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Review: NCISLA “Humbug” (S6E11)

NCISLA Humbug full

In Charles Dickens’ beloved story, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge dismisses the ghost of Jacob Marley as “Humbug”, just a figment of his imagination! After watching the sneak peak for this episode, I too wondered if I would soon be repeating Scrooge’s famous exclamation after catching a quick glimpse of a possible Densi kiss. Would this romantic encounter be just another false attempt at keeping the fans hanging out on that ‘will they or won’t they’ limb or will our gift from Shane Brennan truly be a mistletoe moment and not a stocking full of coal? Having been let down so many times in the past, I decided not to attach myself to any outcome and just enjoy the holiday episode in the spirit it was intended. Besides, this holiday’s love story doesn’t only apply to Densi any more… Callen and his lovely lady Joelle, may also be having a merry little Christmas this year too as long as Callen doesn’t have to reveal his real identity to her. It’s our annual holiday episode, written by Kyle Harimoto and Andrew Bartels with veteran director Tony Wharmby completing the team.

Saved by the Beale!

It’s Christmas in LA and what could be more festive than a couple of Santas trying to flee from the LAPD while taking hostages as they go? The naughty Santas have broken into a cyber-security company that are experts in malware programs and currently are working with the DoD. The agency needs to know what programs the thieves have taken but before the team can even begin their investigation there’s a problem. The hostage that’s eventually released happens to be Callen’s girlfriend, Joelle. Hetty orders Callen and Sam to stay away from the crime scene in order to maintain their cover. This could get dicey for Callen since Joelle is totally oblivious to the agent’s true identity. But seriously, how much longer could he continue this charade anyway? It’s a tightrope I wouldn’t want to walk.

Densi sets off instead to investigate the crime scene and talk with the star witness. Deeks is worse than a nosy old biddy trying to ply information from Joelle about her relationship with Callen. Of course, he’s only trying to be helpful as he steers her away from the “safe gift” and suggests a leather gym bag instead.

When Callen finds out that Joelle is the hostage in question he is overwhelmingly concerned for her safety. Other than members of his immediate team and family, we haven’t really seen him show this much angst over another person in his life. He’s anxious to interrogate the only man caught after the break-in but unfortunately, he won’t get that chance. Billy Rex was able to escape police custody and is at large again. Callen is convinced this was not just a “smash and grab” operation. The owner of the security company confirms that the malware he used in their research is the worst of the worst. If the thieves have the program it would make the Sony Pictures hack look like child’s play. Eric’s scrub of the server shows that the thieves downloaded enough of the program to be able to crash the nation’s electric power plant grids for weeks. This malware could be worth millions to the right buyer.

Life is a Little Short for that Kind of Hopscotch!

Yes, Kensi. Amen to that! Besides Neric, looks like Densi’s got some holiday plans going on too. Was that Deeks just asking Kensi to go on a snowboarding trip with him and Monty? To her credit, Kensi doesn’t hesitate after realizing that life is too short and complicated as in Callen’s relationship with Joelle. The expression on her face was endearing… happy and embarrassed all at the same time. I think we just witnessed a Densi first! Could this be a real date? Now I’m all happy and embarrassed for them too!

Kensi and Deeks find the other two Santa thieves after identifying the getaway car. Neither one of the criminals have the thumb drive but both finger Rex who stashed the device on Joelle’s person before he released her. Now that he is on the loose again, Callen knows he has to get to Joelle before Rex and his cohorts find out her location. Callen is sweet trying to play the concerned boyfriend, but he’s got two missions playing out at the same time. Finding the drive hidden in his Christmas present was the easy part for Callen, keeping her safe from Rex and not blowing his cover… well that’s a whole other conundrum.

I Think We’re Dancing but I Could Be Wrong

Unfortunately, Joelle doesn’t get to keep her fairytale relationship with Callen intact as they rush to escape Rex and his men. The look on her face as she realizes that Callen just killed a man is one of shock. When she demands his real identity, you have to feel for the woman and our gallant agent as well. This is a game changer but Callen doesn’t have time to explain. After his gun is shot out from his hand, Callen goes after Rex with pure adrenalin. He finally had a good thing going with Joelle and now it’s lost. Humbug? Like Jacob Marley, Callen’s undercover persona was just a figment of her imagination. The sad part is how compliant Callen is in accepting their fate. He knew it was a long shot despite Sam wanting him to be happy. It’s not an easy life and I think he had accepted the cards he was dealt a long time ago. Perhaps as in Dickens’ holiday story, it will all work out in the end for these two. But first, Joelle has a lot she wants to know about Callen, including his first name. (Stand in line, girlfriend!) Will she be able to accept his real life profession eventually? Only time will tell.

I Want to be Bold, Deeks! But I Want to be Bold, with You!

It was the scene were all hoping and praying for. Kensi made her move and Deeks responded in true Prince Charming fashion! Kensi finally realizes what will make her happy. She doesn’t want safe… she wants bold! Densi bold! If the two of them can go through life together with courage and conviction, then and only then will she be able to accept their relationship and love story. No more games. Hallelujah! (Do I hear Handel’s Messiah plays in the background?!!) And what about those two kisses? Amazing doesn’t even come close. We finally have a ‘ship’, ladies and gentlemen! Densi fans received their present early this year. God bless us, everyone!

