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Review: NCISLA “Parallel Resistors” (S8E08)


In my mind Joe Sachs may never live down writing two of my least favorite NCIS: Los Angeles episodes (“Drive” and “Blaze of Glory”), but with this week’s “Parallel Resistors” he fared pretty well. With solid support from director Eric Laneuville, we got a twisty whodunit with an excellent Action!Deeks and encouraging Densi developments.

The Case of the Week

While the whodunit was fine, did I follow all the details of the case? No. There was a lot of techno-speak that I didn’t bother trying to keep up with. Plus, I think I’ve developed a bad attitude about Nell and drones because I kind of tuned out during that scene on the field (I think this attitude comes from a previous drone-related case that occurred in the midst of a run of Super Nell episodes).

I did enjoy the multi-ethnic casting of the students, the adorably spunky young genius, and a good amount of humor throughout. Although to me, the usual Sam-Callen banter sounded a bit less, well, bantery, but the tradeoff was an increase in heart, with the continuing discussion about missing moments of Sam’s daughter’s life. That’s a tradeoff I could get used to. I did love Callen’s passionate defense of ice cream (it does bring happiness!), and I enjoyed this little moment of Deeks and Callen worrying about Kamran’s schooling choices:

Deeks: Just to clarify, you’re sending your daughter off to boarding school.
Sam: I’m not sending her, it’s what she wants.
Callen: Yeah but at 12?
Deeks: Kids need a supportive family.
Sam: They do. Or else they’ll end up like you two knuckleheads.
Callen: Ouch.
Deeks: Double ouch, painful, low blow.

Densi Developments

Things were definitely looking up for Densi this week. First we got a Deeks who’d just enjoyed a luxurious 12 hours of sleep at home, and we could see the impact on his mood. He was positively overflowing with wisecracks (I one time made a potato clock, for example). I didn’t realize how much I had been missing Joking Deeks.

For her part, Kensi seems to have turned a corner with help from a new frenemy, another patient named Sullivan. His competitiveness is just what Kensi needed, someone to give her driven, feisty self the motivation to stop feeling sorry for herself and start working towards a goal. Sullivan is pretty perceptive, predicting Deeks would be “some sort of a cross between a beach boy surfer and a terrier.” Well played Mr. Sullivan, although I’d say Deeks is at least as “manly” as he is “cute.” But watch it- Deeks is the only one who gets to bestow nicknames on Kensi! Oh, and who’s referring to their “fiancé” now? Loved it!

We also got an apology from Kensi for the way she’s been treating Deeks, and while of course he pushed it off as unnecessary, I liked that Kensi seems to be gaining that perspective she seemed to be missing, an understanding how her plight and her reactions to it have affected those around her. Unlike Deeks, I felt the apology was appropriate and I wish he had just accepted it, but I think his reaction shows his low expectations for himself in this or any relationship. Plus he’s still trying to be Kensi’s cheerleader whenever possible, so reassuring her that her actions haven’t been hurtful would be his natural inclination.

I loved the moment when Kensi asked to see the ring again- so sweet and playful. How wonderful was it to see her teasing him- the first real glimpse of classic Densi banter since she’s been awake. Plus, the way they looked at each other simply melted my heart.

Kensi: I don’t want to see it again until I get outta here- I need something to look forward to. So, actually, promise me that even if I beg, you will not let me see it again.
Deeks: OK, sounds like a plan. I like it. Going away… putting it away…
Kensi: OK wait, just one more time.
Deeks: Yeah well it’s too late.
Kensi: Just one more time!
Deeks: It’s too late.
Kensi: Please!
Deeks: OK but this is the last time.
Kensi: What did you just agree to? I said, ‘promise me you will not show it to me even if I beg.’ What are you doing?
Deeks: You’re so crazy.
Kensi: At least I can keep a promise.
Deeks: Touché.

