemistry between them. Then there are Eric’s amazing scenes with Linda Hunt. We know Linda’s a master actor, but Eric more than holds his own with her. I think they push each other to greatness, and the chemistry between them has been apparent from day one. We also see Eric’s chemistry on display with Miguel Ferrer, and with guest actors like Wesam Keesh (Ehsan in “Allegiance”), Ernie Reyes, Jr., or Michael Weatherly.

Eric described his approach to acting at the 2016 London Comicon: “My philosophy with acting is that you listen and you tell the truth.” His ability to play off of other actors, to react in a truthful way, is one of the things that makes him such a great actor, and one of the things that makes Deeks such a lovable and compelling character.

#2. The final scene in “Impact”

This scene made only two Top 3 lists (Scenes that Sum Up Densi and Densi Banter), but it’s so much more than the banter. For me it will always be an utterly perfect representation of Densi, and my favorite scene of the series. And I’m not the only one – Eric and Daniela both rate it as their favorite too.

Since I just wrote about it two weeks ago, there’s no need for me to ramble on again. Here’s how Eric beautifully described the scene at London Comicon:

That’s the crux of the show… two characters that are deeply flawed, deeply human. It’s the human experience, it’s the mortal coil. It’s two characters that have never found love before, they haven’t found comfort, they haven’t found safety. And somehow in this messed up world they find each other, and in that they find peace. And I think that’s the micro version of the macro version of what that relationship is and what the show is as a whole.

The episode is, shall we say, less than perfect. But this scene is flawless.

#1. Eric Christian Olsen’s range

In addition to fantastic chemistry, another aspect of Deeks’ personality that makes him such a compelling character is his incredible depth. In Season 2, his first full season on the show, it often seemed he’d been brought in primarily to provide much-needed comic relief. But then we began to find out about his traumatic childhood, and eventually about his dark past at LAPD. Eric is able to give us so many layers of emotions and history in this single character that he makes his sometimes silly, sometimes serious character make sense and feel realistic. Those layers also make him incredibly intriguing.

Deeks is hilarious thanks in no small part to Eric’s improv background. At the same time, he has such a dark side that it’s scary. Perhaps what’s most compelling about Eric’s portrayal is the way he shows us Deeks’ struggle to suppress that dark side. We see how much he hates the Max Gentry/Gordon Brandel side, and his struggle to be the best man he can is fascinating. Again at London Comicon, Eric talked about what it’s like to play this character:

And I look at my character… when you talk about two characters, especially mine, that was so much of a clown at the beginning… was brought in for kind of comedic elements, but then became a fully realized human that’s deeply flawed, with I think significant emotional scars and repercussions from his own milestones in his own childhood, that’s really fun to play.

It’s also fun to watch. Eric’s incredible range, his ability to play all these aspects so well, is yet another reason that Marty Deeks is one of the best characters on television.

Thanks for reading!

This feature has been a lot of fun to write, and your comments have made it all the funner. In fact, if I allowed myself a fourth entry in my Top 3 Favorite Things, it would be wikiDeeks readers. You are all the best! Thanks for reading and sharing your own Top 3’s, and please share your Top 3 Favorite Things in the Comments below. Oh, and have a wonderful summer!

Or, go back to last week’s Top 3, the Top 3 Episodes to Take to a Desert Island.

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39 Comments on The Top 3 Favorite Things about NCISLA

  1. Great list, once again, Karen. Thanks for all of your hard work and diligent research this season; you deserve a reward – why don’t you do a summer re-watch without looking for particular elements, themes, mosts, etc?

    As for my list, I would swap out #2 with Densi. I love the way TPTB have taken advantage of ECO and DR’s amazing chemistry to develop this relationship and (finally) let them be a mature, loving couple who can work together without all the soap-opera drama. Kensi’s injury arc this season, as it played throughout the end of the season as well, not just while she was out of commission, really drove home the fact (as if any of us were in doubt) that these two people are deeply devoted and dedicated to one another. They are both better off for it, and we see that evidenced in their actions.

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    • Thanks Psyched! I don’t think I’d know how to re-watch without taking notes for future analyses. Maybe someday when my job here at wikiDeeks is over. You are so right to place Densi on your list. How could anyone argue with such an important selection?