Memorable Moments

  • Callen doesn’t have a clue when it comes to relationships, an unfortunate side effect from his years of being a lone wolf. (Sam: The level at which you don’t understand marriage is astounding!)
  • Eric and Nell have plans? Date-like plans? Home for the holiday with Nell like plans? Did I miss something here? When did we go from flirting to dating? Not that I have a problem with this! Finally! Another ‘ship boldly crosses the ocean blue!
  • Callen trying to play a normal boyfriend was something we haven’t seen on the show before. Flowers, dinner and a loving girlfriend is a place he hasn’t found himself in a long time. Is that a little bit of fear on his face perhaps? Hmmm….
  • Hetty and Sam trying to intimidate Webber was an effective tactic and a funny scene between the three and brilliantly played by the three actors. I think that would freak me out a little bit too!
  • I love Nell and Eric rushing to get to the plane… She already sounds like the nagging girlfriend. Mr. NoPants, indeed! I’m glad Hetty found it amusing.
  • Even Hetty and Granger were in the holiday spirit… Probably the nicest they have been to each other for a while too! Nice.
  • Another sweet scene at the end with the Hanna family which now includes his grown son. Sam is a lucky man.

Deeks Moments

  • Deeks interrogating the drunk Santa was hysterical. He was trying hard to be serious but there was so much material to work with here he just couldn’t help himself. Nice work by ECO.

Densi Moments (Other than the big one!)

  • Leave it to Kensi to second guess her feelings about going on a vacation with Deeks. (Kensi: This job tends to ruin any chance at a personal life.) Sometimes you just want to slap her silly. Thankfully Deeks calls her on her practicality! And although she agrees, the look on Deeks’ face is one of disappointment. He knows it’s always two steps forward with Kensi and one step back. The man has the patience of a saint!

It was the best holiday episode ever and Densi fans are rejoicing around the world. No humbug here! Thanks to Harimoto and Bartels for the best gift ever too! We know this was for the die-hard fans and we appreciate this gesture. I just love when the episodes revolve around the characters we love. I enjoyed every scene too with each character.  They all made a wonderful contribution to the story as well. I don’t remember the last time I savored an episode so much. We need more of these kinds of storylines and less of the super hero comic book ones. It was an episode we will all remember for a long time to come. Have a wonderful holiday everyone and we will see you next year with all new episodes and hopefully some more/real Densi sightings!  Don’t forget to come back later this week for a new Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal and we will have a holiday fanfic by Sweet Lu and fanart by @thewingsofnight to get us through the season too! See you then!

Title: “Humbug”
Writers: Kyle Harimoto and Andrew Bartels
Director: Tony Wharmby
Original Air Date: December 15, 2014


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45 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Humbug” (S6E11)

  1. I have so much to say, but I can’t organize my thoughts at all! I’m still on such a high. I’m going to try!

    – I really like Joelle and I was happy when she showed up at the end. Even though I think a season spoiler mentioned a new love interest for Callen at some point, I hope she sticks around.
    – Neric is adorable and totally flying under the radar. Eric’s awkwardness continues to be amazing and hilarious and played SO well by Barrett Foa.
    – I was glad to see Granger for a few seconds – it seemed odd that he had fallen off the radar after his whole poisoning situation.
    – Always a pleasure to see Michelle, even if it wasn’t for very long. I also think they did a good job casting Sam’s kids (I felt like it was a little surreal for Callen and Sam to be talking about Aidan so much in the opening scene when we didn’t even know Aidan existed until last week!

    Saving the best for last. Densi. I loved every bit of them we saw in this episode (how could I not?!)
    – I loved the scene when Deeks asks her to come snowboarding with him and Monty. The way he awkwardly kind of rushed through mumbling out an invitation while mentioning that he and Monty “talked” was freakin adorable. And I loved that Kensi was a little bashful in accepting. Right down to the awkward high five – it was a great scene.
    – The only part that was weird was their conversation in the car while staking out Joelle’s house. It wouldn’t have been quite so odd if Kensi hadn’t immediately labeled her and Deeks’ trip as “practical”. I do like that she stood down though and said that Deeks was right. Deeks’ face of kind of an angry confused matched mine – it was strange.
    – And then the golden scene. It was so much more than I ever hoped for. I LOVED that Kensi was the one initiating it and I think it shows the confidence she has in them that she did so because I imagine that if Kensi had any doubts as to what Deeks’ response would be, she wouldn’t have done it. And the (first) kiss. I loved how it was like Deeks just couldn’t NOT be kissing her anymore. And those smiles they shared in between kisses was my absolute favorite single second of the season (maybe of the series) so far. It was such a happy, relieved, blissful, and excited look shared between them. And the second kiss was just icing on the cake (plus it was a better kiss than the first that was basically just like their faces smashed together)!

    I am SO anxious to see how this plays out in the next few episodes and the rest of the season. We know there are still a few hurdles for them (Deeks still goes back to LAPD at some point – I imagine paired with the reappearance of Ray and Max Gentry) and I have no misconceptions that it will be all rainbows for Densi – it’s just not who they are as individuals or as “partners”. They’ll probably fight/be jealous/struggle at some point and I’m okay with that as long as the end game remains the same as what we saw last night.