Yes, a “touché”! I’ve missed these two!  I think all these post-Syria Densi scenes have been helped a great deal by having a single writer (R. Scott Gemmill) at the helm. It makes it easier to trust that Densi will end up in a good place, and that we won’t get any random deviations in characterization along the way.

I did find Deeks’ mention that Kensi has six months of physical therapy in her future interesting. I’ve been assuming that she would be back to work (i.e., fully recovered) by January. I guess we’ll have to wait and see exactly when and how they bring her back to fieldwork. That return to the field could bring its own share of drama. How can Deeks possibly not freak out seeing Kensi in danger after nearly losing her? Can they go back to their partnership as it was before, or will this experience change each of them in some way that will make additional adjustments necessary?


Nell and Deeks worked very well together in the field, and we got a nice action sequence for Deeks- on a motorbike! Let’s all take a moment to reminisce about that horrible time when Hetty took away the most beautiful motorcycle in all the world in an effort to keep post-Sidarov Deeks from hurting himself. While I appreciated the sentiment, I really really wanted to see more of Deeks on that bike. Here we got it. It may not have been a high speed chase, but we definitely got Eric Christian Olsen riding in a few shots, and going down at least a few stairs (unless they went to the trouble of digitally placing his face onto the stunt double?). For not the first time in the last two seasons, it felt like a little gift from Mr. Gemmill to the fans – if that’s the case, then Thank You!

Memorable Moments

  • Speaking of Action!Deeks, how about the changes to the opening credits? They added that amazing shot of moving and shooting Deeks from “Home is Where the Heart Is.” I think it only appeared in the “Stay Tuned for Scenes” at the end of “Ghost Gun” but got cut from the actual episode “Home…” episode. It’s nice to see it put to good use. And they added Deeks in front of the actual “Home…” explosion that went with it. The credits have all of a sudden become much more Deeks-centric. I say, it’s about time. And next step- the cover of the DVD!
  • I thought the introduction of eventual bad guy Scott Young/Yung was a little overplayed, like Sachs was telegraphing that this random person delivering student profiles to Deeks was so important we needed to take a minute to learn his name.
  • Of course Deeks takes veterans surfing once a month. In between stints with his foster kid and helping out at the soup kitchen. Seriously what a guy!
  • How adorable were the Wonder Twins with their inability to find a winner at rock-paper-scissors? (But thank you Granger for putting an end to the shenanigans.)
  • At least this time Undercover Deeks got to be a grad student boyfriend instead of the janitor he had to play in Sach’s previous College Students Gone Bad script of “Higher Power.” And it was also a nice display of Competent Deeks as he effortlessly adjusted to Nell’s storyline and elaborated a whole Eastern Philosophy backstory that he used throughout the scene. He really is the best undercover operator on the team.
  • OK you philosophers out there, is there any relation between Deeks’ quote of “Established in being, perform action” and Sam’s one-time advice to Kensi of “More being, less doing?” Sure sounds like Sam’s been reading the Bhagavad Gita.
  • I really wanted to see Sam and Callen bring Kensi take-out. Fan fic writers, can you help?
  • Did anyone catch the meaning of the title? Does it have a double meaning that references the team in some way?

Come back later in the week for new entries in Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal, plus the Drabble and Edit of the Week. This weekend we’ll have a new Classified Preview and a new Top 3 featuring Action!Deeks. Hmmm, Biker Deeks may need to be added into the mix…

In the meantime, what did you think of “Parallel Resistors”? Are you satisfied with Kensi’s apology? Are you as happy as I was to see the lighthearted Densi banter?

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24 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Parallel Resistors” (S8E08)

  1. Right there with you about the return/continuation of our Densi flirtatious banter. While Deeks is our focus here, for me I was literally fist-pumping about seeing Kensi’s fighting spirit on full display. This is the character that first connected me to the show.

    It’s also a huge relief to see Kensi no longer keeping Deeks at a distance and instead, expressing just the opposite. Fiance, anyone?! Good for her and so happy for Deeks to be able to receive such a mountain of hope to continue moving forward. It gives him something to look forward to as much or even more than Kensi. Talk about incentive!

