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Deeks Will Never Insult My Cooking Again! Kensi’s Journal 3/19/23

Listening to Zahra’s parents talk about immigrating to the US to raise their children safe from violence, I empathized in a way I’ve never been able to before.  And yet I hold firm to my hope that Rosa will benefit from Deeks’ and my skills, knowledge, and beliefs and how we can prepare her for life.  Granted, we don’t share her ethnic background, so she may experience unfair treatment and fear we never have, but we can teach her the best way to respond, verbally and physically, in the moment.  And hopefully she’ll let us work through the emotional part with her afterward.

And I thought the last time I ended up in a burning vehicle was bad.  At least I wasn’t tied to the headrest then. On the plus side, I didn’t need to drag the love of my life through the desert today, but all that meant was that Deeks was awake for the fear this time.  It’s not that I would have preferred that he was in that car with me today, but I could tell from his voice in my ear at the restaurant that he was freaking out.  I hated that he went through that, but maybe that’s what happens when he insults my cooking in public. 😉  Ooh, now that I think about it, an argument over how I make grilled cheese started another terrifying day on which I almost died and Deeks was back at ops and could do nothing about it.  I seriously need to let Deeks know about this connection…

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