    I feel like I still have more thoughts running through my brain, but most of them are just “OMG THEY ARE FINALLY, OFFICIALLY TOGETHER AND IT WAS PERFECT” that I can’t pull anything else out.


  2. GREAT review Diane as always. My official favorite episode ever!

    If you hadn’t watched the promo stuff you might have thought Kensi was trying to nicely ‘break up’ with him when she first started talking. If I were Deeks I would have been a little freaked out too!

    I also love the way they talked about Callen and Joelle not communicating with each other and were so oblivious that they have the same problem. (Insert something about pots and kettles here.)

    Loved the ep and I’m so excited that I’ve already written Kensi’s journal for this week. Gotta wait til Friday!

    Thanks Harimoto and Bartels for a great ep and Merry Christmas to us!


    • Karen – I thought the same exact thing at the beginning of Kensi’s speech. Even though I’d seen the promo, I still had a split second moment of panic when I was thinking, “wait, is she going to step even further back from their thing??? Cancel their trip??”.


    • And one of the first things I was thinking this morning was, “I can’t WAIT for Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal this week!!” I can’t wait to see what you’ve written!


    • I think Deeks’ comment to Kensi about it being a shame Joelle couldn’t tell Callen how she really felt about him was his way of baiting Kensi into opening up herself. He HAS shown Kensi how he feels about her. He was setting her up with that conversation, and it worked. Not that Kensi wasn’t already thinking she needed to let Deeks know how she felt after their talk with Joelle, but I think his little jab there was what sealed the deal.


  3. I couldn’t disagree with you more about the Deeks and Kensi scene about the vacation. I didn’t want to smack Kensi at all I wanted to shake Deeks. All Kensi did was wonder out loud if this was a friends vacation or more and it was Deeks who didn’t answer the question. Kensi was as open as she can be and in the end it was Kensi that moved the relationship into the more than friends realm that we have been waiting for. I think she deserves a lot of credit for that.


    • I can see it that way too, now that you say it. Like Kensi was leading him into that question, wanting Deeks to defend the fact that it was a personal vacation for him/them. I totally agree that she deserves the credit for pushing them forward in the end – that was all her and I loved it. So much of their relationship in the past has been mostly him, it was great to see her take charge this time.


    • I *think* I’m with you Stuck.Smitten.Whatever about the vacation conversation. Deeks in no way made it clear what the expectations of them going together might entail. Work buddies, friends, or more. As usual, I fully related to Kensi’s uncertainty.


    • Sorry, I didn’t see it that way at all. I mean I’m glad she finally figured it out in the end but that scene was classic Kensi MO! It gets to be tiring and I think that was why we got that look from Deeks. While Gayle relates to Kensi’s uncertainty, I relate to Deeks frustration.


      • Diane I totaly agree with your regarding your take on the convo in the car!
        I also felt that was Kensi feeling uncertain ..and..getting cold feet again in regards to her & Deeks,

        Like you wrote…2 steps forward and 1 step back! Except this was Kensi doing the ol Densi scaredy -cat two-step!

        Deeks matter of fact response to her and the way he didn’t say anything funny to try & lighten up the mood ….made Kensi realize she had upset Deeks..

        I think that convo…was a catalyst…in helping Kensi later telling Deeks she wanted to be bold with him
        . .
        Anyway…I really enjoyed your review..along with everybody else’s interesting comments on the exciting developments with Densi & the enitire rest of the episode in general

        I can’t add anything new or enlightening to the terrific comments already made….except that I was very happy and relieved.. we finally got to see the official start of Densi …with our very own eyes & ear

        We had 2 great Densi kisses in Humbug…and I liked the 2nd one a lot better..because the 1 st kiss..felt just a tad too “Hollywood’ish” and rushed to me…. poor Kensi looked like she had barely enough time to pucker her lips..before Deeks swooped in planted that big wet one on her!!

        ( For a sec there…I was actually concerned ..that Deeks was going to suck the enamel right off of Kensi’s 2 front teeth!! lol )

        By my count……we now have 5 Densi kisses in total.

        Three are listed as official Densi kisses…with the 2 kisses from Humbug & the 3rd…being the 1 st one in Descent.

        Then we have…the 2 “fake” kisses. … is from Neighborhood Watch…and the other,,,from the deleted scene in Spoils of War.

        Personally.. .I feel we should have score cards like they do for Olympic diving ……so we could hand out scores on all the kisses ..the real & fake ones……where we could deduct & add points…..based on style..technique.and degree of difficulity! lol

        Maybe we could have another poll….where fans can vote for the fave Densi kisses of all time?!?

        My fave Densi kisses in order are…drum roll please!!!

        1) Spoils of War…..I loved it for many reasons……because we saw Kensi held pain & maybe even… fearful for her very life…and the place she went to in her mind….to find some relieve from that terrying & hopeless situation in the darkened cave…was with her in bed …..kissing Deeks…

        Course….the kiss doesn’t count…because it got cut out of the episode… my Densi lovin mind….THIS… is what happened between Kensi & Deeks..after they left the resteraunt in Frozen Lake….and I don’t give a flying dags behind..if Shane Boom Boom Brennan..likes my theory or not!! lol

        That whole scene was beautifully written & very well performed by ECO & DR……from.their hestiant & whispered convo… the way Kensi grabbed Deeks shirt & pulled him towards her ….as Kensi lifted up her head to kiss Deeks .. while he kisses her back & replys to Kensi’s question …”….What are you doing to me Deeks?” with the words…..
        ..” Falling in love with you!”

