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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Fool Me Twice” (S9E09)

Title: “Fool Me Twice”
Airing:  November 26th
Filming:  October 2nd to October 10th
What CBS is telling us:   Callen and the team question CIA Agent Joelle Taylor’s (Elizabeth Bogush) backstory after she escapes from a kidnapping and turns to Callen for help, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.
What we think is happening:  Joelle is back – where’s AJ and his oar when you need him?

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Elizabeth Bogush as Joelle Taylor / Beth
Last seen telling Callen to stay away in “Getaway” – my how things have changed.

Andrew Bowen as Nick
Bowen is a longtime working actor, appearing in series like Saved by the Bell in 1992 to NCIS (Merrick Gowen in “Love Boat”) in the fall of 2016.   Worked on MAdTV, ER, Charmed and She Spies in the late 1990’s, early 2000’s; CSI: NY, Las Vegas, Cold Case and Dollhouse in the mid-late 2000’s; Big Time Rush, Leverage, Criminal Minds, Maron and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn in this decade.

Besides an NCIS appearance, Bowen played Lt. Jergenson in the mothership’s mothership, the season 9 JAG “Pulse Rate” episode.  Played Divin’ Dave Donahue in Magic City and Nick Trever in The Division.

Provides voices for a lot of animated series and video games (especially “Star Wars” games).

Phil Morris as Colton Leach
Phil Morris’s first acting job was in a Star Trek (original series) episode in 1966 as a child.  Morris has appeared in so many programs, it may be a shorter list to mention what series he hasn’t had a guest star role.  Every series from Vegas in the 1980 (where his father, Greg Morris, was one of the series’ stars) to Fuller House season one – Morris has a long acting resume that includes appearing in LL Cool J’s In the House sitcom in 1997.

Was Captain Paul Martino in the “Deception” episode of NCIS and two character in two different JAG episodes, Captain Koonan in the season two “Force Recon” episode and Captain Max Engler in the “Bridging the Gulf” episode in season ten.

Played Grant Collier in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s revival of Mission Impossible – Collier was the son of Barney Collier, the part his father Greg Morris played in the original Mission Impossible series in twenty years earlier.   Also played Tyrone Jackson in The Young and The Restless, Jerry Stockton in Marblehead Manor, Eddie Brock in WIOU, Walter in Melrose Place, Jackie Chiles in Seinfeld, Chief Purser Will Sanders in Love Boat: The Next Wave, Bradley Grimes in Wanda at Large, Miles Dyson in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, John Jones/Martian Manhunter in Smallville, Dr. Curtis Blue in Shake It Up!, Black Velvet in Shelf Life and Delroy Jones in Love That Girl.

Was the voice of Thurgoode Orenthal Stubbs in The PJ’s and provided voices for a number of DC Comic Justice League animated series, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom and Men in Black: The Series.

Jack Fisher as Peter
Plays the young Ray Palmer in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Lucas Slattery in The Last Ship and had a guest roles in Stitchers and America Horror Story.

Jason Jin as Larry
Jin appeared in episodes of Fresh Off the Boat and Casual.

Roy Abramsohn as Businessman
Played a TV reporter in Picket Fences and Rick Levine in Weeds.  Appeared in episodes of Reasonable Doubts, Sisters, Charmed, Diagnosis Murder, The Practice, Judging Amy, The Parkers, The Bernie Mac Show, Monk, Without a Trace, All of Us, American Dream, Zoey 101, Medium, No Ordinary Family, Happily Divorced, CSI, Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY, Glee, Franklin & Bash, Anger Management, Mystery Girls, Scorpion, American Crime Story, The Orville and Evil Things.  Played a reporter in a number of these guest roles too.


Written by:  Andrew Bartels wrote or co-wrote “Allegiance”, “Zero Days”, “The Grey Man”, “Humbug”, “Fighting Shadows”, “Driving Miss Diaz”, “Angels & Daemons”, “Where There’s Smoke…”, “Glasnost”, “Old Tricks” and “Battle Scars”.

Directed by:  Benny Boom directed “Ghost Gun” and “767” last season.  He also directed the feature film “All Eyez on Me” which was released last summer.

Insider Intel:

Official Photographic Evidence:

Unofficial Surveillance:

The musical portion of the episode.

Hanging with the guest cast:

This week in having your photo taken with LL Cool J:

Video Surveillance:




Sneak Peeks:


Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has a full doubleheader this Sunday with most of the country getting the New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams but some viewers getting either the Denver Broncos at Oakland Raider or the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Arizona Cardinals. I will update the start time if there is a delay in the comments section Sunday night.  Other places to find the start time include the show’s official Twitter account (@NCISLA) and CBS’s official twitter account (@CBSTweet).

Rerun next week (“Queen Pin” and an hour later than the typical start time) but back on December 10th with a new episode:



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8 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Fool Me Twice” (S9E09)

  1. Thanks Tess, I am interested to see how they develop this epsiode. I really liked Callen with Joelle, I thought they had chemistry and really seemed like a believable couple also Elizabeth Bogush is a really good actress. I am hoping for some good scenes between Chris O’Donell and Elizabeth Bogush.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It has been a “light” season for Callen – all the emphasis on Sam’s tragedy has made Callen the sort of drama-free side of the partnership. With Joelle back, there’s Callen drama but I wonder if there will be Sam drama too. Michelle and Sam were behind Callen and Joelle’s first date (with some help from Hetty). It will be interesting to see Sam’s reaction to her.


  2. Thanks for your preview, it’s always useful to have everything together before an episode airs.
    The two sneak peeks have made me really look forward to this one.
    I’m curious to see what Joelle/Beth is doing this time and Callen’s reaction (it’s understandable he doesn’t trust her).
    I had liked Joelle very much (and I thought and still think the actress has great chemistry with Chris O’Donnell) until they decided to turn her into a CIA agent, married and with a child at the time she was with Callen, ruining forever the previous episodes she had been in (especially “Humbug” and her genuinely – so it looked at that time – astonished expression when she had discovered Callen’s secret identity).
    I was still trying to “forgive” the authors for such choice when Michelle Hanna was unexpectedly killed and that did leave me speechless, so I stopped bothering about Joelle, but now I can’t wait to see the way she fits in this episode and look forward to some of her scenes with Callen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your kind words. I agree with you that Jo and Callen had nice chemistry (though I think Chris O’Donnell has nice chemistry with most actors and actresses). It will be interesting to see how they use that now that Jo needs Callen.

      While I agree with you about Michelle’s death, I will give the program credit – it is resonating in every episode. Sam is heartbroken, Callen misses Michelle, Deeks is terrified that he’ll lose Kensi the way Sam lost Michelle. Michelle’s death has lasting impact on the team compared to someone like Dom’s, who had impact in the next episode and got a mention or two after that but never again.


  3. Guessing everyone is enjoying the end of their Thanksgiving hiatus – not much on social media yesterday or today:

    CBS has the late game so I’ll update the start time when CBS makes it official.


  4. 16-minute delay:


  5. Late social media:


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