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Debating Deeks: The Emotional Evolution of Marty Deeks


Since there have been concerns and comments made about how Detective Deeks has been presented so far this season, wikiDeeks Contributors Courtney and Randy were asked to debate or discuss the issues and see if that might be the case. The discussion covered a lot of topics but tried to stay close to the question of whether the writers of the show have kept Deeks true to his character or have we witnessed a diversion that has turned our beloved detective into someone we may not recognize. We know each character has evolved over the past seven seasons, but they each have core strengths and ideals that simply cannot change if they are to remain the people we love to watch take on the bad guys.

Courtney: So we’re here to debate Deeks’ hair, right? Cause I think it was very in character during “Unspoken“. It only took 6 episodes for them to get it right. 😉

Randy: If you want to debate someone about the nuances of Deeks’ hair… or eyes… or body… then you’re going to have to locate another contributor. I’m a very hetero male and discussing the attributes of another man ranks right up there with topics like ‘foot fungus’ or  ‘braidable back hair’. All I will say about Deeks’ hair is that at least he HAS hair and he makes the ‘shaggy’ look work.

Courtney: While I admit I’m as shallow as a puddle most of the time, I do actually consider his appearance to be a major part of his character. For example, Deeks looks tired, older, and less put together lately. And I’m in no way insulting Eric Christian Olsen with that, because I only notice it when he is playing Deeks. Maybe it’s a subtle hint to the underlying stress the Internal Affairs investigation has caused him?

Randy: All shallowness aside, you bring up a good point. Deeks’ change in appearance may well be a nod to the investigation that’s been plaguing him the past few months. The writers have him maintaining his usual antics (the yellow jump-suit, slurping on his smoothie, etc.) while there does seem to be an underlying tension just under the surface. In ‘Unspoken’, his pronouncement about supporting his partner even if a murder was involved spoke volumes of him as person. To me, Deeks was telling Kensi, that thick or thin, right or wrong… he would always stand with her. When Deeks commits to something or someone, he never wavers or falters, even at great risk to himself.

Courtney: That’s exactly who Deeks is when everything is stripped away – a selfless person. Which is why, hold on for a second because I’m actually going to finally get on topic, I think he has been in character as far as the Internal Affairs investigation is concerned. I didn’t see his intentionally secretive behavior as being selfish initially, but done to protect those around him by not involving anyone else in the secret he’s had to carry around.

And yes, that includes Kensi. She’s really the most important person in his life, which is why he doesn’t want to jeopardize her integrity by sharing details that she might have to then turn around and lie about in order to protect him. Not to mention, imagine some of the questionable things he did while undercover. He probably doesn’t want to tell her for fear of changing her opinion of him as a person.

Randy: I’m also wondering if this is Deeks’ first foray into a serious relationship. We know about Kensi and Jack, but we only know about a few of the detective’s former involvements, Nicole being one of the more important ones. What if this slightly ‘altered’ Deeks is just showing a man who is trying to protect the new level with Kensi? If this is his first real thing, then maybe he is nervous about how she might react to his past, even his younger years that we still don’t know all that much about. The show left me disappointed with the slight glimpse we got of his mother which didn’t really tell us anything other than she makes a mean lasagna.

The new dynamic with Kensi will affect him at work as well as at home. Even with the acceptance of the team, Hetty, and Granger, this has implications for them while they are in the field, no matter how hard they try to keep the two aspects separate. Rules about coworkers dating vary depending on the employer and in their line of work, they may run into issues when and if Deeks ever becomes a full fledged agent.

Courtney: Deeks is wonderfully complex that way. While he is usually confident in his abilities as a cop and undercover operator, he still comes off as somewhat insecure when it comes to personal things. Hell, he tried to hide his mother from his girlfriend. Who does that unless he is overly concerned with the opinions of one (or both) of them?

We all have to wonder why he is still with the LAPD instead of moving over to NCIS, where he has obviously found a home. He said he saw himself as a cop in Season 2, but what about now? Is it just because no one has pushed him to change, or because he likes to have a fallback plan in case the ish hits the fan with his and Kensi’s relationship? Or maybe it has nothing to do with Kensi at all.

