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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Come Back” (S7E14)


Title: “Come Back”

Airing: January 25th

Filming:   December 9th to December 16th

What CBS is telling us
: “Come Back” – When Kensi and Deeks announce to the team they are moving in together, coincidentally, Hetty assigns them to protection detail for Jack (Matthew Del Negro), Kensi’s ex-fiancé, who is in possession of a list containing important contacts in Afghanistan that people are willing to kill to get their hands on, on NCIS: Los Angeles.

What we think is happening: Jack’s back (which is the name of a pretty good James Spader horror movie from the 1980’s too) just as Kensi and Deeks announce their plans to live together. Also, Hetty remains as cryptic as ever while Callen and Sam get into it with a dumb guy wielding a power drill.

Be on the lookout:

Matthew Del Negro as Jack Simon

Welcome back, Jack. Jack was last seen leaving with Khatira from the NCIS base in Afghanistan. Here’s hoping all is well with Khatira.

Jason Brooks as Sy Riggs

Brooks is three for four in NCIS related programs. Was Lt. John Ditullio in an episode of the final season of JAG, Marine Major Danny O’Donnell in the ninth ever episode of NCIS.   Outside of this NCIS universe, Brooks was Bruce in Switched at Birth, Sean Monroe on Baywatch, Thomas Gates on The Pretender and Peter Blake on Days of Our Lives.

Guest starred in episodes of The Mentalist, Revolution, Body of Proof, Criminal Minds, all three CSI’s (mothership, Miami and New York), Castle, Without A Trace, Las Vegas, The Closer, Boston Legal, The Practice, Dragnet (2003), Charmed, Early Edition, Love Boat: The Next Wave and Doogie Howser: MD.

Alex Weed as Junior

Appeared in episode of Perception, The Mentalist, Rizzoli & Isles, Wilfred, Pretty Little Liars, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Victorious, Bones, Mental, House M.D., Dirt, Malcolm in the Middle, That’s So Raven, Gilmore Girls and was in the “The Truth Is Out There” season one episode of NCIS.

Azim Rizk as Al Yasin/Driver

Voiced the character of Jake Holling /Green Super Megaforce Ranger in the Power Rangers Megaforce series and videos.

Bahram Khosraviani as Ahmed Salib

Appeared in the film “Argo” as well as a number of short films and television series.

Christopher Allen as NCIS Special Agent Luke Nelson

Allen plays a lot of uniformed personnel in television series and he has the experience. He had a career in the Air Force.

Allen showing off his badge:



WRITTEN BY: Erin Broadhurst

This is Broadhurst’s first solo script. She co-wrote “Praesidium” (with R. Scott Gemmill) and “Unspoken Mind” (with Frank Military).  Broadhurst shared the good news with our own Dr. Gayle!

DIRECTED BY: Eric Laneuville

This is Laneuville’s second episode this year, directing “Citadel” earlier in season seven. His other episodes include “Partners”, “Purity”, “Allegiance” and “Savior Faire”.


Insider Intel: No news this week.

Official Photographic Evidence:

Unofficial Surveillance:

Miguel Ferrer notices how quickly the season is passing:

Episode’s writer Erin Broadhurst found the filming of he episode was also passing quickly:

Looks like Hetty may be in the thick of things – Linda Hunt had a stunt woman for the episode:

Renee Felice Smith is waiting to be in the thick of things:

Erin Broadhurst and guest star Matthew DelNegro shared a Twitter conversation about the episode:

No member of the guest cast posted a photo with LL Cool J photos this week. Instead, LL Cool J on the set, in a car and ready to work:

Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peek #1:

Sneak Peek #2:

Sneak Peek #3:

That look between Kensi and Callen along with Deeks’s “cryptic” comment – they all know Hetty is up to something – just not something this big.

Sneak Peek #4:

Probably on the list of 100 people Kensi and/or Deeks thought would be the person they were protecting, Jack Simon would have probably slotted in around 2,712.

We’re off next week – a rerun of “Active Measures” to likely remind us about all things Russian, including the missing Arkady, before returning on the 8th of February with the first of the two-part Russia storyline.



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

15 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Come Back” (S7E14)

  1. Thanks Tess for doing this. It was nice to get 4 sneak peeks, three of which involved Densi. I am looking forward to this episode, I surely hope , “it does not disappoint”.


    • The non-Kensi-and-Deeks sneak peek was rather entertaining. I always enjoy the team dealing with a stupid but confident criminal. I hope the episode gives Kensi some closure. While Kensi saw Jack in Afghanistan and was held hostage with him, I doubt there was any real time for her to deal with her past – too busy struggling to stay alive. Deeks seems properly supportive throughout the clips in the promo. Writer Erin Broadhurst has been part of two really good episodes. I’m looking for a three-peat.


  2. If they mess with Densi I will be furious!


    • I think this is an opportunity for Kensi to find some peace with a big part of her past. Kensi’s journey through the show includes finding her father’s killer, resolving her relationship with her mother, moving past her fears of losing people and moving on with Deeks. Jack is the last part of that – the last matter that remains open. Deeks seems to be supportive of her finding some closure. I think they’re solid, Deeks just wants her to be happy.


  3. I have only to say I hope this episode won’t make me wish Agent Blye had taken that shot…
    Thanks for your preview as always.


  4. Thank you for the great preview! The work that goes into this site is incredible and I’m very appreciative of all the effort that goes into it for us fans!
    Cladani and Donna Marie you two make me laugh!! 🙂 I’m hoping for a really good, even great, episode. Closure is always a good thing; or I should state, I hope that’s what happens, find closure, move on, move in and rock on!!!


  5. Lots of last minute additions. What looks to be a lovely photo from Eric Christian Olsen’s Instagram account:


  6. A little fellow show writer’s love for Erin Broadhurst from Kyle Harimoto:


  7. Finally, a word from JPK:


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