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Review: NCISLA “Come Back” (S7E14)


Gone are the days of denial, hiding kisses and meaningful smiles from their colleagues and no longer having to live in fear that their friends may discover their clandestine romance. Once their secret was revealed to the world and they were all in, Densi for the most part has been successfully walking a romantic tightrope, keeping their partnership at work professional while nurturing their love affair in private. So I guess I was a bit surprised when Kensi announced excitedly to their teammates the next step in their relationship: “We’re moving in together!”  When Kensi said she wanted to be bold with Deeks, I suppose this is what she had in mind. No more secrets from friends and family or from each other. This is going to be a totally transparent relationship. That’s why I was particularly looking forward to this episode to see what happens when you throw an ex-fiancé into the mix (again!) and stir vigorously! There were no big explosions going on… just little mini earthquakes of the heart. It’s great to see Erin Broadhurst flying solo for the first time and she has given us a first rate script and a Densi-centric episode at that! What more could Densi fans want??

More Trouble For Jack

I can’t ever remember NCIS:LA kicking off an episode with a Hetty action sequence. As soon as I saw that diminutive figure I knew it could only be one person. Matthew Del Negro returns to the show as Jack, Kensi’s mysterious ex-fiancé and he’s in trouble again. This time he needs Hetty’s help. The former White Ghost is trying to prevent a list of antiquity sites from being sold to the highest bidder, which could include terrorist groups looking to raise funds for their covert operations. Now he’s being targeted by the very person he was helping in Afghanistan and…. Surprise! Kensi and Deeks are sent in as protection detail to keep Jack safe. Let’s just say it was another well-kept Hetty secret that catches them by off guard. Even Sam questions Hetty’s reasons for holding back personal information from the team and sometimes not for classified purposes either. As Densi listens to Jack’s story, there’s a slight uneasiness in the room as the former lovers try to reconcile their feelings for each other. Deeks is noticeably nervous and feeling a little bit self-conscious as he tries to gauge what’s going on his partner’s mind. Although Deeks trusts Kensi implicitly, he has a right to be apprehensive. After all, Kensi and Jack have a history together and despite her assurance she’s fine, Deeks knows she won’t get any closure until she’s able to talk to Jack.

Stop the Violence

Hetty sends Granger to debrief Jack who doesn’t seem all too pleased to see him. Jack is still having nightmares about Afghanistan and I wouldn’t be surprised if Granger isn’t part of some of those nightmares. Granger insists on knowing why he had to fly 8,000 miles to meet Hetty over a list of antiquity sites. Jack admits there’s an important reason he needs the government’s help, which has to do with patriotism but not for his former homeland. He wants to protect the Afghani people and country he has adopted and also to stop the violence that threatens to tear it apart.

On the rooftop, Kensi is able to convey to Deeks what happen during her time with Jack. You can tell there was a lot of pent up emotion inside the agent as she tells the new man in her life what it was like to live with the sadness of not being able to help Jack in his time of need. It’s rare when we see Kensi cry so you know this has got to hurt. Deeks advises her to talk to Jack. He knows what it’s like to keep all that emotion bottled up inside. But surprisingly it’s Deeks who is awkwardly forced into a heart-to-heart talk with Jack and finds out what’s really important in the other man’s life. Their discussion about Kensi’s lack of neatness was typical guy banter as only two men who love the same woman can share. But what we really find out is that Deeks and Jack have more in common than just Kensi. They are still both suffering from PTSD going back to their time spent in Afghanistan and Deeks is worried that his own nightmares will haunt Kensi as well after they move in together. Jack advises Deeks without jealousy or ennui. He just wants the best for Kensi and it was reassuring when he turns out to be Densi’s champion. This was a great scene and one I wasn’t expecting. I loved the way the two talked about their experiences, including Deeks use of torture in Afghanistan. Kensi’s love brought them together in a very non-threatening manner and she finally gets to have her talk with Jack at the end. I’m not sure they totally resolved their past differences but it’s nice to see that Jack could give Densi his blessing when all was said and done.

A Tale of Two Men

The final action scene was one of the best ever created by the show runners. Although I knew Kensi would be saved, I wasn’t so sure about Jack and I was on pins and needles waiting for the team to arrive and rescue them. It was such a moment of relief not only for the team but for Jack too as Hetty hands him a phone to talk to his loved ones who are safe and unharmed back in Afghanistan. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed as well. I thought this would be a Densi episode or at the very least an episode about Jack and Kensi but it actually turned out to be a tale about two men who love the same woman and the reason why she means so much to them. This was also a story about appreciating what you have before it’s too late and not taking anything for granted. Deeks got that message loud and clear. This turned out to be the perfect episode for me because it came with so many special Deeks moments. It will definitely rate as one of my top five favorite NCIS:LA scripts. Nice work Erin Broadhurst, you’ve done us proud, girl!

