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Back at it – Deeks Surf Log – 3/24/19

Sunday, March 24, 2019

This all still feels like a dream. I walked into work today… with my wife! Alas, it was still work – definitely not a dream! Especially when Rogers decides to throw a “performance evaluation” at us. And these things are supposed to be quarterly? When are we going to actually get our work done and collaborate as a team? Does this guy not understand crimes and cases aren’t timed and scheduled? More importantly, where did Hetty go?!

As for my “performance”, this dude definitely did not realize he was being played. I could have spun that story for well over my designated hour. Does my file not scream master undercover detective? This gift of gab certainly came in handy today. Yet, there it was again, the now age-old issue of LAPD vs NCIS, detective vs agent. Why do I have to choose? It’s been working fairly well for the last NINE years! And as long as there’s no reporting responsibilities between me and my bride I’m pretty sure we are clear of any official violations. Whatever. That’s an issue for a different day.

Poor Eric. How long is it going to take him to get used to Nell’s field work? If all that happened with Kensi, we’d just call it an ordinary Tuesday.

Speaking of Mrs. Blye (I think that’s what she decided to go with?), turns out there was no need to be concerned with our proximity and human desires. There’s no issue when we’re on different sides of the city. She’s always been so much better about compartmentalizing her feelings than me. So yeh, maybe I was projecting my longings on her this morning. If I had my way that honeymoon would have extended into eternity. On that note, we’re settling in to watch the wedding/reception video. Apparently I’m supposed to be the lookout for Sam at the reception? We’ll see… all I want to do is resume the honeymoon!

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Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

4 Comments on Back at it – Deeks Surf Log – 3/24/19

  1. Very nice Surf Log Gayle.This think with Rogers and his Performance Evaluations is a joke and Deeks would have easily run out the hour. This team actually can run without supervision and Rogers is really nothing but a pain in the butt. Deeks loves Kensi so much he has a hard time keeping his hands off her at work although Kensi is the serious one here and won’t allow it. Thanks again Gayle.


  2. I bet all Deeks wants to do is resume the honeymoon. From the very few details they have shared, it seemed a very interesting week for the newlyweds! But now they are back to work and should be as professional as ever, keeping their hands off each other. After the little distraction of going “All in” in a very crowded ice rink, they have both proved they can make it, so Deeks shouldn’t worry too much.
    Thanks for this nice page.

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  3. michelle mcnally // April 2, 2019 at 5:36 AM // Reply

    i realize this gives away my age, but come on, remember the promo picture mr and mrs deeks. how about kensi blye deeks. why isn”t she wearing her ring.?

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