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Donate to Pets of the Homeless on Your Mobile Device

Thank you for helping us support Pets of the Homeless, which provides food and veterinary services to the pets of homeless people all across the United States and Canada, making their world a little brighter by taking care of the furry friends who provide them with companionship and security.

Here’s how to join our wikiDeeks campaign on your mobile device:

1. Go to the Pets of the Homeless globalgiving campaign.
2. Scroll all the way down to brown list to choose a donation amount. You can also enter a different amount ($10 is the minimum- see below for how to make a smaller donation) in the “Other amount” box. Then hit the “give” button.Mobile1 Donation amount
3. Select the orange “Make this donation a gift, in honor of, or in memory of someone.”
4. Select a Tribute eCard.
5. For “What type of gift is this?” you can choose to donate in honor of someone as a gift, or in memory of someone special.
Leave “Email a card” for “What type of card do you want to send?”Mobile4 Donation type
6. Enter Eric Christian Olsen’s name in the “Who should we send card to” section, along with our wikiDeeks charity e-mail:  Leave the current date.Mobile5 Who send to
7. Enter Eric’s name in the “Gift For” line, your name in the “From” line, and leave a short message of any kind for Eric.You don’t have to “Show how much you’re donating,” but if you do, it will help us track our cumulative impact.Mobile6 Message
8. Use the “preview” button to see what your e-mail to Eric will look like. Here’s a sample.Then select “continue” to enter your payment information.
Once we’ve reached our goal, we’ll print and deliver them to Eric.

Want to give less than $10?  You can donate through Paypal on the Pets of the Homeless website. If you send proof of your donation to us at (we ask for a minimum of $5), along with any short note you want to send to Eric, you’ll still be entered into our current drawing.

Thank You for All Your Help!


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