Memorable Moments

  • Eric just makes you laugh out loud sometimes:  (Eric:  Your final destination is Hetty’s office… that’s a puppy free zone.)  I bet it is!
  • Why does Callen get so much joy in teasing Sam about his mathlete standing? Could it be Callen was a poor student or does he just like seeing Sam squirm? I suspect the latter.
  • Indiana Jones-Jones? Nell brings her deductive skills to a whole new level. For some reason I can see her with that whip in her hand. Watch out Beale!
  • Kensi is still holding a grudge against Hetty and questions her reasons for how the agency used Jack to accomplish their mission. I’m glad that Kensi is still holding Hetty accountable for her actions; it keeps the old girl on her toes. But the hug was a nice touch. Momma bear knows how to pacify her cubs.

Densi Moments

  • How cute were Kensi and Deeks as they tried to find the words to tell their friends they were moving in together? Not very impressed with Callen and Sam’s reaction though. (Callen: I thought you were already living together.) But maybe this means they have totally accepted their romance and are comfortable with their love affair. But from the embarrassed expression on Deeks face, I’m not too sure.
  • What a perfect kiss to end the show! I’ll be remembering that for a long time to come. I loved the way the door framed the couple as the camera pulled back. What a great piece of romantic directing (if there is such a thing) from Eric Laneuville. (Kensi:  We can always make time for noodles. Always!)  Aww….Just perfect.

Deeks Moments

  • Deeks:  Did you see that look?  I just got the ‘do not say anything inappropriate’ look.  Jack:  Oh, yeah. I know that look.
  • My favorite line of the night?  Deeks:  I’m going to go talk to Granger about my feelings.  (Now why do I think this was undoubtedly an ECO adlib?)

Just when we get some momentum going we’re back to another rerun and will have to wait another week for a new show. Make sure you come back for Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. You know they will have a lot to say about what happened in this episode. We have a new Edit of the Week too. Next week wikiDeeks stays busy with our bi-annual Roundtable Discussion and a post episode fanfic for “Internal Affairs” by Sweet Lu. You really don’t want to miss all of that! See you soon…

Episode: “Come Back”
Writer: Erin Broadhurst
Director: Eric Laneuville
Original Air Date: January 25, 2016


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20 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Come Back” (S7E14)

  1. I enjoyed this episode but I have to say I expected more and the storyline was a little weak. Deeks was so supportive to Kensi which you would expect and there was no jealousy at all from him. Deeks & Jack got along quite well. I was also surprised to hear Deeks tell Jack (and that he knew. How?) he still has nightmares about Afghanistan but that he would do it all over again to get Kensi back to him. I just loved the ending and hope that we see more of Deeks & Kensi at home together. I was also expecting Deeks & Kensi to say something to Hetty about blindsiding them with not telling them about Jack before they left. Hetty never explained to them why she wanted them to take the assignment or be concerned about how it would affect them or perhaps she feels that Deeks & Kensi are solid and knew they would be okay. Sometimes I like Hetty and other episodes I want to strangle her. I will be forever grateful of how she helped Deeks in Internal Affairs. The episode I think was more about Kensi getting closure on Jack and moving on with Deeks which she clearly has. The show has dealt with both of their pasts now (Deeks in Internal Affairs and the secret and now Kensi with this episode). They are so in love with each other and have shown they can overcome anything. I want a Deeks too! The show is doing a wonderful job of writing for Deeks & Kensi this season. Season 7 finally starts in Australia next week! Yay!! (Although I have seen them all online and through a friend sending me DVD’s)


  2. Thank you for the review Diane!

    Obviously we’re all on the same page here-the one where we’re grateful about another Densi-centric ep!!Starting to think this season’s gonna rate as one of my faves-don’t really know if I’m right but I think we haven’t seen so much Densi since…(season 5?)…Love it.(guess they figured fans want to see more of that along with the gun fights)

    Back to the ep,I have to say as much as I loved the announcement part in the beginning,I wasn’t so fond of Deeks’ hesitation-at first I was like “hey,but he’s been crazy in love with her in like forever,shouldn’t he just love the idea of her living in his house???”)but then,it occurred to me that he’s just scared- scared of so many things(PTSD,will this arrangement work,am I going to ruin this,will I lose her?)so I…relaxed.
    Scenes with Deeks and Jack were really precious,great writing there,not so scared about Jack though in the-yes,I agree-great fight scene!(I’d seen the hugging photos😉).Oh and I loved the signs of worry on Deeks’ part when they finally arrive to save Kensi.There’s been moments on the show when I’m like “ahem…shouldn’t someone show they’re happy to be alive?I mean,ok,it might be routine for them but then again …it’s never really routine almost losing your other half!”.