    As for the “6 months of physical therapy”, I too was initially stunned. Then I reflected on my own experience with it (due to something far less severe!); tons of people are able to still get out and work while in physical therapy. All of this does seem to indicate a long effort with smaller advances for her. It’s now making me wonder what her intermediary role(s) might be between hospital and being full back out in the field. I read a post on Tumblr from someone who is confined to a power wheelchair expressing how realistic the show and DR are portraying her situation.

    If it’s ok to go a bit off-script here, this was the second episode in a row I found it a challenge to understand Granger. It seems like Miguel is struggling to clearly articulate words and I’m concerned something might be going on there personally, not necessarily tied to the storyline (except for that single shot of him going in for some tests). Any ideas or am I just losing it?


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // November 17, 2016 at 5:46 PM // Reply

      I’m with you. His speech is definitely muffled. Hard to simulate that particular type of speech pattern, so I, like you, am concerned about Miguel.


  2. Thank you, Karen for another awesome review. I look forward to your posting every week and always enjoy your analysis. I too enjoyed all the Densi. Seeing Deeks with 12 hours of sleep and back to his usual witty self was a relief. It was wonderful to see Kensi get her spirit back although, my take was that Deeks knows and understands our gal so thoroughly that he knew the only way to get her out of her funk was to challenge her. Deeks’s proposal last week was, in my mind, giving Kensi something to look forward to. And when that didn’t work as planned, Deeks made friends with Sullivan and together cooked up a way to get Kensi motivated. Sullivan described him to a “T”. The comments about Kensi being a model, lifting pink weights, and having a fluffy, surfer fiancé got her going. We all know how Kensi likes to win. When Sullivan picked up the 30 lb weights, I cheered….that competitive streak came out in full force in Kensi’s face especially in her eyes. Wow…awesome! And the end result with her apology to Deeks…sweet…and then the promise…hilarious.

    And the case of the week was equally enjoyable or was it also because if the healthy dose of Densi sprinkled throughout. The spunky daughter was aweome with her ability to think outside the box after meeting Sam and Callen. I can see her becoming a special agent in her future. Loved Callen pushing Sam about sending his daughter off to boarding school G growing up in foster homes understands the value of having family close by and I so appreciated G taking every opportunity..askig the mom whether her daughter goes to College and her response about home schooling was perfect.

    And Deeks on a bike….loved the entire scene. ECO rides bikes, so I bet he did a bunch of the stunts.

    And last but not least, I too worried about Granger’s (MF) speech. I hope he recovers quickly.

    All in all, an enjoyable episode. : )


  3. Thanks for your review, Karen.

    What I like, what I really like and which I’m appreciating more and more from week to week is how the writers/showrunners are handling Kensi’s disability arc and Densi storyline. It seems so genuine and realistic that sometimes I find difficult to remember it’s just fiction. This is also thanks to the great performance of Daniela who, in the few scenes she has every week (which for me are always the highlight of the episode), manages to convey the turmoil of emotions she’s feeling and the tough moments she’s going through. I find her movements, the look in her eyes, her facial expression in general, perfect for the situation she’s living. Her chemistry with Eric has been amazing lately, as if they wanted to explore and give life to a new level of understanding and love for Kensi and Deeks.

    What I’m curious now – considering that DR is back on set – is to see how Kensi will be reintegrated in the team in the episodes after the scenes shot in July before her maternity leave. Even if we see her getting better and better, her damage and injuries were so serious that I expect her to take things differently when (not if!) she comes back to work. Like different priorities, listen to her body more, take it easier, more human and less Wonder Woman.
    I can’t wait to see this new version of Kensi! The job the authors have done with her story so far is so beautiful that I would be disappointed if they rushed things just to send her back to the field, as if the mission to Syria and her accident and coma and consequences didn’t exist. It doesn’t work this way in real life. And who is saying this is a big fan of Deeks and Kensi in the field together, so I hope to see them again, but in a plausible way.


