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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Head of the Snake” (S7E21)


Title:  “Head of the Snake”
Airing:  April 11th
Filming:  February 12th to February 23rd.  This episode’s filming included the Grammy Awards with LL Cool J hosting.

What CBS is telling us:  After Operational Psychologist Nate Getz (Peter Cambor) fails to check in with Hetty while working undercover on a mission linking organized crime to terrorism, the team learns he is working with an infamous crime leader, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening:  Nate has grown a beard. He has also, possibly, grown evil. An interesting name also appears in the guest credits as the infamous crime leader.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST

Peter Cambor as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz
Last seen in “The 3rd Choir” helping Nell and working with Granger. My how things have changed.

Judith Shekoni as Alisa Chambers

Was Joanne Collins in Heroes Reborn, Natalie Vance in NCIS‘s “Model Behavior” episode (no relation to Director Vance – well before his time).  Appeared in episodes of Backstrom, Mike & Molly, Brothers & Sisters, Damages, The King of Queens, All of Us and several British series including EastEnders.

Christian George as Henrik Vuksan
Hmmmmm…..most interesting.  George played Henrik Vuksan in season five’s “Omni”.  Vuksan was described in that episode as a high ranking member of the Omni crime organization.  Season 7 seems to be all about continuity.

Gerald Webb as Vertadyne Driver
Appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Agent X, Agent Carter, Stalker, Workaholics, Rake, True Blood, Franklin & Bash, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order: LA, The Cleaner and Eve – usually as a law enforcement official.

Brandon Phillips as Marine Sergeant Kevin Brickson
Credits include episodes of The Young and the Restless, Castle, Stalker, Southland, Greek and CSI: NY.


Written by:   Joseph C. Wilson wrote or co-wrote “Full Throttle”, “Stand-off”, “Personal”, “Plan B”, “Sacrifice”, “Blye, K.” Part One, “Gold Standard”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Fallout”, “Between the Lines”, “Exposure”, “Reign Fall”, “Kolcheck, A.” and “Cancel Christmas”.

Joe Wilson watching his hard work come to life in the rain:

Directed by:  Robert Florio usually directs an episode late in the season.  Previously, Florio directed “Neighborhood Watch”, “Ravens & Swans”, “Exposure” and “Field of Fire”.


Insider Intel:  Nothing up for this episode except a mention in an “spoiler” column.


Official Photographic Evidence:  Seat 42F has photos.

Unofficial Surveillance:

The emphasis on the BOOM makes me think our explosion drought may be over.

Looks like the rainy winter in California had the crew working to keep the cameras dry:

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Sometimes you just gotta shoot in the rain.

A post shared by Joe Wilson (@joeywilson57) on

Eric Christian Olsen had some fun with the whiteboard.

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Pain chart for working on #ncisla

A post shared by Eric Christian Olsen (@ericcolsen) on

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah look like they’re having fun (or maybe Monty is stealing Deeks’s leftovers):

Daniela Ruah is no longer crushing people, she’s putting them on high shelves:

The cast is ready in their tactical gear:

And forget James Brown, LL Cool J is the hardest working man in show business:

Peter Cambor is ready for his close-up:

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A post shared by Peter Cambor (@petercambor) on

A little behind the scenes peek of how to make a wounded man look wounded.

Video Surveillance:


I hope this is some sort of Nate fake-out where Callen is in on what’s being done to get info from the others with Nate.

Sneak Peek #1:

My money is on Hetty stealing the leftovers.  And “switchcraft” is a keeper.

Sneak Peek #2:

Nice catch by Kensi, seeing Nate before the others. Granger almost looked embarrassed that Nate wasn’t in contact with NCIS in three months.

Sneak Peek #3:

A rare third sneak peek dispelling the belief that yelling “federal agents” during an arrest causes mayhem. The lack of “federal agents” here is used against Callen and Sam.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.



21 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Head of the Snake” (S7E21)

  1. Hi Tess,

    As usual, Thanks for providing intel on tomorrow’s episode. I love the insight you share with us.

