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Will there ever be a “Deeks, M”? We STILL have so many questions!

Deeks M

It’s that time of year, the time when we ask a seemingly eternal NCIS: Los Angeles question: Will there ever be a “Deeks, M” episode? Ever since wikiDeeks came into existence, we’ve been advocating for this special episode that other members of the team (and other recurring characters) have enjoyed, episodes that fleshed out each character and revealed important backstories. We won’t give up and choose to believe that Season 13 will be a lucky one for us Deeks fans.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to share special fan fics offering possible answers about some of our outstanding questions. We hope you’ll find them entertaining, and that the stories will fill the gaps until we finally get the official answers we seek.

Before we launch the series, here’s a reminder of just some of the many questions we have. Surely there are enough to justify not just a “Deeks, M” episode but a two-parter with a “Brandel, M” start. (And not to be greedy or anything, but we could also have a “Deeks, R” and a “Brandel, G” if anyone wanted to really cover these topics!) If you want to read more about a question, just follow the link to last year’s article that covered it in more depth, with thorough analyses of what we already know, what we don’t know, and why knowing is important. #SoManyQuestions #DeeksM

Question #1: Why is Deeks’ name different than his father’s? 
Excerpted and amended from Psyched’s original post. Read her fanfic here.

Deeks does not share a surname with his father Gordon John Brandel, but with his mother Roberta. We know Roberta Deeks and Brandel were married, likely after Deeks was born, and that Roberta has actually been married twice. We also know that Deeks is obviously a name our favorite detective is proud of. After all, he uses it like a first name.

It’s easy to assume that Deeks was Roberta’s maiden name and that’s why she chose to put it on her son’s birth certificate, but that isn’t the only option. It’s also conceivable that Deeks was named Brandel at birth but had his last name legally changed, either at his choosing or Roberta’s, sometime after the divorce. Another possibility is that he was born Brandel and was legally adopted by Bertie’s second husband, whose last name is/was Deeks.

The knowledge that Roberta and Brandel weren’t married when she got pregnant begs the question: is that why they married? Could Brandel have blamed the pregnancy, and by extension little Marty himself, for forcing him to tie the knot? And regardless of his last name, what happened to Roberta’s second husband? Does Deeks have any contact with him? If Deeks is Roberta’s second husband’s name, does that mean our Deeks had a good enough relationship with his stepfather that he would take and use his family name? We know something about the tragedy in Deeks’ young life, but could he have had a father figure whose name he wanted to carry on and possibly give to his own children?

Question #2: What happened to Deeks after he shot his father?
Excerpted and amended from Diane’s original post

Deeks shot his father in self-defense after he pointed a gun at Deeks and his mother. We might assume that Deeks was arrested and had his day in juvenile court. But imagine what it was like for a young boy to be incarcerated for such an emotionally charged event. This trauma had to have an immediate as well as a long term effect on someone so young. It’s possible that another person could have used this traumatic event as a jumping off point to a life of violence and brutality, but somehow Deeks overcame this possible future and instead changed his life around. This was a huge turning point in his life because Deeks eventually decided to dedicate his life to fighting evil and injustice.

Was Deeks’ legal team able to prove he shot his father in self-defense? If not, was he convicted and did he serve any time in the juvenile system? But the main question is did he spend any time in juvie and for how long? Up until the time Mama Deeks came back into his life, Deeks never talked about her. Was he removed from his parents’ custody and put into a foster home? If so, did he find a mentor to get him through the next period of his life, including secondary education and college?

Does having sealed documents imply that 11-year-old Deeks was arrested for shooting his dad or did he become a ward of the court? This leads us to another question: how long has Hetty been following Deeks? Could he be one of her lost boys like Callen?

Question #3: Why did Deeks pursue a career in law & become a public defender?
Excerpted and amended from Diane’s original post

Deeks was a lawyer and chose to become a public defender, one of “the rebels of the legal profession.” The question is, what exactly inspired him to make this particular career choice? Did he have a legal mentor while going through the court and juvey systems? The sensitive young man may have envisioned a career in law as a way of paying back the people who encouraged him and set him on the right path after shooting his father.

Might such a mentor have been a public defender? On its face, it’s a slightly surprising choice given that public defenders spend much of their time representing clients who are likely guilty of the crimes they’re accused of. People like his father. What did Deeks see in this particular legal role that appealed to him? Was it the idealized version of the job that captured young Deeks’ imagination, the version that would defend the unfairly accused? Maybe defend clients like little 11-year-old Marty who had shot his dad in self-defense?

