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Deeks’ strange humor: Kensi’s Journal 09.29.2019

It’s great to have Hetty back in charge! Flying home in the private jet is quite a treat, even if she’s being very secretive about why Sam and Callen aren’t with us. So I’ll just stretch out my legs a little farther and hope they come home soon. Before he fell asleep a few minutes ago, Deeks was plotting a way to get Hetty to loan us the jet when we go to Peru for our honeymoon. If anyone can talk our boss into it, my man can.

Speaking of talking and Deeks, he sure seemed to get on Sabatino’s and Wallace’s nerves today. I guess it’s a measure of how much I love him and have come to depend on his humor in even the most intense circumstances that the worst I give Deeks anymore is an eye roll when he gets overly talkative. Though I do wonder now if maybe I should have supported him more, especially in front of Sabatino, who was being a bit of an ass (but since he didn’t shoot the radiator of our car and abandon us in the desert, it was an improvement over the last time I was in the Middle East with him). Instead of telling the others that I’ve learned to ignore it, I could have assured them that it grows on you. Or I really could have messed with them and said that I find it adorable. The consequence of that comment would gone one of two ways, I think. Either Deeks would have doubled-down on the chatter because he had confirmation that I enjoy it or he would have been struck mute that I admitted to it out loud in front of colleagues.  

Another benefit to having Hetty back was that fabulous dinner (and I don’t care how much Deeks teases me about it, I will be eating my leftovers before we land). Closing down an entire restaurant so we could celebrate today’s success together is something only she could pull off and would think to do.  It was more fun than I thought it would be, especially given that Sabatino’s was the loudest of all the voices. Apparently when he has a couple of drinks in him he’s quite the storyteller. Kudos to Deeks for not making any snarky comments about all of Sabatino’s talking; I need to remember to compliment him on that when he wakes up. I’m sure he’ll try to parlay that into a visit to more private accommodations so I can show him my appreciation, but there’s no way in hell we’d be able to hide a trip to the mile-high club from Hetty. If she loans us the jet to go to Peru, though, the sky’s the limit! 😀

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

10 Comments on Deeks’ strange humor: Kensi’s Journal 09.29.2019

  1. Well done, thanks for fixing the scene with Deeks, Kensi, Sabatino and Wallace in the desert.

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    • Thanks, Sassy. I just left a comment on Karen’s review saying that even though I don’t think Kensi needs to defend Deeks in situations like these, I’d love to see her support him a bit more.


  2. alright I can appreciate Kensi’s point-of-view when it comes to Deeks and his jokes, but to me, it seemed a little out of place when they were in a strange and dangerous land, but I guess I have to blame the writers. As far as Sabatino he has a past with Deeks and especially Kensi that doesn’t make me like him very much. Having said all that a wonderful ‘Kensi’s Journal’ by one of my favorite writers.

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    • Thanks for your comments, Ewaguy! And I agree, they did seem out of place in this situation. At least the non-stop way he kept going about it. Karen made an excellent point in her review–it wasn’t so much the incessant joking, it was the fact that Deeks really contributed nothing else in those scenes that was so disturbing and disappointing. And I think you are right that it is more a matter of different writers and how each portrays the characters than anything else.

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  3. This was a great addition to her journal and the episode. Thanks for writing.

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  4. So glad you are back with Kensi’s journal, Psyched! And I agree with Kensi (and you): “It’s great to have Hetty back in charge”.
    “Speaking of talking and Deeks, he sure seemed to get on Sabatino’s and Wallace’s nerves today”: I agree, and I am sorry to say I would add the viewers’ nerves too (at least mine!).
    Thanks again, looking forward to your Season 11 Kensi’s journal entries.

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  5. It’s great to be back, Cladani! Here’s hoping season 11 gives Kensi (and me) plenty to write about. Thanks for your comments!


  6. I blame Deeks getting on others nerves as simply bad writing.Seems that when they have guest stars they tend to dumb down Deeks and make him the butt of bashing and jokes aimed at deeks.Would love to see kensi once in a while take up for Deeks.I hate Sabatino since he pulled a gun on Hetty and she say not to trust him that he was a parasite,I trust Hetty she can read people.He is bad news.


  7. Excellent. I like knowing that Kensi loves Deeks in all his talkativeness, even if she was maybe a little too focused on the mission to better support/defend him.


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