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The Top 3 Deeks Mysteries

NCISLA Internal Affairs Deeks

Welcome to a new wikiDeeks feature called The Top 3. We hope it will be a fun way to celebrate all the wonderful aspects of the character and show we love. Each week I’ll list my top three choices on a topic, and then you can weigh in with your own list. We’ll cover everything from The Top 3 Cheekiest Moments to The Top 3 Most Overrated Episodes. And of course there will be plenty of Densi, with posts such as The Top 3 Sexiest Scenes. We’ll cover the silly (The Top 3 Deeks Rambles) and the serious (The Top 3 Most Heartbreaking Scenes). We’ll build up to end of season discussions about The Top 3 Scenes that Sum Up Deeks and The Top 3 Best Written Episodes, among others. To get things started as we prepare for the beginning of Season 8, it seemed appropriate to discuss the Top 3 Deeks Mysteries we’d like solved.

The Premise

The topic this week is straightforward. What nagging mysteries about our favorite detective do you most want resolved? They can be unanswered questions about Deeks’ backstory before he came to NCIS, or something that went unresolved during his time as a liaison. The only rule I held myself to was that they’d be Deeks- or Densi-centric.

If you could only have three such questions answered, what would they be?

The Top 3

I based my picks primarily on what would most help me to understand Deeks. He is such a complex character, and thinking about his words and actions in light of his history, from his childhood to more recent events like being tortured (and torturing), fascinates me. Unfortunately this intriguing backstory has a number of holes that prevent a full and complete understanding of what makes him tick. So in reverse order of importance, my Top Three Mysteries are…

#3. Why did Deeks go from being a public defender to a police officer?

The question of career choice with our Mr. Deeks is a multi-faceted one. I’m also curious about why he thought he’d enjoy work as a public defender. After all, innocent clients like Jenny in “Drive” must be few and far between, and I bet quite a lot bear at least some resemblance to his father. (I think the leading theory is that a public defender helped him after he shot his dad- see #2.) But I believe the story of how and why he gave up his law career to join the LAPD must be a great one. Does it include a disastrous legal case? Or perhaps, as many fan fics have surmised, he came to do some early undercover or informant work for the cops. We know Deeks has always wanted to help people, “something that really made difference in people’s lives,” but abandoning a career you’ve worked so hard to pursue can’t have happened on a whim.

#2. What happened after Deeks shot his father?

We know that he shot his dad when he was 11 years old defending himself and his mom. We know that in the long run, they were better off and he wishes he’d done it sooner. I’d pay money to see a flashback to that fateful night, and I also want to know what eventually happened with his mother that kept her from being mentioned for years. But what I’m most curious to learn is what happened in the shooting’s immediate aftermath. In “Internal Affairs” Deeks mentions his sealed juvenile records about the shooting. Did he spend any time in custody? Was he accused of a crime? Was he separated from his mother? Did he have to testify against his father? And yes, did a public defender help him out? In short, I want to understand exactly how traumatic this event was for him.

#1. What were the exact circumstances behind the shooting of Frances Boyle?

This one easily comes in as my #1 mystery. Marty Deeks has a dark side to him, “a lot of rage,” as Makar described in “Spoils of War.” I want to know exactly how dark that side goes, and no single question will answer that better than knowing whether Deeks shot Boyle in the actual act of defending Tiffany or himself, or in a more calculated way. We know his childhood trauma created an almost obsessive need to protect vulnerable women, but would that need drive him to kill in cold blood? I think it’s possible. And the fact that it’s possible is a tribute to the complexity of the characterization we’ve been given by the writers and Eric Christian Olsen. I myself have an almost obsessive need, a need to know how to interpret the things Deeks says (and has said), and knowing more about Boyle’s death is the single most important bit of missing information to help me do that.

For all three mysteries, we do know some of the basic facts, the basic timeline. It’s those little missing details that would flesh out the how’s and why’s that I most crave.

Also in the Running

I considered a few other mysteries, but they didn’t make my Top 3:

  • Is Deeks’ father really dead?
  • Where’s his mom been? Is Deeks her maiden name or does/did Deeks have a step-father? (Kensi calls her Mrs. Deeks not Ms. Deeks.)
  • Why did he pursue law as a career? Why did he think working as a public defender would be fulfilling?
  • What college and law school did he attend? (Fingers crossed for UCLA!)
  • What did Monica whisper to him in “Parley”?
  • Is Monty, the acting dog, still alive? (Yes, the doggie actor is also named Monty!)

