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Review: NCISLA “Raising the Dead” (S12E05)

Expectations are always high for an NCIS: Los Angeles episode penned by Frank Military, and this week’s “Raising the Dead” was no exception. Directed by Terrence O’Hara, the episode may not have risen to the level of Military’s all-time best, but it provided the most interesting storyline of the season and delivered a gut punch of emotion courtesy of Eric Christian Olsen.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

We expected the episode’s high points to arrive courtesy of Military’s creepy bad guy and Kensi and Deeks’ reactions to him, but surprisingly, it came from a different part of the story, with the scene of Nell giving Deeks the bad news that his liaison position has been permanently eliminated. And not only that, he’s too old to be accepted by NCIS.

I cannot get Deeks’ pained expression out of my head. Eric Christian Olsen was incredible in this scene, showing Deeks’ heart break as his world crumbles beneath his feet. The scene carries so many echoes of the one from “The Debt” where Deeks is “fired,” that it felt like it had to be deliberate on Military’s part. In both scenes, his NCIS boss tells him he’s been let go and he packs his belongings and leaves NCIS to return to LAPD. He carries his box almost like a shield that prevents anyone from trying to hug him. In fact, it’s at least the third time he’s been in a bad place in the bullpen and no one has given him a much-needed hug, with the end of “The Frozen Lake” when he finds out Hetty’s taken Kensi away from him and the end of “Ascension” being the other two.

The fact that Nell didn’t hug him and that he left alone, without acknowledgment from the rest of the team, and that his eleven years of contribution and sacrifice would end so ingloriously, felt so wrong. ECO’s portrayal couldn’t have been any more perfect, showing us Deeks’ shock, his desire to make sure Nell didn’t blame herself for being the bearer of bad news, and his need to get out of the mission without making it “a big deal.”

When he turns back around to take a final look at the one place he thought of as home before Kensi herself became his home, my heart clenched. It’s this vulnerability and humanity that ECO brings to his role that makes us love Deeks so much. His pain was palpable. And knowing that he probably just sees it as the other shoe dropping, the “universe-balancing, reality-checking, soul-crushing shoe” that drops when things are too good, that he believes he never really deserved for things to work out, makes the scene all the more devastating.

His final reaction, when Nell tells him he made everyone proud, communicates so much about his feelings. Leading up to that moment, the other team members’ bugging him to turn in his earwig, even if it was standard procedure, had to make him feel somewhat unwanted and unvalued, and likely contributed to his reaction here when he learned his departure would be permanent. He almost scoffs at Nell’s words that he made them proud.

Deeks: Uh oh, mom’s home. I’m leaving, don’t worry. This is my last box.
Nell: Deeks-
Deeks: It’s fine. I totally get it. You’re just doing your job and you’re amazing and I love you, and I’ll see you at the Squid & Dagger tonight.
Nell: Deeks, I have been doing everything in my power to get you reinstated, but it’s official. The liaison position to NCIS has been terminated… Permanently.
Deeks: Wait, hold on a second, what does that mean? Are you saying that I can’t, I can’t work here anymore? Like that’s-
Nell: Yeah.
Deeks: OK, well that’s, uh, Hetty?
Nell: Hetty has tried everything, exhausted all options. Unfortunately this isn’t NCIS’s purview now.
Deeks: Right.
Nell: This is all LAPD.
Deeks: It’s OK. You know, I was thinking about going to FLETC and, um, you know, becoming a real NCIS agent, which is great. It’s just frightening, I mean obviously, because then I start at the bottom of the pay scale and I lose all my LAPD pension, and now we’re about to close on a house and Kensi wants to- I wanna have a baby. We both wanna have a baby, it’s not that we-
Nell: Deeks, I don’t think NCIS normally takes people your age.
Deeks: Doesn’t normally, or never? [Nell shakes her head.] Because it feels like there should be an exception, I mean considering the fact that I was a lawyer and I spent eleven years here.
Nell: I’m pretty sure it’s never.
Deeks: Right, so-
Nell: I’m so sorry-
Deeks: You’re fine. It’s OK. I just don’t wanna make a big deal about this. If you just wanna let everybody know.
Nell: Yeah, of course I will.
Deeks: [Walks away and then turns back.] I’m gonna… I’m gonna miss this… And I think we did good work here.
Nell: We did great work.
Deeks: [Blows out breath] Alright, well, keep it up, make me proud.
Nell: You made us proud, Deeks, every day. [Deeks looks doubtful and turns to leave.]