    I could go on forever but I ‘m just gonna say the ending is up there with the best Densi endings (we all know what those are!)…Kensi not saying anything in words,just grabbing and kissing her loving boyfriend who’d just spent a day being a model of kindness,understanding and dignity-I loved her gesture of love and giving thanks and kinda knowing he’s real “good” for her…And then the framing,and her being in his arms,and then standing at the tip of her toes to kiss him and the “always”comment…Ugh,they’re killing me.

    Loved,loved,loved it.


  3. I also loved this episode – and the tweets writer Erin sent out overnight!

    I was fine with Callen and Sam’s reactions to their living together announcement. I think they just had assumed the relationship was on that path for a long time. It was cute, though, that Eric was so excited for them.

    Although everything stated above by Diane, Chris and Donna Marie was excellent, I think my favorite thing about this episode (and last week) is that the writers really seemed to know the characters’ back stories. I never got pulled away from the action as my brain said “What? That isn’t right.”

    I hope Erin B writes many, many more scripts. I think I would even trust her with Brandel, M and Deeks, M.


  4. Loved the episode. I agree fully with the comments above. IMO the tension between the 3 in the apartment at first was so evident it could be cut with a butter knife… then Jack’s mention of his new wife and family just took all the emotional tension away. The interactions among the three were fantastic… Deeks telling Kensi to talk to Jack and get her feelings out so she can move on (with him, naturally), Kensi’s discussions with Jack (although I agree with others that “breakup” is not the correct term – he walked out on her. period), and then Deeks and Jack… I loved Kensi’s glance that both of the guys understood perfectly, their discussion of her messiness, and then her comment that she was never going to leave them alone again. The boathouse scene was fantastic… as was the kiss at the end. Finally Deeks put his arms around her when kissing. Cupping the face is sweet, but holding each other was making it real. And then Kensi got the last word.

    I also thought that Deeks, nervousness, if not fear, came through clearly. In the opening scene, Kensi appears to be much more enthused about the new living arrangement than Deeks does; when Deeks tells Jack that they are moving in together, Jack senses his fear, brings the Afghan experience up in relation to his PTSD, and gets Deeks to face his fear. Great – Deeks can no longer hide behind a cheesy or slightly improper joke… this season he has had to get serious several times (ECO does a great job). And it is clear that Kensi is the dominant one in this relationship!

    I also thought Sam and Callens’ response to the impending moving in was appropriate… while we knew they were not officially sharing a house up to this point, in the story line the other two did not… they have been coming in together and leaving together and they left the boathouse together during “Command and Control”. Would be understandable, given that Densi have been very discrete, that Callen assumed they were living together; the unwritten rule has been “Keep home and work separate and no PDA in the workplace (OK, they haven’t been real clean on the second part).

    Story line – what story line? This was about the complex relationship among Kensi, Jack, and Deeks and somewhat the continuing manipulation by a certain Ops Manager. The cops and robbers was just the vehicle. And Erin Broadhurst did a fantastic job of writing and resolving the situation so that Densi can move forward. The directing was great and allowed the script to work fully. I would agree that this has to be among the top five episodes in the series… right up there with “Humbug”. I think this is one I will watch several times.


    • I think that Hetty is more supportive of Densi than what we might realize. Sending them into the situation with Jack was her way of having Kensi get the closure she needed with Jack, as well as Deeks realizing that Jack is not competing for Kensi’s affection.

      The fact that she did this blind-sided would have eliminated any objections or pre-formed ideas that either Kensi or Deeks might have had. Hetty had a higher purpose in mind, and it worked!

      I have already watched the show twice, and I am still enjoying it. You could almost smell the sunshine and gunpowder in the air during the final scene!


      • I agree dekay11,. Hetty worked her voodooto get Kensi closure. You said it so much better than I did😄 I’ve watched twice as well and ready for more.