      Thanks for participating in so many of our discussions over the season!


  2. Sassyzazzi // May 21, 2017 at 10:13 AM // Reply

    Karen, very nice job on the list. I agree with it all. I would only add, to either Eco’s chemistry or range, not sure which it is, something he mentioned in an interview in which he said he has played opposite a dog and a pig on the show. He actually had dialog with these animals. If you really think about how awesome his scene was with Chaucer , the poodle, or the pig in Borderline, he really is an amazing actor. To add to a point you made at the beginning, the show also has done a great job portraying Los Angeles. To me the way Eco chose to characterize Deeks, helped make the show a more “LA” show and really helped in distinguishing it from other similar shows.

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    • Thanks sassyzazzi for pointing out ECO’s spectacular work with children and animals. He does have chemistry with absolutely everyone! And thanks for all your comments over the course of the season.


  3. Karen…this series has been amazing. You are one talented explorer of all things Deeks and Densi. Looking back through all the seasons with you, trying to remember episodes and specific scenes has been a joy and confirmed my love for this show. It is a comfort. When I need to relax or find calmness in the world in which we live, I watch old episodes or scenes that have touched me. Everything you just expressed about Deeks is exactly how I feel about him. He has been a gift and I already miss the show. Sunday night is now rather empty, but now we rewatch and write fan fics and wonder what the new season will bring, agonizing with all the characters, wishing them well and somehow believing that Deeks and Kensi are out there somewhere loving each other. Ah, the power of fictional characters. Here’s to the talented actors who bring them to life, especially Eric Christian Olsen.

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    • Thanks Lindy! It’s now up to you and the other wonderful fan fic writers to pull us through an otherwise Deeks-less summer!!


  4. The character of Deeks. I’ve watched I think 3 or 4 seasons of NCIS. None of New Orleans. I’m not a huge fan of the city of Los Angeles, per se (I live in Montana — kinda the opposite). What has kept me obsessed with NCISLA? Martin Deeks. An outsider – from LAPD. A fill-in, a replacement partner. Comic relief. But then the layers of an amazing character were revealed. Brennan I think learned from NCIS and the first part of the first season of NCISLA and was determined to create a character with more depth. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s not only a cop but a lawyer and Hetty wanted him as an agent early on, there was abuse in the family, he has a dark side, he protects women sometimes to his own detriment, he cares deeply for his friends and friends he considers family …. I mean, really, has anyone ever tallied all the names we have for all the different sides of Deeks? (Competent Deeks, Goofy Deeks, etc.)

    Densi development. Differing from NCIS, they actually let a relationship happen. Wow. And as I’ve mentioned many time before, my favorite type of story is “true love delayed”. TV looks at love and couple-hood as: once you’re together, you’re boring aka done. Moonlighting Effect, anyone? NCISLA took us to freakin’ SEASON 8. In the first three seasons, we were thrilled by even the smallest of looks or innuendo about “their thing”. And then they knew but no one else did except us. And then whole scenes! OMG. We know the episodes where things actually happened for the couple and watch them over and over.

    ECO. The hair. The eyes. (And trust me, my first inclination of “good looking guy” isn’t blond and blue so go figure). The acting range as Karen said. He’s cute. He’s so nice to fans and shares so much with them. He plays well with anyone he’s paired in scenes. My only wish is to give him more more more. Luckily it seems all the actors on the show realize what an amazing thing they’ve got with it and are sticking it out. What’s he going to do when this is eventually over? I don’t know but I’ll follow.

    Karen, thank you for your work here. Thanks for letting us VENT and share our passion.

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    • What a great list, peakae. You are so right about the specialness of allowing Densi to develop. And my Deeks obsession was definitely amplified the more I learned about ECO. He is very generous with his time and really goes out of his way to treat fans well. Thank you so much for all your Top 3’s over the course of the season. I always looked forward to what you and the others would come up with.


  5. Rhonda Lara // May 21, 2017 at 6:44 PM // Reply

    Thank You Karen! Love all your insight!