This sequence was beautifully written. Frank Military walked Deeks through three of the four stages of grief in just a few minutes- from the denial of not understanding Nell’s words and thinking Hetty could still fix it, to the bargaining of feeling like he should be allowed an exception to NCIS policy, to acceptance. And it was beautifully acted, with ECO showing us Deeks’ mental journey while giving us a characteristic ramble and a trademark blowing out of his breath. For me, this was the most heartbreaking scene since the coma proposal in “The Queen’s Gambit.”

Silence of the Lambs Meets “The Silo”

The episode’s much-publicized main plot followed creepy bad guy Frank Kessler, played by Frank Military himself, in his efforts to harrass, threaten, and otherwise try to toy with Kensi, who had put him in prison in a case that resulted in her joining the Office of Special Projects. The interplay between the two characters definitely held my interest, with Kessler establishing himself as an enemy to be feared. But even though he landed a few figurative blows when he used “touché” and talked about Kensi’s failure to have children, Kensi Blye was way too tough to truly be affected by his words. As a result, their scenes lacked the drama I think they were aiming for. It was the big difference between these two characters and the two from The Silence of the Lambs: where Clarice Starling was young and inexperienced, Kensi Blye has seen more than her share of bad guys and wasn’t about to let this guy worry her.

Of course, one couldn’t say the same for Deeks. In scenes reminiscent of “The Silo,” Deeks desperately tried to intercede in some way to protect Kensi from what he saw as a dangerous out of state assignment. Sadly, no chairs were thrown, but Deeks did a fine job of bulldozing his way into Ops, at least until Fatima called Dad Callen on him. He could have handled the situation better for sure- I mean, the guy was safely behind plexiglass- but jeez, Fatima, couldn’t you have let Deeks listen in? In the moment, I reacted angrily on Deeks’ behalf, and I wonder if that moment will cause any tension between the two going forward. It would be interesting to see, although Deeks will likely blow it off and blame himself for overreacting (which he did).

Izabella Miko, the woman who played Kessler’s ex-girlfriend, handled her role well, planting just enough seeds of doubt to allow us to guess that she was hinky. And I do enjoy that Kessler is on the loose and bound to return. I only hope we get a follow-up where Deeks is the one he grabs as bait, allowing Kensi to throw some chairs as she races to his rescue. And that we get a resolution to this storyline faster than the still awaited resolution to “The Monster.”

Memorable Moments

  • It was fun to get to see Frank Military the Actor. We were grateful to get to interview him in 2019. He couldn’t have been any more different from the character he played. If you haven’t listened yet, I encourage you to check it out.
  • I really appreciated Sam and Rountree’s conversation about the racist comments from the FBI Agent leading the search. They handled the subject matter deftly, and it provided a great little moment of bonding between the two. Rountree is definitely growing on me.
  • Daniela Ruah provided wonderful reactions to Kessler’s various yucky statements. But it was funny- seeing her talking to him through the glass actually reminded me of her talking to Deeks through the too-large window of the bomb room in “Mother.”

I’m happy for ECO that he’s gotten time to bond with Winter, but I can’t wait for him to be back full-time. I need more Deeks!

That’s it from me. Tell us what you thought of “Raising the Dead” in the Comments below!

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46 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Raising the Dead” (S12E05)

  1. Great review Karen, this was a tough one…I had a harder time with what was going on with Deeks, as usual it seems no one gives Deeks the sympathy he deserves..and a hug from Neil, or hearing something from Kensi, callen, and seems he same as no one standing up for him about going to Mexico…I disliked Fatima when she kicked Deeks out …I am just not happy with the new actors, and I am sorry about that..I am sure they are wonderful people. But it took forever for the team to accept Deeks and with these two, they have them together on main cases.who is training them. , where are the insults and stuff they put Deeks through…And as always I would like to see more interaction on a personal level with kensi and Deeks..if, callen and Anna can kiss during a pandemic why can’t kensi and Deeks do a little something. Thank you for listening.

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  2. I was definitely creeped out by this episode!
    Am I worried about Deeks? Nope, not in the slightest (reminder: Interview on TV Line from Dani says he’s not leaving for good).
    I’m more focused right now on looking forward to the Christmas episode on Sunday. (promo pics from CBS went up yesterday, and I saw Hetty in one of them with Densi!)