Next Week

Next week’s topic should also help build our anticipation for Season 8, as we ponder the Top 3 Most Wanted Scenes.

In the meantime, tell us your Top 3 Deeks Mysteries. Remember, differing opinions are what makes the discussion interesting- there are absolutely no right or wrong answers! You can provide a full explanation for your picks (long posts are fine with us!), or just give us your short list. Just what questions do you most want answered?

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27 Comments on The Top 3 Deeks Mysteries

  1. 1. What’s in the box.
    2. Who is the girl that Ray in The Debt said that Kensi looks just like?
    3. As mentioned above, is the name Deeks from a stepfather and if so what happened to him?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, the box. I think I had blocked that from my mind, LOL. And the girl- yes, I’d love to learn more about young Marty’s early crush.


  2. Joanne Monaghan // September 19, 2016 at 8:01 AM // Reply

    I’m thinking she was married to a man named Deeks who was actually Marty’s father (who died)before Gordon John Brandice, and she reverted to “Deeks” after Brandice went to prison. Just a thought

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  3. I always wondered what happened to make Lt. Bates tell Kensi in “The Debt” that Deeks had sworn that he would never again have a female partner.

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  4. – As much as it hurts, I would like to know more about Deeks’ operation with Monica: how long did it last? Why did he never open up with Kensi about it? Did he feel guilty as if he was cheating on his partner for whom he was starting to have feelings? That episode is still a mystery to me. On one side I have always wondered if Deeks’ involvement with Monica could have been explained better, while on the other side I think ignorance is a bliss!

    – I would like to know more about Deeks’ friendship with Ray: how close were they? Where and when exactly did they become friends? Did Ray know about Deeks’ abusive father? I hope in one of this season’s episodes Ray will come back, not with a new investigation for Deeks and the team but with a case somehow connected to Deeks’ past, so that we will get to know more about our favorite detective.

    – Since when Roberta Deeks was written in the show in “Citadel”, I have always wondered where she had been all the years before: where did she live? Why did Deeks never mention her? Not when he had to choose his emergency contact, not even for a Christmas, a holiday, whatever. He was in hospital, he was tortured, he was shot, and yet she never showed up. Why? Did she have any good reason to be left out of her son’s life? If we owe her presence to the sudden idea of a single writer, could the others left please build a solid and plausible storyline for Mama Deeks?


    • Cladani what an interesting Top 3. Deeks’ relationship with Monica is indeed a bit of a mystery. I guess I have given up on getting a good explanation about Roberta, since I believe she was made up without regard for Deeks’ backstory to date. I definitely appreciate your and others’ desire to see this inconsistency reconciled.


  5. what a great idea ! Oh, there are so many thing we all want to know about our favorite LAPD/NCIS liason. Maybe if qwe have like a 10-part Deeks, M episodes we could get some answers ! LOL
    I´d love to see his dark side more. I mean, he is always so positive, easy going guy, but he has been throught a lot all of those years, and we only saw he loose his temper twice (with Scarli and with the blind man). This is not healthy, I´m curious about what he does to throw all the anger away ! If he does it.
    So excited for the new season !!


  6. First of all what a wonderful idea!! I agree with everyones comments.

    I would like to know more about the night Deeks supposedly shot Boyle. I am sure there is more to the story and does Kensi really know everything.

    Also why has Deeks mother not been around before the episode Citadel. We were told there would be an explanation to this but nothing so far. Perhaps this will be answered in the episode Deeks M if we every get to see it.

    We know that Deeks will do anything to protect the women he loves. I wonder if he will seek some kind of revenge with what happens to Kensi in the new season.

    Looking forward to Season 8 and hope it dosent disappoint and I see the scene I have been waiting for the proposal and hopefully an engagement/wedding!!


    • Donna Marie we share the desire to learn more about Boyle’s shooting. That is a scary thought about what Deeks might do to the people who hurt Kensi. I liked what he said on the DVD about the combination of Deeks’ generally emotional decisions about protecting women and his love for Kensi made him particularly dangerous should Kensi be threatened (or something like that, I can’t remember exactly).

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  7. evelynmarie2014 // September 19, 2016 at 9:20 PM // Reply

    1.Why is he giving Tiffany money? 2.Where has his mom been? 3. How did he end up Deeks instead of Brandel?


    • Yes, learning more about Boyle’s shooting would help us understand Deeks’ need/desire to pay off/support Tiffany. And going from Brandel to Deeks just has to be part of an episode called “Deeks, M” right?