  4. Anybody else think maybe Sullivan was a bit too smooth about talking to Kensi, challenging her and then describing Deeks? I’ve known vets who have successfully come through hell with their own recovery who work with Wounded Warriors and help with other vets who are struggling. Kensi is in a VA hospital, and it would make sense if our darling mini ninja had put in a request, wouldn’t it? And having Kurt Yeager, who has an incredible story himself, will bring a touch of the real struggle behind recovery. Shouts out to the PT staff who are u sung heroes.

    I loved the episode but would have liked to see a bit more of the Sam/Callen bickering. I was happy that the writers are not subscribing to the “all better now after 1 week” plan with Kensi and Deeks. That kind of injury could have been lots worse.


  5. Thank you for the great review and thank you all for the comments, I really enjoy reading different views and comments from all of you.

    For me too the case was a bit sidenote and I did not get all techno-speak, but Nadia was great. I want to give NCIS LA credit for how well they handle episodes with child characters , they are in my opinion usually very well written+produced and casting in those episodes has been great.

    When I first read about Sullivan I thought he will be that agent (and mole?) seeking revenge and my imagination regarding that character storyline is still running a little bit too wild . I hope that Sullivan remains as a solid guy who helps Kensi . I can’t wait for the next couple episodes to find out more about Sullivan. Kurt Yaeger did a great job!

    That Densi-scene: I don’t even know how to express how much I loved it ! I really needed this positive scene between them after emotional scenes in previous episodes. It was great to see Kensi getting back to herself and bantering with Deeks. What I admired most was that the scene had so many different emotions, but it still felt so natural and coherent (that scene had romance, funny banter, serious and touching moments ). Once again great acting from Daniela and Eric. Loved that Kensi apologized and that she told Deeks the ring is something she looks forward to when she gets home (for me Kensi kind of reassured Deeks that her answer to the proposal will be yes when she is home after her reaction to the proposal last week). About that 6 months fysiotherapy : I, too, hope that now that Kensi has that “fighting spirit” back she will be prove that time estimation wrong and that she will be back a lot sooner.

    I loved those little moments when actors used just their expressions instead of words, great acting (for example Deeks, Callen, Sam when they look at Eric who is calling them to OPS and Granger when he looks at Nell and Eric who are choosing which one of them gets to go undercover). It has been great to see the relationship between Sam/Callen/Deeks become even closer than before and I really appreciate the way they support Deeks and Kensi. I, too, wanted to see them bring that takeout to Kensi or any scene where they visit Kensi.

    I, too, agree what you wrote about Granger/Miguel, especially because English is not my first language it is sometimes very hard to understand Granger. I really hope Miguel is fine, he is great actor and I really like Granger as a character.


  6. Doubt there will be scenes of hospital visits by Callen/Sam etc because they weren’t on set the week ECO/DR filmed her scenes, I believe. They returned when EP 1 started filming.


  7. Wow, it was excellent episode thru and thru. I enjoyed it so much that I have already watched it three times and still feel like watching it again and again. I love when the cases are technically complicated as I can learn something new, and applied physics always rocks my boat (I do not know actually why as I am in completely other field – international trade).
    And Kensi is back and it is so great…I understood her behaviour, but I was so worried about Deeks and her pulling from him that (although I had a huge faith in both ECO and DR words that what happened to Kensi is/was the best and the worst thing for them – emphasis on the best) I started to fear the final outcome.
    But the moment Kensi called him fiancé I knew everything is going to be good in both their and my world.
    And the last but not the least, thank you Karen for another great review. Finally the quality of the episodes matches the quality of the articles posted on this site. For a long time, I had a feeling that quality of the articles and devotion showed by people working (in their free time) on this site supersede by far the quality of the episodes. I am glad it is not the case anymore.

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  8. When Deeks tells Kensi that she has nothing to apologize for there is a doctor walking in the background, was that David Olsen? Background was a bit blurry and it was a short moment but he reminded me of David.