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  3. Martina Pruett // December 8, 2020 at 12:53 PM // Reply

    I love, love, LOVED this episode! I love all of Frank Military’s episodes and to actually see him as the very creepy David Kessler. He did a wonderful job! I am SO looking forward to the continuing of THIS story. I may be in the minority, but just like FM, I too, love the dark stories. Especially when Densi is involved. In fact the darker the better. (For me, at least)
    About Deeks leaving OSP, that was one of the best scenes of the episode. Between Deeks and Nell. I just wanted to cry my eyes out. 😭 Both Eric and Renee did a beautiful job with that scene. If you really think about it, this could be a great segue (sp?) Into a “Deeks, M” episode. Explaining why Deeks feels when everything is TOO good something happens to tear it down. Like your review says..
    I do also believe that we they went straight up the chain of command to Director Vance or SecNev they could bypass any rules and get Deeks into FLETC, no problem…
    Well, I hope I’ve said everything I wanted to say…😊

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  4. The Topiary Cow // December 8, 2020 at 1:40 PM // Reply

    I just bought all the seasons on DVDs. I am up to Season 7, plus watching the new ones as they are shown, so I am not anywhere near an expert on this show, not having seen all the episodes yet.

    I was jazzed to find this wonderful WikiDeeks! I watch the show for one reason, to see ECO. If he is not on the show it just won’t have any magic for me. It sounds like the more experienced fans on here do not believe he will be gone, I hope they are correct, because he is the reason I watch. He is so smart (the only person who has ever used words in an audio commentary I had to look up the definition of!) and just more complex and fun to watch than all the others.

    That being said, I saw a lot more fun and chemistry between Nell and Deeks than Densi. I wish there would be more of those two.

    Not a fan of the newbies. Agree they have been give a pass unlike Deeks when he first started. For Fatima not to know how to get info from the car computers (Sam had to show her) demonstrated she was not qualified for her job as intelligence analyst.

    I want to see Deeks come back at a higher level, like boss of all of them due to his being a lawyer, not sitting being a bartender.

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  5. Great review Karen, I am worried about Deeks, What if Kessler is retaliating against kensi by using or hurting Deeks? that would be devastating. Great Episode and ECO performance was amazing as usual .

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  6. Becky Shugart // December 8, 2020 at 3:17 PM // Reply

    I really could not have said better myself Karen.Eric Olsen nailed it.You forget how good he is with drama since he is brilliant with comedy.The scene with him and Renee broke my heart.And yes i cried.I don’t like the new cast members .Bad casting imho.And when Deeks went to leave after female agent called Callen, the look that he (Deeks) gave her when he said “That was a mistake.”was chilling.Watch her face when he says that.Don’t think he gonna forget that.And yes we need ECO and more importantly the show needs Deeks back fulltime!!!

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  7. Donna l Hartle // December 8, 2020 at 3:27 PM // Reply

    I wasn’t too keen on the scenes between Kessler and Kensi. It didn’t hold my attention.

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  8. I had anticipated a scene where Deeks finds out his liaison position at LAPD was going to end, but not the turbulent emotional scene we got with Nell. It stopped me in my tracks. It was heartbreaking. Tears came to my eyes, even though I knew ECO would remain on the show. That’s how powerful his performance was. It drew me in. The two of them gave us the best scene of the season. Renee did a fantastic job, offering great balance between the two performances. She held her own emotionally against ECO, and that couldn’t have been easy. She made me believe the scene. As for ECO…it was his best scene since he read Kensi’s letter about her father’s ring in the wedding episode. I’ve missed those emotional scenes.

    Frank Military gave us the best episode of the season, but I didn’t recognize him when he showed up as Kessler, even though I did the photo illustration for the podcast and looked through multiple pictures of him. He definitely carried off the evil bad guy he had written.

    Thanks Karen, for another excellent review. Looking forward to the resolution of this cliffhanger sooner rather than later. My mind is already sorting through multiple scenarios of what might happen to our favorite character. Deeks in danger? Kensi in danger with Deeks riding to the rescue? So many possibilities. Let’s just hope Frank Military writes it. Or better yet…ECO.

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    • Becky Shugart // December 10, 2020 at 7:51 AM // Reply

      I agree somewhat.I mean he was creepy but i didn’t really feel Kensi fear.About the only thing that effected her was when he said touche.Think about her in ep “Mother” she was scared.why because of Deeks.Kessler now knows her greatest fear not be able to have a child and losing her husband.If kessler wants to hurt her then he has to hurt Deeks,sometimes your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness.Can’t wait for him to writers just better not hurt my deeks too badly.