  6. Hello! Just wanted to say hi, and how much I love all the top 3 lists! I am a newbie fan, I just finished watching all the episodes in a row from the beginning (took me a month and a half), and I finished just before the season finale last week. These lists have been perfect for me, cuz now I’m trying to remember where all the best moments are, but they start blurring together when you watch 4-5 episodes a day sometimes! So now I’m going thru the list and finding the fun bits to re-watch, before I do a whole series run-through again.

    Love this site! =D

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  7. I took some time to think about my choices and I guess I have found just one word that for me encompasses my favorite thing about NCIS:LA: Balance.

    I have been following this show since season 1, as well as many other series, both older and more recent ones, so I have quite a wide perspective of what I want/don’t want from TV shows.
    When I don’t fall in love with a series I wonder why, and the answer is always: it lacks something, which can also mean: it has too much of something.

    With NCIS:LA I immediately started to be intrigued by the characters more than by the plots, and by the excellent mix of ingredients (great action, banter, light scenes, darker episodes, humor, angst, characters’ backstories, feelings) which reached perfection with late-Season 1 addition of my favorite character: Marty Deeks. From that moment on, the blend was amazing and the show and its episodes started to become a masterfully oiled machine that every week was able to give what I was looking for, always in the right doses (sometimes with episodes that definitely went beyond expectations), always perfectly balanced. That, for me, is the greatness of this show, together with having given life to my favorite TV couple, Densi, for which I will never stop being thankful to the NCIS:LA authors!

    Many thanks for this great Top Three feature, Karen, it’s been a pleasure this season to read everybody’s contributions and give mine. Keep up the good work a have a lovely summer.


    • Excellent point Cladani about the amazing balance the show (nearly) always manages to pull off. I agree that all the pieces seemed to fall into place once Deeks arrived. Thanks for all your Top 3 contributions over the course of the season!


  8. Yesterday, I decided to do a re-watch. I started at the two episodes in season one where Deeks was first introduced and I’m plowing on through the seasons until I go on to something else. Short attention span.

    Wow. The contrast from then and now is amazing in terms of the partnership. Kensi’s not-quite-contempt for her new LAPD-not-agent partner is there. And it was sad in season 2 when Nate had his last episode but then the very next one was Nell’s first.

    The character of Deeks was such a breath of fresh air and changed the dynamic as soon as he was on the scene. Human Traffic is still one of my favorite episodes. I’d say Top Ten. And so much in that one alone had the kernel of the character — learn he’s a lawyer, he’s passionate about saving girls who are in danger. He’s Serious Deeks throughout the entire ep — and I like it.

    It is also nostalgic to see the warm connection between Hetty and Deeks. “And Detective Deeks…. I”ll always love the Gaga.” There’s a scene in Borderline that shows how much can change in 8 years. They have Deeks, for some odd reason, not wanting to go into the desert because of his fair skin (he’s a surfer, writers, remember? Hello sun on water.) And the painful dialogue does into why Sam would be better suited in the desert because of his skin color. It is cringe-worthy.

    I’m currently on S2 Ep 6. One caveat, I’m sometimes skipping through an episode because I know the storyline of it and I’m interested in Deeks/Densi scenes mostly.


    • What fun! It is an amazing transformation. Take your time with this – you have four months to kill, LOL.


    • Update on the re-watch. I’m still in season two on episode 13. I miss them swooshing around photos and docs up on the big screen in Ops. They don’t seem to do that anymore.

      “Overwatch” and Archangel has good partner banter/get to know you stuff.

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    • Wow. I forgot how good “Plan B” was. Just wow. And it was the first time they mention their “thing”. Thanks, Ray. I think the writers started planting the seeds of their “thing” with “The Job” when Kensi was undercover and the guy was killed in front of her and she showed her vulnerable side which she’d never really shown in front of Deeks. She has always been Wonder Woman because that’s what you do on the job as a female. Deeks’ protectiveness of women kicked in — you can just see it. And showing up at her place at the end with food is such a long way from where they started at the beginning of just this same second season. When Deeks kissed Nicole (as Max) in “Plan B”, they cut to Kensi and you can start to see the jealous emotions happen, too. Or perhaps just starting to see him as more than a partner-at-work, someone who can be sexy. Even though they bantered all through this second season and talking about dates and being with other people, this was more personal between them. The writers knew Densi was an endgame eventually — taking advantage of their chemistry together which is smart and kind of the uniqueness of a male/female partnership on television but it has been a lovely slow build up. Season Two has definitely jumped up in my personal ratings now that I’m seeing it again. It is simply amazing in storytelling and character building. (Five is still my favorite though). 🙂