Randy: I often wonder why Deeks remains with the LAPD and the ramifications if he does eventually make the change. With the IA investigation and his subsequent arrest, maybe some clues will finally be revealed as to hesitance to sign Hetty’s paperwork. If the case against him is strong or if it was just one of the big skeletons in his closet, this may have been the situation that was holding him back.

Deeks is a master at improv, but his undercover skills also include the ability to plan for the worst where he would be left out on his own. If the accusations against him prove to be factual (not necessarily true) then maybe this is the part of his past that he needed to deal with before taking the plunge to move forward with a different position with the federal agency. It may have also had a minor role in holding him back from a serious relationship with Kensi.

During his time in Afghanistan, we saw a darker Deeks, a man that would do anything for those closest to him. If there was a situation with a younger Deeks that put him in the same type of situation, I’m sure that protective (and possible resultant violent) nature might arise. I’m not condoning or condemning him, I understand fully the reaction of a man who sees his loved ones in danger. I believe this was one of the reasons Deeks pulled back from Kensi after their return; the beast that lurked deep inside had shown its face (and maybe not the first time) and he was afraid that he would pull her down with him.

Courtney: After seeing the fallout from Internal Affairs, Deeks’ decision to pull away from Kensi after Afghanistan makes a lot more sense than it did at the time. Back then, we knew he was dealing with the guilt over losing control of himself, but it wasn’t necessarily a pattern. Now we know there is a history of violent encounters, and clearly they haunt him. This is a side of himself that he doesn’t want Kensi or anyone at NCIS to see. Deeks to me seems like someone who would rather keep things close to the vest than admit any fault or issues (just like he wanted no help with the investigation, and tried to recover in solitary after his torture). I’m really proud of him for admitting his guilt for the murder and his lies to Kensi (and Hetty, though there wasn’t much of a choice there).

Randy: You bring up an interesting point that I think fits in perfectly as we segway this debate to include the fallout from Internal Affairs. You mentioned his history of violent encounters that we have actually seen on the show or heard them referenced (shooting his father, the cleric in Afghanistan, the burned white supremacist, and now his killing of Boyle) and I am curious as to the reaction from fans and even our other writers and contributors here at wikiDeeks.

I’ve heard it said before that it only takes a little push to turn a saint into a monster, one capable of horrible acts against their fellow humans. Now, I’m not saying that’s what has happened to Deeks, because in the instances that I’ve mentioned, he was either pushed into that reaction or saw it as his only choice. If his father was a true monster, one who chose to hurt people just because he could or it gave him a thrill, then Marty would fight against those impulses with everything he had. He also would be terrified of becoming what he hated and feared most, and he would struggle against even being perceived that way by those he cares about.

We are all capable of violence, but what would push us to that varies greatly. Some people explode over the smallest infractions while others display unbelievable restraint and only use the appropriate amount of force to end the threat. Does Deeks strike as the kind of person who would resort to violence without just cause? Does he torment himself with the fear that if he starts down that road, that he will turn into the shadow of his father? Was keeping all of his secrets an attempt to protect not only those he loves, but himself as well?

Courtney: I do firmly believe that he wasn’t only keeping secrets to protect Kensi and NCIS. He was definitely trying to protect himself, his career, his relationship, everything. Deeks keeps his secrets and parts of himself buried deep, almost as if he’s hiding them from himself as well as others. He’s not a saint, nor a monster. He’s just a very flawed human with an uncontrollable need to protect others and himself, and he doesn’t always go about it the right way.

Obviously his childhood and the environment he grew up in had a huge effect on who he became as an adult. Violence was the problem, and violence also was the solution. Every time he has shown these violent tendencies, it has been in response to a perceived threat or act of violence. Women in particular seem to be his trigger for this – Kensi’s “murder” in Afghanistan, his mother’s repeated domestic abuse, the thought of his informant’s life being in danger. Another incident we haven’t mentioned is from back before we really knew Deeks, in “Human Traffic“. Frank Scarli was responsible for his partner’s death, and then had the nerve to throw their relationship in Deeks’ face. Deeks lost it and put a gun to Scarli’s chest, just like he did with the cleric in Afghanistan. In both cases it was almost like this side of him that he represses took over his actions.