Also, how did he get through college and law school and what was his motivation? Did exotic dancing pave the way or was that part-time gig supplemented by scholarships or maybe even by Roberta or her second husband?

Question #4: Why did Deeks go from being a public defender to a police officer?
Excerpted and amended from Gayle’s original post

Deeks eventually moved from Public Defender to LAPD cop. Was this career change at least in part related to his traumatic childhood? Being a lawyer targets that drive for justice. That drive, however, likely got frustrated by the lawyer’s place in the timeline of events: after a crime has been committed. Working as a lawyer would have shown him that cops were out in the field with the opportunity to stop some of these wrongs before they happened. Also, do we really believe Deeks wasn’t restless as we envision the suit, tie, and desk as well as the restrictions of the Bar and penal code?

We’re often forced to speculate what the detective will do as he grows his family and becomes a father (in some fashion). The simplest option is to go back to being a lawyer. However, Deeks typically doesn’t take the easy route. Add to that there’s a reason he left law in the first place. Plus, can we honestly envision Deeks settling into a hum-drum, structured, nine to five office environment after his days of running and gunning?

Question #5: When did Max Gentry first appear? 
Excerpted and amended from my original post

One of the most intriguing aspects of Marty Deeks is the origin of his dark alter ego, his “infamous” undercover alias Max Gentry. Max bears a striking resemblance to the description we have of Deeks’ father, Gordon John Brandel, with both men hard drinkers prone to violence.

Was Max one of Deeks’ primary LAPD undercover roles? How early on did Deeks first use Max? Was it undercover with arms dealers, or might Max have developed much earlier, perhaps as a persona that a teenage Deeks took on in his rough neighborhood growing up, or maybe even as an imaginary side of himself as a little boy, one who was better able to stand up to his abusive father? Knowing would cast light on that time period in his life and provide an opening for us to learn more about what life was like either with Gordon Brandel, or after he was gone from Deeks’ life.

Related, but even more intriguing, is the question of how Max first emerged. Exactly how close to Gordon John Brandel is Max? And was it a conscious choice to model Max’s behavior after his father, or did he emerge out of Deeks’ subconscious at some point when he needed a tough persona to protect him? A deeper exploration of this dark side could help viewers better understand Deeks himself.

It could also set a story in motion that helps him reconcile his dark past, that lets him find peace with it – with his father, his mother, and his own past misdeeds – and lays the groundwork for him to move into the future with the brightest possible prospects for a life that is the true opposite of Max and Gordon Brandel.

Question #6: What were the exact circumstances behind the shooting of Francis Boyle?
Excerpted and amended from my original post

Deeks killed his former partner to protect a young prostitute and lied about it to the people who care about him most. We can infer that he did it “for the right reasons.” But one major question remains: was Deeks a murderer?

What were the exact circumstances of Boyle’s death? It could be anything from 100% self-defense to 100% calculated, cold-blooded murder. (Or might Tiffany have done it, and Deeks is just continuing to protect her, even in his conversation with Hetty?) Assuming Deeks did shoot Boyle, we really have no idea how it happened. We know he’s triggered by seeing women in danger, and knowing that (blonde) Tiffany had been beat up by an abusive man like Boyle would have taken him right back to his origin story moment of shooting his dad in self-defense. There’s a ton of gray area here between Deeks interceding to save Tiffany’s life in the moment, and in a moment of rage, acting to protect her and all the other girls like her from being hurt in the future.

When “Internal Affairs” first aired, many long-time Deeks fans assumed he had killed Boyle in a less than self-defense situation, and they questioned their faith and trust in him. Some even abandoned him and the show as a result. It was a Big Deal. It goes straight to the center of who Marty Deeks is, and to what extent his traumatic childhood scarred him. We know it’s impacted him in many ways, but was he capable of first- or second-degree murder as a result? To put it another way, we know Deeks has a dark side, but exactly how dark does that side go?

Question #7: Why did Deeks swear off female partners before he met Kensi?
Excerpted and amended from Psyched’s original post

Bates told Kensi that Deeks had sworn he’d never again work with a female partner. We don’t know much about his past work history with female partners other than that he may have slept with Jess Traynor, his case officer/partner who was killed during “Human Traffic.” How many other female partners did Deeks have and what were his experiences with them? Was he partnered with a woman either as a uniformed cop, in the Robbery squad, or once he started going undercover?