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  9. I thought the episode was excellent and your review is right on target as usual. I see where Deeks was coming from and I would bet that eventually Hetty pulls enough strings and Deeks becomes an agent. Either that or the LAPD comes to their senses. I don’t buy Nell’s explanation. It’s not like Deeks would be a newbie or rookie agent. He’s been doing the job for 11 years and like he said, he’s an attorney. Federal agencies love to hire attorneys. He wouldn’t have to go through the entire academy like a new recruit. It’s the same in police work. Very often if you have serious credentials and you come in as a lateral transfer certain exceptions are made. You go through an abbreviated academy and your primary instruction regards the state statutes and city and traffic ordinances. Case in point: Years ago I had an agency dangle a carrot in front of me: lateral transfer, a pay raise. It was a huge honor but bottom line it was a smaller department with more politics involved and although I would have gotten a pay raise there wasn’t as many pay steps as my current situation. Plus my family wasn’t tickled pink about it. I’ve never regretted turning it down but it was a rare thing in the 80s. It’s much more common now. I think everything will work out for Deeks but this is his black moment much like the literary trope when it looks like all is lost. Interesting to see where this goes especially the Kessler/Kensi plot line.

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    • Deeks was also the first to stand up to Mosley and her rogue attitudes. I think it would be kinda funny if the old admirals pulled some strings, too, and brought Deeks back to RUN OSP. He’s shown he has the ethics to make tough calls and then stand behind them. And clearly Hettie sees something special in him.

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  10. I agree with pretty much everything here with the exception of the omissions of two scenes from the same episode. Deeks needing a hug in the bullpen and most heartbreaking scenes both need mentions of 9×23. Tbh, I haven’t even watched that episode all the way through since the week it aired cuz it gives me the heartwrenching feels so bad! The other thing that hurt for me with the scene this week is that it was Nell who had to deliver the bad news. Deeks and Nell were new to OSP at pretty much the same time, so they had that connection, plus all the times they’ve worked together over the years. I may just be a little partial to the Shaggy/Velma BroTP, lol!

    And while I’m not worried about any cast changes in regards to Deeks, I am VERY curious as to what will end up happening with Deeks’s character arc. Will they find some other way to hire him to work at OSP with the team? Will they do something else? I am impatient, and just wanna KNOW! That and his sad puppy dog face is just going to continue to break my heart until he’s happy again!

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  11. As always Karen a great view, right on point for me. I too was really annoyed by Fatima’s treatment of Deeks in Ops (how long has she been with OSP??) then to “tittle tattle” to Callen, not a sign of great team member, a little compassion on her part would be have been nice. I find her character rigid and always feels to me like she is reading her lines from a page or ipad. Rountree is a bit more fluid but can’t see them as partners somehow??
    Frank Military is a genius writer and director and have to admit he can act a bit too. His character gave me the creeps and it is going to be interesting to see when and if he pops up again in the future. Kensi handled him masterfully. It was uncanny just how much he knew about her present situation ??
    The last scene with Deeks and Nell was heart wrenching, Eric’s acting was outstanding, you have to love this character that he has created so well. I agree a hug between the two would have been nice, if Beale had been there Deeks would definitely have got one!!
    I do miss Beale and am looking forward to next weeks episode, as it does also look that Deeks situation has been resolved (I did have a thought that maybe Rogers could have come up with something for Deeks, they were lawyer buddies in Season 11)
    More screentime for Deeks is definitely in order. Winter is a very lucky girl that her dad could spend this precious time with her.

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  12. Debra Gillespie // December 8, 2020 at 10:20 PM // Reply

    I haven’t anticipated an episode on the show as much since last season’s “Mother”, after reading and hearing all the media articles/promos for this FM episode. It didn’t disappoint at all, and my emotions during this hour ran the whole gambit. Like Karen and several of the people posting here, the scene between Deeks and Nell was an absolute tearjerker – the most I’ve cried since the Kensi’s letter scene from the wedding episode, as Lindy D mentioned
    Just a few thoughts that haven’t been mentioned yet – my standard for the villains on the show has always been Janvier, another brilliant and crafty sociopath. I’m probably in the minority but I believe FM as Kessler outdid him. When he strolled through the forest singing “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” for some reason I started to get a shiver down my spine. (“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”) Hindsight is 20/20 but I believe Kessler by singing this song was giving a subtle hint of what his end plan was, especially the “I’ve a Yankee Doodle sweetheart” (Michelle). Sure didn’t see that twist at the end.
    I definitely was disappointed on how the rest of the team dismissed Deeks, but by far Sam’s attitude was the most disappointing of all. I liked his conversation with Rountree in the field here, but over three years ago he was frantic about his wife Michelle when kidnapped by Tahir and broke standard operating procedures; and he went outside the rules and the chain of command when she was in danger with Sidarov. I was expecting a little empathy for Deeks about what he was going through with Kensi, but he just gave that “take your comms out with pliers” comment. I understand how Callen as team leader had to tell Deeks to back off and remove his comms, but was Sam in such a “mentoring mode” that he forgot for a moment some of the similarities with his late wife? In my opinion he was acting towards Deeks pre-Sidarov, and I was quite unhappy with Sam.
    Rant over – I feel a little better. This episode packed quite a punch, and I’m looking forward to this storyline continuing the rest of the season. Here’s hoping the present lockdown in California to control Covid doesn’t delay filming too much, although I don’t know how the lockdown applies to the film industry, and of course, safety first and foremost..