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      • peakae so glad you enjoyed Season 2. It was my #1 favorite for all the reasons you mentioned. I think what I liked best about was how badly things started between them, with no trust and a lot of annoyance. It felt genuine and unforced, and they really took their time moving them forward into successful partners (and then they really really took their time moving them even further, LOL).

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    • While Season 2 rose quite a bit in my ratings after re-watching the episodes, Season 3 has fallen in terms of Densi development. There’s a whole lot of nothing there. We do have:

      “The Debt” with Deeks going undercover on his own to see who the mole is and Kensi beside herself losing her partner. (that’s how you do a mole story, writers). (I know, preaching to the choir here)

      “Blye, K.” Parts One and Two. Deeks is the only one Kensi trusts and the CIA handler asking Deeks if his boss “knows” about those two.

      And the jewel of “Neighborhood Watch”. ‘Nuff said.

      When I watched the show previously, I seem to remember that it was Deeks who was the one who revealed more about a developing relationship. Yes, he cared about her but with this re-binge, I’m seeing that it is always Kensi who is shown being jealous of others in relationships with Deek or looking at him while someone is talking about the feelings about a partner … We do have “Greed”, “Let me make this perfectly clear: if you harm her, this is going to be your last day on earth.” And the hot look Kensi gives back. (hee hee, love it).

      But I was reminded of how much I’ve always hated the Jada storyline from the beginning. It is just not in Sam’s character to fall in love with wishy-washy Jada when he’s married to the amazing Michelle nor to do anything dishonorable like that. Bah.

      On the way thumbs-up side, we have the introduction of Granger in “The Watchers” and one of my all-time-favorite snarks of his: “If anything, I probably saved Blye from having to fake more than her identity.” (wow) And Deeks aside to her, “I’m sure he means a headache.” And the great “Sans Voir” explosion.

      On to season 4.


      • Thanks for the interesting Season 3 recap. I actually remember this season fondly, as the season where they both really saw one another as more than just partners, and more than just friends. For me, it was Season 4 where Densi stagnated, at least until the final few episodes. I look forward to your take on S4. You are totally making me want to have a marathon!


    • Season 4 re-watch. Some of my favorite stand alone scenes are in this one.

      “Endgame” (4.1) My favorite caper scene – Densi at the bank: Kensi running inference, Deeks getting into the safe deposit box and then they are running from the Iraqis and “dropping” the briefcase.

      “Recruit” (4.3) Favorite Neric scene – sunglasses coming off at Atama. “We’re going to tear this place some new inodes”. And 2nd favorite caper scene: the tag team at the airport arrival gate in Dubai. It’s short but coordinated.

      “Free Ride” (4.10) My favorite Christmas episode, I think. And has Nell as the cutest elf.

      “The Chosen One” (4×13) My favorite witness scene – the OCD guy straightening the papers in front of Densi. It’s a small bit but great.

      “Kill House” (4.14) – one my favorite eps – tactical and team work. And best Nell scene getting away from being held hostage.

      “Wanted” (4.17) – they all seem giddy in this ep maybe because it was COD’s first time directing? So much goodness in this one. This episode seems to kick up the Densi relationship another notch, prepping for the season end.

      “Parley” (4.23) really kicks off the arc of “Descent”/”Ascent” with money for nukes and goes into high gear of Densi and Kensi’s jealousy.

      “Descent” (4.24) Love love love.

      Season 5 re-watch under way because once you start the “Parley”, “Descent” arc you have to keep going to resolve the cliffhanger.

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      • Watching “Recruit” right now. Love Deeks showing Kensi his vacation pics while trying to talk her into going away with him next time. She’s still so resistant to the thought of anything more than a wok partnership with him. Oh! And isn’t this the famous “You can’t touch my touche.'” At least she’s still got her flirt on!


      • I love “Free Ride,” definitely my all-time Christmas favorite.