Whether or not Traynor was the only one, if in fact she and Deeks slept together not long before she was killed, would that be enough to make him swear off female partners? Were they actually involved before they worked together, making Jess’s loss greater than we believed? Did Deeks think he was somehow responsible – that because he was physically and/or emotionally involved with a fellow detective it led to her death? Or is it because Deeks recognized that strong, kick-ass women are his “type” and that it is too risky to be attracted to his partner?

If we already have the answer – that his possible relationship with Jess Traynor was short-lived because she was killed on the job – does that have any relevance to his early relationship/partnership with Kensi? Is this why Deeks denied the existence of a thing between them for so long? Or why he’s become so anxious to get both of them out of the field?

Question #8: Where was Deeks’ mother before she finally appeared in Season 7?
Excerpted and amended from Psyched’s original post

Roberta Deeks “still has a copy” of a newspaper article about her son being attacked by his friend’s boa constrictor, yet she was not listed as his next of kin in “Personal,” nor did Deeks appear anxious to let her know that he’d nearly been killed. It’s possible that Deeks didn’t want his mama at the hospital because she’s not good in a crisis, but it doesn’t explain where she was during that time, and for the next five years during which we heard nothing about her.

Was it simply a matter of distance? We don’t know when Roberta’s second marriage occurred – maybe she was married then, making Deeks less likely to want to interrupt her life. Could this marriage have put stress on their relationship in other ways? Timing wise, maybe she moved to L.A. after the marriage ended and wanted a fresh start closer to her son. Or is it possible that Roberta was in rehab, or stayed away to avoid triggers from her old life in L.A.?

Finally, might Deeks and his mother have been estranged by more than distance? The events of his childhood made them a tight pair, so what might have strained their relationship to the point that they didn’t talk or see one another for years? Perhaps they lost touch because any contact only led to a rehashing of the same argument about his dangerous profession. Perhaps, knowing Kensi was “the one,” Deeks wanted her to meet his mother, and so started mending fences sometime prior to her sudden appearance in Season 7.

This is one of the most important, and certainly longest, relationships Deeks has. As much as we appreciate all the time we get to see them together, Deeks (and Bertie) fans would like to know if there’s a story behind her absence.

Question #9: How are Ray and his family doing?
Excerpted and amended from Diane’s original post

One of Deeks’ closest childhood friends was Ray Martindale, who gave Deeks the revolver he used to protect himself and his mother when he was eleven years old. Ray later became Deeks’ confidential informant and after testifying against a weapons dealer, went into witness protection with his pregnant girlfriend, Jenna. At the time, he begged Deeks to let him know how his relationship with “Wikipedia Kensi” turned out. You might think Deeks has a lot of news to pass along to his old friend by now. So where is Ray and what has he been up to? Has he been in touch with Deeks?

Ray promised Deeks he would go straight and live the good life for his family, but was he able to fulfill that promise? If not, the result could make for an angsty episode that forces Deeks to examine his own past and how differently his life might have turned out. If Ray has been safe this whole time, his experience as a father would no doubt provide a great opportunity for Deeks to explore his own desire to have children, and maybe to lessen some of the self-doubt he has about becoming a father.

Along the way this storyline could tell us more about Deeks’ early life growing up with Ray. What was it like in their rough neighborhood, and how did Ray help Deeks after he shot his dad? Did they continue to remain close? Ray might be the perfect vehicle through which we could learn all sorts of things about Deeks’ past, including what happened after he shot his father, why he decided to become an attorney, and maybe even why he changed course and joined LAPD.

Question #10: Could Deeks’ father actually be alive?
Excerpted and amended from Gayle’s original post

Hetty told Deeks that, after being released from prison in 1996, his father Gordon John Brandel had been killed in an auto accident in 1998. But could Deeks’ father actually be alive? Of course.

The biggest question is one that applies to virtually everything associated with this show: Was Hetty telling the truth? Is Deeks’ father actually dead, or was Hetty choosing to protect Deeks from the truth? Was this her way of helping put those traumatic memories in the past? Is there something even more sinister about this man that Hetty wants to protect Deeks from? Was there an action or characteristic of Mr. Brandel that justifies Hetty’s decision, or is she again controlling the situation based on her own whims?