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  13. Well Feels still has a bar to run. LAPD is not too far away
    for him to show up when they need an extra hand.

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  14. And I miss it were can I see it at


  15. Sam’s relationship with Deeks has always bothered me. How quickly he forgets that Deeks helped his wife keep her cover intact at a very high price to himself, among other things he’s done for the team. Much as I enjoy this show, there are many things about it that continue to bother me. Callen, for example, is only team leader when he wants to be. I don’t know…without Deeks there just isn’t anything much that brings me back. The heyday was when they still had Granger (RIP) and the characters showed solid, believable progression. Now? Frank Military is a fantastic writer and fine actor (although my favorite villain remains Matthias), but I don’t think he alone can save it now. Maybe if he was the show runner…

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  16. thetopiarycow // December 9, 2020 at 7:20 PM // Reply

    Hello, I am new to the show and trying to catch up via the DVDs but wondered if some experienced fans could help me out— is Beale gone? Is Hetty gone? And I know Granger is gone,sadly, and is Deeks is either downsized off NCIS and LAPD or gone, we don’t know yet? Is that right? Thanks anyone who can bring me up to speed!

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  17. Christine Jensust // December 9, 2020 at 8:31 PM // Reply

    I think all of the above comments show us that we recognize Deeks as exceptional yet not acknowledged as the great person he has become.Fatima got a motorcycle and drives up to Sam to show him and have him help her change the oil. Deeks had to turn in his keys to Hetty when he got his motorcycle. Deeks saved both Sam’s and Michelle’s life. When Sam felt bad not having Deeks join him and Callen after Kensi got sent away, he told Callen that Deeks saved Michelle’s life yet Deeks dragged Sam out of a swimming pool and revived him. He saved both of them on the roof helipad too. Has anyone else got poked fun at as much as Deeks? Yet he emerges as such an honest and loyal person. He deserves better.So many inconsistencies.
    Fatima has become a mainstay all to quickly whereas Deeks had to win over his team by putting his life on the line for them so many times. To me Fatima is nothing more than a political statement of hiring. She lacks that special spark that would make her click with the others. I actually liked Hidoko better. She really defended the whole team and even went against Shay Mosley to show her support to the others. Roundtree is going to work out just fine. When given the chance, he will fit into the “ groove” with the other team members.. Will they give him his own desk where the others hangout? It is going to be an interesting season for sure!

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  18. thetopiarycow // December 9, 2020 at 10:07 PM // Reply

    Excellent analysis, your comparison of Fatima’s free pass to the way Deeks has had to struggle and constantly prove himself, only to be disrespected at the end by someone with no experience (Fatima) and cast aside, to walk out alone without any of his former team members supporting him, was awful. I too feel Fatima is for political reasons. I don’t like her.

    Also, good point about Sam being ugly to Deeks—Sam is not the team leader and theoretically shouldn’t have the authority to tell Deeks to turn in his equipment, that is for management.

    If the writers want us to feel Deeks has been ill-used, to dislike the newcomers, to be dismayed and disappointed that after ten years of loyal service Hetty won’t get the NCIS hiring rules bent to give him a place, and disgust at the lack of support by his team after all he has done for them, they have succeeded with me, anyway.

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    • Becky Shugart // December 10, 2020 at 8:06 AM // Reply

      Kensi didn’t take up for Deeks when he was kicked out by Mosley.And Sam was a bastard to Deeks about gonna rip his comms out by pliers .Really Sam he saved your life his Sam’s wife life,hell he saved kensi granger,sam,g and sabanati when he got the heli to them to trade the prisoners to get kensi and jack back with that cleric.the writers have shown no respect for Deeks.He deserves better from Sam and G.Heck he gave G a home over the bar.He been a better friend to all of them .even Beale borrows money from Deeks and never pays him back but maybe Beale will now.Love Deeks he why i watch.