  9. Brenda (@bpnp) // November 17, 2016 at 5:50 PM // Reply

    Great review Karen!

    I also loved Deeks on the bike! And I was wondering about the title – can’t figure that one out.


  10. Another great review Karen, thank you
    I thoroughly enjoyed it…along with the episode.
    lots to talk about…

    Sullivan- he has to be some kind of a plant….no not a Ficus, the other kind,,,
    I think he is a good guy and not wrapped up in the mole issue, but he was way too smooth and familiar acting.
    he could have seen Deeks and Kensi together in the facility, but that wouldnt account for the stripper comment when first talking to her and who would call someone a bitch less than 2 minutes into a conversation….nobody, that’s who.
    So how could he have that info. Saw them before maybe… don’t think so…
    He could be the absolute best judge of character, personal preferences and dating profiles ever,.. not likely.
    He could come from a long line of Romani fortune tellers…only slightly less unlikely.
    that leaves a setup or a plant….I don’t think it is tied to the mole and out to get Kensi, so that leaves???
    What do you think, Deeks, Hetty, maybe Sam?

    Densi- I love seeing the banter back, their chemistry is just fantastic, so emotional. I Missed Dani’s beautiful smile, it was nice to see. The apology from Kensi was nice to see and all I needed. I would have liked for Deeks to just accept it and not dismiss the attempt. Something like, “I get it, dont worry about it”,…” that’s what I’m here for, for you to lean on”…”we’re good we’re in this together”…something like that, Saying, yes you were but its ok would have been better than just a no you haven’t, I think.
    Loved her wanting to see the ring, I thought after she said “stunning”, that she was going to say something like, “you did good” or ” I cant wait”. It would have been nice… I think her eyes said it though…
    I also thought they could have slipped in an “I love you ” from Kensi, but I think I am being a little picky over a really great scene.


    • Totally agree with your assessment of Sullivan. As I commented earlier, I think Hetty planted him to get Kensi challenged and motivated. Like you said he was insulting and sexist from the get go. Who says that bit about a stripper pole to a woman you just met?

      Also when he was describing Deeks, which was spot on, Sullivan sounded condescending and insulting towards Deeks. (I know Sully wanted to get a rise out of her, but I still didn’t like it.). Deeks is both manly and cute. Besides, Kensi had the perfect boyfriend who was supposed to be this manly, tough Marine and look how Jack broke her heart.

      Nice to see the Densi banter and nice to see Deeks smile.



      • Sullivan also gave Kens a nickname after just a couple of minutes, not normal either.
        Does anyone think the look Kensi gave Sullivan when he called her “Special K” was odd?
        I cant figure if it was just a” here he goes again” look, or if it was more… could it have been a name she was called previously, when she was younger? maybe by Jack….or her dad…oooohhh now I am curious. probably just overthinking it…

        Regardless…the sole responsibility and ultimate authority to assign nicknames to Kensi Marie Blye is the task of one Marty A. Deeks. That pleasure is his and his alone.
        Sully needs to back off. That is way above his pay grade….Kidding, kinda…


  11. If I am really being selfish, I wished there was another Densi scene.
    I think Kurt Yaeger is a good actor and Sullivan is a good character, but they are cutting into Densi time… With Kensi’s rehab, doctors, nurses, aids….and now Sullivan, they ate up well over Half of Kensi’s air time. I get it , I really do…but 2:25 minutes out of a 44 minute show is just not enough of our couple. I do feel slightly cheated. Yep, only 2:25 of Densi….awwwww

    Tough to balance time on a show with an ensemble cast this big, but still….
    with Deeks replacing Dom, it was an even swap, but the additions of Nell and Granger increased the core group from 6 to 8. They do mix and match obviously, but you in effect have 4 pairs or teams to split time between. that means our couple needs 10 plus minutes of airtime darn it….
    Just sayin’…
    I know, there is only so much pre-baby Dani footage. to last until Christmas, but like I said, I am being selfish.
    I trust that once she is back we will get some more time and great scenes. More please…


