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NCISLA Preview: “Fighting Shadows” (S6E18)

NCISLA Deeks Callen
“Fighting Shadows”

Airing:  March 23rd

Filming:  February 9th to February 19th

What CBS is telling us:  “Fighting Shadows” – When three FBI agents are killed in an explosion following a successful undercover sting operation, the team searches for the person behind the attack.  Meanwhile, Deeks and Kensi realize the team knows about their relationship, as Hetty pairs Kensi with Sam and Deeks with Callen during the investigation, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, March 23 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

What we think is happening: Deeks’s time with Callen will be interesting to see.  Chris O’Donnell was at the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-Am for a number of days during filming.  Executive producer John Peter Kousakis sent out some cryptic tweets about the episode asking “What has Deeks done?”  It looks like whatever he has done, it’s gotten him some quality time with Callen while Kensi is out and about with Sam.  The promo certainly features Deeks heavily, as do the two sneak peeks.  There is also an LAPD Detective in the guest cast – someone Deeks knows perhaps?

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST

Alexandra Barreto as LAPD Detective Jacqueline Rivera
Plays Ana on The Fosters, Karen Fillman on Parenthood, Pilar (the Miami assassin sent to kill Raylan) on Justified.  Guest starred as Petty Officer Rena Oliver in “A Man Walks Into a Bar” on the mothership and appeared in episodes of Without A Trace, Cold Case, Castle (Annie Swift in “Last Call”), CSI, House and other one-hour dramas.  Fun fact:  Married to Rider Strong of Boy Meets World.

Christina Cox as FBI Agent Allison Conway
Currently playing Mayor Celia Caste on Arrow, was Vicki Nelson on Blood Ties and guest starred in a number of hour-long dramas including the NCIS as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Georgia Wooten in the “Freedom” episode.  Fun fact:  Married to Grant from season 22 of Survivor  (this ends the “fun fact” portion of the guest cast info).

David Diaan as Vakeel Shah
Played Farid Bawali in the “Safe Harbor” episode of NCIS and had a number of guest starring roles in dramas.

Aaron Ramzi as Dogan Malki
Number of guest starring roles in series like The Good Wife, The OC and Chuck.

Asante Jones as Navy First Lieutenant Winters
Starred in something called “Zombie Strippers” and really, isn’t that enough of a credit. Plays a reporter named Martin on Scandal.  Was on NCIS twice as Detective Andy Kochofis in both “Yankee White” and “Left for Dead” – both in season one (“Yankee White” is the first episode).  Appeared in episodes in ER, Joan of Arcadia, Yes Dear, Arrested Development, Criminal Minds, According to Jim, Desperate Housewives, Harry’s Law, Law & Order: LA, Dexter, Ghost Whisperer, The Fosters and CSI.

Julien Ari as Naveed
A few supporting  roles in movies and television programs.

Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Seller
Played Det. Charlie Baker on The Bold & The Beautiful and appeared in episodes of all three location CSIs (CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY) and Charmed.

Jake Matthews as FBI Agent Jalil Nasri
Was a bartender on Scorpion this season.

JoJo Nwoko  as Jonathan Bakhzari
A few supporting roles in movies and television programs.



WRITTEN BY: Andrew Bartels
Wrote/co-wrote “Allegiance”, “Zero Days”, “The Grey Man” and “Humbug”.  All strong Deeks episodes.

DIRECTED BY: Tony Wharmby
“Legend” part one, “Predator”, “Callen, G.”, “Special Delivery”, “Deliverance”, “Archangel”, “Harm’s Way”, “Lange, H.”, “Honor”, “The Watchers”, “The Dragon and the Fairy” and the NCIS: Los Angeles end of the Hawaii Five-0 “Touch of Death” crossover, “Dead Body Politic”, “Gold Standard”, both “Red” episodes, “Reznikov, N.”, “Iron Curtain Rising”, “Zero Days”, “One More Chance” and “Humbug”.  Wharmby has also directed three NCIS episodes this season and two for the New Orleans sibling.


Insider Intel:
Nothing about this week’s episode but a look down the road:


Official Photographic Evidence:


Unofficial Surveillance:

John Peter Kousakis sent out a series of cryptic/ominous tweets about this episode:

Daniela Ruah sent out this photo on Instagram – looks like Kensi and Deeks are working out together.  That looks like Kensi’s Caddy is in the background.

Again from Daniela Ruah, “chillin” between scenes with LL Cool J and Stevie Wonder.

@jacqniv, the Twitter account of the program’s staff photographer, usually has some exciting behind the scenes photos posted the day of the episode (especially if there are explosions).  If you haven’t checked out her behind the scene photos from “Expiration Date” – which she tweeted out in the week following the episode, they’re well worth a look.


Video Surveillance:


Car chases, explosions, dangerous looking stunts – just another Monday for NCIS’s Office of Special Projects.

Sneak Peek #1:

Hetty is up to her Hetty-ways, making a partner switch with no notice. Somewhere Lauren Hunter is smiling.

Sneak Peek #2:

So Deeks is surprised Callen knows he’s involved with Kensi. Did Deeks think there was some sort of cloak of invisibility thrown over both he and Kensi when they were “all-in”-ing at the team field trip to the ice rink?

Sneak Peek #3:
TV|Line posted an exclusive third sneak peek HERE.



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor.  You can read more by Tess HERE.

8 Comments on NCISLA Preview: “Fighting Shadows” (S6E18)

  1. This preview is awesome! Thank you for always giving us such amazing articles! You did a great job as usual! #respect


  2. Thanks for this preview, very interesting as always.
    Honestly I don’t know what to expect from this episode, if just a good episode but that’s it or the starter of some more plot twisters that may get us to the season finale. Anyway, from the promo and sneak peeks I think I’m going to enjoy it: a Densi scene that’s already entered my head, some Deeks-Callen adult talking and Deeks’ puppy expression when he leaves OPS without Kensi…


  3. I agree, your preview is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing this episode. Thanks for your great work.


  4. Reader1976 // March 22, 2015 at 9:46 PM // Reply

    Awesome preview! I can’t wait for the episode to air tomorrow😄


  5. Instagram Video! #fancy #ncisla new episode tonight. #justtryingtoholdittogether A video posted by Eric Christian Olsen (@ericcolsen) on Mar 23, 2015 at 9:31am PDT

    A last minute addition to the previews via Eric Christian Olsen.


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