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Review: NCISLA “Let Fate Decide” (S11E01)

We’re back! Welcome to Season 11 of NCIS: Los Angeles, and Season 7 of wikiDeeks. The cast, the crew, and your loyal wikiDeeks correspondents may all be looking a bit older and grayer (or using more hair dye), but we’re all still plugging away. That was evident on this week’s premiere, “Let Fate Decide.” Written by Kyle Harimoto and directed by Christine Moore, it continued a story line begun at the end of Season 10.

1st The Plot (+ the JAG)

I will admit that I failed as your diligent wikiDeeks reviewer by not going back to re-watch Season 10’s final two episodes to reacquaint myself with the plot. What can I say, they weren’t that interesting and I had a lot of other things to do. As far as I remember, “Let Fate Decide” did a fine job of wrapping up loose ends. I liked how they brought back the Saudi prince from the early Season 10 episode “The Prince,” although I couldn’t help but think about real Saudi princes who’ve been in the news for their less than upstanding behavior. It did strike me as odd that 1) the team was the only group in the whole world who could stop the retaliatory strikes, and 2) they had so much time to travel to see their contacts in person. I’d have assumed that others with pre-existing relationships would have been able to get on the phone ASAP (you know, ambassadors, or the whole State Department), and that finding the proof would be the only challenge. (But if that were the case, Sam and Callen wouldn’t have had anything to do!)

I was not surprised that the two big guest stars, Catherine Bell and David James Elliott, had more screen time than in the prior two episodes. Their scenes together were well written, but as someone who never watched JAG, I didn’t really care where they ended up. I credit Harimoto for not tying things up for them into too neat of a package. Let’s hope this is the last spin-off idea the showrunners pursue for a while. For me story lines like this and like those from the “Red” episodes merely take crucial screen time away from the characters we tune in to watch each week.

Happy Hetty = Happy Fans

The highlight of the episode for me was seeing Linda Hunt back and clearly enjoying herself. Hetty seemed unnaturally happy throughout the episode, to the point that I’d have thought she’d been partaking in some of her favorite whiskey. Perhaps it was Linda herself who was happy to be back at work, and it bled into her performance (and I’m sure no whisky was involved). It made me happy too, to see her having such a good time. Let’s hope it’s a sign that she’ll appear on a regular basis this year.

Bantering Deeks – Competent Deeks = Less Happy Fans

Deeks and Kensi ended Season 10 with heartfelt “I love you’s” as they took fire from the bad guys. Their story line quickly moved from intense drama back to random banter, but I enjoyed seeing them together. And Deeks and Sabatino were another of the episode’s highlights. I don’t remember these two sharing too many prior conversations, other than of course Deeks’ memorable chair throwing incident in the boatshed. Remembering how Sabatino almost got Kensi killed put a definite edge to their interplay here, but it was all pretty funny. Erik Palladino may have never had so many one-liners on an acting gig. I liked Deeks educating Sabatino about Patagonia’s ambassadors, and I particularly enjoyed Deeks’ concerns about the wolves, jackals, and “Persian leopards,” which called to mind prior incidents with chucacabra and “wild boar,” and looking out for bears in the woods. It’s great when the writers do apparently remember back to earlier conversations that show us who these characters are. I also liked Deeks’ swearing off the desert, something that took us all the way back to Season 2 Episode 3’s “Borderline.” Well done Mr. Harimoto.

On the other hand, Deeks’ banter seemed to come a bit at the cost of his competence. We didn’t see him contribute much to the group’s safety or progress; rather, he acted like more of a passenger along for the ride (while loudly fretting the entire time). He claimed ignorance of truffles for goodness sake; I thought he and Kensi had enjoyed the white truffle menu at Giorgio Baldi’s? At least this time Kensi didn’t side against her hubby, unlike a similarly banter-filled “Blame It on Rio.” The show usually strikes a fine balance between humor and drama, between danger and cutting the tension with a joke. But sometimes that balance doesn’t quite happen. Here we got some entertaining dialog, but I never worried the team was really in any jeopardy, and Deeks didn’t get to show his smarts or his detective skills. Whether that’s due to the writing or the directing is difficult to say.

Season 11 Continues…

As you can see, wikiDeeks is still here, and looking forward to covering all things Deeks. But real life has also impinged a bit on our ability to offer you our usual thorough coverage. So the best we can promise is a space each week where we can get together to discuss the week’s episode. There may not always be a review attached, or the review may take an extra day or so to get to you. On weeks without a review, we’ll run an episode-specific Discussion post on Monday. If you don’t see it, that means the review will be out later in the week. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you all sticking with us for all these years and we look forward to continuing to discuss our favorite character with you.