  12. OK,
    way off track here…
    If Kensi returns or at least gets released for outpatient care for the Christmas episode….8-11
    Will she give Deeks the box for Christmas?
    After all this time,and the changes in their relationship… what could it possibly be that is still relevant.
    My guesses would be a photo of them together, early on or when they first met. maybe signed Fern or Melissa..
    the other option could be a simple note that says ” The answer is yes” or ” I’m ready when you are” but that is rapidly becoming obsolete as well.
    it could have been a key, but they moved in already…
    have the writers waited so long that the box has become irrelevant now and cant figure what to put in there???
    I thought I heard somewhere in an interview that we would find out this season.
    what do you think.


  13. Karen, An excellent and heartfelt review. I hesitated
    about commenting. First, from the case of the week.
    Nadia easily stood out. I have noticed it before how
    both on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “NCIS”, kids (who
    are in danger and in a bad place) are often compelling,
    sensitive, smart, intelligent and resourceful characters.
    And Nadia was not an exception and I loved her wonderful
    rapport and chemistry with Callen and Sam.
    As for the introduction of Sullivan, I felt/feel extremely
    uncomfortable that the writers have chosen to introduce
    him with such sexist and insulting comments both to her
    and about Deeks. She definitely made it very clear to Sullivan
    that Deeks is her fiancé! And if she had not been distracted,
    I think that she could have won the arm wrestling contest.
    But, I think that Sullivan is a good person, and Deeks may
    be right about that Kensi may have found a friend. And he is
    happy for her, which says something about his generous nature.
    Both Daniela and Eric Christian were outstanding (and I
    also loved Deeks’s exciting and excellent ride on the motorcycle).
    I love how perfectly Daniela understands Kensi in every way and
    inhabits her. With the apology and the precious ring scene Kensi
    offered Deeks the positive reaction and hope which he so
    desperately needed.
    I respectfully stand by my opinion that from the way Daniela
    has portrayed Kensi so far, she was still near a total break down.
    But regrettably the writers will just not show it. Besides her spinal
    chord injury and paralysis, I think that Kensi is still not emotionally
    well and there continues to be a lot of turmoil inside of her. But at
    least in this episode she has started hesitantly to crawl back. As well
    as I think that the writers could actively involve Deeks in Kensi’s
    I think that there was still a lot which was not said and shown
    between Kensi and Deeks. And for my part, I needed to stay a
    little longer with them. And I did not appreciate how they switched
    abruptly to Ops.


    • I agree that Deeks could have helped her with some therapy or workout as well, helped participate in the process. In addition, I feel a little disappointed that they spent more air time on Sullivan and Kensi than with Kensi and Deeks together. It may have only been 10 or 15 seconds longer, but it was longer. Selfish, maybe…Just want my Densi…that’s all. I guess I am just whining about not getting a second Densi scene….Like I said earlier, 2:25 in a 44 minute show is just not enough!

      Maybe once she get released to outpatient status and can go home, we can see him help her work out…??? Hmmm, I miss domestic Densi


    • My gut feeling is that Sullivan is a good guy and that those statements are not a reflection of who he is or how he feels. I think they were targeted directly at Kensi and specifically chosen statements designed to make her mad. Anger and Adrenaline to snap her out of her funk…
      at least I hope so.


      • Same here Ed. My first impression on Sully was that I was surprised with his boldness and openness towards Kensi. I thought that he chose this specific way to approach Kensi as he recognized how she felt – he had been there too. He just went with what worked for him at that time and he was actually right. Seemed that he pushed all the right buttons with Kensi – or if not right then surely ones that she needed to be pushed to get a reaction from her.
        I didn’t even think that he was planted there by Hetty or Deeks or Sam with the purpose. But it is certainly not impossible scenario.
        So all in all I haven’t found him really to be bad guy, but his description of Deeks really rubbed me the wrong way and was somehow offending and definitely nor correct. Deeks to be “borderline submissive”? More cute than manly? And to look like something between surfer dude and terrier? I find him handsome and manly, not at all submissive – I mean, does anybody of you think that he is submissive? That is the last thing I would think of him, but that’ s just me.