        ( Can you tell..I “might”…have watched that scene…more than once? lol )

        btw,.. I still hope n pray… one day a herd of horny & wild wilderbeast…try to mate in the Fruit Of The Looms …of whoever was in charge of deleting that scene out!!! :).

        2) This was a tough call… came down to the fake kiss in Neighborhoodwatch..and the real one in Descent…..I chose Neighborhood Watch…because it was the very 1 st time…fake or real…we saw Kensi & Deeks kiss!

        I think I also chose it..because Neighborhood my all time fave Densi centric episode..with Frozen Lake Wanted….Raven & Swans…Descent…among my top 5 Densi episodes.

        ( Humbug is still a little too fresh for make it past any of those episodes….yet!! )

        In Neighborhood Watch.,..we had Deeks & Kensi undercover for the whole episode …….and I loved seeing them as a happy & sexy So Cal suburban couple!

        The kiss in that episode….was totally unexpected and a very nice surprise ….not to mention… the scene in the kitchen where Deeks & Kensi are drinking wine and decribing what each of them were wearing the very 1 st time they ever met…was very special!

        3) Descent…because it’s our first for real kiss,,,,I also liked it…because of the way takes Deeks takes Kensi by complete surprise and places both hands on her face as they kiss… when Deeks finally stops kissing her…Kensi looks shell shocked and in a daze…before she snaps out of it and races away..while Deeks walks back to his look out spot…with this content look of self satisfaction…and like he was thinking….”Hmmmmmm…I sure wouldn’t mind doing that.again with her!..)

        4 & 5) Are the kisses in Humbug..,,with the 1 st kiss.,..coming in last..but certainly not least..said in the best tradition of……it’s not personal..just business

        I deducted major style & technical points from the 1 st kiss..based on the rough landing of the lips…. the mashing of the noses…plus the fact..I think Kensi was starting to turn blue….from lack of oxygen!! lol


  4. Great review, Di. I loved the references to “A Christmas Carol.” Like Kara, I don’t know where to start. I liked the whole episode, but I’ll contain my comments to Deeks & Densi. The small things first… I saw the scene in the car as Kensi’s frustration with Deeks’ approach to the invitation. The high-five in particular made it feel 100% platonic. I loved that they let Deeks show off his skating skills, unlike in Skin Deep where we never had a good shot of him surfing. I’d have liked to see how Michelle greeted Deeks when she arrived at the rink. I’m assuming it would have been a warm greeting, but I’m curious how familiar they are- has Deeks spent any time with Sam’s family since the beginning of S5 or is that just in fan fic?

    I can’t even begin to describe how happy that kiss made me. What surprised me is that I wasn’t just happy for myself to finally witness this event, I was so happy for Deeks and Kensi, two fictional characters. It was actually a weird feeling.

    It’s interesting to see elsewhere that people are still debating whether Deeks and Kensi were at least occasionally sleeping together before Humbug. For me, the urgency of that first kiss is proof that they weren’t. It was like Deeks was keeping all his feelings bottled inside of him and they just burst out in that kiss. What’s nice about the way they wrote it is that we can all believe what we want to about what happened leading up to this episode, and everyone can be happy.

    I guess I wouldn’t mind a little more clarification about whether the two of them think they’ve crossed their frozen lake, or just decided to do away with metaphorical living. They aren’t all that much better in the communication department. And I’m also curious about the thoughts of those in the fandom who wanted to see them resolve more of their issues before starting a relationship. Do we think that’s happened? I’d say not so much. But I can’t believe there’s anyone out there who wasn’t pleased with the developments.

    I did like that rather than stay frustrated, Kensi decided to- finally!- say what she really meant. Deeks has been doing that in one way or another for a very long time, so it was great that Kensi took the lead last night. I think Kyle Harimoto has pretty consistently depicted a more open Kensi. Think about his episodes- “Leipei” where she trusts him and agrees to try skateboarding, “Merry Evasion” where she’s so vulnerable missing Deeks at Christmas, and especially “Three Hearts” (sorry to bring it up) where she rejected Angelo’s metaphors and was the one to bring up their thing.

    And finally, what’s wonderful about Humbug is what it means for the future. Even if we go back to the usual episodes with some witty banter, the banter will have that much more innuendo to it knowing that they’re together. And if they’ll just throw us a bone here and there with a little kiss or snuggle, I’d like to think that will keep me happy. (But no promises!) I also look forward to seeing how this affects their working relationship, as well as what Hetty and Callen have to say about it. And it will just be interesting to see how the showrunners handle this whole thing- I don’t think they have much of a history of depicting two characters actually in a relationship. It’s so great to be able to look forward to the second half of the year, when up to last night I was pretty frustrated with the season. Now I’m going to go read every single post ep fan fic, good or bad, that has been posted since last night!


    • Karen, I am right there with you on the weird feeling of such happiness for two fictional characters. Extreme investment at its finest!