Whether Deeks’ father had been listed as next-of-kin on LAPD and/or NCIS documents remains another open question. Was it listed and just wasn’t shared with the hospital staff? Or was Hetty intentionally hiding it?

Shooting his father and the reason for doing so may have been one of, if not the, driving forces that put him on the path to being a lawyer, shifting to law enforcement, and accepting a broader role with NCIS. It also connects to Deeks’ potential concerns about being a good husband and hopefully future father.

If his father is still roaming the world, did jail set him on the “straight and narrow”? Would he be looking to make amends with his son? Would Deeks actually forgive him and welcome his father into his life? Or would this be just one more thing Deeks would need to protect himself and his “family” from in the future? Then, as always, it’s another opportunity to gauge Hetty’s trustworthiness…

. . .

By the way, thanks to Lindy for the beautiful artwork accompanying the series. Tune in this Wednesday for the first story, as Donna answers Question #1: Why is Deeks’ name different than his father’s? In the meantime, what additional questions do you still have about Deeks? What do you most want to know?

About Karen (287 Articles)
wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

35 Comments on Will there ever be a “Deeks, M”? We STILL have so many questions!

  1. evelynmarie2014 // August 15, 2021 at 10:32 AM // Reply

    I think you covered all the questions I have.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Looking forward to your stories (not sure if I’ll find time to read them all though). I hope you get your special episode this Season

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Too many questions for a single Deeks M episode. I want to know it all. They could devote the whole season to him (not what I would ask for) and still not tell us everything. Shooting his father must be a pivotal moment in his life, something I find most interesting. I would be happy with anything they felt like telling us.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Elaine Conway // August 16, 2021 at 6:47 AM // Reply

    After what the writers came up with to move Marty Deeks from LAPD to NCIS I’m not sure I want them to touch a Deeks, M. episode. They like to mess with the Deeks fans way too much. At this point I really don’t want to see their take on his backstory. It most likely would be disappointing, but I do appreciate your questions. We all have them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I tried so hard to tamp down my doubts, anything is better than nothing, right? So much we don’t know. It was your voice at the back of my mind. Hate to say it Elaine, but I think you may be right.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That has been my stance throughout the huge conversation that developed after the season 12 finale review. There is just too much to cover. It would do more harm than good and leave more questions than give answers.

      And I can think of 10-plus more questions I’d like to see answered. I’ve always wanted a Deeks, M episode, but it is too late in the game now for it to be properly done. Just my opinion though. Others might feel different. No offense to anyone.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree. At this stage there’s no point. They’ve diverged from any agreed-upon background too much by now, and ECO’s ad-libbing would make it even harder.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Karen, did you once work as legal secretary to Attorney at Law Martin A. Deeks? You always put together a pithy document in support of the man eg for a competent Deeks.
    To your questions, I would also like to ask for details of his NYPD service and commendations.
    (Fanfic authors are so frustrated by the lack of a “Deeks, M” episode that they have variously endeavoured to answer the questions you ask.)
    It’s about damned time we receive the definitive Deeks from the showrunners. Or have Messrs Gemmill et al lost interest in Marty Deeks?
    Come on, Scott, please give the fans what was promised eons ago. And, please, no rebooting of timelines and the Deeks canon — fans notice such things!
    When do we see “Deeks, M”?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I doubt you’d get much in the way of commendations and the like from Deeks’ time with LAPD, if for no other reason than he worked undercover quite a bit of the time. Also, LAPD doesn’t have very many awards compared to, say, the NYPD.

      I’d say at this point the canon is broken (or bent) enough that any “Deeks, M” episode would be almost impossible to square with things.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think you’re right. I doubt there are many, or if any at all, commendations. He was seen as an LAPD snitch and forced to do undercover ops because nobody wanted him as a partner.

        And there is the age factor. Deeks is 5 years older than Kensi (resp. 38 and 43) and she was 25 when she joined NCIS-LA, which would make him 30. Let’s say he joined the LAPD at 21, starting as a rookie beat-cop, it would still take a significant amount of time to make it all the way to detective and not a lot of time for any significant commendations, etc.

        Which leads to the next burning question: When exactly did he go to law school, pass the bar, and acted as a prosecutor…..?

        Liked by 1 person

        • He was actually a public defender. As near as I can tell from the timeline he went directly from HS to college to public defender to LAPD without a break. He would have been a PD for about a year, maybe two.