        • Yes I feel the same way as you re: Sullivan’s description of Deeks . On the surface, he had Deeks pegged, but we all know he’s much more. Deeks isn’t built like Sam but he’s got quite the physique. He’s not submissive but caring, sensitive and wants to give Kensi the world because he wants to make her happy. I hope Sullivan toned down the sexist stuff. He can push Kensi without being obnoxious and insulting. Deeks pushed her buttons without having to be a sexist pig so hopefully Sullivan can too.


      • Maria, Daisy and Ed,

        I still feel extremely uncomfortable that
        the writers introduced Sullivan by way
        of such a shock- and insult method.
        I do not think that he was planted there,
        but I suspect that as a fellow patient he
        saw her and recognised the dark pit of
        despair with which she struggled and
        wanted to reach out to her.
        But the writers handled this in a completely
        adverse way. I think that there would have
        been different options to introduce Sullivan
        to Kensi.
        Daisy, I wholeheartedly agree with you about
        Deeks, he is a wonderful, caring and complex
        Ed, I agree with you completely about how
        Sullivan gave Kensi a nickname after he just
        met her. Nicknames for Kensi are Deeks’s
        territory and these belong to the special and
        precious things between them.


  14. Great comments, thanks everyone!

    Gayle that Tumblr post was great. If anyone hasn’t seen it, check it out: As for the state of Miguel Ferrer’s health, I have to believe that if he were seriously ill that he’d have stopped working. I certainly hope it’s all just acting out Granger’s health issues. I guess if we had any recent interviews with Miguel, that would be the one way to tell at this point.

    I love everyone’s theories about Sullivan. I think you all are definitely on to something. I do like the idea that Hetty or Deeks put him up to getting in Kensi’s face. It definitely seems like something either one of them is capable of doing.

    I also agree with the comments about how well the show handles child actors. It’s got to be tough to cast them, and I think in general the kids seem to do a more consistently good job than the adult guest actors.

    Ed I love that you timed the Densi scenes. I have done that myself once or twice- it’s nice to see I’m not alone in my obsessiveness, I mean my attention to detail, LOL. They will never have enough Deeks in an episode to satisfy me, hence my fantasy of a Deeks as private detective spin-off. As for the box, who knows? My favorite theory that would fit with the timing of the gift was that it’s an application to join NCIS.

    Raven I think they always tend to cut scenes off almost as quickly as they can, rather than letting them play out fully. It’s an on-going frustration but one that I think we’re stuck with, as it’s also part of the show’s formula, and an unfortunate side effect of having such a large cast.

    I think the discussion about whether Deeks is “submissive” is an interesting one. While I don’t think that adjective describes him- he’s a strong person who stands up to bad guys and people in authority- I do see how his willingness to let Kensi be in control most of the time could come off that way to someone like Sullivan who has maybe been watching them together from a distance. I see Deeks’ willingness to cede control not as submissive, but as a sign of self-assurance.


    • Karen,
      Thank you for the link to Lynnie’s excellent and
      insightful article at Fangirlish. She is right about
      how honest and heartwrenching Kensi’s difficult
      journey is portrayed on “NCIS: Los Angeles”. I
      also agree with her that perhaps a new Kensi
      may be born from this journey.
      Besides how the writers have created her, I
      think that the person who understands Kensi
      intimately is first and foremost Daniela and
      her portrayal of Kensi is superb.
      I definitely share all the concerns about
      Miguel Ferrer. But as far as I know neither
      Miguel Ferrer nor CBS have stated anything
      about his health.
      And as for Granger, he still hasn’t decided
      about a replacement for Kensi. I suspect
      that he has a very soft spot for Kensi. Her
      father was after all his friend.


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