    • Hey Karen, you should have done the review! A lot of good insight here as usual but I think we are going to have to open up our debate again! Just because the intensity of Deeks’ kiss was amazing, it didn’t necessarily prove they weren’t intimate beforehand. I think Deeks is the type of guy who gets turned on by commitment and loyalty. Her words absolutely floored him because he finally received the affirmation he was looking for. And yes, we can debate this till the cows come home but I can see why there is still speculation going on within the fandom. There are definitely two passionate (excuse the pun) sides to this story.


      • Di, I think that would be a fine debate topic, but I don’t want to volunteer for the job. I’m too content to sit here believing the version of events that make me the happiest. 🙂


    • “I guess I wouldn’t mind a little more clarification about whether the two of them think they’ve crossed their frozen lake, or just decided to do away with metaphorical living” regards to your statement above.,..knowing how much the powers that be on the show love there metaphors…..I believe it was no mere coincidence ..that Deeks & Kensi declared thier intention to go all in..while the two of them…standing on top of a ice skating rink…ie…..a frozen form of water! 🙂

      We literally..saw Kensi standing against the rail waiting… Deeks…came skating across the ice… meet her! guess is……yes…they did indeed…cross that frozen declaring their desire to be bold together…and go all in…despite whatever obstacles might come their way…….whch in this case…might be Hetty…and most certainly…Mr Serious Pants himself….Granger!!

      Hopefully..those days of endless metaphors…and the secret meaning of boxes hidden inside other boxes & racoons .?!?.. …are well and truly behind us!!

      But then again…I suppose they will have to reveal to us….what the heck it is…Kensi put in all those boxes!!


    • Well we will just have to agree to disagree on this topic since I doubt we will ever get the definitive answer from the show runners!


  5. Awesome review, Diane! For an equally awesome episode. I have nothing to add. The happy buzz has not dissipated and it keeps renewing as I watch and rewatch the clip of THE KISS😄😄
    I am simply happy. Merry Christmas to one and all!


  6. Wonderful job Diane and appreciated the connection to “A Christmas Carol”. )Karen – you stole my opening line! Haha!) I too appreciate that they left some things open to interpretation. (Of course, that’s me selfishly wanting to keep my own beliefs in tact!)

    Picking up on something Karen mentioned, I’ve been one of those people wanting them to further resolve somethings before becoming “official”. Did they do that? Perhaps a little. They had to get straight in their own minds how being together would affect their partnership as well as considering the feelings of the other and each being brave enough to communicate that and be brave. It seems apparent they realize as much as we do that this is just a first step for them down what will inevitably continue to be a bumpy road. I’m just happy they are including the other at this point. (Also, thanks for the list Karen, I hadn’t realized how many key episodes Harimoto has had a hand in.)

    Again Diane – kudos for tackling the episode and working to summarize so succinctly; I expect it was a huge task.


  7. Di you are a master at this review thing. I have read a couple of reviews from some of the other well known sites and none hold a candle to yours. Just terrific.

    I have read all of these wonderful comments and everyone covered everything so perfectly. Following a comment by Karen P makes it almost impossible to add anything new because she is so thorough and insightful…so…everything she said.

    One thing I will add for those who wanted resolution to Kensi and Deeks ongoing internal problems. As we all know, love is a messy affair. You cannot time when it will knock you on your butt or when it will sneak up on you when you least expect it. It’s an emotion that cannot be planned or organized neatly. These two characters have been trying to come to terms with their feelings for so long and I think Kensi finally figured out that she didn’t want to wait any longer. That there would be no resolution until they came together. I don’t think Deeks would have pushed it in the way Kensi did. She decided to be as bold as she knew herself and him to be, but to do it together made more sense. I think this is so true to both their characters. So simple and so perfect. Now they can work out all the tough questions together…true partners with love to ground them.


    • Lindy, I am in total agreement with you regarding Kensi and Deeks working out their problems. It’s like with various things in life – there is just no perfect time to take that step and if you wait for your life to be perfectly in order for it, it will never happen. I really couldn’t care less that they seemingly haven’t worked out anything. They can do that together – especially since I imagine even if they weren’t dating, they’d still eventually lean on each other to figure things out anyway.


    • Thanks Lindy and Gayle. It’s effortless to write a review like this when every scene is a joy to interpret and so easy to write about. I wish they were all this easy!


    • Lindy, I appreciate your use of “thorough” when you could just as easily have said “long-winded”! But I really loved your musings on love. Beautiful thoughts. Perhaps they could work their way into one of your stories?


  8. I think the only thing that disappointed me about this episode was whether or not Sam, Michelle and Callen witnessed that moment between Deeks and Kensi. The way the scene was edited, it would appear Kensi skated right back over to the railing where they were all standing. When the shot jumps from the kiss back to Sam and Michelle, Callen is gone but Sam seems to have a smirk on his face like maybe they did see it, but Deeks and Kensi weren’t in the shot behind them. That left me a little confused…anyone else wonder about that?


    • Yes, yes, yes! I feel like there is no way that at least one of them didn’t see it all happen! I *think* they were standing along the right side wall from where Sam was, I noticed that the camera angle changed once they got on the ice. And you can see the Christmas tree with the red ornaments behind Kensi, and later, that’s where Sam and the family are still standing (in front of the tree).

      Anyway. Long story short, yes I wonder about that!