I am happy to tell you to check back later this week for a new entry in Kensi’s Journal. In the meantime, what did you think of “Let Fate Decide”? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below.

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wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

33 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Let Fate Decide” (S11E01)

  1. You sure have that right about the last two episodes not being very interesting. If that ending with Deeks and Kensi was supposed to a cliff hanger it was poorly done. I too didn’t care where Harm and Mac ended up. It took too much screen time from the four team members. I wonder why the writers do Deeks the way they do. It’s overdone because he is as competent as any team member, but they choose to have him babbling and joking when they all were in a serious situation. End of my rant, but I loved your review, Karen. wikiDeeks forever.

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  2. Thank you Karen for your thoughtful review. I personally was disappointed in this season opener. I like you, didn’t give a fig about the JAG characters, and I resented the time taken from the core characters to focus on them. I also didn’t care for how the episode was directed; it was raggedy and all over the place, more like snippets instead of scenes. The story had some holes in it for sure, and at points I didn’t understand what was going on. How is it that our favorite four were the only ones that could save the world from mass destruction? The story didn’t hold water, at least, not for me. Callen and Sam really didn’t have much to do. And I did not enjoy my favorite agent’s silly dialogue about wolves and leopards; it went on far too long, and I thought Kensi responded to him condescendingly, like old times. Happily, Hetty was in good form, and I am always happy to see smarmy Sabatino return. What do we think about Callen’s old girlfriend? Will she become his new romance? I say anything is better than Anna, lol. What do you think about Fatima going to work in Washington? Have the producers lost interest in her character?

    Sadly, I have been disappointed with the direction the show has taken over the past couple of years. Since Season 8 the show has been on a downward spiral (in my humble opinion). A lot of it has to do with the writing. Oh, how I miss Kalstein and Wilson. But I also have another theory. The core four don’t work together anymore. They are now working on separate cases, or in different parts of the world, or with complete outside agents (the two wrestler guys jump to mind). I know that this has a lot to do with the actors and their personal time off. But they are all never on set together, at least it seems that way to me. Hey, I don’t begrudge anyone having time off, but I think splintering the team so much is detrimental to the show. I miss them being together, on cases, and in the bullpen, discussing work, and kidding around with other. The show’s dynamic has shifted. It is reflected in the ratings.

    Despite my disappointment, I will continue to watch my favorite team until the end. I so love these characters. I am looking forward to the Hetty episode penned by the talented Mr. Olsen, and still hoping for that Deeks, M episode! Good to have you back Wikideeks! I have missed you.

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  3. Wikideeks, I was just wondering, do you think that perhaps on the times when none of you are available to do an official review, that you could create a space here, where us viewers can give our opinions and discuss them with each other? I so love reading the feedback from the wonderful NCIS LA fan base. Thanks for your consideration.♥️

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  4. Ohthankgoodnessyou’reback! Woot! Thank you for the review.

    Your review was much better than the episode itself. It. was. not. good. No cohesiveness to stories. It was bad for a regular episode let alone a season premiere. I responded to a NCISLA tweet asking the writers’ room what the heck are they thinking? Just so disappointing because we know they can do better.

    You know I love Deeks with all my heart but I had to agree with my husband (who sat with me for a few minutes and is not a regular viewer) when he asked “Does he get paid by the word?”

    OMG, can we just leave Callen’s love life alone? He’s a loner. He doesn’t need a female. Anna, Joelle, and now this one. Gah!

    In the preview for next week, it looks like Deeks is wounded, accounting for ECO’s time away.

    Hopefully things go better for the rest of the season.

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  5. Bluenet13 (Jess) // October 2, 2019 at 7:54 AM // Reply

    *I wrote another comment but it never appeared on the site, so I did my best to remember what I have said and post it again. Apologies if the other review somehow decides to come back*

    Hi Karen, as I have said in the past, I came across WikiDeeks on the same week I discovered (and subsequently got obsessed) with NCISLA back in 2017 so my enjoyment of the two has always been tied together. I’m so glad you guys are still here and I appreciate the effort to continue the website with as much or little content as your times allow.