I think he is very aware of these reactions and it would make sense for him to fear not being able to come back from one of them if the event was particularly traumatizing. And while he has violent tendencies like his father did, I think Deeks might see himself as the anti-Gordon – using violence to protect victims, not create them.

Do I think Deeks is the type of person to resort to violence without just cause? No. What interests me is what he considers to be just cause. He told his mother that his only regret was not stopping his father sooner than he did. In a similar situation, would he resort to violence too quickly in order to avoid having the same regret?

Randy: That’s an interesting point about acting sooner to prevent a regret and maybe it has some validity, based on the incidents you mentioned. Deeks’ violent reactions seemed to be based on not a threat to himself, but someone he cares for or an innocent in need of protection.

While we have witnessed some of those moments (Afghanistan, Scarli, etc.) and others we haven’t (confronting his father), he does seem to have a limit to what he will do unless he sees no other alternative. With the cleric, I believe his anguish over Kensi wasn’t enough to overwhelm his innate good character even though he was in a helpless situation thinking that she was dead; he went to a certain point and turned back… a true monster wouldn’t have done that. In the case involving Traynor’s betrayal and murder, Deeks’ outburst with the crooked detective was emotional and heart-wrenching, but he managed to pull himself back from the brink of doing something that would have ruined him, both professionally and personally.

In the situation with Tiffany, he knew the players and he knew the situation. Recognizing the writing on the wall, Deeks stepped in and did what was necessary to put an end to the threat to the young woman. Was it a snap decision, made in the middle of a heated argument with Boyle? Was it a matter of one cop being quicker on the draw than another? Did Deeks stalk Boyle and shoot him when his defenses were down? I don’t know; the episode wasn’t clear on that matter, but I do know this: Detective Martin Deeks has revealed another layer of himself, displaying an ability to make the hard decisions when necessary and a willingness to sacrifice himself for others, whether it was his reputation as a cop (this is probably why most everyone at the LAPD seems to despise him) or his very life (he goes under to catch a killer, Lasik, without so much as batting an eye).

I think his biggest worry was what the truth might have done to his relationship with Kensi and whether this was something that they would overcome together or if she would find this secret too much to overlook. Deeks is a fragile soul and he does an admirable job of hiding it behind his humor and irreverent attitude, but his strength comes from his ability to continually place himself last while looking out for the well-being of others. He dove into a pool to save a man who had just questioned not only his hair style and manner of dress, but his very character. Then he endures unmentionable torture to keep that man’s family safe.

Yeah, Deeks is flawed and has done questionable things, but if I had to chose someone from the team of Callen-Sam-Kensi-Deeks… there’s no one else I’d rather have watching my back than the blonde surfer who loves fish tacos. Hands down.

Courtney: Remember back in Season 5, when Kensi was watching him for signs of PTSD and he kept insisting he was fine? He’s always been reckless but it took her making a conscious effort to pay attention to his behavior for her to notice this. And even then, she thought it was a change in him. Maybe it wasn’t. And it is subtle, but I think we’ve seen a change in this behavior since he and Kensi officially became a couple.

Actually, I think the Internal Affairs investigation brought out the opposite in him: an intense need for self-preservation. Earlier I referred to him as selfless, but he became obviously desperate to prove his “innocence.” I think a lot of that desperation has to do with him finally having everything else in his life going so well. He lied to Kensi for months and continued lying after he was arrested. At some point he had to stop with the lies, and I believe he was about to tell Kensi the truth when she came to visit him in jail. On the first few viewings, I was really angry about his manipulations but now I think I understand. That moment right before he was about to confess to manslaughter, he paused and you could see it all on his face: he didn’t want to lose his lover, his job, his life. And he knew he was about to. It was heartbreaking.

Randy: I can see your point on the ‘self-preservation’ with the detective and can fully understand his hesitancy to fully reveal all the answers that were plaguing Kensi. I can imagine how he felt, knowing that when the truth came out, it could possibly have devastating consequences. It tends to be a human self-defense mechanism to put off the fall-out for as long as possible. For example, if after learning of his killing of Boyle, Kensi decided that she couldn’t be with a ‘killer’ and took her love away, at least Deeks would have had the past year with her to console his heart. If he truly saw a bleak and lonely future, then he would have wanted to hold onto even that small sliver of happiness.

