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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Unspoken” (S7E6)


NCISLA Case Briefing: Unspoken (S7E6)

“Unspoken” – The team searches for Sam’s former partner, Ruiz (Anthony Ruivivar), who disappears while buying a deadly explosive during an undercover operation. Written by: Erin Broadhurst and Frank Military | Directed by: Diana C. Valentine

It wouldn’t be NCIS:LA if someone wasn’t keeping at least one secret. It’s Sam who’s this week’s secret-keeper, as yet another agent’s past makes a haunting Halloween return.

“Unspoken”? Our SEAL definitely doesn’t want to talk about something. However, when a Navy-related crime is involved, that’s not really an option. When it involves a personal connection, the stakes are even higher.

Hold up. “Sam’s former partner”? Fans may be even more surprised than Kensi- and she’s been teamed with the guys for more than six years! How did this notable fact remain concealed for so long? It just proves that everyone has skeletons in their closet.

So there was someone pre-Callen? Let’s ponder that for a moment. When? Where? Only a year? Knowing Sam’s devotion to loyalty, something is already suspect here. So who’s been with NCIS longer, and what brought Sam and Callen together as partners? (Well that was a silly question. We see you lurking back there Hetty…) It’s fairly safe to surmise fans considered Sam and Callen as “canon”/forever partners. In other realms that tease about Sam and Callen’s “bromance marriage”, some fans may now be struck by the fact Callen wasn’t/isn’t Sam’s “first wife”! LOL! This might be stretching things, but do some of you now feel like a kid who just found out their parents had been previously married?! Kudos to the writers, the newish Erin Broadhurst and well-seasoned Frank Military, for creating and pulling this out of the NCIS:LA vault!

Adding complexity to our thoughts and feelings from this revelation is the trait of the former partner, Mark Ruiz, being/having been an addict. How did this develop? Addicted to what? The teasers already point to Ruiz potentially being a traitor. Topping all of this may be the almost unbelievable accusation of Sam having uncharacteristically “betrayed” his partner? In what way? It sounds as if there may be as many revelations about Sam as his long-lost partner. What a juicy story for Director and NCIS:LA alumna Diana Valentine to exercise the dramatic skills of Mr. LL Cool J.

Both Sam and viewers should anticipate a winding path through this story. The guest list includes two additional “Ruiz” characters. In speculating a compounding family component, this would definitely complicate the situation even further for our devoted family-man. Break the law, you’re in trouble. Jeopardize a family and may there be mercy on your soul when confronted by Agent Hanna. Is Sam being “tricked” to consider the worst in his former partner, or will he be rewarded with an unexpected “treat” of good news in the end?

Deeks’ Week:

“I’m just sayin’; people change Sam. Especially when they’re in deep cover.”

What’s that, Detective? Known as the team member with an expertise in longer, deeper covers, these words sound rooted in personal (and unpleasant) experience. If viewers are looking for clues related to the IA investigation, their search may be over with this utterance. Oh, Deeks…. What happened to you? Or worse, what did you do?!

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3 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Unspoken” (S7E6)

  1. What a great briefing, Gayle. So many questions raised! The sneak peek with Sam and the briefing is stirring up my curiosity. I am really stoked abou finding out more about Sam’s past and Deeks comment about going undercover too long….yikes…it sure sounds like a clue about his IA investigation.


  2. If they make it that Deeks did something bad I will be furious. We have come to love him as a good honest cop. They cant change his character overnight.


  3. In regard to Deeks comment. We have come to love him as a good honest cop. I really hope they dont turn his character around overnight and make us believe that he did something awful. I really will be furious with the writers!


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