  9. I don’t think there is another actor who could portray Deeks like Eric does, if he wasn’t playing him I don’t think I like the character as much. I love Eric as a actor and I enjoy watching him on the show and off the show he’s fantastic.

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  10. I was very amused to hear Daniela make one of the same observations about Eric as I did in this article. At the London Comicon, she told him, “One of the greatest things about you is you have the capacity of having chemistry with almost everybody that you act beside. Not, not a lot of people have that… He’s Adaptman here. If you were a superhero you’d be Adaptman… You adapt to any situation, and to every person. Adaptman.”


    • I thought of this very thread when she made that statement, as well as countless other comments made on this site that have said the same thing. I guess now it’s “official,” seeing as how it’s been noted by another professional actor, but we’ve known it for a long time!

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      • Psyched and Cladani, so glad you made the same comparison. As much as I’d like to believe she read this article, I think it’s much more likely that it’s a case of great minds thinking alike. 😉 I also thought her reasoning behind the origin of this ability, that he adapts to each co-star’s style or approach, was really interesting and not something I would have guessed.


  11. That was honestly the first thing that came to my mind when I heard Daniela’s comment! I immediately thought about this article and one of the Top Three things that makes us love NCIS:LA so much: Eric Christian Olsen’s chemistry not only with Daniela (which is awesome and to which we owe Densi) but with everyone he acts with. Well done, Karen!

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  12. I’ve also been doing a re-watch, of sorts. Kind of watching my faves from each season, then going back to the beginning and watching all the episodes in order, but maybe not so much paying attention to the plots, etc. That’s a re-watch, right? Anyway, I became obsessed with finding out when the first instance of Deeks calling Kensi “Kens” was, because to me that’s a new level of “intimacy” for them (even though everyone else had already been calling her that, and Callen used “Kens” almost as much as her full name at times). Turns out it was during the bullpen scene at the end of The Job. He asks her if she’s alright (Kens), she says she’s “fine” then self-corrects, based on his calling her on that (saying she’s fine when she isn’t) earlier in the episode. Then he shows up at her apartment for the first time. Yep, a whole new level of intimacy!


    • Psyched thanks so much for this info. I didn’t have it in me to do the research, but I am delighted to find out that “Kens” happened in that bullpen scene in “The Job.” It was my #2 most romantic scene, and knowing about this bit of trivia makes it all the more special.


  13. I also found something interesting in Bounty. From the scene where Hetty tells the (made-up) story to Deeks and Kensi about when Callen and Sam first developed trust as partners:

    “Mr. Callen went undercover to meet the Armenian mob. Mr. Hanna stayed outside as backup, but saw that his new partner was badly outnumbered. He moved in a little closer, but was caught by a sentry. Sam was dragged before Callen. The mob boss handed Callen a gun, and demanded that he prove his loyalty, or they’d both be killed on the spot. Callen pointed the gun at Sam’s head and pulled the trigger. The gun dry-fired. It was empty. They went on to solve the case. Afterwards, Mr. Callen said he knew the gun wasn’t loaded because of its weight. And Sam believed him? Why else would Mr. Callen pull the trigger? That’s a pretty big leap of faith. That’s trust.”

    Doesn’t that ring a lot of bells with the scene in The Frozen Lake? Deeks was under cover with the Armenian mob lady, and was told to shoot Thapa to prove his loyalty. Kensi stormed in b/c she was afraid he was in danger and Deeks ended up pulling off a very dangerous (off-hand) shot that nearly took off Kensi’s head, and ultimately regained her trust in their ability to work as partners after their night together.

    Interesting, or just me looking into things too much?

    And now that peakae and I have totally taken over this thread with observations from early seasons, is there a better place these should go?


  14. Oh, and as sassyzazzi pointed out to me when I ran this premise past her, Dave Kalstein wrote both episodes.


    • Interesting. To me is sounds like Dave Kalstein may have subconsciously recycled some of his ideas.

      And no worries about taking over the thread- I’m enjoying your observations.