          Liked by 1 person

          • But two years would never get him to detective though, let alone get him to undercover, as with the other characters, timeline doesn’t match up.

            Liked by 1 person

            • I know. Just pointing out how they seem to have the thing running and how it would make an actual Deeks, M episode almost impossible to do.

              The only timeline that comes close to matching up is Sam’s, as it’s the easiest (high school, then Navy, then BUD/S), although I suspect his rank wouldn’t track with his actual time in service.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Very true there as well. And the aging of Kam doesn’t really add up with the Sam storyline either. From what I could see of the BTS pics, vids and article for season 13, they are going ahead with the same old same old, Russia, Hetty taking off again trying to solve wherever she was in season 12, Deeks being goofy and unkempt, and forcing Fatima and Rountree. SMH already………and sad too this is what we have to look forward too…..will be a lot of fast forwarding for me, I suppose…..sigh…

                Liked by 1 person

  6. Personally, I’m really tired of the angsty Deeks we’ve had the last few seasons. I miss fun, flirty Deeks. They’ve already told us there is no baby pay off for them, there was no payoff to wanting to leave NCIS, so why do we need more unresolved angst with no payoff. Just let them have some fun this season.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. No mention of a Deeks, M episode in TV Guide’s big fall TV reveal issue, sigh. But there is an NCIS-LA article with a Densi pic describing an episode that involves Asian hate crimes, which has Deeks and Kensi worried because apparently they are in the midst of the adoption process now and marked off the box that race was not an issue…


    • I read that last week on a screenshot on Tumblr. I’m actually kind of pleased, because adoption was the road I wanted them to go on in the first place instead of all the eye rolling ‘trying to have a baby’ struggles. (just wish politics would be left out.)

      The show’s Twitter account layout for this Season looks really cool.

      There was a bunch of Hetty pics in the promo pics dump a while back. And they have me wondering on quite a few things:
      1, In a few of them, she looks quite sad. (when she’s sad, it gets to me). Which brings me to 2 of my own questions: Is whatever secrets she’s keeping that bad or weighing on her mind that much, or is she missing a special someone who’s been dead for quite a while now? (1 of my long theories about her disappearances the past few years is that she’s been struggling with grief about losing Granger. As for how that theory goes, well. That’ll take a while to explain fully, but it mainly has to do with her unexplained unhappiness in Season 11, why she really disappeared in Season 10, and an observation I made about the color of her outfits since Season 9’s Reentry: Most of them are dark suits. Other then a blue suit in the Season 11 opener and the 3 episodes last Season where she’s wearing tactical gear, every outfit she’s worn has been dark. Which I think is a little suspicious, and depressing because in the early years, she wore a lot of colorful outfits!) (Also, dark clothes are the traditional sign of mourning)

      2, I’m probably wishing for too much here, but I hope there isn’t a huge blow up between Hetty and Callen. I may be over the moon about them finally being in the same room again for the first time in a year and a half, but it doesn’t mean I want there to be this huge fight between them.
      My guesses for that confrontation are that Hetty will be saying something, then Callen will get confused or frustrated and get greedy for more, then Hetty will snap back at him, then he’ll storm off in a frustrated huff. (I hope there’s a video sneak peak of that scene so I know what to expect) (I still think the reason for such a confrontation is stupid, what would really be so bad about Hetty giving him some tricks of the spy trade while he lived with her? I just don’t see the big deal about it.)

      Gotta say, I’ve kind of missed these discussions. (And this site’s 9 years art looks great!)


      • I’m with you! I really miss them too, Maria, but comments were closed after things got a little “catty” I think. I was called a couple of names…..sigh

        I was really surprised to see the adoption route after the interviews and DVD commentary stating that there would be a pin in the baby issue.

        I’d actually rather they’d leave it alone completely until the series finale. Two of my friends adopted a baby in March. It took them 4 years and they both work from home. I’d like to see which adoption agency approved Deeks and Kensi…….

        I know you don’t like it when I discuss R and F, but since you still discuss Hetty: I’m sure you’ve seen the questions from people wondering where Deeks is the first episode and why DR is paired up with others, including R and F, which makes me sad (just like you seeing Hetty sad, makes you sad) and frustrated (I also read that there will be an episode where DR goes undercover alone, and the episodes where she goes UC with ECO are the best, which makes me wonder if ECO requested less screen time). I am soooo happy DR is back to her regular hair style and Deeks still “clean cut’. They both look great!

