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wikiDeeks Talks Pets of the Homeless with Eric Christian Olsen

ECO POH post Last week I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the set of NCIS: Los Angeles, where I met Eric Christian Olsen and talked to him about our charity efforts to support Pets of the Homeless. After confirming that Pets of the Homeless wasn’t a front for “Chechen terrorists,” Eric signed some photos from “Expiration Date” of himself and Ernie Reyes, Jr. Special thanks also go out to Ernie for signing the pics, making for a pretty special NCIS:LA souvenir for some future contributors to our campaign.

Eric expressed his disappointment that Thapa had been killed off, and talked about how well Ernie had handled a difficult role, filled with tough lines to deliver. He pointed out that Deeks wouldn’t have been able to get away with a line like, “Look for me in smiles,” but Ernie made it work.

I gave him a packet of information about Pets of the Homeless, including their annual report and info on their Reading for Scruffy (yes, really!) program for elementary school students. I told him about our progress so far, and we discussed the pros and cons of auctioning versus raffling items for charity. We are so grateful for his support, and that he took the time to talk to me about it all was both surreal and well, pretty awesome.

As the only wikiDeeks contributor who lives in Los Angeles, I cannot believe how lucky I was to be able to have this opportunity. Thanks to Eric and our friend, John Scott Mills, for supporting our efforts to help Pets of the Homeless. Remember, it’s not too late to enter our drawing for an autographed photo. If you follow the directions on our charity page, you’ll make a card we’ll send to Eric once we meet our goal. If you don’t win this drawing, you’ll stay entered to win future ones, so there’s no need to wait!

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9 Comments on wikiDeeks Talks Pets of the Homeless with Eric Christian Olsen

  1. Reader1976 // May 6, 2015 at 6:48 AM // Reply

    Great write-up and article. No wonder we all like ECO. What an awesome opportunity to meet him and to talk about such a worthy cause. I know Thapa’s death advanced the storyline but I still wish he was still alive to cross paths with Densi. ERJ and Deeks was exciting to watch. I’m a bit green that you had the opp to visit the set. 😉. And what a wonderful souvenir you garnered for a future contributor of Pets of the Homeless😄. Come on, fans, let’s all support this wonderful cause.


  2. Lindy D. // May 6, 2015 at 7:21 AM // Reply

    I’m a little jealous you got to meet him, Karen, but I am crazy happy for you. You probably got hugs too. It’s good to have his support for this wonderful charity, but we expected nothing less than generosity from this kind man…it’s one of the reasons we love him. Now, if we could only get Monty’s paw print on a pic, that would make everything perfect.


  3. I love this charity and idea; thank you wikiDeeks, ECO and Ernie Reyes, Jr. for supporting this great charity. Come on people; I gave what I could; not for picture, not that having it would be a bad thing ;-), but because its important and very needed. Please give what you can.
    PS — I’m also not happy that the powers that be decided to kill off Thapa; he would have been a great returning character.


  4. dresslikedaniela // May 6, 2015 at 12:54 PM // Reply

    I really liked the article and I’m really happy you got to meet him. It’s also very cool that you support this charity. Can I donate from outside the US, too?


    • dresslikedaniela, thanks so much for your support! You should be able to give without problem on the global giving website we link to ( The site houses charities from around the world and takes Paypal and credit cards. Contact us if you have any problems, and be sure to create a card for ECO.

      One of the things on our summer To Do list is to research any similar charities outside the US and Canada, and to feature them as well.


      • dresslikedaniela // May 6, 2015 at 2:29 PM // Reply

        Thanks for your reply! I’ll check out the link tomorrow (almost 12 pm with me) and make sure to donate :).

        Wow, sounds like a lot of stress but it’s for a great cause so that makes up for it, I guess.


  5. Thanks everyone. It was a lot of pressure to not sound like a blithering idiot! I think I partially succeeded. Eric and John were incredibly generous with their time and it was a real thrill to meet them.


  6. Thank you from all the pets of homeless. These companion pets are nonjudgmental, offer unconditional love, comfort and provide an emotional bond of loyalty. In some cases, they provide the homeless protection and keep them warm. They deserve full tummies and a healthy body.


    • Thank you Genevieve (AKA Founder, Pets of the Homeless) for all that you do. We’re so happy to be able to help.


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