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Deeks’ Surf Log – 12/15/14

December 15, 2014

Best. Christmas. Ever!

I’m not even going to try to downplay the outcome of today, but before we get to that….

So we had to work another case – blah, blah, blah. Not important. Ok, so maybe it was a little important; at least LA can still keep its holiday lights shining bright! What is it with criminals using Santa costumes as disguises?! How offensive is that to the Big Guy? (I mean Santa, not Sam.)

How fantastic was it for us to finally have been gifted with a happy holiday?! Yeah, Callen’s got some complicated issues with his lady, but at least she didn’t run. That alone says a lot. It’s rare to find people who are willing to deal with the regular chaos, uncertainty, secrecy, and danger that comes with our daily work. Then there was the entire Hanna clan. Seriously, have you ever seen a whole family so genetically blessed with dimples?! Incredible.

It was fun to be able to “play” with these people who truly have become my family. Granted, we felt more free without Henrietta the Hammer’s Gorgon stare, but you can’t deny she usually provides some delightful libations! Plus, we didn’t need that ole curmudgeon Granger crashing the mood. Although I don’t think he’s too stable on his feet yet; the addition of bladed boots would have surely been disastrous.

Wonder what the Wonder Twins on Ice would have looked like? I know our Master of Ops can surf, but I don’t have much confidence with him on this particular variety of water. It doesn’t matter anyway because that cunning little Nell somehow bamboozled Beale to go home with her. To meet the ‘rents. Dude honestly doesn’t know what hit him – & probably doesn’t even care!

Man I really thought I blew it today. Did I really refer to Fern as a dog? Did I really “high five” her? (Smooth Deeks; real smooth.) The fact that I’m still alive to write that just shows how much things have changed in our partnership. So, Tahoe, Mammoth? Who cares?! Kensi agreed to go away with me! This is gonna be awesome! I know her competitive nature won’t be contained, so if she wants to race me to the bottom or try to “out trick” my skills, that’s perfectly fine with me. If it brings a smile to her face, we both win.

Speaking of skills, the woman may be able to outdo me in the surf and on the snow, but skating is clearly a different matter. What a fantastic excuse to grab her hand to spin around the rink. (Guess all those youthful evenings of “doubles skate” paid off!) Then she stopped – & so did my heart. That look she gave me. I was filled with dread sensing she was about to give me yet another cautionary tale. Wow. I (thankfully) got that totally wrong!

Note to self: Send the Gurkha a holiday card! How fateful was it that all this happened on a “frozen lake”?! The universe has a very “slick” sense of humor!

Anyway… she voluntarily took my hand – & in front of the guys! Something about being bold. But I had to make sure I was understanding right: Were we finally, miraculously on the same page? No way was I messing this up or letting her retract that sentiment. Two words (& 4.5+ years) was all it took: All In. I couldn’t wait one more second to do what I did, to show her how I felt. Finally, neither of us was faking a cover or running away. The walls are down and insecurities left in the past. We’re both all in.

So what am I doin’ here typing on this keyboard?! Get packin’ Monty; Mammoth awaits!


About Gayle (147 Articles)
Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

12 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 12/15/14

  1. Love love love!

    I’m totally laughing that you clarified who “big guy” was because I admit my first thought was Sam! haha.

    And yes, Deeks, it was awkward when you high-fived Kensi but it was also sort of cute, it was obvious there were some nerves in asking her to go and that maybe her easy acceptance wasn’t expected!

    Now if only we could get some spin-off episode about their trip…. I keep watching the kiss scene and hoping that miraculously, the scene continues with them and not cutting to Sam and his family!


  2. Frozen Lake!! Duh! I totally missed it! Thank you for pointing that out. 🙂 How do you cross a frozen lake? You skate across, hand in hand.

    Wicked cool. 🙂


  3. Thanks, Gayle, for the terrific Surf Log from Deeks! To say that I thoroughly enjoyed the episode actually goes without saying! The writers gave us a real present including, of course, a fabulous Densi moment to savor. I loved that the Gurkha’s metaphor of the “frozen lake” has proven true. Kensi has waited for Deeks but can wait no longer; she wants them to be Densi, not merely Kensi and Deeks! She wants them to finally be partners in love! I found their radiant and joyous smiles between the two kisses so expressive of the way they’re finally taking their relationship to that newer, even more intimate level. I found the two kisses to be touchingly awkward and restrained, and this made me like them even more as the actual people they are, Danielle Ruah Olsen and Eric Christian Olson! Let me explain. Dani and Eric are fine actors, and they’ve created these two characters that we, as fans, have come to love and care about, and they certainly want to remain true to their on-screen relationship. Still, they are now actually related; they are brother and sister-in-law, and their personal relationship is complicated, to say the least, and wonderfully so. It seems to me that they have to balance their characters’ maturing relationship with their real-life relationship. Hats off to them, and everyone, that they pulled it off so movingly. I must say that I’m looking forward to seeing these two walk that tightrope together the rest of the season, supporting one another in both their professional and personal lives. Foremost in their minds appears to be what, in the end, is truly important – love, husbands and wives, brothers, baby cousins, friendship, care, support, and shared experiences – in other words – family! Happy Holidays to All and Best Wishes for a great 2015!


    • Dinally, Kensi lets her heart lead over her mind! And I appreciate the unspoken “frozen lake” tie-in! Felt like an extra special nod to the Densi fandom! Agree that playing a duo is likely never easy and the “Olsen Situation” both makes it easier and more challenging. We are indeed lucky to have them so committed!


  4. What I love about the characters that they are ever evolving. The kiss was awesome. Ultimately this show is about catching bad guys worth a little bit of the caractors personal lives thrown in. I don’t think we will have densi kissing in every episode that’s not what the show is about. Eric and Danni will have no problems with the kissing as they are both acting. They look upon each other I think as brother and sister off camera. And you can see that they are both totally in love with their relative partners. I for one hope that my girls find men like the Olsen boys. Who have been brought up to be good mannered respectful men.


  5. Classic log! Nice.


  6. Awesome entry!!!! Totally did not connect frozen lake and the fact that Densi crossed the frozen lake together! Thanks for connecting the dots!!! Still on cloud nine *sigh*


  7. Humbug was for me the perfect Christmas episode, I for one was expecting the worst, they have not usually had too much luck on the “Happy” Christmas front. It was just so fitting that they crossed their Frozen Lake together holding hands and Deeks helping Kensi across being the better skater but in the end it was Kensi who was boldThe episode made me hopeful for them as a couple for the New Year, I am sure there will be many hiccups along the way but they have made it this far and as Deeks might say the possibilities are endless. Merry Christmas everyone. X


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