    Btw, I love all your stories. I’ve been missing good Deeks stories so I read Invincible Summer and Commander again last night. The way you write Deeks is my favorite. Im begging, on my knees, for you to continue Commander. Love that story so much.



    • Hi Daisy,

      Thank you so much for your really kind post. So glad you like both the previews and my stories. While I have no plans to add to “Commander”, I’m thrilled you enjoy it so. That makes my day!

      Enjoy Monday’s episode!



      • Did I mention I was begging? On my knees? Please….with sugar on top? 😝😜

        You are an incredible writer, Tess. Your stories have helped me relax after some very stressful events in my life. I just want you to know the effect your stories have had on me. Thanks!!


  2. Reader1976 // April 10, 2016 at 9:33 AM // Reply

    Thank you, Tess. Awesome compilation as per yiur usual! Loved all the bts and the re-look at the instagram postings. Espcially enjoy putting all the postings in context with the epusode. Love Sunday mornings with you😄


  3. Thank you for preview. Funny, I reread Invincible Summer Friday. It is one of my favorites and had me wondering what you might be writ in Nguyen over the summer. Thanks you, your a talented writer.


    • I hope to have something planned for the story. I have a germ of an idea but I always need to see the season finale before I really settle into what I want to do.

      Glad you enjoyed the preview. Enjoy Monday!


  4. Once again, thanks for putting this together. I really appreciate you keep track of which instagrams go with which episodes. I know I have seen them all but certainly do not remember which episode they are from or how they relate to each other.

    I will get on the band wagon here, I also recently reread Invincible Summer and Commander, certainly two of my favorite Deeks’ stories, I think Commander needs a one chapter follow up, like one year later.


    • Thank you for your nice words! I’ve really never thought of a sequel but I’m so pleased you enjoyed the past stories.

      As for the preview, Rick Tunell’s twitter posts of the production calendar are so helpful matching episodes with photos. It is great watching a program where the behind the scenes people want to keep the fans involved in the process.


  5. Hi Tess
    Love your weekly updates!
    And yes, I am adding my voice (AGAIN!), PLEASE write some more.
    In addition to sequels to Commander and Invincible Summer I am BEGGING for a prequel to Scattered. I would love to read the process from when Deeks made the first move through the wedding up to the start of Scattered.
    You write Deeks the best and as you can see I am not the only one who thinks so.
    Thanks! 💗


    • Thank you so much for your nice post – I’m thrilled you enjoyed the past stories. Never thought of a prequel before even with all the time jumping in “Scattered”.


  6. I love Nate(even Evil Nate) so I’m really looking forward to this one!


    • I’m really wondering what’s going on with Nate. And if Hetty was willing to rehabilitate Paul Angelo, is she willing to do the same if Nate found himself in too deep? Lots of interesting ideas here. Joe Wilson didn’t really write a lot of Nate in the past – can’t wait to see what he does with him.


  7. I echo everyone’s calls for more Tess fanfic. My first choice (but I’m not picky) would be more from Sentient.

    Also, aside from “Omni,” are there any other episodes I ought to be rewatching to prep for tomorrow night?


    • Thank you – today feels like be nice to Tess day and I approve! I’m going to only rewatch “Omni”. I think the nuts and bolts of that case may have been lost with the “Deeks returning to work” drama and Kensi racing around in Hetty’s car. I want to remember what they were doing exactly during the case itself.


  8. Some new posts from Peter Cambor:


  9. Thank you for all the information you gather from week to week, BTS photos, videos, comments from the regular cast, guest stars, sometimes directors and writers. It’s very nice to have everything summed up in a post.
    For example, I didn’t remember at all this was the episode in which Daniela put David on a kind of industrial tower. It seems like Deeks is going to have at least an action scene and this is always good!
    I look forward to evilNate even if I hope he won’t turn out to be the mole they are (are they?) looking for.


  10. From the NCIS: Los Angeles Instagram account:

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    A post shared by NCIS: LOS ANGELES (@ncisla) on

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    Guess who's back tonight? #ncisla

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  11. From guest star Gerald Webb


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