I do hate that he felt the need to lie and hide the truth from the woman he loves, but the human heart is both strong and fragile; able to endure unmentionable upheavals but also susceptible to the smallest of hurts. I believe, along with you, that Deeks saw his happily ever after fading and wanted to grasp it for as long as possible. I think that’s why he made the proclamation of “I love you” instead of “I’m sorry” or “Trust me” when they were arresting him. Even if she walked away and he never saw her again, he needed her to know exactly what his feelings were.

Courtney: Are you trying to kill me with feels, dude?

Randy: Feels… what feels? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Me, feels? Really.

Courtney: If I can’t talk about Deeks’ hair then you can’t reduce me to a puddle of emotion. But it’s okay, you can be proud of it. Everybody else that will read it is going to have the same reaction I did. 🙂

Randy: Well, since I’m NOT going to start talking about Deeks’ hair and I used up my allotment of ‘feels’ for this debate, I guess it’s time to go ahead and bring this plane in for a landing.

While I think we did cover a lot of ground, I know that there’s tons that we didn’t even scratch… and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re one of the ones who read this entire discussion and didn’t see a certain topic covered, please use the comments section to add your part to this. After all, Courtney and I are nothing more than a couple of fans of the show and of Deeks, we aren’t scholars or professional writers (at least, I know that I’m not). So, if you have something to add or address, feel free to add your own ideas and make this an even bigger project than the one we finished.

Does that about wrap it up Courtney?

Courtney: Sounds good to me.


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16 Comments on Debating Deeks: The Emotional Evolution of Marty Deeks

  1. Wow… What an awesome and thorough discussion. Love the flow if discussion. All I could do was nod as I read and at some points stop to consider. Wow. I love this foray into the evolution of our Deeks. This is why I love this show so much. Through the seasons; the hints, the references, the actions, the reactions, the facial reactions especially create the backstory for the man we love as Deeks. As a fan, all of these moments on screen are like dots that I’ve compiled but haven’t quite processed to be able to articulate as well as you two. What an awesome job of connecting the dots for me.

    By no means have we seen all that is Deeks and until then, I think Deeks will remain their LAPD liason. I too had the same reaction as Randy when Deeks was arrested and his only comment was, “I love you”. But you stated it so much better than I have it in my head.. Courtney’s right, the ‘feels’ made me teary.

    At the end of IA, I picture Deeks walking down the stairs after his shower and when he looked around him, he was hit with the realization that if things played out differently he would be in prison. I think that realization made his leg buckle and he sat on the stairs. That’s when he figured out Hetty was behind the scenes helping. When Deeks muttered that he could have lost “all of this”, I felt that Deeks still suffers from guilt from all of his past actions and feels undeserving of happiness…and at that moment he had a glimpse of what he could have lost yet he still had. Hetty is a bottom line person with her philosophy “we do what we have to.. to protect our own” and her ‘if I counted the skeletons in my closet..” I had the distinct feeling from Hetty that she understood what was holding Deeks back from signing on with NCIS. That is why she’s fully behind him breaking down the barriers that he himself built believing his actions in the past does not entitle him to a place with the team and most of all, unconditional love from Kensi. And besides, although G is clearly her favorite, Deeks is might high on her list.

    I can’t wait to re-read this discussion and hear what my fellow fans have to say. This certainly gets the ball rolling.


    • Thanks Reader! This was a fun little discussion and we’re so glad that it seems to have been well received by the readers. It was the first debate/discussion that Courtney participated in and I have to say, she was wonderful with it and she pointed out some facets of Deeks that had slipped by me.

      You’re right … we have only scratched the surface of the man that is Martin Deeks. He is such a multilayered individual that we could do one of this projects once a week for a year and still never adequately cover all the wonderful aspects of ‘who’ he is truly. This season has given us some of the things we were begging for … intro to his mother, more back story and, of course, more DENSI … and know we can only hope and pray that writers, producers, and directors will continue to give us even more.

      Thanks again and keep you eyes open … the folks on the site are always coming up with something new!