  5. Thanks for your review.

    That was a good solid episode and in my opinion it had more than one important moment for everyone.
    What I especially liked was that all the characters seemed very in character. We know that depending on different writers’ tastes and ideas, sometimes characters are portrayed differently and they often seem to act weird or very far from canon. This can be a little frustrating.
    The fact that this time the author was very careful to take notes and “study” past episodes is for me an added bonus to an already brilliant episode.

    If we thought that Deeks and Kensi moving in together was the highlight of the episode, we soon had to realize it was not. And it was not because the other members of the team, Callen and Sam, seemed quite cold about it.
    The highlight was – in my opinion – the great dynamic between Deeks, Kensi and Jack. Not one scene felt forced or unnatural.
    I can’t tell how much I liked Deeks as a supportive and understanding boyfriend. Apart from some awkward and tense moments, he soon found his balance back and recovered immediately from the initial shock to see Jack in front of him/them. He never showed a moment of insecurity. This is proof that he feels very confident in his relationship with Kensi.
    His different dialogues and interactions with Jack felt very realistic. Two men who have the same woman in common don’t have to necessarily fight or mark their territory. If it had happened this way it would have been childish and annoying, a déjà vu of schoolgirl Kensi and schoolgirl Talia fighting over Deeks.
    Jack is married and has a family to think and care about and I think Deeks, as the good and intelligent man he is, understands Jack can’t represent a threat to his relationship with Kensi and also understands that she may need some closure.
    I believe Kensi’s “All in” declaration and Deeks’ “Nothing’s gonna tear us apart” have never been more true than now.

    Then the ending scene. I was sure this writer would give Densi fans a moment to rememeber. And in the episode that marked their real start of a life together what could be better than a promising kiss to seal the deal? That moment was so sincere and so “them” that has already become one of my favorites. And I smiled out of the irony that it was “That’s why I have the rule” Kensi who started the kiss!

    Densi is progressing so well it makes me (the fangirl in me) want to hug and kiss every single author and showrunner in charge of the show decisions to thank him/her for having had the courage to explore this relationship in full. I will never ever stop being thankful for this leap of faith of theirs that, I think, is being extremely rewarding.


  6. Great review, Diane! I agreed with everything except that I was ok with Sam and G’s reaction to their announcement. From prior episode comments and knowing looks exchanged, Sam and G thought the two of them were already living together so it wasn’t big news. I actually thought their reactions were perfect. They were totally unfazed which to me meant that they already blessed the two of them together.

    Everyone before me has commented on what I too, loved about this episode. Way to go, Erin Broadhurst! I loved the attention to detail, the tie-ins to previous episodes and what we feel as canon.

    My absolute favorite scenes were all the hugs Kensi received. I am a Hetty fan although at times she has me spiitin’ mad at her moves, but I feel that this was a case where she was handling Jack and after seeing how Densi has been progressing, Hetty decided to fly Jack in to see if an opportunity arose for Kensi to find closure. And of course, she made sure his family was well guarded and safe. Love the foresight she has. I believe that Hetty accelerated the IA investigation to close up the loose end haunting Deeks so that he could move forward with Kensi. Hetty appears to be clearing the path of any obstacles for Densi. The hug she gave Kensi was perfect.

    And then the hug with Jack and finally Deeks. I felt unsettled the entire episode for Kensi…I felt that closure was needed but how? Deeks was so on point..when he advised Kensi to just say it. I thought Deeks was so supportive of Kensi. With all the turmoil Kensi was going through while working the case, the hugs were perfect for this episode. It was nice to see that Kensi was able to feel the love. And Thank You, Erin for the perfect ending. Let’s get movin’, we can always make time for noodles…

    This will be a favorite to watch and re-watch.


  7. I very much enjoyed the episode. Agree with the previous thoughts/posts. The only thing that bothered me a little was that no one seemed the least bit upset that Jack basically didn’t think about the consequences to Kensi (again) from telling the bad guys where he was. Yeah, he said he was going to meet them in the alley – like he really believed anyone would let him do that? I sort of wanted Deeks (or all of the team) to be a little “miffed” at him for sacrificing her yet again – kinda wanted Deeks to really RESCUE her and maybe she’d make some comment about the difference in actions between the two ‘men in her life’ at some point …the closest anyone came to being upset with him was Hetty’s little “why didn’t you believe I would take care of you” speech. But anyway, it was a good Densi story! I loved the opening bickering, but I actually wasn’t sure if Deeks was trying to talk Kensi into talking or out of talking. I kinda thought it was the first and she was trying to talk him out of saying anything when she turns away and and seems to be talking behind him sort of, so he just “went with it” and forced her hand??