    As for the episode, I wasn’t such a fan of it. For the most part it felt all over the place. I’m also not a JAG viewer so their time on screen only took away from the characters I love and am familiar with. Same with all the guest actors, even though I do like Fatima and the prince. I can agree that Hetty being Hetty was the highlight of the episode for me. After the unfortunate loss of Owen (and Miguel) I have missed having that strong presence consistently on the show and as much as I enjoy our team running wild, I think the show is always better when Hetty is around.

    Moving into what we all care about the most, I was disappointed in how they wrote Deeks. I like his sense of humor but not at the expense of his intelligence and ability to be competent and helpful during cases. He seems to always degrade to just comic relief when there’s guest actors on the show and I hate that. The finale also ended with a lot more tension and feeling of danger than we saw in all of this episodes 40ish minutes of airtime and I was just left missing last year’s premiere. I like the continuity positives that you mentioned as far as Deeks and the desert goes, thank you, I hadn’t think of those and it makes me slightly less irritated by his scenes. The final scene was another highlight for me and I enjoyed seeing our team together, minus Eric and Nell, whom are always missed.

    Even though my post seems more critical than positive, I’m happy my favorite show is back and I will continue to watch until the end. I just hope we get better storylines and more importantly Deeks’ scenes in the near future. And again, thank you for taking the time to write this review.

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  6. Welcome back Karen and wikiDeeks. While I was still thinking whether you will be back or not, the latest review has been posted! Hooray! Great review as usually Karen. You nailed it (as usually again) so I do not need to add much. Nevertheless, I must admit that I missed this show so much that even if they were acting zombies I would have watched it. wikiDeeks forever.

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  7. Hey reebelle4, that’s exactly the plan! We’ll either get a discussion post up on Monday, or a review later in the week. We look forward to continuing to talk about the show with you all.

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  8. Nice to have new episodes to tear apart and complain about. I love your review, Karen. I love this show. I love Deeks…and Kensi…and Callen and Sam…and Hetty. But this time the writer and the director do not get any of my love. Last season’s finale ended on such a dangerous note, with great tension, leaving us to anticipate what happens next and to fear for those we care about. There were serious expressions of love between Kensi and Deeks. Somewhere that tension, that fear of loss and danger, was lost in the writing and the directing. I don’t mind a few instances of nervous ramblings by Deeks, but every word out of his mouth doesn’t have to show his fear of everything like it seemed to in this episode. Come on. Even for Early Deeks, that wasn’t believable. Why did we need all that comic relief? And while Deeks was left to ramble and irritate everyone, the JAG couple were left with hardly any lines of dialog at all. We were left with moony-eyed looks and not much else. I actually yelled at the TV…”say something”. Having not communicated for nine years, surely they would have something to say to each other.

    Okay…obviously not my favorite debut, however…still loved seeing my favorites back, especially Hetty. Still so cool. Still the best at anchoring the team. Still happy for wikiDeeks too. We’re a good team too, even though we are a bit ragged after all these years. Here’s to new episodes and more Deeks.

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  9. Karen, so glad to read your review, and so glad wikiDeeks is back.

    I thought this was a better episode than I expected it to be. Like others I have no interest in Mac and Harm and where they end up. I really thought this episode would be about them. Instead it turned out to be a very action packed episode which featured all the core team and the return of Hetty . I rewatched last night and I definitely enjoyed it more the second time. However, as you pointed out it seems totally unrealistic that this team was saving the world, and traveling to meet face to face with their contacts. I also thought the Mac and Harm scenes were a waste of screen time. If I were a fan of theirs I would pretty annoyed that not only were they broken up, it seemed like in all their scenes they were acting like teenagers. You would expect older professional folks to have a real conversation instead of longing stares. I really hope they do not bring them back .

    So onto why I continue to watch the show, Deeks! I really resonated with your analysis of bantering Deeks, it was okay to a point but then it put in question his competence. It really bothered me the way they wrote Deeks and the Navy Seal, Wallace. It felt like a throwback to how Sam treated him in early seasons, and I hated it then and felt like we have moved on from that. It would have been okay, if Wallace had sort of said, I have read your bio, I know you are really competent, and are an asset, so help the team here.As long as there was respect for Deeks, that would have worked for me.

    I pretty much agree with your review and most of the reviews here, it was not the best storyline or writing , on the other hand we all keep watching. At least for me, I think NCIS LA is still one of the best network shows on, and I really enjoy watching it.

    Again, so happy you are back, and no matter what your schedule, us fans will be here.

