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We Need a Plan! Kensi’s Journal 5/15/22

I’m so glad Callen is finally safe from Katya and that someone dispatched that particular threat for him.  Not gonna lie though, today returned Kessler to the front of my brain.  I can’t believe that all the talk about possibly adopting Rosa and Pilar had thoughts of Kessler pushed to the back of my mind lately.  Deeks and I really have to talk about this and put something in place for when the girls (hopefully) come to live with us.  We definitely need to provide them with some training in self-defense and situational awareness, which I’d want them to have no matter what (no young women in this day and age should be without that knowledge, IMO).  But specific to living with us, we need to have a plan in case Kessler (or any other baddie we have history with) shows up one day.  To start, we’ll have to make sure they have the phone numbers of everyone on the team, come up with code words, and develop detailed procedures to use in case of emergency.  We could probably get some more ideas from Sam, because there’s no way he and Michelle didn’t have contingencies in place with their kids.  But whatever we do, I hope it doesn’t end up scaring the girls so much that they’d rather not live with us…

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