  8. One thing I wanted to know was how did Jack know about Deeks torturing that blind man in Afghanistan? It was interesting (but not suprising because our lovable Detective has a conscious) to learn that he has nightmares about what happened over there. All in all it was a good Densi episode. We have been lucky this Season!


  9. This was a great review of a great episode. As you said Erin Broadhurst delivered a first rate solo script and it was an awesome Densi script. I really liked that Erin seems to watch the show and do her homework so that we had tie ins to previous episodes. I also thought she did an excellent job of portraying the characters as adults having adult conversations. I think a certain male senior writer for the show could learn a lot about writing good relationship episodes from watching this . I thought it was brilliant that it was written so that Jack had remarried; it was such a great scene because ECO played it so well, as soon as Jack said that, all of Deeks body language changed and relaxed and from that point on , we were watching the closure of Kensi and Jack and the forward motion of Deeks and Kensi. Of course , the end scene , with the Densi kiss made the episode absolutely perfect. I surely hope we see more scripts from Erin.


  10. Am I really the only one on earth who picked up on the noodles thing?? At the end they have time for noodles. Deeks mentioned way back that Noodles was his safe word. Season three maybe? Someone please please please write me some fanfic about it… Or at least acknowledge that Noodles is clearly not talking about food?

    But yes, good episode. Would have liked to see a bit more interaction between Kensi and Jack… But it’s a crime show not a Densi romance show. Boo.


    • Nice catch there! I would say you’re right. They are clearly not talking food! Lol.


    • Noodles. Makes so much more sense now. I found the reference, season 4 Kill House, unless some knows of an earlier reference.

      Great episode. Loved it all. I’m away kn a business trip so I’ll have to wait until next weekend to rematch the whole episode again from the DVR.

      Great review. Thanks Diane.


  11. I didn’t get the noodles reference, duh.

    I liked the episode, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked everything Kensi and Deeks, but I just don’t like Jack. I think he is lame and I don’t feel anything for him. I really don’t believe Kensi would be with him. I just don’t see it. I also didn’t like the fact that they glossed over Hetty’s manipulative behavior and that they portrayed the end of Kensi’s relationship with Jack as a break-up. He abandoned her.


    • The Jack that Kensi fell in love with was not the Jack that came back mentally damaged from war. I can just see Kensi falling in love with the Marine that went off to fight for his country just like her dad. He’s no longer a patriot for this country and probably far from the man he once was..good or bad. In terms of wether he abandoned her or broke up with her, you and I weren’t in that room. It was a choice of words in my opinion. Neither one would have been very pretty considering his state of mind and as hard as it was I doubt if Kensi was surprised deep down inside.

      I also think Hetty was called on her actions by both Sam and Kensi but in this case I understand why she did what she did. There was no time to negotiate with Kensi if she wanted to protect Jack. I can just see her saying no to Hetty. Whether or not Hetty had any right to force her into it has always been the way she a mother hen instead of her boss. She though it was time for Kensi to face the music. But this is why I love the old girl. She always makes thing interesting and we wouldn’t have anything to talk about if she was indifferent or by the book. Remember Hetty saved Deeks’ ass by secretly going against the rules. I don’t think she waited for anybody’s opinion then either.


    • Better late than never?
      I was Deeks safe word in “Kill House”.
      DEEKS: Again expressing a bit of fear about this op, earnestly Do we get a safety word?
      SAM: Simply What do you think?
      KENSI: Seemingly dismissively, yet simultaneously mocking This isn’t one of your bondage sessions, Deeks. (Uh, Kensi…?!)
      DEEKS: Laughing She’s kidding, turning serious but if you hear me yell “noodles”, that means I’m in trouble.
      CALLEN: Factually If I hear you yell “noodles,” I’m gonna shoot you myself.EEKS: I was hoping for a “yes”.


  12. judy B. Wallace // August 18, 2019 at 8:16 PM // Reply

    I can’t wait for NCIS to start again!!!!!!
    Judy Wallace – Monrovia, Ca.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. So watched “Come Back” again yesterday and noticed that after the shoot out
    and Deeks helps Kensi get up from the floor the next thing you see after Jack
    is worried about his family is a picture @ 3:03 into the video is:
    Sam moving from the bedroom in front of Kensi, Callen and then Deeks.

    Then @ 3:11 the lineup is: Sam (again) moving in front of now Deeks, Kensi and Callen
    and then he puts his hand on Kensi and asks her if she is OK.

    Someone missed the scene change and moved the team around making an anomaly. Just sayin’!


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