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What Could Go Wrong? Kensi’s Journal 5/19/2019


Talk about a day not ending the way you anticipate.  When we left LA I was glad to be joining Callen and Sam on the USS Allegiance. It’s been several years since we’ve spent any time aboard a ship and it always pleasantly reminds me of my time as agent afloat.  Plus there’s the entertainment value of watching Deeks try to find his way around!  

But then we got word that we’d be heading to Iraq to find Sabatino instead.  I could have lived a long, happy life without being stuck with him in a mobile operation center in the Middle East again.  That combination does not bring back happy memories.  The good news is that at least Deeks is here this time.  The bad news is that I’m feeling some serious hink again because my last two trips to this part of the world have not ended well for me and I still can’t shake the feeling that Deeks is “due” to be shot next since Callen took that bullet a few months ago.  

On the topic of hinky things (happy, Deeks?), how the hell did Sabatino know about the wedding?  I think my husband (don’t let any of the guys see that grin, Kens) has been slacking on the annual dusting of his digitals.  I understand why Kirkin is keeping tabs on Deeks (and I can’t really blame him—my man is worth waiting for) but what’s in it for Sabatino?  We never know what he’s actually up to, but I do know that I trust him about as much as he trusts us.  And now we’re hunkered down in an MOC with him waiting for one of his contacts to return so we can exfil two people being hunted by ISIS.  As Deeks would say, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Speaking of the love of my life, Deeks seems pretty relaxed right now with his feet up on one of the desks tapping away on his phone.  He’s probably writing some thoughts in his own journal—sorry, he calls it a surf log because it sounds so much more masculine—either that or he’s playing some game or another.  That adorable little grin just appeared on his face so he’s probably thinking about something fun, while I can’t take my mind off what might happen here next.  I really admire Deeks ability to distract himself in situations like these.  But he’ll be ready for action the instant anything happens—a necessity in the midst of hostile territory.  And given our mission, I have a feeling “hostile” is a perfect description for what’s coming.

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

11 Comments on What Could Go Wrong? Kensi’s Journal 5/19/2019

  1. Aussie Mate // May 30, 2019 at 9:26 AM // Reply

    I , like Kensi have the same opinion on Sabatino, don’t trust him. This is a rogue CIA agent who pulled a gun on Hetty (her comment to Callen before interrogating him in “Payback” was “watch him, he’s a parasite”) I couldn’t agree more Hetty, and I feel the same about Joelle, don’t trust her either, Great fan fic, we need lots of stories like this to get us through this hiatus
    Thank you, great journal entry

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    • Hey Aussie Mate, thanks for your comment. I’m pretty sure no one on the team trusts Sabatino further than they can throw him–I seem to remember them cuffing him to things on at least two occasions (once in “Payback” I think). And yeah, Joelle is on my don’t-trust list too–can you imagine her and Anna down in Mexico together? I bet that makes Callen more than a little nervous!


  2. Great job! I agree with Kensi, I hope Deeks (or anyone for that matter) doesn’t get shot, though it may be his “turn.” It seemed at one point that Deeks grabbed his arm at one point but I could be wrong or it may have been something else, that scene was so chaotic.

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    • Thank you r2d2c2! I mentioned in a previous journal entry that Kensi was a little worried about Deeks being the next one on the team to be shot. Since we know a major shootout was coming, I figured it was a good time for Kensi to think about that again. Even though we don’t hear her talk about it much since they returned from Mexico, I believe she is thinking more about when to leave NCIS, and where better to express that than in her journal?

      By the way, despite what Kensi wrote in her journal about Deeks being shot and not trusting Sabatino, I had the sudden thought not long after the episode aired that Sabatino would actually take a bullet for one of them (could be his “turn” too since he was shot in Afghanistan *shrugs*).

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      • True about Sabatino, it may be his turn, who knows! Not that I want any of them hurt, but after all the crap he put the team though, he could pay it back.


  3. sassyzazzi // May 30, 2019 at 5:45 PM // Reply

    I am with Kensi , it seems reasonable to be joining the team on the USS Allegiance, but not a good idea and not very safe to be in Iraq with Sabatino. Nicely done!

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    • Yes, Sassy–seeing Sabatino dressed in his Middle Eastern garb cannot have brought back good memories for Kensi. I’d like to think that in some unseen moment during their down time in the MOC Deeks (after he was finished writing in his surf log) quietly asked Kensi how she was holding up in light of that. Hmm, I wonder if I can work that into a drabble? 🙂

      Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful comments!


  4. Never liked Sabatino, very untrustworthy. Maybe this is not the place to say this, but why were they sent into enemy territory? Maybe they were looking for a cliff hanger, but it was a disappointing end to the season. This is not to take away from the wonderful job you did with Kensi’s Journal Psyched. You’re the best. wikiDeeks forever.

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    • Thanks so much, ewaguy! I actually like that we (and the team) never really know if they should trust Sabatino. There’s no denying he’s come in handy at times, but I get the feeling he’d just as soon feed any of them to the wolves if it would work with whatever his agenda is at the time. I like that we don’t know what to expect when he’s around. And I think Erik Palladino plays him with the perfect combination of smarm and charm.

      I agree the episode overall was on the disappointing side, in that it didn’t have that feel of a season finale until basically the baddies started to bust into Kensi and Deeks’ location (the tension wasn’t building for me throughout the ep leading to that shootout–it seemed more like TPTB said, “Oh this is the season finale–someone needs to be in jeopardy, let’s have ISIS pin Kensi and Deeks down.”). I agree that they did it for the cliffhanger, but I didn’t mind that. I mean, we know neither one of them is going to die, and probably not even get terribly hurt (we got that at the end of S9), but that scene was exciting and tense enough for me that I do look forward to seeing how they get out of it since they certainly seem outgunned. Oh, and once they make it out of the shootout alive, they still have to find the reporter and the former ISIS member before the rest of ISIS does and get them out of Iraq. I see a lot of potential there. Plus I really appreciate that the cliffhanger and this assignment was given to Densi and not Sallen.

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  5. Thanks for all your pages of Kensi’s Journal, Psyched, I really looked forward to them after every episode. You write so well! I wish you a good summer and see you in September for a brand-new NCIS:LA season.


  6. Thanks for your kind words, Cladani! It’s been a great experience writing Kensi’s journal since the middle of the season, and I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them. I hope you have a great summer, as well.


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