  9. I’m a little late to the party but I was too excited yesterday to sit down and write something that would make sense!
    These are my (random) thoughts on the episode but above all Densi (I have heart-shaped eyes in this moment…):

    – I can’t forget that less than a month ago (26 November) I wrote here:
    “I would like to feel the same emotions I felt when I first watched this show. I would like to have principal scenes concerning our favourite characters where they say what they mean and try to figure out how they can move forward. I would like to be involved as I used to be. And most of all, I would like to see new ideas exploited, new situations. I would like to see the writers a little more daring. And I would like to see at least SOME unforgettable episodes that make me relive those emotions every time I watch them”.
    Well… I can’t describe how thankful I am to the writers now… And I can’t believe they listened to the die hard Densi fans! Too grateful for words, really. I thought we would have to wait much much longer for some substantial development.

    – The Densi scene was magic…
    I have re-watched it over and over again and I have thought about it a lot and I have come to this conclusion: what I especially liked was that Kensi decides to make the first move with the “I want to be bold” speech (where my heart skipped a beat, honestly… too scared of another “Three hearts” debacle) and taking his hand, but Deeks, on his side, decides to kiss her in the open, where everybody can see them.

    – The first kiss, a little awkward and sister-like, was absolutely saved by the second, more passionate and to be watched endlessly on our screens on every possible form, gif, video, fanarts, etc… *sighs*

    – Perfect how Deeks’ reaction comes from the words “Tonight, tomorrow and the day after”. I think that was a beautifully written dialogue where, in the fraction of a second, he saw unfolding in his mind days and days of happiness, birthdays, Christmases, St Valentines, hands in hands, kisses and maybe little ninja assassins with beautiful hair… I can’t get out of my head that in that precise moment he had this vision of possible “bliss” with Kensi, so at hand, so why not to grab it… Too sweet for words.


    • I have felt the exact same way all season but this episode has renewed my faith in these characters and glad that someone was listening. I can only hope that this euphoria can continue through the rest of the year.

      I loved that Deeks met Kensi’s boldness with more of the same. If they were going to do this…lets do it right in front of God and the world. He wasn’t going to give her a chance to back out of this one!


    • Cladani I loved reading your quote, it summarized beautifully how I was feeling up until Humbug, and it’s amazing to see how well all of your/our concerns and complaints were addressed in a single episode.


  10. As always, I look froward to these reviews! Great job in capturing the entire episode.

    Ok, so on Twitter yesterday, I stated how I couldn’t wait to read the review and post a comment. Well I only got as far as reading the review, then back to Twitter, and I ended up watching the episode again, and then the precious Densi moments over and over and over and over…well, you know what I mean. I’m struggling on how to organize my thoughts here (Twitter and video overload).

    I too looked and compared the various camera angles and wondered if Sam saw them kiss since he had that smirk on his face. I think if anyone saw them, it had to be Sam and Michelle. Callen was looking for Joelle, so I don’t think he would have noticed.

    I’m so happy that Kensi was the one that made the move. She had been dropping hints of wanting more than that buddy, buddy, partnership Deeks seemed to be looping. I think she got tired of waiting for him to make a move. After a while your heart starts to ache so much, it becomes unbearable. I think Kensi was at that point. And oh, the nervousness she had in even starting that conversation, I practically felt that to. The look on Deeks’ face while she struggled to get the words out was great to. It really did look like he must have been thinking she was going to cancel out on that ski trip. I love the fact that he says “you’re freaking me out”. It’s perfect every time he says it

    I have been so happy that this finally happened! I had been complaining about nothing had been happening between them, but that the last kiss in an episode was in season 4. I even bugged the writers on Twitter about reading fan comments because we love the show so much hoping they would realize the investment we have in these characters and wanting the show to grow in ratings with continued interest in these relationships moving in a clear direction and not keep us guessing. With all the promos and talk of a mistletoe kiss, I was actually nervous when the episode started!! I can’t believe how this show makes me feel!

    At first I was thinking the initial kiss was the only one we were going to get. And by the way Deeks rushed in to kiss her, I think it makes sense to keep lips closed, lol (hey let’s not get hurt people!). But prior to this, I wanted to see a real kiss, not as what someone described as faces smashed together. I was willing to settle for that tight lipped kiss though. Then when the real kiss actually happened after those smiles while looking into each other’s eyes, it was so awesome!! I could not contain myself!! I did wonder if we’d see a reaction from Callen or Sam, but I was so happy I really didn’t care.

    Judging by Kensi’s reaction to Deeks’ sudden kiss, that embarrassed, shy look and smile, I’d say they haven’t kissed in a very, very, very long time (like since S4). To me, that was proof that nothing had been going on between them. To me that had nothing to do with it being in a public place in front of the Callen and Sam’s family. It was how she was looking at Deeks. That kiss also showed how Deeks couldn’t contain himself either. It wasn’t like they had kissed in private last week. To me it was like a very first kiss. And with all that has happened since Frozen Lake until now, it might as well have been. The other thing is, why would it be so awkward for them to go away together if they’ve been “friends with benefits”? They both acted awkward, in a cute way, when Deeks asked her to go away with him. If they’ve been sleeping together, why on earth would they react like that? I think all the hanging out together was comforting and safe in more ways than one. Psychologically and emotionally, I think it helped then to cope or get some distance from their individual issues while getting comfortable with the idea that they can begin to move forward and explore a romantic relationship.