  15. I love MD, like you, but I do not love Densi.
    If I look at past seasons, I see a pretty good character who has a lot to say. The years pass and the MD character no longer exists: now Shaggy-the-stupid lives. Martin did not miss anything. Densi have ruined MD, they reduced him to an appearance that only serves KB.
    I think the actors talk about why they take the money: I do not think Mr Olsen has fun playing MD, no more: first the character was fun and interesting, now only for Densi.
    I do not see any chemistry between MD and KB, indeed, I see them very embarrassed and fake together as they are “loose” with others.
    This is a strange situation: if you love MD, you can not love Densi because Densi has destroyed MD. I love MD and I hate the Densi because they took away a beautiful character who could say so many things. I hope MD goes back and goes away, happy to surf (now no), to stay with her dog (Monty has disappeared) and do so much sex (now she does not).
    My top 3 favorite things about MD:
    – Max Gentry,
    – Monty,
    – his sad eyes.
    Hi and sorry my English.


  16. I have to respectfully disagree with much of what you’ve said. But in particular I disagree with your belief that ECO does not have fun playing Deeks. From videos of multiple interviews, including those most recent comic-con panels, I think that ECO and Dani have a great affection for one another and enjoy working together. He’s by far the most fun character on the show (IMO) and allows ECO to stretch his comedy, action, and drama muscles. What’s not to love about that for an actor?

    Also, while I can see why someone could make an argument that earlier seasons may have made Deeks out to be more of the comic relief by way of being an alleged/seeming goofball, I don’t think that’s at all been the case in recent seasons, particularly 8. Season 8, IMO, showed a more than competent agent who was able to do his job well while under the stress of his almost-fiancee’s unknown future (who can forget the way he charged into that room and put two bullets into Sullivan’s head?). It also showed a man who is loving and supportive of his girlfriend/partner despite the stress she was under. And let’s not forget the man who still has his own demons to fight and sometimes doesn’t appear to think he’s worthy of the love and support he gets from his fiancee. So yes, I have to disagree with your description of Deeks as “Shaggy-the-stupid.”


  17. And I disagree with you, Psyched. When MD entered in the show he was a character “X”, now he is a different character (“Y”) but recited by the same actor. You write about Ferris but I believe that G and Sam would shoot just as fast: To be quick on a gun does not mean “love” but be efficient.
    I understand what you want to say, but all these examples you make do not decree a love story but just cunning: By force to tell them and do them, many are convinced of the love story. If you step back and look with free eyes, all the love you say it is not, it played so embarrassed, it is induced in a very obvious way.
    In real life, an adult does not change character, but as the NCIS LA series was languishing, the producers decided to focus on Densi’s story to save it all, but to do this have changed the character of MD because ever, ever, ever, ever, MD would have loved KB, and this is not good.
    The truth is not what I say, but the episodes of past seasons where, for example, there is a huge “sunshine & gunpowder” ceremony and many people forget that the next episode speaks of “patchouli and powder” with Sam and I could write to you hundreds of these examples.
    The truth is that the MDOriginal has left the place to one who goes around with the yellow suit and who can only say “yes, no, really?”. The truth is that he no longer talked about his father, about how he lives being lawyer and because he has stopped; Because he does not care more about surfing (the one he surfed first, this no) or the sex or Monty; The mother has always been a mystery and then … voilà, here she comes to do: mom lasagna.
    You are right: in season 8, occasionally MDOriginal reappeared (especially in episodes like 8×14) and I was very happy.
    I do not know English and use google translator so maybe some things have been translated badly. That is why I explain that: I have never written that Mr. Olsen is not happy to recite with his sister-in-law, Mrs Ruah. I wrote that Mr. Olsen (like everyone else) takes the money to say how much he enjoys playing Shaggy. And I still agree with you: he appears (I do not know him, so he “appears” to me, I’m not sure!) happy to work with sister-in-law and, I repeat, sister-in-law. In fact, they see very much that they are brothers-in-law: they look like brothers and non-lovers, there is no erotic tension between them either, and when the story is not “romantic or passionate” they are very funny and nice to see.
    This is my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.
    I personally do not seek love stories (aside with a semblance of truth that here is impossible to get) in action series. I preferred Kensi in the first season when she was always silent and preferred MD when he was mysterious, sad, surfer and friend of his dog. Together I can not stand them.


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