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We are Truly Blessed: Deeks’ Surf Log 5/21/23

I am so over the moon; I can barely hold this pen in my hand. What an amazing day!  I still have tears in my eyes as I relive the moment Kensi told me that she was pregnant. I’m going to be a father …again. Damn!  What a blessing for Kensi and me. I can’t believe it. So many thoughts swirling around in my head. Every time I caught Kensi’s eye we both had this silly smile on our faces. We couldn’t tell anybody because this day was all about Callen and Anna but I just want to sing out loud that we’re having a baby!

So many things to think about…so many things to figure out. How do we navigate this scary but miraculous moment? Adopting Rosa was just so magical, I can’t image what it will be like to hold my baby in my arms. How do I keep him/her, safe…how do I keep him/her well? Do I quit my job, does Kensi? Can we actually keep working and be able to care for two children now? My head is spinning. But what a wonderful problem to have. I know we will figure it all out but for now I’ll just bask in the glow of parenthood. Kensi is glowing and I’m beaming. We will truly light this new baby into the world. You will be so loved, little one.

It just occurred to me we have to tell my mom…. she’s going to become Granzilla. As much as she will be a blessing, I know she will drive me crazy trying to give the baby all the things she couldn’t give me. I should be grateful know she will be there for us. I’ll just have to figure out a way to keep her from going overboard. Unless I throw her over first. God help us.

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