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  10. Great review! It seems a lot of people didn’t particularly like this episode but I actually enjoyed it a lot. I liked the action and quick pace. The fast jumping between the different teams didn’t bother me at all. I also enjoyed the bantering between Deeks and Sabatino and Wallace comments. I thought it was funny and it didn’t seem rude to me like it did to other people especially since the banter came from both sides. I get that some people didn’t like the fact that he didn’t have much to do besides talking nonsense and being more scared of animals than ISIS but I found it entertaining and can somehow understand why. Don’t get me wrong he is a good agent who usually isn’t useless at all but this also wasn’t his environment. They kind of had to show that in fighting ISIS in irak a CIA officer or a navy seal might be more in their element. And Kensi is a sniper and worked as an agent in the middle east a bit more than Deeks so I really don’t know what they could have given him to do.
    We also got some funny Sam and Callen moments which are always great.
    Didn’t care much for the JAG reunion since I never watched the show.
    I like Sabatino as a recurring character a lot. I think he’s very entertaining. It wasn’t technically him that got Kensi almost killed and since then he always helped the team out when they asked. Or even when they didn’t like with the hit list. I mean he’s still shady as hell but its entertaining. Unlike in the other NCIS shows he’s probably the one CIA agent that isn’t completely a bad guy. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him instead of even more of Callens random love interests.
    Looking forward to the new season and the great reviews here. Love the site, so happy I found it.

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  11. Agreed with all the Deeks’ points. His character really was demeaned in this episode. So unimpressed with this episode.

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  12. Love this site, thanks for coming back this year!!!

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  13. I really enjoy your reviews and look forward to them after each episode. Thanks for taking the time. I am a long time JAG fan. I did not see the point in bringing Harm and Mac back if there was not a conclusion to their relationship again. I found it very disappointing. Harm wasn’t even given any decent lines this episode. Mac would never have been drinking an alcoholic drink since she is an alcoholic.
    I agree with everything that has been said about Deeks in this episode. I found my self looking for him to be acting competently(I needed a hint at least) and not like the idiot the writers made him into. Also, Kensi treated him condescendingly like in the past. The truffles-writers where have you been?
    There was a lot of time in the episode that didn’t add to the story. This time could have been used for the main characters’ interaction. It looks like the next episode is going to be another guest star centered episode. I have not seen Deeks in any of the promos. Writers please go back to the original formula for this show.

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  14. Dar303 , I THINK (not sure it’s him) he’s in the promo by the car….very briefly. It looks like he gets injuried.


  15. Debra Gillespie // October 3, 2019 at 1:34 AM // Reply

    All right, Wikideeks is back for another season! So like discussing and critiquing episodes with the people here.
    Had several opinions/rantings after watching this episode for the second time, of which most of them have been covered already. After Chegwidden showed up in season 8, I watched several episodes of JAG and got a feeling of the characters. Although I wasn’t really interested in Mac and Harm in this storyline, I have to agree that a lot of long time JAG fans are probably disappointed on how the reunion turned out…geez, couldn’t it have ended with more closure? Hetty’s offering Harm a possible NCIS position makes me wonder if he might return as a recurrent character if a JAG reboot doesn’t happen.
    I so agree with not being happy with the Desert Deeks becoming the rambling, nervous one from Borderline and season 3’s Greed – although I had to chuckle at Wallace’s “wolves and jackals and Persian leopards, oh my! ” line. I much prefer the more competent, less babbling Desert Deeks I saw in some Frank Military episodes and with Sam and Callen present that we saw in Afghanistan, Syria and Mexico. This episode (and the upcoming episode 3 of this season) were filmed at the tail end of season 10 last spring; perhaps the filming and writing crews behind the scenes were running on fumes at that point? And Karen, I also caught the glitch about Deeks not knowing about truffles…I remember that from season 7 and found myself muttering at the TV screen, “Really? Looks like the research dept. fouled up there”.
    This will sound rather strange, but I was rather saddened when the CIA trailer unit blew up, even though it was probably important to the storyline. In an IG video from Daniela last spring, she was commenting while filming behind the scenes that the trailer was one used in the Afghanistan scenes several years ago and therefore also in the “Red” episodes. Sort of sad that a part of NCIS LA history disappeared with that blast. I know, rather a strange reaction.
    After hearing that ECO’s production company will be involved with a new series on Hulu, and that he was working on the Hetty backstory and perhaps even directing, I’m not surprised with r2c2d2’s belief that Deeks will get injured in episode 2, so that ECO could concentrate on his other projects…like Callen getting hurt last season while COD was in that golf tournament. Reading Gemmill’s teaser article concerning the upcoming episode 2 actually got me more interested than the season premiere.