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  19. Christine Jensust // December 10, 2020 at 6:58 AM // Reply

    Deeks should be able to get his motorcycle back from Hetty since he is not working for NCIS anymore. He could sell it and use it for his new home. No one said anything when Fatima showed up with her new cycle in Episode 3 ! Sam even offered to help with the oil change. Why would Sam threaten to use pliers to pull the comm out of Deeks ear? When Michelle’s life was on the line he would have done anything to save her. He was full of rage. He went rogue when she died. Couldn’t he see the same terror in Deeks situation – a man standing in the sidelines while his wife is being told she would be raped and killed – not necessarily in that order.
    It still bothers me that when Deeks and Kensi had their first intimate encounter, She slapped his face the next day on the job because he didn’t take a shot at the bad guy who held her close to him yet , when Sam was on the roof , and Michelle was in the hands of Sidarov , she told him to take the shot and he wouldn’t do it because she was too close to the line of fire. The look on her face showed how mad she was with him.
    Deeks is perhaps the most pure and honest character of all of them. He does not even show just anger towards his teammates when they rightfully deserve it.
    As an aside – it is sort of sad that Kensi does not like being called Mrs. Deeks especially the “ Mrs. part in front of Deeks. “ He gets slammed again ! Cannot help but empathize with him.

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  20. Andree Maurais // December 10, 2020 at 10:26 AM // Reply

    Je vais écrire mon commentaire en français je suis plus à l`aise en français. J`ai apprécié votre analyse, c`est parfait. Fatima oh charmante Fatima grrr qui use d`un pouvoir qu`elle n`a pas pour sortir Deeks de la salle des opérations en le trahissant avec Callen. Qui est-elle pour donner des ordres, étant avec NCIS que depuis quelques épisodes, Deeks qui essaie tant bien que mal d`acquérir sa confiance en lui le comportement de Fatima ne lui aide pas Très bon acteur, il m`a fait pleurer, encore une fois. Quel acteur, quel talent exceptionnel, drame ou comédie, il est parfait. Pour ce qui es de son poste qu`il a perdu, la seule personne qui peut lui aider c`est Hetty. Après tout c`est elle qui est allée le chercher pour être agent de liaison, si elle ne l`avait pas fait Deeks serait encore policier et aurait toujours son emploi. Aucun autre agent a sympatisé avec lui lors de son congédiementt après tant les avoir aimés, aidés, secourus, il a maintes fois risqué sa vie pour eux, où est la reconnaissance, ont-ils considéré Deeks comme un des leurs. Une chance que Kensi a pour lui un amour sincère, elle l`aime tellement. Son projet d`achat de maison sera probablement reporté, mercure en rétrograde, deuxième soulier? Il vit également avec une immense peur et une crainte profonde pour la vie de la femme qu`il aime celle dont la vie est en danger ou peut-être même la sienne. Quel être immonde ce Kessler, il ne parlait pas il vomissait des paroles dégoûtantes, des propos dégradants. Dimanche apportera t-il un peu de bonheur à cee pauvre Deeks si désemparé et blessé. Hetty please do something. Je regardais la dernière photo celle ou Deeks soulève Kensi et je me dis ce peut-il qu`elle vient de lui annoncer qu`elle est enceinte? Pour moi dimanche est tellement loin.

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    • thetopiarycow // December 10, 2020 at 10:48 AM // Reply

      Touché! I understand and agree with all your thoughts — my written French is not so good to reply to you in that beautiful language sadly. 😦 thanks for a beautiful comment!


  21. I’m back for an episode after I read that ECO/Renee did such a good job in the scene. And they did. I imagine a huge hug when “cut” was called. Also creepy bad guy did a really good job at being creepy and bad. And the show still making political shots – nothing ever changes. I’m interested in seeing how this storyline plays out when it does.

    Much love,

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  22. I’m just going to go back to watching The Unit (at least for now). Frankly, Jonas Blaine could eat Sam for lunch… Interestingly, Frank Military worked on this show, too. It would be nice if he brought some of their sensibilities in for Sam.

