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Complete: Drabble 5/25/23

A/N: This is officially my last post-episode drabble. I’ve enjoyed writing for wikiDeeks for the past few years, and taking over episode drabbles for the last season so much. I can’t thank Karen and Diane enough for giving me the opportunity to share some of my stories in the platform, Lyssa for always being a sounding board and the best proofreader (and friend), and of course to all you wonderful readers.

“Anna says I’m glowing,” Kensi whispered, mouth close to Deeks’ as they danced across the small dance floor.

Somehow, through means they were probably better off not knowing, Arkady had secured a small banquet hall for an impromptu reception. Anna and Callen had drifted to the side, seeming to prefer the relative privacy. Naturally, Arkady and Roberta were dancing together in the very center of the floor – Deeks was studiously avoiding watching them. Rountree was taking turns dancing with Fatima and Rosa, while Kilbride and Sam were deep in discussion by the bar.

“She’s right,” Deeks agreed. “You’re absolutely stunning.” He rested his forehead against hers, sighing contentedly. “I can’t believe we’re having a baby,” he whispered, still amazed and not completely certain he wasn’t in a fantastic dream.

“I know. Only our baby would decide to show up now of all times,” Kensi said, but she didn’t sound annoyed at all.

“Our little shawarma baby.”

“Oh my god, please do not call him or her that.”

Taking her hand, Deeks spun Kensi out across the dance floor, then back in, making her giggle.

“Then how about a pastry baby?”

“God, you’re ridiculous.”

“You know you love it,” he said.

“I do,” she acknowledged with a tender smile. “Fine, shawarma baby for now. But once he or she is born, I forbid you from continuing to use it as a nickname.”

“I can live with that,” he decided. The song changed to something slower, and he pulled Kensi closer to his chest. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Rosa and Rountree leaving the dance floor. Apparently they weren’t up to slow dancing.

A bubble of panic at the realization that they would soon be parents to both an 18-year-old and a baby threatened to bubble up, but Deeks pushed it down.

Today was for celebrating. They would figure out the rest later.

About 7 Months Later

“Look at him, he’s so beautiful,” Kensi whispered in an awed tone. She brushed her fingers over the top of a little head topped with wispy blonde curls. He was on the smaller size, but perfectly healthy, with long, tiny fingers and toes. Deeks had counted each little digit twice.

“Absolutely perfect,” Deeks agreed softly. “Look at the tiny person we made.”

Kensi had gone into labor earlier in the day while they were on a walk. True to nature, she had insisted on finishing the walk before laboring at home for as long as she could. Baby Deeks-Blye had been born with a surprising lack of dramatics, and only a couple hours after they made it to the hospital.

Now, they sat alone in her hospital room, basking in the glow of new parenthood, both baby and mama healthy. Kensi looked exhausted, but true to nature, was itching to break out as soon as possible. He was pretty sure she’d started packing her bags.

“He definitely has your eyes,” Kensi added, reaching over to tug the curl flopping over Deeks’ forehead. “And your hair.”

“Sorry about that, kid,” Deeks said, sucking a breath between his teeth. “You got the short end of the stick if you take after me.”

“I disagree.” Carefully shifting the baby to Deeks’ bare chest, she rested her hand on his tiny back. She threaded the fingers of her other hand through Deeks’. “This baby is so lucky to have you as his father, in every way possible.” Leaning forward, she met his lips with a kiss.

“Did I come at the wrong time?” A familiar voice asked, and they parted as Rosa poked her head through the door.

“Rose, you should have told me you made it here,” Deeks said, sitting up. “I would have met you downstairs.” She’d been in the middle of college classes when Deeks called to tell her Kensi was in labor.

“I didn’t want to bother you.” Rosa shrugged.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Get over here and meet your baby brother,” Kensi encouraged her.

Rosa came closer, eagerly waiting as Deeks stood and carefully placed the baby in her arms.

“Rosa, meet Caleb. Caleb, meet your big sister, Rosa,” Deeks introduced them, making Rosa giggle. Leaning closer, Deeks dropped his voice to a whisper. “She’s amazing, incredibly smart, and will teach you all kinds of things your mom and dad never will.”

“He’s so tiny,” Rosa murmured, running her finger along Caleb’s cheek. Deeks sat back next to Kensi as Rosa wandered across the room, speaking softly to Caleb.

“What are you thinking?” Kensi asked, fingers gliding through his hair.

“This is everything,” he whispered. His love, his life, his future, all in one room.

A/N: I decided to give Kensi an easy birth after all she (and Deeks) have been through to have a baby.

For anyone who is interested, I will continue to post LA fanfics on my Tumblr as well as crosspost stories to (shameless plug).

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I write fanfiction as ejzah on and Tumblr. I love writing and talking about all things Deeks, Densi, and Eric Christian Olsen. I’m so excited to contribute some of my writing to wikideeks.

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  2. Those of us who enjoy reading Em’s work under ejzah, are not surprised in her naming the baby ‘Caleb’. For example, try the continuing multi-chapter ‘In Miss Blye’s Class’. Caleb is definitely a mini Marty Deeks. Great stuff.


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