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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Matryoshka” (S7E15)

NCISLA MATRYOSHKA_4NCISLA Case Briefing: Matryoshka (S7E15)

“Matryoshka” – In order to locate Arkady in Russia, the NCIS team goes undercover with his daughter, Anna (Bar Paly), at a gala in Los Angeles to gain access to the Russian Consul General’s computer, on part one of a special two-part episode of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Feb. 8 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Written by: Kyle Harimoto & R. Scott Gemmill | Directed by: Dennis Smith

An unsanctioned mission abroad involving a “friend of the team” with a connection to one of their pasts. Yep, that sounds just like our NCISLA. Of course the title always hints at what’s to come. Not fluent in Russian? No problem! This week refers to those enchanting nesting dolls. Immediately thoughts drift to how many “layers” and similarities may exist as the team works their way to the core of this assignment – & what may await them at the center….

So Anna’s back, which likely only compounds their efforts to find their dear friend, the animated Arkady. Luckily for all of us, the unpredictable Vyto Ruginis resumes his Ruski role! This man is unquestionably endearing to the fandom in his opposing personality compared to Callen and as Sam’s greatest annoyance!

Another intriguing name lurking among the guest star list is Ravil Isyanov. Who? This doesn’t ring a bell? Then let’s try his character’s name: Perhaps Anatoli Kirkin sounds more familiar! Which member of the team might have to change into a state of considerable undress in a Turkish bathhouse this time?! Apparently none since Kirkin is somehow being held in a shipping container? What is going on?! 

Operation Black Tie? The promo indicates overdress rather than undress as Callen and Anna attend a formal event, presumably at the Russian Consulate. Who among us doesn’t appreciate a finely-attired federal agent? Perhaps Chris O’Donnell took inspiration from his famed co-star Al Pacino’s memorable tango in their time together filming “Scent of a Woman”? Yet, keeping to the crime-drama aspect of the show, it’s easier to predict Sam – & server Kensi – needing to trade their bow ties for bullets!

Keeping to the “bow ties and bullets” visual, and as a Deeks-focused site, let’s take a moment to appreciate whoever was responsible for this outstanding costume choice: Deeks. In. A. Tux. Perhaps Deeks took a note from DiNozzo’s Tom Ford reference. Regardless of how this came about, we are immensely grateful! (And feel free to repeat this offering anytime!)

With this being a “Part 1 of 2”, what type of cliffhanger might we and the team have to endure? The action aspect of this episode features a chase scene ending with the realization Anna was their target. Why was she tracking the team? Did she take Kirkin hostage and was returning to check on or collect him? Was she trying to lure the team away from the shipping containers &/or Kirkin? Is she being forced to endanger the team in order to keep her father safe? How significantly is Anna harmed by the resulting end of the chase? Is this prior to or following their operation at the Consulate? So many questions from such a brief scene! (And did anyone else have visions of the “Biker Barbies” from the Siderov storeyline?)

What type of information is on the Consulate computer needed to locate Arkady? Will the team create an international incident? Apply their keen super sneaky agent skills? Force Hetty to pull some inconceivable “strings” from home? Will Arkady make the team’s effort smooth as Russian vodka or more challenging with some ill-timed & poorly directed grandiose declarations?

Deeks’ Week: The men of NCIS are about to put on a show! We haven’t been blessed with this since boarding the Queen Mary in Season 2’s “Anonymous”. Perhaps GQ needs to create a federal agent edition. Separately, does anyone else have sudden visions of an awkward pairing with Kirkin?! Haha! Will the entertaining liaison complain about the “noose” around his neck or flaunt how (even more) stunning he appears? And how might Kensi react now that their ‘ship has so thoroughly advanced?

As the show shifts to the back-half of the season, all indications point to the focus centering on Callen’s past and an upcoming negative situation for Sam. So as the team jets off to Russia, Deeks will likely fulfill his role as dependable and supportive team member. Remember, every successful team needs strong followers just as much as a good leader! Something about “Teamwork makes the dream work….”

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3 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Matryoshka” (S7E15)

  1. Thanks for your case briefing.
    In this episode I really look forward to the gala, they all seem so elegant and beautiful and I’m sure it will be a nice change from the usual jeans and t-shirt.
    At the same time I’m quite excited for the plot since this will be the first part of the Russian arc where we’ll learn what G stands for after so many years.


  2. Wow! Great briefing, Gayle! Any Harimoto/Gemmill effort should be exciting to watch.. Always a treat when these 2 team up. A two parter!
    Love when the team goes formal. I watched the 2 sneaks first and Deeks looks awesome, as do G and Sam. Sam was really charming😄 The formal affair looks beautiful. And Callen will finally find out what G stands for. Yay! My guess would be Gregorio. Always a good episode when Arkady shows up.
    Looks to be an exciting episode(s).


  3. The guys look great but that tiny red dress makes her look out of place like a prostitute. Sorry but they should have dressed her appropriately!


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