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  8. evelynmarie2014 // September 20, 2016 at 8:21 AM // Reply

    Martin A. Deeks ,what does the A stand for?


  9. I would like the backstory on his mother and what his relationship with her has been over the years, since we have not heard of her.
    I would like the backstory on what happened after he shot his father, what happened to him, how did he get through college and law school.
    I would like to know more about his undercover alias, Max Gentry, how he developed Max, and what he had to do as Max, and how many undercover operations Max had.
    Overall, I want my Deeks, M episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sassyzazzi, yes to all of your backstory wishes! I really like your desire for more info on Max Gentry. He’s such a fascinating character.


  10. Actually I have always had another question that is more Densi-centric, the answer to which is not so important anymore, but that had been bothering me for a long time, at least up until the moment Densi went All in: how could they never ever mention the “How’s that for communication” Deeks’ kiss to Kensi in any of the following episodes? I remember it was so disappointing waiting from week to week for a clarification that never came, one of the many missing moments of Deeks and Kensi’s relationship.
    Let’s hope it won’t happen the same with the engagement this season…


    • Cladani, I share your disappointment about that. It seems like a combination of their complete lack of communication skills in Season 5 and the writers’ complete disinterest in showing much of their personal lives. It fits perfectly with all that end of Season 5/beginning of Season 6 mystery about the status of their relationship that frustrated me so much.


  11. Great post Karen!
    Like a lot of other fan, my top three mysteries are:

    –Know more about the origins of his surname Deeks
    –why he didn’t speak about his mother for so long time
    –why he didn’t become an NCIS agent even after IA

    I agree with Cladani, It was very disappointing waiting for a clarification of the kiss, but I think they had to change the storyline for Dani’s pregnancy, so maybe they had planned that clarification but with the new storyline it doesn’t fit. This is just an idea.. but sometimes they put something in the show and never explain.
    Instead I prefer don’t know anything more about the murder of Boyle, I’d like to have this story closed, because if this come up again it means a lot of troubles for Densi, big trouble.. I don’t know, I prefer to think that Deeks did it only to save a girl’s life and that he had no choice!

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    • That’s a good list Valentina. I wonder if Deeks has ever discussed becoming an agent with Kensi. Do you think she knows about those unsigned papers?


  12. My top 3 list matches yours exactly. And I think that as we learn more about what happened to Deeks just after the shooting of his father, we’ll learn more about the Deeks/Brandel name mystery. I was one of those who were seriously disappointed with the introduction of Mama Deeks. So many of us had wanted to meet her or learn more about her, but the introduction totally missed the mark. I think the writer just believed he could introduce a character that was Deeks’ mom, and the fans would be satisfied, but he totally missed the point that fans really wanted to find out about his mom in order to get some background about Deeks’ past. And nothing about Roberta Deeks has yet given us that information.

    I seriously need for there to be a Brandel, M/Deeks M 2-parter. We’ve waited so damn long already that they owe us that.

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  13. Karen, I come late to this discussion. Just today I found a vid on Youtube from PaleyFest 2015in which you asked the cast about a Deeks M episode. I thought I was a huge fan but am not aware of what your question references. Would you please clarify? (I just watched the wedding today which Dani Ruah posted on her Youtube channel in March 2019.)

    Just to clarify: I have not had cable in three years and so watch episodes on Over-The-Air antenna on ION every Sunday and only get to see what they’ve bought in syndication. It’s how I spend my Sundays. Then i search Youtube for whatever I can find.

    Just last Sunday I saw Payback which was Granger’s last appearance. There are so many episodes that are quite popular and are run multiple times on ION, so I’m not familiar with Deeks M.

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  14. Hi Elin, I am impressed by your dedication to searching out Densi! To answer your question, “Deeks, M.” refers to a long hoped for but not yet created episode that would reveal some more of Deeks’ backstory. It’s a pattern on the show to do such episodes, for example I’m sure you remember the “Blye, K.” two parter? We’ve also had “Callen, G.,”, “Lange, H.”, “Granger, O.”, “Reznikov, N.” and even “Kolcheck, A.” But never a “Deeks, M.” or what I think we should get, a two-parter that starts with what we assume was Deeks’ childhood name, “Brandel, M.”

    From time to time we get a mention of it, most recently Eric Christian Olsen actually made a reference to it when we interviewed him at the start of Season 10. I think he said it might happen at the end of Season 10 or in Season 11. So we continue to cross our fingers. There’s still so much about this character that we don’t know!


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