    Well, I need some sleep. I’ve been rambling. I could go on for days about these characters…I’ll be back soon.


  11. Angela…Im with you they were not a couple.or intimate…before we saw those kisses last night.

    Like you said….. why would Deeks be visibly nervous about asking Kensi to go snowboarding of all things with him ..if they had actually been doing the FWB stuff.

    Even the fact that Kensi looked shy & bashful after agreeing to go with him..shows me they were not a couple or doing the horizoltal lambada or whatever it is… kids call that these days!!! lol

    .Anyhoo….I haven’t seen anybody else talk about this…but I just wanted to mention that Humbug..was not only the best episode of this far…it was also.. the highest rated episode of S6!

    Humbug had 9.540 milliom viewers….the 2 nd highest…was the season opener..with 9.504 million,..

    The other good news is..ratings wise..NCIS:LA is doing way better than the other shows CBS tried out and had in that 10 PM ..Monday time all in all..a great week for fans who care about Densi & seeing more seasons of them and the show!



  12. once again thank you Diane for excellent review! Since I have stumbled upon this site (thank you Google!!) I found myself waiting, as a small kid candy, for your reviews and comments to see how our big “Marty Deeks” family feels about each episode.
    Although I have decided to stop being frustrated about “lack of action” between Deeks and Kensi and simply sit, watch and enjoy the ride, I was so happy after this episode that I had smile on my face the whole Tuesday that even my husband noticed and start asking about. I mean, how am I supposed to explain him that I am so happy for Deeks and Kensi (he would think that I went completely nuts and I cannot blame him)!!
    It feels really good to see how all of us are happy now and feel like we got an early Xmas gift. To be honest I started to worry about you Owen after your few lasts posts and when I saw how frustrated and unhappy you were with the show. It makes the great pleasure to read your above posts now.

    Thank you all once again for the excellent work you do here, for the great topics you deal with.

    All the best to all of you and your families


    • Thanks Maria….glad you found us. We feel like all the fans who come to our site and especially the ones who comment on our work are all members of our extended wikiDeeks family. It wouldn’t be the same without you and we appreciate your support! Love you guys!


    • Hi & Hola Maria

      I had to smile reading your comments about my recent posts.. anyway, I want to apologize for the fact they caused you to worry about little ol’ me!! 🙂

      You were right..I was just feeling frustated and the people behind the show…. shoving both Deeks & Kensi’s love story..into the background & offscreen this season.
      It was like… having two of your favorite players on a sports team…suddenly not playing as often as they used too..because the coach or upper longer seems to have faith or trust in their ablities on the field.

      At first your wondering whats going on…but you’re still hopeful…but more time passes…and you watch the team starting to lose..but your fave players,,, are still sitting on the bench and not playing very often..the situation becomes doubly frustating!

      Densi lovers…know how great Deeks & Kensi characters are and how their love story adds to the enjoyment of the show…it doesn’t ruin or take away from it…
      …so it was very frustating to me and obviously…a lot of other Densi fans… see the powers that be…not giving Densi the love & attention that they used to in past seasons……instead… choosing to play safe & practical with them in S6

      The good news for TV fans today is..thanks to social media and sites like wikki voices & their concerns…can be expressed and seen/ showrunners.
      The prove this dynamic or dance between fans & showrunners on the Internet…works is the fact that Kensi has not punched Deeks even once in S6.

      My guess why the punching because the people behind the show..saw that fans were expressing their unhappiness …. watching Kensi punching Deeks all the time.
      And maybe..thats why Densi…became official on Monday..because they read about Densi fans frustations & learned that we wanted… to see Densi not only happen..but happen..onscreen..and lo & behold..we gor our wish.. during the Christmas holidays no less…..making this X Mas season…even happier & better!! 🙂

      Merry Chrstmas & Happy Holidays to you & yours..and I hope Santa is extra generous to you this year!! “)

      PS: I promise in the future…I’ll try to sound less frustating in my posts!!! lol 🙂


      • oh Owen
        glad that my post made you smile additionally! and don’t ever excuse yourself for being honest in your posts. Yes, we have all been rather frustrated with how story developed. Truth to tell, I expected them to finish together after he got her back thru the lasers from the Russians, after she thought he “killed” the Neo-Nazi, after he kissed her in the Descent, after the night they spent together, after she returned from Afghanistan, after Talia…but they weren’t. And not only that, the producers chose to keep them on the bench, as you adequately put, this season, and I grew rather frustrated and annoyed too. So I understood the feeling.
        But must say that I still have this stupid smile on my face because of how story unfolded…


      • lol’s no surprise to me…to read that you ..(and about a couple bazillion other Densi fans)….are still smiling away from all the Densi magic we heard & saw happen on Monday night!

        The warm glow & good feelings we felt …after finally seeing Densi become official..and sealed with not one but 2 REAL kisses.. not fake or undercover ones…should last & get us thru the Holidays..until the show comes back!

        When you compare Densi’s thing now…to where it was for most of this season…which is…kept pretty well hidden and pushed off screen…. under lock and key….until futher notice….the turnaround & change in their really quite Incredible.

        I don’t know what lead to this 360% turn of events…but..Im very happy that the showrunners.. decided to become bold and brash themselves with Densi…and put them on the front burner of the show.