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  23. Terry McQueen // December 12, 2020 at 12:23 AM // Reply

    As we have come to expect, another great review from Karen. Thank you.
    Good performances, all round in our double treat, but especially Frank Military, ECO and Dani Ruah. If POTUS can release Kessler because of ‘national security’, why can’t he issue an Executive Order for Martin A Deeks to be a special agent? Or waive the age limit for Marty to attend FLETC and qualify? I know we’ve all banged on about Marty signing those ‘damn papers’ to jump from LAPD to NCIS, but as Hetty has signed and dated at end of S2, can we not say they have been administratively lost? And Marty’s been too busy regularly saving the world as a quasi NCIS agent to follow-up on tthe ‘lost’ application?
    Come on POTUS give the guy a break. It’s well deserved and well earned.
    Whatever befalls Marty and Kensi tomorrow evening, I hope it’s resolved rather than leaving us hanging until after the New Year.

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  24. Thanks for the review, but I admit, this episode was a dud for me. I didn’t find Kessler to be much of a threat or even very creepy (part of that was Military’s acting and part was the dialogue which was too often corny), but Dasni did he usual excellent job. I just wish she’d had a better antagonist (I think Sullivan was better). I liked the Sam-Rountree scenes. I didn’t think the story was as good as most of Military’s stories.

    The scene between Nell and Deeks seemed weird. Yea, the liaison position has been “permanently” ended, but this is the second time in less than 4 years he’s been “fired,” so for her to be so upset didn’t make much sense to me. He’s not moving to Iowa.

    I realize this is a pro-Deeks page, but Deeks was out of line being in Ops, and Callen was just doing his job (he would have told anyone in Deeks’ position to leave). And in “The Silo” Callen told Deeks to stay in Ops while the team went to find the bad guy because Deeks hadn’t been able to get in touch with Kensi, so the idea that Callen disrespects Deeks isn’t true. Same with Sam. Sam wasn’t going to actually use pliers (his comment was like a roommate saying, “I’m gonna kill you” because you delete their essay by mistake). The person who probably makes the most fun of Deeks is Kensi which is as it should be; they have a great relationship and have so much fun together. Everybody on the team respects everybody else.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for the typo. It should be “Dani did her usual excellent job.”


    • I’ve lost track of the number of times Sam or Callen have been in Ops when they’re not supposed to be, or when Callen (in particular) goes off the rails and the entire team has to go save him. Callen’s demeanor around Deeks has always been more one of tolerance (probably because Hetty brought him in) than actual acceptance…in spite of how often Deeks has been crucial for one of their missions. And I won’t even go into the whole Joelle and Anna things… Callen does his job when he feels like it. The rest of the time he tends to duck and fall back into “Moody Callen” mode.

      As for Sam, his attitude toward Deeks has always been a source of annoyance for me. I get that military types will usually tease or mess with a newcomer, but once they’ve proved their worth they’re accepted. I’d say undergoing torture and still protecting Sam’s wife’s cover should qualify as proving your worth…but apparently that was only good for an episode or two. I actually find Sam one of the least developed characters in the show, which isn’t so much LL’s doing as it is the writers. They fall back too much on the “hero SEAL” idea and miss many possibilities.

      For me it’s more that the way Callen and Sam (and even Kensi depending on who wrote the episode) treat Deeks (and to a similar if lesser extent Beale) hasn’t progressed much at all. But in some ways that might be understood because Deeks seems to act as the team’s conscience quite a bit of the time (as does Beale in his own way). After all, Granger accepted Deeks. And if he could meet Granger’s standards (as well as Hetty’s), maybe Sam and Callen should reconsider their own positions. I’m just looking at it from a longer-term writing/character development perspective. Although it’s possible Sam and Callen both resent Deeks BECAUSE Hetty brought him in without asking either one of them…

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      • Mark D. Spremulli // December 13, 2020 at 3:34 PM // Reply

        I think Callen is jealous of Deeks. He and Deeks had a similar upbringing , however Deeks seems the more adjusted and adult of the two. Deeks has interests outside of work and he has friendships. Noe of which Callen. I also think Callen sees Deeks as replacing him as Hetty’s “son”.

        As for Sam, he does respect Deeks and has showed it. After the pliers comment and said with more care, stand down till we get your situation straightened out. He thought Deeks would be back before long, as did Kensi and Callen. Now for the present he’s not. That is why having Deeks replace Hetty would be interesting. New office conflicts would come up and with Deeks being new and looking to make an good impression,would not let them pull the stunts they do


  25. Mark David Spremulli // December 12, 2020 at 8:21 PM // Reply

    A couple of ideas on how Deeks gets his job back.
    1. Hetty pulls strings with NCIS and LAPD and we go back to status quho
    2. An old case comes up that Deeks was involved with and they have to him go back undercover, he succeeds, gets hurt and NCIS takes him on cause its the right thing to do.
    3. He kills Kessler and the President rewards him by making him an agent.
    4. He takes Hetty’s Position. That is the one I want to see the most.