      Semper Fi!



  2. Before adding my two cents worth, let me say that this was one of the finest debates we’ve ever had on this site. You two need to do this again…your insights and conclusions made me not only “feel”, but think back on all the early episodes to search for more clues about my favorite detective.

    Many of us fault the showrunners and writers for not being consistent with story lines and character development, and that might be true in some cases. However, as I thought back to the first episode of season two, I think there was a strong revelation about Deeks’ character very early on. I agree there are certain triggers that a person can’t help but respond to, and for Deeks it is violence against women. When Randy mentioned Lasik, I remembered that case was about the inhuman trafficking of young girls. He was driven to confront Lasik even after Jess was killed, because he couldn’t stand by and let him possibly get away. He didn’t wait for NCIS, but put himself in danger because he had no reason to believe they would take the man down, and he was determined to stop what was happening to innocent young girls. The show let us see a very raw Deeks in that episode. They revealed his cockiness in spite of the danger he was in and hinted at the darkness and the vulnerability he carried, ending with his explosive anger, so I see the revelation about him killing Boyle as very consistent with his character from the beginning.

    Reader 1976 mentions connecting the dots and granted, that is what we’ve had to do throughout the seasons, but it is also the reason I think we are drawn to this character. He’s been a mystery that has been left to us to solve and I for one have been delighted to try and do so.


    • Thanks Lindy and you’re right … sometimes the show leaves us wanting for more about Deeks and whether intentional or not, it can be rather frustrating at times but when the clues add up to the correct conclusion, the satisfaction is wonderful. I think that’s why I like these debates/discussions (either reading or participating); it gives us (the fans) an opportunity to hash out some of the things that either didn’t sit well with us or explore some aspect of the Deeks character that we yearn to know more about.

      There’s a lot to the Deeks ‘onion’ … layers within layers … and seeing even more pulled away to reveal what lays deep within is what makes great story-telling. I just hope that the story of Deeks will continue to entertain as well as challenge our perceptions of this wonderfully flawed man who continues to surprise and confound us.

      Semper Fi!\



  3. Great consideration of so many nuances. I wonder how many of these were intended by the writer/director/actor and how many we’ve simply created in our own minds?


    • They say that everyone sees things differently and it’s possibly why these debates/discussions are so much fun. We all see a character like Deeks through the lens of our own lives and experiences; for example, some one who has been through an abusive relationship will have a different perspective than someone who has not. But what makes Deeks such a wonderful character is that he seems to have parts to his life that we can all identify with; whether it’s his love for animals or his compassion for the underdog. While some fans seem to be enamored with his looks (thank you so much ECO, you’ve made it torture for me, the only male member of the contributor staff, who has to endure giggles, gasps, and comments about hair, arms, eyes, chest, etc.), many others find his character to be both noble and selfless … two things that we all seem to need more of.

      Semper Fi!



  4. I agree with Lindy. This was one of our finest debates. Nice work you guys. Lots of nice feels. 😢


    • Hey Diane, glad you liked it! It was a pleasure to work on this with Courtney and I hope that she and I will get to team up once more in the future. The ‘feels’ were free; no additional charge.

      Semper Fi!



  5. I found your analysis of Deeks’s character very interesting and pleasant to read.

    I have to say that I generally like some character development in the series I follow just like in the books I read. When this evolution is realistic and doesn’t come out of nowhere, I think it’s always welcome.
    The thing is: has this development come natural for Deeks throughout the seasons or does it sound a little forced over the past few episodes (especially due to IA investigation and Deeks’ relationship with Kensi)?

    I think if some major changes to his personality had come out suddenly, they could have felt unnatural, but there have often been hints lately that this man was starting to be different from the very first seasons’ “funny guy” the viewers had got to know and love. He was deeper and even darker.
    This way, I haven’t found his progression out of character, on the contrary, I think it’s been a well-built development. Probably the greatest reason he’s changed is Kensi, and I understand that whoever doesn’t like this relationship and is not into Densi much can see this love story as a way to transform Deeks’ original character so much that he’s hardly recognisable anymore.
    I don’t agree here. I like Deeks and Kensi’s relationship very much especially for how the authors are handling it this season and I find that it has added something to the show, it hasn’t turned it into a sappy romance, but it has given more depth to the always spectacular Monday night explosions and cases.