        ..Because had they dragged out this..” are they a couple or they not a couple”.storline..over the course of the rest of S6. and into S7…they would have been making..a serious mistake and testing a lot of Densi’ fans patience..perhaps beyond the breaking point.

        As you pointed out….Deeks & Kensi have had a lot of fun along with many adventures & close calls since they first met late in S1…and after Monday’s amazing events…it’s neat looking back now at those older shows..knowing that there are now..finally a couple..and we dont have to hope or guess..that they might be one day!!

        “and don’t ever excuse yourself for being honest in your posts.”

        lol Ok and Aye Aye amiga!!! 🙂

        I enjoy sharing my thoughts & opinions .with the other fans of the show on here like yourself. Diane, Kara ,Karen etc…but as frustasted as the show runners might make me feel sometimes..I still like to have fun & maintain my sence of humor… the end of the day…it’s only a TV show.

        As Diane said…were are all members of a extended family on wikkiDeeks…and it’s just enjoyable….reading other peoples thoughts & concerns regarding the show & it’s characters,

        What is truly awesome…is how fictional characters on a TV show…especially…2 in particular uber popular and sexy fictional characters,,,,,,( lol no hints as to who Im thinking about! ) can so occupy our time and real life thoughts…because they give fans.. so much joy & happiness…just by us watching them…and thinking about thier onscreen love story!! 🙂

        PS This is an actual real life tweet that I sent out on Friday… to one of the excecutive producers on the show …Peter John Kousakis….thanking him & the other show runers…..for placing their money on Densi and having fath and trust in the characters of Deeks & Kensi!

        Owen O’Leary‏@OLearyO
        @jpkouz Just wanted to thank you, the other powers that be, & of course Mr Shane BOOM BOOM Brennan, for betting on Densi & going all in! 🙂

        lol Course…Mr Kousakis… might be horrified and a tad mad..that I like to call his boss. by the nic name of..BOOM BOOM…but…I don’t really care!! :).

        I seriously…just wanted to thank him…and let him know….that I loved the fact…that they finally got some courage..and grew a pair of big & decided to be brash & bold with Densi! 🙂

        There are so many new & exciting directions that thay can go with Densi & their love story……and I’m that the writers have been given the greenlight…not to hide Densi’s “thing” anymore….inside boxes or under any sleepy racoons…they will feel free…to write the best Densi stories possible!


  13. Aside from all the Densi excitement from the Humbug episode, I also enjoyed the character Lincoln Tate. I thought Joseph D Reitman nailed that part of the bookie. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a recurring role. I think he’d be a good ally to have along with Arkady. I’m always glad to see Arkady show up in an episode. This Lincoln Tate guy would add another interesting element to the team and how they solve cases.


  14. I’m still just so happy.

    That is all. Carry on.


  15. I realize I’m still not over the way Deeks says “Tomorrow…” while looking at Kensi: his voice, his eyes, his meaning behind the word… That’s the moment that breaks me every time I watch/have watched the scene (apart from the second kiss, of course!).


    • So true! I mean, they’ve never really had a tomorrow with their “thing” because sh!t always seems to hit the fan. I mostly just love his urgency in that first kiss. Like he just couldn’t wait anymore.

      *sigh*. I need more Densi.


    • So true! I mean, they’ve never really had a tomorrow with their “thing” because sh!t always seems to hit the fan. I mostly just love his urgency in that first kiss. Like he just couldn’t wait anymore.

      *sigh*. I need more Densi.


  16. And that urgency made me think that they hadn’t touched each other in a romantic sense for a long time despite carpooling, sleepovers and hair smelling… A bomb ready to trigger! I can’t think of what Mammoth could reserve for them without blushing a little… just kidding, of course 😉


  17. Brenda (@bpnp) // December 18, 2014 at 8:17 PM // Reply

    Great review and so many insightful comments!!

    I wanted to wait to think about this episode a bit. Every single scene in this episode was so good. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, and because it’s on earlier here than in the US there was nothing on Twitter so I wondered if I had really seen that! Loved watching Twitter explode when the East Coast saw it.

    I agree with so many of the comments that have already been posted, don’t want to be boring and reiterate too much. What really struck me was how the teasers this week about “won’t disappoint” and “get your friends together to watch” and “this is for die hard fans” really were true. Last year the teasers often didn’t match the ep – with lots of discontent resulting (e.g. missing flashback). I felt like this episode really addressed so many of the concerns expressed by die hard fans in the past year, beyond just the Densi relationship – like Sam’s kids, etc. I couldn’t help but wonder whether the ratings after the season opener were an impetus to give fans what they want or if the outpouring of opinions on Twitter and various fan sites really made an impact.

    I loved the skating thing – it’s frozen up here, what can I say. Did not get the Frozen Lake connection until I saw it pointed out on Twitter – but nice tie in. I wonder if the “no more games” was a reference to no more metaphors? Would be nice – although I do still want to see what’s in that box!

    As much as I wanted them together and am happy with this development, to me it did still feel a little out of the blue and disconnected from the prior episodes this year. The comments already posted helped me to put a lot of that in perspective, so thanks to everyone for their helpful insights!!


  18. And I add that after this extraordinary episode, I have come to the conclusion that throughout the future story I don’t want exclusively partners with privileges but partners madly, deeply, happily in love with each other….


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