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What did you think of NCISLA “Cash Flow” (S12E04)?

This week we were gifted with not one, but two new episodes of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” What a nice way to start a week! Since “Cash Flow,” written by Kyle Harimoto and directed by Yangzom Brauen, contained a dearth of Deeks, we’re going to skip the official review to focus our energies on “Raising the Dead.” However, here are a few random thoughts on “Cash Flow”…

  • Was this the first episode to outright mention the pandemic? We got a reference to “COVID,” plus Anna mentioned quarantining with Callen.
  • Whoa, what does it say about you if you don’t like your own signature? (Actually I’ve never loved mine, and now I’m worried about what that means.) In Deeks’ case it would seem to relate directly to his feelings of low self-worth. Or, maybe it resembles his father’s signature, providing a subtle reminder every time he writes it?
  • It’s great that Callen and Anna have grown so close, but how sad that the first storyline we get about her, it’s because she’s leaving him once again. The poor guy- it seems like he’s destined to always say good-bye to people he cares about.
  • I thought that sassy/annoying young Asian women were Jordana Lewis Jaffe’s thing. I had to doublecheck the writer when the young thief kept going on and on about Fatima and Rountree’s advanced age.
  • Still, they had it coming, picking on Deeks and Kensi. I demand a push-up contest!
  • I’m intrigued by Kensi’s idea for a company of female bouncers. Assuming that’s not discriminatory, I think it has actual potential. (And what a fun idea for a spin-off, with Deeks running the business.)
  • I’m not disliking Rountree and Fatima together. I think there’s potential there, but we need to learn more about both characters, and see more vulnerability from both.

Tell us what you thought about the episode in the Comments below. And stay tuned for the “Raising the Dead” review, coming later today.

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5 Comments on What did you think of NCISLA “Cash Flow” (S12E04)?

  1. I thought this was just cheap filler. Cute moments, (I love Callanna), and nice humor, but that’s it. Just a cheap filler episode I have no desire to ever rewatch again. (which is pretty sad, considering I can still remember a time when I loved the filler episodes. But since Hetty is never around for these kind of episodes now, kind of dampens the whole episode.)

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    • I agree. No love for this episode, and certainly no love for Anna. I am always happy to see the back of her. I actually found myself playing computer Scrabble during this episode, lol. I know that ECO is at home with his newborn, but boy, do I miss him.
      I am trying, but I still can’t warm up to the new cast members.

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  2. I agree with Maria – just a filler. (Except no love for Callen/Anna from me!) In fact, it was tough to keep my attention. Now the next one, “Raising the Dead”… now that’s a different story!

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  3. I’ve never cared for Anna either.


  4. What did I think of ‘Cash Flow’? Not much. I was always told if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I’ll stop there.


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