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Is Decectiving even a word? Kensi’s Journal: 10/13/19


Dammit, I knew that whole “detectiving” history was complete crap. And I will never let Deeks know that I just spent 20 minutes scouring the internet to find out if he was telling the truth about the derivation of the word. It’s a good reminder, as if I really needed one, at how well Deeks can come up with a believable story off the top of his head. Even though I know he excels at making up stuff like that and I didn’t initially believe him, he was so damned convincing that I had to make sure, just in case.

Good news is that Deeks’ skill at spinning a yarn came in handy as we walked Conklin through the hotel lobby, the three of us soaking wet and our prisoner halfdressed and bound at the hands and feet. Though I can’t give Deeks all the credit for thatAngelenos are used to seeing some strange things.

It was nice to work a little more with Callen and Sam on this case, even at the expense of having Admiral Kilbride insult us at every opportunity. Not surprising that he didn’t soften up even after the amount of alcohol we plied him with at the bar; he could probably drink all of us under the table. For as much stress as that place causes, I love having somewhere for the team to get together and unwind. I just hope everyone continues to join us there after Deeks and I move on from NCIS.

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

13 Comments on Is Decectiving even a word? Kensi’s Journal: 10/13/19

  1. I saw how you slipped in that last sentence Psyched, moving on from NCIS, You’re very clever, but that’s never going to happen and you know it. This probably was one of the funniest episodes this year. Kensi’s right, Deeks is good at spinning a yarn, he is a lawyer after all. Another wonderful job on Kensi’s Journal by one of my favorite writers. Thank you and wikiDeeks forever.

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    • They have to move on sometime, Ewaguy, if they plan to have kids and stay alive long enough to raise them. 😉 At least that’s what they’ve said. I think Kensi thinks about life after NCIS a fair amount, even though they hardly show it.


  2. Very entertaining journal entry on a very entertaining episode ! Thanks for writing it.

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  3. “It’s a good reminder, as if I really needed one, at how well Deeks can come up with a believable story off the top of his head”.
    This is SO Deeks and it made me smile for how true it is and how many times we have seen it on the show. Thanks for this new entry, Psyched.


  4. That’s definitely a skill at which Deeks excels, Cladani. And I love it when he uses it on Kensi–gotta keep his skills sharp, right?! 😉 Thanks for your comments!


  5. Great entry! Funny and smart. Thanks for posting.


  6. Nice! I loved that last sentence. If only! Of course, if they really left NCIS I’d be super sad. It’s such a terrible dilemma to so badly want your favorite character to get everything he dreams of but also to not want him to leave the show.


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