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  16. Thank you Karen for your great review, I am so glad that WikiDeeks is back.

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  17. Hi Karen, I loved your review, it said exactly what I was feeling after I watched the episode. I was so looking forward to the season start after such a long hiatus and I was so disappointed. I think all of this lack of continuity with the storyline and characters is because of all the different writers and directors that are used each season. I would be so happy if Frank Military wrote every episode. I think Deeks was hard done by in this episode, his competence and the important role he plays in every episode was thrown to the wind. Sabatino as a character have never warmed to, especially after The Mole, part of a rogue CIA group who nearly killed Kensi and held a gun to Hetty’s head. never think of him as a good guy.
    I am looking forward so much to the rest of the season, hoping upon hope that we get more great Densi scenes and some romantic after work scenes too.
    Thanks Karen for a great review

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  18. Thanks Karen for another great review. I thought the episode wasn’t that bad, a little disjointed perhaps, but not their worst effort. The JAG part was important for remembering the NCIS roots and looking how 2 people have changed in 10 years, could have been done a little better.
    Things I don’t understand about NCIS LA. The need to demean the Deeks Character for humor, Three Hearts episode, missed Densi opportunities seasons 2-5, the entire season 9, the need for cliff hanger episodes (83 million peeps watched the who shot JR episode on Dallas IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN EVER AGAIN), CBS had the chance to have a NCIS Tuesday b4 1 Chicago Wednesday Why didn’t they (I suspect Mark Harman said no) Even with all those puzzles I still DVR the show. I must be nuts.
    I think a discussion section of web site would be great I would love to hear everyone’s comments on everything NCIS LA. Not just in the episode review area.

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  19. Wow, what a warm welcome! Thanks so much for all the great comments. Can I just say that I agree with everything you all said about the show? And welcome to some first time commenters as well. It’s wonderful to see new names, especially after all this time.


  20. michelle mcnally // October 5, 2019 at 12:26 PM // Reply

    i agree, i don’t give a fig about the jag characters, that ship has saled. deeks is competent and funny and the writers need to show him that way. if it weren’t for deeks and hetty i wouldn’t watch the show. the four characters together with hetty in charge and miguel ferrar sp, were what made the show so special and i miss that. i love wikideeks, glad you are here. i will continue watching the show, but it seems to be that when s brennan eas in charge the show was so good.

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  21. michelle mcnally // October 5, 2019 at 12:27 PM // Reply

    sail and was


  22. Thanks, Karen, for your amazing review! I am so glad WikiDeeks is back with reviews and other features. This has always been my happy NCIS:LA place.
    Sadly the premiere has left me quite disappointed and I hope the future episodes will be better.
    I understand the perfect, ideal episode doesn’t exist, but every week I hope the authors have found new amazing ways to entertain the viewers. It can’t always be like this, but season openers should be and this one, I think, was not for many different reasons.
    I am looking forward to the rest of season 11, anyway, hoping we can see more core team scenes, some domestic and romantic Densi scenes and competent Deeks scenes (no regression to early seasons for him, authors, please…).

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  23. Great review Karen! I enjoyed the ep more the second time I watched it (probably because the first time I was trying to stay away just long enough to see the Densi scenes). I kind of liked the way we had the team (including Hetty) all over the world trying to stop WWIII, but you are absolutely right–aren’t there people who are already well-placed in govenrment and around the globe who could do such things?

    I was not thrilled with the way Deeks was portrayed and I think you hit the nail on the head as to the why. I mean, comic relief Deeks is something I usually enjoy; but as you noted, he never added anything to the team he was on, and he was clearly annoying most of them (not that I care if Sabatino is annoyed–in fact I kind of like it when Deeks gets on his nerves–but it wasn’t necessarily appropriate all. the. time. in this ep). I liked Kensi’s little comeback about the jackals, etc being more afraid of him than he is of them, but I didn’t love her “I’ve just learned to ignore it.” I don’t feel the need to see Kensi defend Deeks in these situations (how horrible would an emasculating “Back off–don’t bully my man!” be?!), but one day I’d really like to see her make a joking comment that supports him a little more.

    Re: the JAG people, I think it could have been worse but I certainly won’t miss them in tonight’s ep.

