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Nothing a Couple of Cupcakes Can’t Cure: Kensi’s Journal 2/26/23

Maybe it’s for the best that Deeks and I don’t have a child that is biologically ours.  After comparing notes about our teenage escapades, I’m hoping that tendency is hereditary and Rosa will behave much better than we did.  I don’t think we’re being overprotective with a 9:00 pm curfew, but I do wonder how Rosa will respond to it.  She’s been so cooperative so far, and certainly grateful for everything we’ve provided.  But at some point Rosa’s going to start pushing back and letting her inner-teenager (or her pubescent self, as Deeks would say) come out.  How are Deeks and I going to handle it the first time she’s angry at us, or heaven forbid, outright disobeys us?  Is it too late to start doing penance for our own adolescent sins?

The rest of the day provided enough variety to distract me from our parenting concerns, fortunately.  Deeks and I squabbled a little bit over how I didn’t know what a hot plate was until we googled a picture and realized it’s the electric version of a camping stove, which of course I know all about.  Then there were those dolls.  Not gonna lie, even though they looked nothing like him, cutting into them felt like I was killing my poppycock babydoll, Pete.  It freaked me out a little at first, but luckily a delicious cupcake (or two) from Nina Barnes was able to make everything right again.  At least until it was time to wait for Rosa to be home by 9:00. 

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