    Deeks and Hetty are alike. Hetty uses her small stature to her advantage and Deeks uses his laidback attitude to his advantage. He also has the brains and can make friends easily. Plus it would open up some plot lines and situations for the crew to tackle.

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    • I had actually proposed Deeks taking over OSP earlier in this tread. If anyone could navigate the waters OSP routinely finds itself in, it would be Deeks.


    • thetopiarycow // December 13, 2020 at 11:04 AM // Reply

      I am new to the show and will now be looking at the other characters more analytically— thanks for your comments about Moody Callen and Sam. The thing that bothered me, and being new I haven’t watched all the seasons yet, but I’ve never seen that OPS was a special-access, delineated part of the office!

      I mean, they have meetings there, people seem to wander in and out at will. It is just another area of the office, not like the Bridge on Star Trek, with guards at the door. I thought Deeks had a right to be in OPS until management, in this case Nell (not Sam or Callen) told him to turn in his stuff.


  26. thetopiarycow // December 12, 2020 at 9:36 PM // Reply

    Good points! I like your Option #4 the most as well! Sick of Deeks being disrespected. His being the top dog would be great and maybe finally he would get the top billing on credits as well, as he has for so long deserved!

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  27. Hey Everyone! I haven’t had a ton of time to devote to the site this year. I wish I could reply to all these great comments one by one, but I just wanted to say thanks for the passionate discussion, and passionate defense of our favorite character. I love the idea of Deeks running the place, since he does often act as a conscience for the team, as Robbie noted. (Of course, I’d rather he stayed with Kensi and we got back to some higher caliber banter between them.)

    Andree, my ability to read French far outweighs my ability to write or speak it, and I enjoyed your comment very much. Everything you said just sounded more passionate because it was in French!

    And thanks to everyone, long-time commenters and all the newcomers, for such a lively discussion. It’s nice to see that there’s still love for Deeks and NCIS:LA, especially when they deliver an episode worth talking about.


  28. Amazing review for an amazing episode, Karen! I agree with pretty much everything you wrote, My mind is already sorting through multiple scenarios of what might happen to our favorite character. Deeks in danger? Honestly I’m sucker for hurt/angst Deeks or being in a dangerous situations especially he is least one to get hurt in the field or any mission despite they always say that he is least trained among them however the other agents get hurt or get capture more than him also. Deeks has had the greater share of watching his loved one in dire straits and offered the opinion that Kensi hasn’t quite had that same level of “will Deeks really survive” experiences with the exception of course for “Human Traffic” “Personal” “Descent” and of course “To Live and Die in Mexico”


  29. Just a viewer // June 22, 2021 at 6:13 PM // Reply

    Very good review, but with all due respect, this episode was not very good, although it was in keeping with all of the problems of the show in general. First, the good: Frank Military’s portrayal of Kessler. He was just the right mix of creepy and intelligent. Also, as you said, Sam and Rountree’s interactions, in particular how they handled the FBI agent’s obvious bigotry. And, of course, the scene between Nell and Deeks. (although why he thought that time spent as a lawyer should count toward the FLETC exception I’ll never know) Finally, the way that the not-so-ex girlfriend played them was probably the best part of the entire episode.

    Now, the bad and ugly. First, nobody thinks that Kessler strolling along whistling is an obvious setup? Second, they don’t use helicopters to aid in the search? In particular, they don’t use one with thermal imaging? They made a point of saying it was cold out, and even in daylight a thermal scanner would see a human body stand out like a spotlight. Third, Kensi knows to take her ring off and to put her right hand in her pocket but not her left? Please. She also had poor reactions to Kessler’s taunts. (e.g. your body hasn’t changed – well, there is this thing called a C-section) And anyone who didn’t see that ending coming as soon as they made the deal to let Kessler speak to POTUS is blind. Such an obvious setup. I can only hope (I am just now catching up with this season) that they don’t turn this into yet another ridiculous Kensi/Ferris thing and drag it out for most of the season. All in all, a pretty standard episode. That is, one with plenty of stupidity and plot conveniences, and not so much intelligence from the characters. I truly miss the days of Hetty, Granger, and the Wonder Twins solving cases using their brains.


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