    Deeks, a wounded character for so many reasons, has finally found the person who, far from being perfect, is perfect for him. When this happens in real life, it’s very plausible that your world is turned upside down, you may change priorities, you may start to think about something you would have never dreamt before. I like to think that Deeks was not immune to this emotional turmoil either.


    • We’re so glad you liked this Cladani and for the thoughts that you’ve shared. I too feel that Deeks’ development over the course of the show has been realistic and not too heavy handed. When we were working on this and I was watching past episodes for research, the dots all seemed to fall right into line, from Lasik to Sidorov to Internal Affairs.

      There have been times when I grew frustrated with the show when I felt like they could have given us ‘more’ of Deeks’ story or his emotional state. But after watching several episodes from different seasons in quick succession, I discovered a purpose to the madness. I sometimes don’t give the show writers enough credit, but I think that they had a hidden purpose to revealing only small parts of Deeks instead of giving us the full story right from the start. They gave us a chance to accept the ‘pieces’ a little at a time so that we were not overwhelmed by some of the parts of him that were darker than the ‘comic relief’ of his early appearances.

      Semper Fi!



  6. Wondeful comments everyone. I thnk this show has finally realised how important Deeks & Eric Christian Olsen is to this show. His character has so many layers that you just love him more every week. Deeks has definitely changed since he fell in love with Kensi, she is his world. And you are right Cladani their romance has not turned sappy. I remember reading that Shane Brennan said that their were concens about bringing Deeks & Kensi together but it has turned out wonderful and ‘thinks they are more fun together”. Deeks I think is insecure inside and worries he might loose Kensi one day.(Just my opinion and it will be interesting to see how he reacts when Jack returns to the show in a couple of weeks). He does have a dark side when it comes to protecting the people he loves but I think we all do and so do the other characters on the show. The Internal Affairs episode I think was the best Deeks episode they have written although we still did not see the whole story. I did love the way that Kensi stood by Deeks through the whole episode even when she realised that he did have a hand in Boyle’s death. In relation to Deek’s appearance, I am biased and think he looks perfect! I admit that Eric Christian Olsen is the only reason I watch this show. I still want Deeks to become an Agent and to be more accepted by Calllen & Sam, especially Callen. Although I think Sam has mellowed towards him a bit more since Descent. I hope that Kensi continues to stand by Deeks in whatever dramas come their way as she is a very luck woman to have someone so devoted to her.


    • Well said Donna Marie! While I don’t share your thoughts about Deeks and ECO’s appearance, I do love it when the show peels away just a little bit more of him (and no, I wasn’t referring to his clothes!) and let’s us see who he is under his smile and ‘styled by pillow’ hair.

      I was actually worried that when DENSI finally happened the way we wanted it too, that that part of the show would overwhelm the rest of the show and it would become ‘sappy’. I am pleased that wasn’t the case and we still get a great action/mystery/drama that keeps us coming back for more. Those of us that are hopeless romantics get enough Deeks/Kensi goodness without losing sight of the rest of the characters and the ‘fun’ of the show itself.

      And if when Jack pops back up, Kensi gives Deeks any reason to doubt her … I think I might just shoot something.