        Good eye on the Hetty wardrobe! I didn’t see sadness, but rather exhaustion. I hope she didn’t actually have Covid. She is getting on in years. I think there have been hints about arguments between Hetty and Callen (and then they have Kilbride in the middle).

        All we can do is….yes, there it is…..speculate… Which was kinda fun actually. Like I said, I miss these discussions as well……


        • From looking at the promo pics carefully, I can definitely say that this is definitely not the 1st episode that was filmed back in July. It’s the 4th episode that they’ve filmed. So Deeks and Kensi will definitely be paired up at some point in the episode.

          I doubt Hetty’s been sick. Probably just tired of always leaving her team for long periods.


        • You’re gonna love hearing this: I just found out, that not only will Eric write the 19th episode of this Season (which is set to be the 300th), but Dani will direct it!! I repeat: #TeamInLaws are teaming for an episode behind the scenes!!


          • So far I have only heard 18 episodes confirmed, but if the 300th is going to happen with ECO and DR at the helm, yaaaay!!! They sure have earned it!!


            • A couple of scripts were shared today on social media. Production number 7 (which starts filming this week, and is the 1 Dani is directing!) is titled ‘Lost Sailor Down’ (intriguing), and Production number 8 is titled ‘A Land of Wolves’ (written by 2 new writers, should be interesting. As for what I think the title means, well. It could be ‘lone wolves’, which fits Hetty and Callen. We’ll see.)


  8. At first I thought it was just wishful thinking that Eric would be writing and Dani directing the 19th episode, it seemed to good to be true. It appears it is true. Good news! Is anybody else thinking along the same lines as me? An Olsen family take over of ‘Deeks M’. Eric’s son Wyatt could play young Martin, while wife Sarah could play a young Roberta. Dani’s husband, Eric’s brother, Dave could play Gordon John Brandel.

    No, I’m not being serious.


  9. Sometimes I get so confused with fanfiction, which sometimes I would rather see then what the writers come up with..but that’s’s interesting that fans would abandon the show because of what Deeks did to Boyle, is that any different then what callen, Sam and even hetty has done..Deeks has compassion for all people, and callen and Sam go out their own to take revenge..( my opinion) since they shut down the other site to comments, congratulations Eric Olson and Dani olson , Eric for writing another episode and Dani for directing some episodes..exciting…( I know wasn’t the place to put that, but I did.😊


    • Very true. That’s why I stay away from fan fiction, it just messes with your perception, adds stories that are not there, and frustrates you when the on-air episodes are not living up to that fantasy.

      I also feel the show’s (any show for that matter) writers should come up with their own storylines and not “peek” at fanfiction and social media comment threads and say “oh hey, let’s drop this and go with this because I read this online” (i.e. the whole baby arc for example).


  10. Well, TV Line did it’s sneak preview on NCIS LA today. Not much in it (other then an new family member of Sam’s that we’ve never met appearing), but it did confirm that Episode 20 of this Season is the 300th


    • Yes I’ve just been reading that. I had been confused about the Eric/Dani episode, whether it was the 299th or 300th episode, now I know. I think it would have been nice if they could have done the ‘milestone’ episode, I thought Eric did a brilliant job with the 250th. It does seem that they are making it all up as they go along. That’s an observation, not a complaint, I can see it probably has to be like that. At the beginning it was 18 episodes, then we hear Eric is writing episode 19. Now we know there are at least 20. It would be great it we got a full season, fingers crossed. I read somewhere, can’t find it now to check, but TPTB said they still hadn’t decided what to do with Callen and Anna. Plenty of people here could tell them, lol.

      Changing the subject, as they say, about Fanfiction. I have to say how much I’ve enjoyed the ‘Deeks M’ stories. They have all been great, I have enjoyed some more than others but they have all been thought provoking. I have no problem distinguishing between what I read and what I watch. I’d like to thank everyone involved, you all did a great job. I hope you enjoyed writing your stories as much as I enjoyed reading them.


    • Scott Gemmil interview on IG today: Season 13: Hetty has been in Syria, will be ‘on hand’ but has to go fix it, delving deeper into Callen’s past, Nate might be back to help with Callen’s past, Sam has to deal with a long lost family member, and are Deeks and Kensi adoption material….and his plan for the 300th episode is to ‘shoot out the lights’…….


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