    As as aside to Karen and Debra Gillespie, I’ve always been under the impression that Kensi and Deeks never shared the truffle tasting menu at Giorgio Baldi’s. In the beginning of that ep, didn’t Deeks deny it was him who took Kensi there (because that’s the type of place you go to propose)? And at the end, Kensi said she’d made reservations for them there, but Deeks brought her home for Mama Deeks’ lasagna (and introductions) instead.

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    • Psyched I think your interpretation of the truffle menu is likely correct. But he at least heard Kensi discuss it so I’d still say the man knows what a truffle is, LOL.


      • Without a doubt, Karen! I probably should have clarified that I wasn’t “arguing” that point. Obviously whoever the writer was thinks Deeks is a bit of an idiot, though. :-/


        • I am pretty sure it was Deeks who took Kensi to Girgio Baldi’s. The conversation was something like this:
          Kensi: ” I had every single dish”
          Callen: ” I am impressed…”
          Kensi (standing close to Deeks now): “It was amazing”
          Callen (watching both Kensi and Deeks):”…that you had that epic meal all by yourself.”
          Kensi (watching Deeks): “Oh well, I didn’t have it all by myself”
          Deeks (watching and smiling to both Sam and Callen): “Here we go”
          Sam: “You are the man Deeks, champagne wishes and caviar dreams”
          Callen: “Spares no expense for his lady”.
          Now English is not my mother tongue and maybe there are some other meanings to the above that I am not aware of, but I am pretty sure that it was Deeks who brought Kensi to Giorgio’s.
          His comment about “it being the place for proposing” was something that just came to his mind and then he backpedalled fearing that he might have said too much in front of everybody (remember it was the time before he even pre-proposed).
          So, thinking that Deeks does not know what truffles or good sushi are is wrong on every and each possible level and I do not know what is going on with the writers when they write such stupidities at the beginning of this season (I still remember how Deeks identified the type of fish he ate in taco in one episode from 3r or 4th season – don’t remember much about the episode but I was impressed with his knowledge while eating those tacos).

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  24. *I was trying to stay awake, not stay away*


  25. Didn’t enjoy the episode.They made Deeks look and act like a idiot. All I heard was a bunch of bullying even from kensi. Deeks is fun smart very intelligent man who is witty not stupid after all he is a lawyer.Sabatiini I was hoping would die,Hetty said he was a parasite and I think he got the hots for kensi and would sabatage their marriage in a heartbeat.I preferred Deeks beating the hell out of him.The need to bring back writers who knew how to write for Deeks and Kensi.

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  26. I love Ncis La, but am struggling with the new season already, 11-1 made deeks look like an idiot and 11-2 , I didn’t understand in the least, wasn’t sure what was going on…I still think they need romance back for kensi and deeks, no hug , no kiss not an I love you..very disappointing so far…and everyone working with their partners again…I know I sound harsh but would rather watch reruns…

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    • I agree. I was watching some episodes from seasons 3&4 just yesterday, and I miss the Densi romance; Deeks, aside from looking damned spectacular, always looked at Kensi with a combination of love and total amusement in his eyes. He was totally besotted. This season, and last season, he always seems to be scowling, and when he and Kensi do have dialogue, they don’t even seem to look at each other anymore. Just ‘cause they’re married doesn’t mean they can’t still be flirty and playful now and then. A little show of affection wouldn’t hurt my feelings either, lol. I also agree that the team needs to go back to working together again. I am hopeful for next weeks episode as it was written by the always reliable Military and Gemmill, but I understand that it was filmed last Spring. I don’t know what future scripts will have in store for us going forward. Hopefully it won’t be a bunch of separately filmed scenes patched together like we saw in Decoy.

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  27. Almost hard to believe looking back at this premeire all these months later a week before the finale, and remembering how effing happy I was!!!
    I spent all of last summer watching JAG (well, 7 and a half seasons cuz I was also rewatching NCIS LA, and you can probably guess which binge took up more of my time!!), so this was a big episode for me!
    Seeing Hetty so happy, and remembering how happy she was in the few S10 episodes she was in, now just hurts when I remember how sad she’s been all this season. (with no explanation what so ever!)
    Sigh. I was so happy for this season. Now, I don’t feel sad it’s ending early, more like relieved. Mainly cuz I know just how many missed oppertunities there are!! This season could’ve explained a lot of things, instead, all we got are more questions then answers, frustrating red herrings that ONCE AGAIN lead nowhere, gotta wonder if this season was actually ‘winged’ instead of thought out carefully!


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