      Semper Fi



  7. Thanks for excellent debate Courtney and Randy!! I was truly enjoying reading it.
    Seems that Donna Marie and myself do not share only the name. Namely I have also started to watch NCIS LA regularly after ECO/Marty Deeks joined the show. I clearly remember that I was trying to watch this show and I liked Kensi very much from the very beginning as she reminded me of my comic strip heroine when I was a kid/teenager – Modesty Blaise (honestly all I wanted to be when I grew up was Modesty Blaise), but nothing else in the show had any kind of appeal to me. So the appearance of Marty Deeks was “it” for me. And very soon Marty Deeks became the fictional character I love and care the most. How that happened? I do not know and I do not care anymore.
    As I already wrote on this site, Marty Deeks is a complex character with many shades and I love them all, but for me the only emotional evolution we see throughout these years is his emotional development because of his love for Kensi. We meet Deeks as a witty, cocky, smart, handsome womanizer and player. We were aware very much of his success with the ladies and his flirting and innuendos with them and even with Kensi. But we also saw how both Deeks and Kensi became aware of their feelings toward each other and how those feelings changed from (best) friend love to being actually in love. And all of that was indeed nicely presented in the show. We witnessed how they both were figuring each other out and after that, we saw them trying to figure their relationship out.
    Otherwise Deeks behaves always in the same way especially towards kids and women, i.e his first impulse is to protect them (if necessary). So after the first shock of finding out the Deeks actually killed Boyle I found it completely to be in line with his personality, but I have never, even for a moment, thought of him as coldblooded murderer and I am pretty sure that he didn’t have other options but to kill Boyle. And Boyle wasn’t a nice piece of human being. He was simple criminal, just with the badge.
    And I agree with Randy that ” Deeks is flawed and has done questionable things, but if I had to chose someone from the team of Callen-Sam-Kensi-Deeks… there’s no one else I’d rather have watching my back than the blonde surfer who loves fish tacos.”
    And I would only add “not only my back”. Hands down.


  8. You’re welcome Maria and we are so happy that you enjoyed it!

    I liked your ‘not only my back’ comment … but come on, give a guy a break already! LOL

    I watched the first season simply because it was an off-shoot of one of my former favorite show, NCIS (haven’t watched since ZIva, portrayed by the talented Cote De Pablo, departed). The first few episodes were fresh and felt ‘new’ but it seemed to fall into something that I could watch or not … no big commitment to keep up with what was happening. While the setting was different and the characters fairly interesting, it was just missing the one thing that would have made it complete. I remembering reading that they were adding a cast member who might turn into a full-time character and I decided to take another look. From the first moment I saw the Deeks character and how he fit with the other cast members, I knew that he was the ‘what’ that had been missing. He grounded Kensi, aggravated Sam, and perplexed Callen … the perfect catalyst to give us the added extra spice to help the show gain a life all its own.

    Semper Fi!



  9. Jericho/Randy, I enjoyed all of your responses to everyone’s comments. I am in total agreement. Season 1 was good but I wasn’t hooked until the addition of Deeks to the team. Deeks was the “what” that was missing. He did indeed ground Kensi, aggravate Sam, confound G and amused Hetty. Couldn’t have said it better myself.😄


  10. This was a brilliant discussion, filled with one great observation after another. Kudos to you both, and to all the commenters who offered their own thought-provoking observations. And the feels! From both of you, wow.

    I agree with you that Deeks pulling back from Kensi post-Afghanistan now seems to make more sense. In fact, when I think about “Three Hearts” now, and Deeks telling Kensi that he could picture himself in trouble like Angelo, I think he was picturing himself literally at the wrong end of the interrogation table, just like he ended up in IA, because he feared that Boyle’s killing would catch up with him.

    Courtney I loved your description of Deeks’ drive to protect others as “an uncontrollable need.” That’s absolutely perfect. Your observation that as a child he learned that violence was a solution really resonates with me. And the idea that he learned a lesson by waiting too long to take on his father is chilling, as it would seem to indicate that he may have been capable of and willing to take out Boyle in a more premeditated fashion than I think we want to believe.

    But Randy, you’re so right to point out that Deeks stopped himself from hurting the cleric because he is a truly good man. It makes me wonder if Hetty knew all along that Deeks had killed Boyle? That maybe he was on her radar before then, or maybe that incident put him on her radar? Deeks’ willingness to do what needed to be done to protect the innocent that you described, along with his skill and smarts at managing to cover it up, would likely have impressed her.

    Reader and Cladani, you’re giving me feels too, with Reader’s interpretation of why Deeks was sitting on those stairs and Cladani’s of “wounded” Deeks who’s found love.

    Lindy, what a brilliant observation about the importance of that human trafficking case in the S2 premiere, I’d never considered that before. It puts the scene in the bar where he raises his voice as he describes the “drugged girls” to Hetty in a whole new light. And if the showrunners knew Deeks’ whole backstory at that point and wrote that on purpose (that episode was written by Shane Brennan, right?), then I owe them a rousing round of applause.


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